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    The fighting game genre was once a dying breed. The online generation of gaming was in full force, and it seemed as though shooters and action games would rule the fray. Then developers started catching on and soon fighting games were revamped for the online arena - precisely what they were made for. Plenty of them, however, eschew a good portion of the single-player value of the game in favor of multiplayer, as well as sacrificing good gameplay for good graphics. The 3D fighting genre was doing well, but the good-old days of 2D fighting seemed lost and forgotten by time.

    Then BlazBlue was born.

    Created by the makers of the Guilty Gear series, the game completely revitalized the 2D fighting game genre. I speak for every fighting game fanatic when I say "this game is just too good to pass up".

    Graphics (10/10)
    Absolutely beautiful. The characters themselves are two-dimensional, but the backgrounds are completely 3D. The character sprites are completely in HD - no blocky pixels to be found, and every animation of their artwork is completely fluid without any quality loss. Watching a fight in this game is exactly like watching an anime or manga battle - something many developers have been longing to do for ages. The backgrounds also have very fluid animation, and make the fight come to life. Imagine, if you will, a battle on a futuristic aircraft port set at around 9:00 PM. Imagine that scenery with a carnival wheel in the background and some guy playing an audible guitar on a chair nearby. The backgrounds practically have a life of their own - more so than any other 2D fighting game has ever had.

    Sound (10/10)
    The soundtrack to this game was composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari, the very same composer for the Guilty Gear series. If you have ever heard a Guilty Gear song and loved it, then you will definitely love the music of BlazBlue. The feel of each character theme, however, is very different from Guilty Gear. While Guilty Gear was strictly power metal for every character, BlazBlue's character themes go much deeper - they actually personify the characters they represent. "Rebellion"? Very raw and tough. "Queen of rose"? Elegant and noble. "Awakening The Chaos"? Powerful and dynamic.

    The voice acting is one of the best I've seen in any fighting game to date. The original Japanese language track is very good (with some familiar names to those who know their anime), but the English dub is very top-notch and some would say it even surpasses the original. When you hear Ragna's English voice, you can actually feel the rage he has more than the Japanese version. Bang's English voice is just as over-the-top, if not more, than the original. Even a story-exclusive character like Hazama sounds very good in English (and rightfully so as he plays a very important role in the story, but I won't spoil it here).

    Controls/Gameplay (10/10)
    The control scheme is very simple. You have four attack buttons: one for light attacks, one for medium, one for heavy, and a special Drive attack button that is unique for each character. Each character has their own special ability that makes them more unique and balanced than others. Jin, for example, has Frost Bite which, obviously, lets him control ice. Tager's ability, Volttech Battler, allows him to use electricity to magnetize his opponents, allowing him to use certain attacks to draw his opponent close to him so he can use one of many devastating command throw attacks, making him the first grappler character that does not necessarily have to always be close to their enemy. Now I myself prefer a normal 360 controller despite the...hindrances...of the terrible D-Pad, but it's still responsive, and that's what counts. Arcade stick users will feel right at home as well. The learning curve is simple at first, but like all fighting games it takes dedication and commitment to learning every aspect of not only your character, but the others as well. It can turn very steep when learning the combos and other such technicalities, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.

    Story (10/10)
    Here's the part that everyone raves about, and it's easy to see why. BlazBlue has such an incredibly gripping storyline that it only contributes to the "anime-ish" feel it already has. The game is set in the year 2199, and the world is now under the control of a large governmental power called the Novus Orbis Librarium (shortened to NOL or the Library in-game). According to the storyline, 100 years prior to the current time humanity was attacked by the Black Beast, a vicious creature that sought only destruction. Six legendary heroes, however, banded together and after 10 years, finally managed to kill the Beast. They decided to share their discovery of magic with the rest of humanity, creating the "Armagus", a set of grimoires which use a new element called seithr, which the Beast had released into the atmosphere upon death. While the world was rebuilding itself, the Library was formed to govern the now-devastated planet, and established itself as a dictatorship. Wars broke out over who could and couldn't use the Armagus, and people began to rebel against the Library, forming the Ikaruga Federation. The Federation, however, experienced a freak accident at its core, and lost the war, and the Library outright banned the use of the Armagus to civilians. Now, in the present day, Library branches are being destroyed left and right by a "Grim Reaper" known as Ragna the Bloodedge. The NOL places the highest bounty known to man on his head to anyone who can capture him dead or alive. Some people, however, not only want him for the money, as you will soon find out once you play the game.

