3. Blue Dragon Missables GuideUpdate notes

In this page I'll describe the missable achievements/items/monsters in the order as they come in the game. This page will be spoiler-free. You can search in the walkthrough pages (with the CTRL+F function of your browser) "Missable Achievement # n", "Missable Monster # n", "Missable Item # n" if you need a more specific reference, but I will give you all the information you need to recognise the places below.

There are 10 missable achievements related to maxing your shadow classes (there are five characters and two achievements for each: one achievement for maxing out one class and another for maxing out all the classes). In order not to miss them, don't use the "Hearts" enhancement items (such as "Black Magic Heart") to level up from level 98 to level 99.

Two missable achievements are for collecting all the monster and item datas because there are missable monsters and items.

Some people report that the "New Year" DLC causes glitches on some of the shooting minigames (which reward you with missable achievements), but I personally didn't have problems with it.

Disc One

Missable Achievement # 1
Early in the game four robotic enemies will spawn around you (this will be the first time you see them) and you will exit the room where you are going north. You will have to close a certain door for story-related reasons. You will have to tap the A button very quickly to successfully close it. Your task is to be fast enough as to prevent any enemy to get through. A save point is available in the room where the enemies spawn, before heading north.

Missable Monster # 1
In a place called "Ancient Hospital Ruins" a boss fight will eventually occur. Be sure to kill this Icefire Wolf Ghost (Monster ID # 263) before it can split into two different monsters.

Missable Achievement # 2
When you exit a place called "Mural Valley - East" you will be in an open area with a save point and a pool of water: it's advisable to save on two different slots at this save point, so you have a backup. If you trigger the events past the pool of water some story-related events will trigger and you will eventually end up in an escort minigame. You must avoid any damage to who or what you will have to protect. The game asks you to save before this starts: as I already said, do so on a second slot so you can reload it and train more if you feel you need it. The skill Field Barrier helps for this achievement.

Missable Achievement # 3
You will eventually be in a town where you will awake at night, and after few scenes another button-smashing minigame will trigger. This time it can be any button, not just A. There's a savepoint as you walk to your destination during the night.

Missable Monster # 2 to Missable Monster # 5
There are four missable monsters in a dungeon you will enter (I won't name it, but you will understand this is the right place when you'll be inside). They are the Hover Patroller (Monster ID # 056), the Machine Gun Crab (Monster ID # 036, the Tailgunner Robo-Scorpion (Monster ID # 160) and the Winking Medic (Monster ID # 061). You will come across the Hover Patroller immediately as you enter the dungeon, and on your way you will also find the Machine Gun Crabs. The Winking Medics can only be found in other monster's parties of the area: you will most likely find them along with the Machine Gun Crabs and the Tailgunner Robo-Scorpion.

Missable Achievement # 4
At the end of the previous dungeon you will have to do a shooting minigame. You must take no damage to earn the achievement. There is a savepoint immediately before triggering this minigame.

Missable Item # 1
At the end of the previous minigame you will be in a large hall with six tables: speak with the black and purple dressed character near the first table on the left to receive the Special Gift Card (Item ID # 328). You can also speak with another character on the right of the third table on the right. In the same place you will speak with a character who will ask you if you are ready to proceed with the story: reply "Yes" only after getting this item.

Disc Two

Missable Item # 2
You start this disc in Jibral Castle Town: go to Cafe Jibral and speak with a soldier standing by a table near the piano to get the Shield Earring (Item ID # 281). This must be done before leaving Jibral for the first time.

Missable Item # 3
Again in Jibral, again as soon as you start this disc, go to the Vase Workshop and speak with Foreman Rokrobe to get the Designer Vase (Item ID # 327).

Missable Item # 4
Missable Item # 5
After the Laser Field you will be in Baroy Town. After the boss in Baroy Town, just before the exit which leads from Baroy to the Underground River, there will be three characters working as shops. You must buy the Supermetal Bracelet (Item ID # 170) and Supermetal Ring (Item ID # 205) from one of them before completing the Ancient Factory dungeon.

Missable Monster # 6
You will reach the Underground of a certain Pachess Town: the boss fight of this Underground is the Scything Skull-Spider. Let him summon the Skeleton General (Monster ID # 082) enemy because this is the only way to fight one. It's advisable to turn off the counterattacks before this battle to avoid an accidental early death of the boss.

