Blood Drive

Xbox 360

Blood Drive Achievements

Most Earned

Flesh Sack15 (15)Killed a Shambler while it was in mid-air
The Spice of Life20 (15)Wrecked each Driver at least once during a single Event
Zombie Harvest22 (15)Racked up over 50 kills in a single Killing Spree
He's a Wreckin' Machine28 (15)Wrecked 2 Vehicles during a single Juggernaut or Damage Frenzy Rage

Least Earned

"O" Is for Overachiever584 (75)Placed first in every Event in Tournament Mode
"C" Is for Champion184 (25)Placed first in all Events in the Blood Drive Championship
Death Rider's Legacy362 (50)Complete the Hardcore Cup with all Drivers
Hardcore Cup Strip Teased178 (25)Completed the Hardcore Cup with Kelley
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