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  • Posted on 30 March 20 at 14:55
    Please use this thread to discuss the Bleeding Edge walkthrough.
  • Posted on 31 March 20 at 00:52
    Emmmm... The main part is done
    My English is a bit poor. I'm polishing it.
    There can be problems with Walkthrough structures
  • KantaryaKantarya368,084 368,084 GamerScore
    Posted on 04 April 20 at 19:58
    when will it be published?
  • Posted on 06 May 20 at 00:52, Edited on 06 May 20 at 11:46 by Ser Dumps A Lot
    Hey All,

    This is my first walk through so be easy. This is what I got so far. Let me know how I can improve and help you all out!

    So lets get started.

    Bleeding Edge is a online only multiplayer game 4v4. As soon as you install the game you will be asked to play the tutorial. Make sure you play the tutorial so you can unlock the Certified Achievement – Play all the tutorials.

    Now lets go ahead and start a multiplayer game. You will get one of the two type of game modes. capture the cells or capture the objective. If you are new to fighting games I recommend playing Zero Cool Medic character you will be able to heal your players when they are in a fight and as soon as they are low on health you can take your auto lock on gun and shoot a few times. With this you will be going for First Aid Achievement and Fiddy Achievement. Try to team up 2v1.If you are in a big fight try to heal everyone that is low as fast and possible and switch keep switching to other players so you can get heal points up.

    For Advanced Players you can use Miko. Get into a fight and you can double click RB to heal yourself and it keeps fast. This is the fast way to get the achievement but requires more skills. Know not to pick fights you will lose against big tank players and if you get in big battles you play now the outside.

    For the Territorial Achievement. You can get this petty quick as the objectives changes after a specific time and you can see where they will spawn by looking at the mini map and using your board to get there quicker. If you see a big fight and there are three objectives go for the other two objectives. NO Specific character is need. If you still cant get it then use Daemon as you can go invisible and run away fast and go to other objectives.

    For Battery-Powered Achievement you can get this using any character but fast way is use Daemon Character to rush as soon as the cells spawn and just don’t get in big fights or be with your team. Rush all the cells spawn fast. Don’t get in fights just rush the cells spawns they show up in the mini map.

    For Hurt Locker Achievement using character Daemon is a high damage but low health character so you don’t want to get in big fights. Be a tiger sneak up on your pray and go after the medics. They do the less damage to you.

    For A Winner Is You and Dime In The Pocket Achievements you will get this in the time it takes to play this.

    For the Gnarly and Custom Fittings Achievements Go to “Workshops” go to boards. If you play a few online games you should have a free board from challenges or enough money to buy a new board.
    - From the Main Menu, Press "Workshop"
    - Press the "Mods" Tab
    - By Default, you have Active 3 Mods (You can have 3 active at 1 time). You can see these in the lower right of the Mods Menu.
    - You need to Press RB to edit "Mod Build 2" or "Mod Build 3"
    - You can fill the 3 slots with the 3 mods you started with
    - Swap all 3 Mods in for your Achievement
  • Anima PuraAnima Pura362,835
    Posted on 31 May 20 at 15:02
    Imagine taking two months for a game that's this easy to write a walkthrough for.
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  • Posted on 01 June 20 at 12:01
    Anima Pura said:
    Imagine taking two months for a game that's this easy to write a walkthrough for.
    This kind of comment is neither constructive nor useful.
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  • Anima PuraAnima Pura362,835
    Posted on 01 June 20 at 12:08
    It certainly is as it expresses my frustration that a WT for an easy completion hasn't been publicized yet. We're talking about a first-party, Game Pass title that a lot of people are interested in as well. When I was writing the DiRT Rally WT, the respective overseeer was on my case whenever I wasn't progressing fast enough. Now it's obvious this hasn't been done in this case.

    If you think it's against the new rules, go ahead and delete this post and my initial one, but remember that one expressing their disappointment about a certain part of TA slacking, in this case Walkthroughs, is in fact constructive criticism, unless you personally don't want to read posts which say that you guys aren't doing a good enough job here and there.
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  • Posted on 19 June 20 at 22:00
    still no walkthrough ? should be easy to write since its just a case of which characters to use for each achievement and a quick walkthrough on the characters you use.
  • Posted on 13 July 20 at 16:13
    We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
  • fabian907fabian907440,839
    Posted on 07 September 20 at 06:27
    Just want to throw in my two cents to this walkthrough. If you manage to boost this with 8 people. You can definitely reduce the amount of time required to complete this game. I'll throw my two cents in when I have time this week but I finished this game in less than 10-15 hours with about 3-4 sessions.
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