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Bloody Heck, Bloody Zombies Has Treated Us to Some Bloody Images

Following in the wake of the recent E3 trailer, Paw Print Games have unleashed a set a new screens from their London-based undead smasher, Bloody Zombies.

Posted 3 days ago by Chewie, 6 comments

Bloody Zombies Official E3 Trailer

Killing zombies in games has unofficially become a pastime in the industry. Check out Paw Print Games all-new co-op brawler, Bloody Zombies.

Posted 8 days ago by Will Cruz, 3 comments

Bloody Zombies Overview Video

Following its announcement recently, a video overview is released on Bloody Zombies and briefly details six things that you need to know about the game. The pre Alpha footage shows that it looks to be a fun battle.

Posted 1 month ago by Stephanie Caldwell, 2 comments

Bloody Zombies Revealed, Brings Zombies to London

A four player zombie brawler set in a post-apocalyptic London where humour is not dead, but everyone else is. Featuring couch or online co-op.

Posted 1 month ago by Claudio Barata, 12 comments

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