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Posted on 08 September 10 at 00:06, Edited on 25 February 13 at 05:43
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Blazing Angels was one the first flight games available on the Xbox 360, and it wasn't too bad either. This game is no Crismon Skies, but it does make for a fun experience, if you are willing to get through a little bit of frustration.

The premise is simple, you are a pilot during the second world war, complete your mission.

Single Player:
Single player will have you flying through a bunch of missions, completing historically accurate battles. If you can manage to get through the rediculously frustrating desert recon mission and terrible voice acting, the game is actually quite fun, and leads to a sense of accomplishment and pleasure. It isn't long, but it is worth it, and offers a nice climax and ending to wrap up the story element. After the story, you may be interested in other modes, which include Ace and Survival, which both have you doing dogfights against other planes, just different scenarios.

First thing is first, there is NOBODY online anymore. This game is well past its prime (over 6 years now), and rarely do souls venture out into the online world. It does offer many modes and whatnot, but you will have nobody to play them with, other than a split-screen buddy. Standard Dog Fights and Co-op is available though.

The achievements will have you getting good rankings on all the missions, as well as trying out different modes, and collecting planes. Only 7 total achievements here, all quite easy and not time consuming although a few are very reptitive. They will have you doing the same battle about 20 times. Very "Meh" list, but it was realsed a VERY long time ago.

Other: (Graphics, Sound, Controls)
The graphics and sound in this game are still comparable to current games. Everything looks either brown or green, but it adds to the WWII atmosphere. It looks and sounds like a new release which is really nice to see in a game like this. The voice-overs are horrid, and the cut-scene lack a final touch, but in-game (the most important) is well done. The planes and scenary are very nicely done, the only graphical disappointments come when flying very close to the ground in certain city maps. The controls, to be expected in a flying game take a minte or two, but then become very natural. I was impressed with the graphics, sound and controls of this game.

Final Verdict:
You can probably find this game for $10. If you are accepting that this is a WWII game, and that it's a little outdated with NO online community, then it is not a bad idea to try it out, and grab some achievements along the way.

Score: 7/10 (For TA sake, 3/5)
*When this game first came out, it probably wouldve been ranked higher.

Try it if you have money and you like this genre along with some gamerscore.
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