    Replay Value/Fun Factor (10/10)
    This is the 2D fighter of the new era, and it's easy to see why. The game's gripping story will shave off several hours of your time, especially when you start discovering its secrets. Aside from that, you have both the original Arcade mode and a Score Attack mode. If you're wondering about multiplayer, it has that too - both online and off. Online play, speaking of which, is excellent. The interface is simple and easy to figure out, and you've got the integral Ranked and Player matches at your disposal. Player matches hold up to 6 people in one lobby, but Ranked matches are strictly one-on-one, just like the Arcade. The netcode is superb, as long as you're not fighting against someone from a foreign country. Achievements? Don't think about getting all of them in one day. You'll be playing this baby for a long time.

    Overall Score: 10/10
    Buy it, play it, love it. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this game takes 2D fighters to a whole new level and is a definite breath of fresh air.
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    HucBerCranPerrydecent review, too opinionated. just cuz you think something is good doesnt make it good and vice versa............
    Posted by HucBerCranPerry on 08 Oct 10 at 23:22
    This may be opinionated, but the opinion happens to be 100% accurate ^.^

    Excellent review, I picked up this game being no fighting game pro at all, this was my first on 360, and it is simply fantastic.

    You get my vote, very well written review!
    Posted on 31 Mar 11 at 07:33
    RedBlinkyIn case anyone happens to read this comment i definitely endorse this as a five star fighting game the characters are all quirky and fun and the story mode begs to be played (unlike alot of fighting games).
    Posted by RedBlinky on 04 Sep 11 at 03:12
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    Release Date: Out now
    Developer: Arc System works
    Publisher: Zen United
    Singleplayer: yes
    Splitscreen: yes, 2 player
    Multiplayer: 2, 1v1 game type
    PEGI: 12+
    It’s been quite a while coming for Blazblue: Calamity Trigger to make it onto UK soil, in fact its sequel (Blazblue: Continuum Shift) is being released this year in Japan.
    Sadly Blazblue is simply not going to attract the mainstream audience unlike Street Fighter, it simply does not have the publicity to do so and that’s a real shame as fighting fans are going to miss out on one of, if not the best fighting game on Xbox 360.

    The game is beautiful, I want to get that out of the way straight away, it’s stunning to look at, though many people may argue that the days of Sprites (2d models) are over as Street Fighter IV now uses full 3d models, well silence I say.
    Blazblue uses an anime style art for each character and backdrop (which are full 3d) and they all look stunning as well as unique, giving the game a style all of its own and helps set it apart, though it hardly needs it as everything in Blazblue screams “unique” from each character looking well designed to there entirely unique movesets, styles and even gauges.
    In fact, swapping a character in Blazblue is akin to relearning the entire game all over again thanks to the fact that each one comes with their own movesets, combo’s, specials and even gauges and bars to learn which is a good thing as Blazblue’s roster is only 12 strong which is smaller than the norm nowadays but thanks to each character feeling so different you wont even notice.
    It certainly rewards players for sticking with a character and learning all their quirks, tricks and techniques.
    But a flaw that many fighting games falls to is balance, it’s important in a fighter that no character ever feels at a disadvantage to another character or that they are at a massive advantage to others and Blazblue does this well, there are a few exceptions ( I’m looking at you ya giant useless red beast) but all together it felt very well balanced and each match simply came down to skill, knowledge of your chosen warrior.

