James Bond 007: Blood Stone Reviews

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    04 Feb 2011
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    [Five FAQs Review]

    What type of game is it?

    Blood Stone mixes 3rd person combat and stealth gameplay with infrequent vehicle chase sequences. If you are familiar with recent benchmarks in 3rd person action-adventure games, such as Uncharted, Gears of War, or Splinter Cell, then many of the design elements will seem familiar. The vehicle chase sequences are point to point events, on linear paths, where the challenge comes from the destruction of the route and action in the environment.

    What are the best bits?

    The mixture of solid action-adventuring, stealth and combat work really well and fit the bond franchise perfectly. The melee combat, whilst straightforward, is surprisingly satisfying and rewards the player with takedown power ups.

    What are the worst bits?

    The vehicle components are a bit hit-and-miss: many of them are far to chaotic and left to chance to really gain much satisfaction from completing them. The story and voice acting are also patchy; with the game's narrative and script often losing itself in the uneven pacing of the game.

    Is it good value?

    The story is of average length for a game of this type, and is augmented by some well designed achievements & challenges. There are certainly reasons to replay the story more than once if you so wish. The serviceable multiplayer will add further longevity provided the multiplayer ecosystem remains in place.

    Should I buy it?

    Whilst not as good as the excellent Bourne Conspiracy, it is still a decent licensed game and will appeal to fans of both action and stealth games alike. If you ignore the vehicle sections, there is a lot to like in the gameplay, story and online multiplayer. Blood Stone is recommended for action fans and Bond enthusiasts alike.
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    The first 2 days we get like 800gs and then we are blocked for years with the last 3 multiplayer achievements Virtuoso, Weapon Master, and Blood Stone Elite.
    Posted by V0CALICMAX on 08 Feb 11 at 15:52
    DJ KOOLAIDEI have 1000G in game.. Is not that bad took about 2 and half weeks. By the way great review. Thumbs up. You should have the top review.
    Posted by DJ KOOLAIDE on 04 Jul 11 at 04:17
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    Whilst the favourite agent James Bond won't be hitting the big screen anytime soon due to MGM's bankrupcy, the new video game from Bizarre Creations should give bond fans a quick fix.

    Blood Stone is a 3rd person cover shooter with a mix of hand-to-hand combat and driving sections. It's an all new adventure staring Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench and Josh Stone which all lend their voice to the game. It also has an original story by "Bruce Feirstein" who was the screenwriter for movies like Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough. Just Like all great Bond movies, Blood Stone has an action packed opening even before the theme tune starts and the credits roll. You will be silently killing enemies on a luxary yacht to jumping on a boat in an exiting chase sequence and going behind the wheel of the Astin Martin. I'ts a great prologue to the game and is very memerable.

    After the prologue, the game starts off with M contacting Bond about a conspiracy of a bio-chemical project which has gone missing. It's up to Bond to find out who has taken the chemical weapon. He will travel to many locations, Istanbul, Athens, Monoco, Bangkok and Siberia. The story it decent enough with twists and turns keeping you interested throughout. Bizarre Creations have done an exellent job capturing Daniel Craig's likness and style. The voice work is solid and the driving sections are exiting. The developer behind the Project Gotham Racing series and Blur have incorporated there arcady style formula here. There are many chase sequences in the game which all feel fast and aggresive. You wont have to much time behind the wheel though, the game is mainely filled with on-foot shooting and hand-to-hand takedowns.

    There are a ton of Takedowns Bond can perform, each has been motion captured by Daniel's stunt double in the films. The Takedowns are easy to pull off but feel brutal and satisfying. Simply pressing the X button when close to your enemie will perform a Takedown or a Stealth approach if hidding behind cover. When performing a takedown you earn a Focus Aim. Holding LB button will slow down time and auto aim your target quickly, then by pressing RT for a one shot kill. You can store up to three Focus Aims at anytime, doing so lets you switch to each enemie killing them off one by one. It's quick, effective and really helps you out in tight situations. Also to help you out is Bond's Smart Phone. When turned on it will show enemie location especialy those hidding behind cover. Weapons, intell, explosive ojectes and way points also show up. Security cameras can also be hacked using the phone which turns into a mini hack game.