Missable Achievement # 5
As you approach the final dungeon of disc two there will be a quick minigame where you have to press " A " on the exact moment twice. If you fail the second time it's game over, if you fail the first time your character will jump but will not fall on his/her feet.

Missable Achievement # 6
Right after there will be an achievement for completing the dungeon you will enter within an hour. Note that some subtractions to the time will be done automatically as you proceed, so try to be quick and don't overwrite your game data outside/just inside this place.

Missable Monster # 7 to Missable Monster # 23
There are seventeen missable monsters in the same dungeon. On the first floor there are the Glowering Imp-Trap, Steel-Crusher Leopard, Stone Giant. On the second floor there are the Ninja Ghost, Imposter Eye, Wandering Prophet, Horned-Viper Trident. On the third floor there are the Red-Mask Robot, Balloon Bomber, Patchwork Puppet, and at the end of this floor there's a missable achievement. On the fourth floor there is the Versatile Mecha Robo, and you must allow one of them to summon the Intercept Dynadrone: don't kill the Versatiles before they can do so. On the fifth floor there is the Standard Defender, Enforcer Robot, Assassin Robot. As you exit the fifth floor a mandatory fight against the Servant Mecha Robo A and Servant Mecha Robo B will trigger: kill at least one of each (the fight can end without killing them). There will be two missable achievements after the fifth floor too.
The IDs of these monsters are: # 097, # 227, # 231, # 189, # 155, # 203, # 200, # 177, # 114, # 172, # 073, # 059, # 086, # 084, # 087, # 083, # 085.

Missable Achievement # 7
This minigame occurs at the end of the third floor of the last dungeon of disc two. Refer to the walkthrough for a guide to get it.

Missable Achievement # 8
There will be a minigame of tapping a random button while always holding LS_Down at the same time. This occurs after clearing the fifth floor of the final dungeon of disc two.

Missable Achievement # 9
There will be also a minigame of tapping " X " after the previous one. You can't get hit to obtain the achievement. When you succeed the battle menu will prompt; pick the last option.

Disc Three

Missable Achievement # 10
After few events you will have a walk at night and a button smashing minigame will trigger. You will have to tap " X ".

Missable Item # 6
You will easily come across the Sheep Tribe Camp - Lal Mountains area as you proceed through a narrow linear path on the world map. Speak with the Traveler (pirate-looking) character here before proceeding further in the story. After few more events (before which there's a couple of missable monsters) you will get the Autographed Manuscript in a chest (this item is always available) and speaking with the traveler will earn you the Eyepatch (Item ID # 317). He will be there to give you the eyepatch only if you spoke with him earlier.

Missable Monster # 24 and Missable Monster # 25
Soon after the Sheep Tribe Camp - Lal Mountains, proceeding south, you will encounter a boss on the world map, the Rockwind Wolf Ghost. Damage this boss a bit without killing him: let him split into the Gale Wolf Ghost (Monster ID # 041) and Stone Wolf Ghost (Monster ID # 042).

You will be able to freeroam soon after, and there will be optional areas without a particular order required.

Missable Achievement # 11
Before entering the Upper Mecha Base optional area (located in the air above the sea in the south-west part of the map) there will be a shooting minigame. For a strategy read about it in the walkthrough, but essentially you will need to destroy all the cannons of the area (you can take damage) to get this one.

Missable Item # 7
After starting the Five Dragons quest, four of them will spawn (one was already spawned) and the one located on the world map at the south-most corner of the Great Desert area is the Phantom Dragon. You must steal the Nene's Earring (I # 275) from him.

Then in the final dungeon of disc three there are more missables.

Missable Monster # 26 and Missable Monster # 27
On the first level of the "inside" of the final dungeon of disc three there will be an enemy, the "Wandering Sage", guarding some chests. This is the only enemy able to summon the Cursed Spine Ghost (Monster ID # 186) and Sanguine Slasher (Monster ID # 199). Since the Wandering Sages won't respawn after looing the chests they're guarding, they are missable.

Missable Item # 8
After the second level of the "inside" of the final dungeon of disc three there will be a boss fight. You must steal the Nene's Ring (Monster ID # 215) from him.

Missable Achievement # 12
Before entering the last dungeon of the game there will be a shooting minigame. You must take no damage to get the achievement.

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