Bleeding Edge Reviews

  • MineMasterjake1MineMasterjake1649,850
    19 Jun 2020
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    Now we have all heard of the joke about Paladins being the "poor man's overwatch" but this game is the next step behind...

    Bleeding Edge is a 4v4 Team based multiplayer game which has a "hero" character selection system before each match (similarly to Overwatch or Paladins) with characters having multiple attacks and ability's (even Ultimate abilities) and has a cell shade art style (similar to the Borderlands series) however misses the mark when it comes to alterations to the typical gameplay mechanics of a team based multiplayer game.

    My experience has not been bad, in fact a had a lot of fun whilst playing however I have noticed many key issues with the style of gameplay implemented which can cause players to not enjoy the game.

    Issues with gameplay
    Firstly, the character selection is small with the roster only having 11 characters at launch with the introduction of a new Tank class Mekko later on in development bringing the number up to 12. The roster is split between 5 Damage based characters, 3 Support based characters and 4 (previously 3) Tank based characters. The main problem with a small roster is that players always fight for hero's at the start of every match as some characters are clearly much more effective then others, namely Daemon who is the most effective Damage character in the game.

    Secondly, the games insistence on team work - or more like a reliance on team work - is not handled very well due to HOW its implemented. The reason you need to stick together with your team is not just because you are stronger together but rather if you are alone its a death sentence due to the games 'stunlock' style melee combat, with most characters having melee weapons and if there is a healer supporting them you have no chance.

    The characters are also way to specialised. For example, support excel at healing to the point where a entire team struggles to kill one enemy when they are attached to a healing beam (meaning the entire team will have you as the target) but are sub par when it comes to damage. Tanks have a lot of health but low heals and attack Damage characters deal tons of damage but have low health and regen. Due to this not having a healer is suicide but the healer will have a target on their back all game.

    The combat itself, whilst I found it enjoyable, can be frustrating as when an enemy hits you with a melee weapon, they go into a combo stunning you so you cannot fight back, leading to many characters able to kill you easily as there is nothing you can do against them (Daemon). The other characters have ranged weapons however you need to get in close to hit anyone, kind of defeating the purpose of a "ranged" weapon. Enemy's also feel like bullet sponges as unless you are a damage character the health bars seem to be barely dented by attacks.

    There is a "dash" system referred to as "stamina" which you can use to get out of these combos however its basically useless in practice as the average character only has 3 'charges' to get out of combo attacks with a slow recharge and due to movement being slow in the game means you chance of escaping using this method is very low.

    The strategy behind matches is also very shallow and boils down to "kill the healer first, then everyone else" due to healers being very OP to how much they heal others compared to damage given and said healing characters have low stamina meaning they can be stun locked and killed very easily.

    Despite all of its short comings, I honestly had fun playing this game and it is a easy completion only requiring around 8 - 10 hours for a completion, so while its on game pass grab it and complete it whilst you can! Its a fun idea but has glairing issues with execution and whilst it can be temporarily enjoyable, has no grounds for dedicated play beyond the 1000G. I like the game but due to the mechanics being flawed in many areas and no real reason for replay-ability after completion, I'm certain the game will die pretty quickly. After the game is over on Gamepass the player base will dwindle as there are just much better versions of this type of game out there.

    I would recommend the game to 100%, its not terrible by any means but has quite a lot of issues and no real reward at the end game besides watching level numbers go up and maybe purchasing skins with very limited styles. It's ok as a game but most players only will get a few hours out of it.
  • EmperorEmperor#4408This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    24 Mar 2020
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    How can a studio go from creating Hellblade, imho one of my favourite games in its genre, to jumping on the moba bandwagon and create a multiplayer only title with borderlands graphics and the most ugly looking characters ever?

    If this game wasnt in gamepass it wouldve ended up like Lawbreakers (made by the gears of war legend cliff blizinski) which performed so poorly that you couldnt even find games on pc so it went free to play until they shut their servers down.

    Funny enough Lawbreakers is a 1000 times more interesting with its approach to gravity for example.
    Since this game takes obvious inspiration from overwatch but the characters are designed to fit modern western beauty standarts (fat, ugly and physically ill) they do not appeal at all to me and most likely wont create a fandom around them which overwatch etc have successfully mastered.

    At this point some still might say this is right up their alley but low and behold it gets alot worse.

    This game has like 2 game modes and no way to seach for anything? No ranked mode, no server browser, no anything.

    -Too much focused on team, no individual skill plays any role. 3v4 is impossible
    pretty much in the same skill bracket
    -Too few heroes, people will fight and quit over picks for sure
    -Horrible lock system
    -Combos are extremely basic, no depth at all
    -No HP regen in a class based game, which means if you have no healer you need
    to scavenge HP orbs. Who thought this is fun?
    -Snowballing even without mods, its in the nature of the very game, i bet mods
    make it worse

    It runs horrible on xbox one and if anyone played black ops 4 blackout and thought it ran bad think again.

    0,5 stars for the game itself
    plus 0,5 because the achievement are easy and not bugged
    plus 0,5 because its free on gamepass