    The campaign is only 4-5 hours long which is a great shame as the game really gets going half way through. Once completed you will unlock Agent difficutly which requires a more tactical apporach. Theres also intel to find which you may have missed but apart from that there's no reason to play it again. The only replay value the game has to offer is multiplayer. It holds up to 16 players and has three game modes. Team Deathmath, Objective and Last Man Standing. You can level up, unlock weapons and character outfits but its a standard multiplayer experience with a lack of maps. You will probably lose interest within a few hours.

    Even though the campaign is short, it's well written and enjoyable throughout. It has solid voice work, a cracking theme tune and thrilling driving sections. It's got that Bond feel what you would expect, it's just a shame it doesn't last very long.

    Overall Score 7.5/10
  • Sister SledgeSister Sledge93,338
    15 Feb 2011
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    I got 007 Bloodstone as a late Christmas present, and even though I have a massive backlog of games waiting to be played, I threw it in on the day I got it, just to have a quick look at what it had to offer me. What it did have to offer me was a decent game that kept me going to the end of the campaign. And it has also left me eager to go back as well and try to get the 007 Difficulty done, and some of the speed runs and other achievements.

    The game starts off with a little epilogue mission, where you learn the lay of the land. The combat flits between duck and cover shooting and close combat take-downs. With every take-down you preform you earn a focus shot, which allows you to then shoot up to 3 enemies in quick succession. If you manage to combine a few take-downs and fire off a shots, you can end up having some cool looking situations. Alongside the combat there are some vehicle based game play, starting with a short boat chase, and continuing with car based sections inter weaved through the rest of the game.

    I have seen a few complaints about the driving scenes, and as I have only played through on the Normal Difficulty, I cannot say what they are like in the higher difficulties, I myself did not find them bad at all. They where a little linear, chase this guy, in a straight line, if your not supposed to go down a road a bus will cut you up or a bridge will fall in the way. If you die, all it takes is a little trial and error. Getting the achievement for not letting up on the accelerator whilst escaping the foundry did get a little annoying, but it is doable.

    As for the graphics, there was nothing offensive, but also nothing that made me go wow that's awesome. The characters looked and sounded like they should, not spot on, but you could clearly see who they were based on.

    I have not touched the multiplayer section of the game, as I am sure the servers are dead. So for what its worth I had a good few hours of game play in the singleplayer, nothing that's going to stick with me and make me eager to relive the levels, but not the crushing disappointment I was expecting.
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    23 Dec 2010
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    James Bond games have always been a bit of mixed bag but after the reasonable Quantum of Solace there may have been high hopes for Blood Stone, especially as this is the only Bond fix you’ll be getting since MGM canned the latest film. Unfortunately, the game – Bizarre Creations’ last – fails to deliver despite attacking on two fronts.

    You see, Bizarre have crowbarred in everything they’ve learned about driving games from making the PGR titles whilst the rest of the game is a third-person shooter akin to The Club (albeit without the nifty scoring mechanics).

    The shooter bits are bland, with little use of gadgets – aside from the now mandatory ugly-but-enhanced view you get from your smartphone - and new weapons. During these third-person parts, it’s just a trawl around the usual Bond locales – casinos, embassies, construction sites – as you shoot henchmen and respond to the odd QTE. Sure, the game doesn’t get much wrong during these sections but it doesn’t do anything that you’d describe as interesting either.

    The driving sections are a bit curious. You get that hardcore realism that you’d associate with a dev team that have produced driving games for several years now but mixed with Hollywood-style stunts and effects. So wrestling with the stiff steering of your car while explosions send bins flying at you can become a bit hateful. Also, a lack of camera view options mean that the hardest part of the driving missions is seeing where you have to go.

    If none of this sounds like fun, that’s because it’s not. Graphically it’s pretty average, the authentic cast deliver a weak voice-acting performance (with Daniel Craig sounding nothing like Daniel Craig, oddly), the shooting bits are dull and the driving bits are overly frustrating. Add to that a plot that is pretty much a scene-for-scene retread of Quantum of Solace and you’re left with something that’s more 005 than 007.


    An irritating mix of hard difficulty achievements and ranked match online stuff. An easy-ish 500GS or so but the max looks like a chore if you're into that kind of thing.

    16 Jun 2011
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    NOTE: English is NOT my native language so be nice oka?

    James Bond 007 Blood Stone, edited by Activision, developped by Bizarre Creation (RIP), released the 5 november 2010. Yeah, its a SHOOTING game developped by a RACING game developper...

