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Most Earned

Supreme Vertigo
Supreme Vertigo5 (5)100 yards airborne Chuck Yeager of Blobtopia!
Level Complete
Level Complete5 (5)Jackpot!
Blobule Bandit
Blobule Bandit6 (5)Defied death and collected 100 Blobules
Obese Blobster
Obese Blobster6 (5)You are megafat

Least Earned

World Wipe - Winter
World Wipe - Winter35 (20)Wizard of the Winter!
Blobtopia Messiah
Blobtopia Messiah16 (10)Unveiler of the Great Blobule!
World Wipe - Jungle
World Wipe - Jungle24 (15)Juggernaut of the Jungle
Perpetuum Mobile
Perpetuum Mobile24 (15)Insane distance traveller!
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15 Windows Phone Games Removed from the Store

2017 is no stranger to delistings. The year started off with a batch of upwards of 15 games being removed from the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Marketplaces. Now a hefty handful of Windows Phone games have bid their adieus.

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EA Starts a Windows Phone Sale

You spend weeks waiting for a decent sale to come along, and then several come along at once. To accompany this week's Windows Phone Red Stripe deal, and the free Nokia Lumia games, comes a list of E

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Another EA Windows Phone Sale

I'm starting to wonder if there is ever a time when EA doesn't have a Windows Phone game that is discounted from its usual price. After large sales at the end of November and the start of December, E

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Trio of WP Games Lose Nokia Exclusivity

Windows Phone users who do not own a handset produced by Nokia had previously been unable to get their hands on certain games, due to exclusivity agreements between the handset maker and game develop

Posted 6 years ago by Keith Gray, 13 comments

Windows Phone Releases: January 17th, 2013

This recent drought of Xbox titles on Windows Phone has been saved only by a recent string of titles exclusive to Nokia handsets. If you're without a Nokia phone though, you'll likely have to wait un

Posted 6 years ago by litepink, 61 comments

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