Bleeding Edge Reviews

  • DrummerDrummer1,241,099
    24 Mar 2020
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    How can a studio go from creating Hellblade, imho one of my favourite games in its genre, to jumping on the moba bandwagon and create a multiplayer only title with borderlands graphics and the most ugly looking characters ever?

    If this game wasnt in gamepass it wouldve ended up like Lawbreakers (made by the gears of war legend cliff blizinski) which performed so poorly that you couldnt even find games on pc so it went free to play until they shut their servers down.

    Funny enough Lawbreakers is a 1000 times more interesting with its approach to gravity for example.
    Since this game takes obvious inspiration from overwatch but the characters are designed to fit modern western beauty standarts (fat, ugly and physically ill) they do not appeal at all to me and most likely wont create a fandom around them which overwatch etc have successfully mastered.

    At this point some still might say this is right up their alley but low and behold it gets alot worse.

    This game has like 2 game modes and no way to seach for anything? No ranked mode, no server browser, no anything.

    -Too much focused on team, no individual skill plays any role. 3v4 is impossible
    pretty much in the same skill bracket
    -Too few heroes, people will fight and quit over picks for sure
    -Horrible lock system
    -Combos are extremely basic, no depth at all
    -No HP regen in a class based game, which means if you have no healer you need
    to scavenge HP orbs. Who thought this is fun?
    -Snowballing even without mods, its in the nature of the very game, i bet mods
    make it worse

    It runs horrible on xbox one and if anyone played black ops 4 blackout and thought it ran bad think again.

    0,5 stars for the game itself
    plus 0,5 because the achievement are easy and not bugged
    plus 0,5 because its free on gamepass