    At first this game was supposed to be released in 2009 but they decided to wait a bit more because MW2 and finally got released in 2010 at the same times of Black Ops, no luckwarning

    This game is NOT bad, but NOT excellent either...

    The campaign mode is short as usual, theres 5 mission divided in 4 or 5 parts.
    The gameplay is similar to Splinter Cell Conviction because of the melee system and the Focus Aim (when you do a melee kill you get one and then you can use it to kill easily and quickly one enemy, you can get 3 maximum), the controls are weird, for jumping over stuff you have to press B and and for melee you have to press X... There are infiltration phases too, its not bad but its not Splinter Cell.

    There are indeed racing parts, very well done but NOT fun to play, you get one accident, the time for you to get back on the road its already game over because the bad guy left, but its still not frustrating as TNT racer...

    I dont remember anything about the musics, honestly they didnt marked me at all..

    Overall, the campaign is very empty, theres nothing to say about it, i think Bloodstone will be quickly forgotten by the gamers, except when talking about Bizarre Creation's fall...

    16 players max

    Ugwoh, when at first i was playing the campaign mode i told myself "Man, cant wait to try the multiplayer mode!"

    There are only 3 modes:
    -Team Deathmatch
    -Mission mode (some king of invasion mode from Halo Reach)
    -Survival mode (calling this mode a desert place is a huge insult for the other desert places...)

    Yeah, only those 3 modes.... WHERE THE HELL IS THE GOLDEN GUN MODE? IT WAS THE MOST PLAYED MODE IN QUANTUM OF SOLACE DAMMIT! And of course not domination, no capture de flags... nahh...

    There are TWO maps, those 2 map are both divided in 3 parts, for mission mode one team must reach some door and then blow the door and you get access to the next part of the map...

    The deathmatch is often getting ANNOYING, the maps are divided in 2 parts, theres one base for the red team and another one for the blue team, when you get killed you're respawning at your base and then you have to walk to get back to the fight, theres NO weapon selection screen, everything is in your base, there are 4 boxes of weapons, for assault rifles, shotguns, automatics and sniper, and the middle of the map you can find too a Grenade Launcher and yeah its overpoweredsmile

    The most annoying thing in the deathmatch is the MASS spawn killing, the best and less boring way to win is just go to the enemy's base and then the poor weaker team get raped in his base and then happy deathmatch.

    There are 16 weapons available this game:
    -3 assaults rifles
    -3 pistoles (the third one its more balanced and has a silencer so a-the 2 other guns are tottaly forgotten)
    -3 automatics (same story with pistols)
    -3 snipers (one of them can shoot 3 bullets at onceshock)
    -3 shotgun (those shotgun are well balanced, nothing to say)
    -and the grenade launcher...

    But it would ba SHAME to forget about the... MULTIPLAYER MELEE SYSTEM! The most messed up melee system i ever saw in a video game, its just terrible! Its a bit like QoS, but its so damn glitched, sometimes you hit before you even hit 3 times its not working but the enemy miss you but still kill you... oh and you can use focus aim with the melee system too!

    Theres another annoying problem too its the LAG! Anyone who played a fps game got at least killed one time exactly the same times as the enemy because they probably shooted each other or got hit at the same time, its not happening often its ok... but IN BLOODSTONE IT HAPPEN A LOT! And sometimes when you kill someone he dies like one seconds after he get killed, like he was (oh i got shoot i think i must die now!) and it give him the time to kill you back and its really annoying... Its happening indeed with the messed up melee system, it almost look like Laurel & Hardy!

    Nothing to say about the campaign's cheevos except for the speedrun one...

    The multiplayer cheevos are just HORRIBLY UNBALANCED! After your first match you get already some cheevos "first victory", "first medal", "first breath", then you say "cool ill get them all in no time!" but you are WRONG. The last cheevos i need are "500 kill with every weapons, that mean 500 kills with assault rifles, 500 kills with gun etc... and having like 500 victories in all game modes (include desert modes) and more...

    This game isnt bad, sure many bad things happen in it but its still a nice average third perso shooter, i must admit i had fun with the multplayer mode for some weeks, its not boring as breach!

    Thank you for reading my review and sorry again for mispells etc blah blah blah cuz im not English, see ya!wave