    Special mention must go to the fact that in Blazblue they have created a fighting game that works very well on the regular Xbox 360 controller, it’s built around using the analogue sticks and while there is still the occasional over rotation or mistake altogether it works extremely well and saves you from forking out extra cash to buy a fight pad or stick to play.
    It’s easy to get into Blazblue as at first it seems simple enough, 4 buttons are all you really need to learn to start hitting people in Blazblue.
    Light, medium and heavy attacks take up 3 of those buttons, combo’s are as easy as hitting light to hard to use basic combo’s so any new player can pick up Blazblue and be able to fight within minutes of picking up the controller.
    The 4th button is known as the Drive button, these Drive attacks/powers are unique to each character, in many respects the Drive button is the “do something cool button) in the game allowing you to pull of something flashy or cool at the tap of a button but once you learn each characters ability and how to chain it into combos it becomes a truly fantastic system.
    Each drive is unique to the character, Ragna for example can use it to steal health while Iron Tager can magnetize his enemies with it and the vampire Rachel can use it to control the wind, it gives them all very different playstyles and techniques and correct use of this magical button can turn the tide of battle.
    Of course while this is all easy for beginners to pick up, Calamity Trigger is also there to appeal to the hardcore fighting fans out there, and appeal it does.

    As you fight and dish out the damage (and get your face pulped) you fill the heat gauge, this is a super meter in effect allowing you access to the Distortion Drive moves and Astral Finishes.
    Distortion Drives are a step up from the normal special attacks, use one and a portion of your Heat bar disappears but they lead to spectacular results and can usually be chained into combos so smart use of them is vital, be warned they can be blocked though so timing is everything.
    The Astral Finishes are there more for show and flourish as they are not the best to use thanks to criteria that must be met before use:
    -must be the final round
    -must have a full heat meter
    -the opponent must have 20% health or less.

    These are more for show and to rub your opponents face in it, but they are unstoppable and always spectacular to use.

    Blazblue also encourages players to attack instead of spamming the block by using a Guard Libra system, if a person over use’s the standard blocks this bar will fill as their opponent strikes them, once filled their guard is broken, this stops those overly defensive players in their tracks.
    Along with regular blocking there comes several other options, examples include instant blocks which require precision timing (button mashing will not work) along with Barrier Blocks which cannot be broken, however they have a limited Barrier bar, while it refills over time using this overly much will result in the gauge becoming empty which results in you taking 50% more damage until the Barrier gauge half fills.
    Finally Barrier Bursts allow you to shove the enemy away at the cost of your Barrier Bar, taking an extra 50% damage for the entire round and not being able to Barrier Block so while Blazblue hands you a raft of defensive options it also forces you to use them well instead of spamming them.
    Counters are one of the more simple tactics for players to learn, it simply involves hitting an opponent while they are in an attack animation, this leaves them open to a combo

    The Rapic Cancel also adds a whole new dimension to combos by allowing you to cancel your characters animation after any attack, this costs 50% of your heat bar but allows you to jump into a different attack, strategy or to just back off at will.
    It’s these options that make Blazblue an absurdly deep fighting game, while a beginner can pick up and play fighting veterans will have a game that rewards patience and familiarity with your chosen character.
    It’s never going to get mass appeal which is a vast shame, but no true fighting fan should not have this game in their collection.

    the good:
    -it’s eye poppingly beautiful
    -so balanced and fun to play!
    -user friendly.

    the bad:
    -getting your ass handed to you
    - story will confuse many people
    -having to restart story mode!

    Graphics: 9.5
    Beautiful, the only reason it didn’t get a 10 was the occasional background detail being a little off. but only a little

    Sound: 9
    Solid voice acting and a great soundtrack

    Story: 6
    Anime fans will be happy but for most people, you’ll be confused.

    Gameplay: 9.5
    an incredibly deep fighting game.

    Lifespan: 7.5
    Most people will finish the story and a few arcade battles and go online for a while. but hardcore fighters will find a home here.

    Overall: 9
    Blazblue: Calamity Trigger is a fantastic, beautiful fighting game that entertains in every way. it's the current king of the fighters

    *taken straight from my own website,
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    This is one of the best 2D fighting games ever made. It takes what Arc did in Guilty Gear and improved upon it with something alot of games not just fighting games have lacked.... a great story. Who knew you could have a game like this in a 3D world everyone is used to. This game is not for the feint at heart. If you are looking for easy gamerscore than this is not for you. The online is fun and addictive. Playing online games in this game will bring you right back to the old days of playing Street Fighter Alpha at the arcade. With the ability to have party's and spectators it just screams play me. I would only suggest a purchase if you are a hardcore fan though. But, at $59.99 for the Limited Edition why not pick this gem up.