Blue Dragon

Xbox 360Backwards Compatible

Blue Dragon Achievements

Most Earned

Back Attack5 (5)You completed a Back Attack.
Multi-Monster Encounter5 (5)You won a Multi-Monster Encounter.
Pulled in the Flying Fortress7 (5)You helped pull in the Flying Fortress without angering the Gorgo giants.
Got to Nene Before Bomb Went Off8 (5)You arrived at Nene's location before the time bomb went off.

Least Earned

Completed Item Record87 (25)You filled out the entire Item Record.
Completed Monster Record85 (25)You defeated every type of monster to complete the Monster Record.
Mechat Shooting Stage 3: Perfect89 (30)You cleared Mechat Shooting Stage 3 with no damage.
Removed All Barriers71 (25)You removed all barriers in the game.
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Blue Dragon Now Backwards Compatible

Mistwalker's 2007 release Blue Dragon has joined the ever increasing number of Xbox 360 titles which are now playable on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

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