5. Blue Dragon Disc Two WalkthroughUpdate notes

Disc Two Walkthrough

Jibral Castle Town

* MISSABLE ITEMS # 2 and # 3 *
The Shield Earring is given by a soldier in Cafe Jibral.
The Stylish Vase is given by a character in the Vase Workshop.

Item checklist:

- Bow Tie (I # 287)
- Zephyr Chocolate (I # 019)
- War-Mage Elixir (I # 065)
- Shield Earring (I # 281)
- Designer Vase (I # 327)
- Royal's Ring (I # 221)
- ??? (I # 219) [Not named for spoiler reasons]
- ??? (I # 220) [Not named for spoiler reasons]
- Water Earring

You will find Toripo on your way: this time he will stay here also after you exit he shop menu, but only until before you proceed with the story. Then he'll be found again later in the game.
The Spell Shop has new goodies for sale: Grounda is top priority. The "Special Accessory Shop" will now be open, selling the other two Jibral equipments. The Shady Room is still unavailable. Inside Cafe Jibral you can speak with the blonde waitress here to exchange your Special Gift Card(s) for a/two HP Up Elixir(s). You can also speak with the maid by the piano to receive the Water Earring. An old man will give you Medals x 3, and most important the soldier standing by the table near the piano will give you the Shield Earring. The Vase Workshop will raise your interest soon. Several other characters will give you items: Jiro's father (in front of the bridge leading to the Warp-Device-area) will give you a Bow Tie, and some kids on the right as you go from here will give you Medals x 10. The sheep tribe character nearby (the Sweets Shop Owner) will give you a Zephyr Chocolate. In the Spell shop a female character between the two sellers will give you a War-Mage Elixir, and a soldier here will give you Medals x 4. There are some more irrelevant items given by two of the other "stores" on the street, one by the man in the "House by the Fountain", another by the sheep tribe camp character in the Item shop.


- Medicine, Mega Medicine, Magical Medicine, Mega Magical Medicine, Light Crystal, Shadow Crystal, Phoenix Talon, Antidote, Deodorant, Mobility Balm, Steadiness Salve, Stone-Be-Gone, Fresh Garlic, Stout Garlic

- Jibral Necklace, Jibral Earring

- Jibral Bracelet - 1,000 G
- Jibral Ring - 1,100 G

- White Magic Lv 4 - Cure Paralysis - 3,100 G
- White Magic Lv 4 - Zephyra - 3,300 G (I # 096)
- White Magic Lv 4 - Shina - 2,900 G
- Black Magic Lv 4 - Grounda - 3,100 G (I # 113)
- Black Magic Lv 4 - Shadowa - 2,850 G
- Support Magic Lv 3 - Panic - 1,900 G (I # 129)
- Support Magic Lv 3 - Anchor - 2,100 G (I # 130)
- Barrier Magic Lv 3 - Shella - 2,350 G (I # 147)
- Cure Kelolon, Zephyr, Regenerate, Heala, Revive, Cancel, Ground, Extract, Shadow, Flara, Winda, Watera, Quick, Dizzy, Poison, Slowa, Trapfloor, Resist, Wall, Shielda

* MISSABLE ITEMS # 2 and # 3 *
In Cafe Jibral speak with the soldier standing by the table closest to the piano: he will give you the Shield Earring. This will not be available anymore after you rest at the Inn to proceed with the story.
In the Vase Workshop speak with the Foreman Rokrobe to receive the Designer Vase. This will also start a quest which will earn you other missable items later.

- After getting the Shield Earring (and possibly the Designer Vase too), speak with the familiar character in the Inn and decide to rest: during the scenes an item will be added to your inventory and two more will follow a minigame

The minigame isn't linked to an achievement or anything missable, but the item you will craft here can really be a good one. There's only a gem of each: you can pick a gem only once, and if your rival picks a gem you won't be able to pick that one too. Each time you use a gem it will change the stats (positively or negatively) of the item, and it will also generate some "powder" in the crafting process, which will be valued. Here's their *rough* value (Gem - Cost => Powder Value):

- Bleeding Stone - 20 G => +100 G
- Star Tourmaline - 30 G => +50 G
- Small Opal - 40 G => +300 G
- Mad Amethyst - 50 G => +900 G
- Forest Sapphire - 60 G => +200 G
- Leaf Ruby - 70 G => +400 G
- Black Zircon - 100 G => +80 G
- Aquamarine Bubble - 120 G => +300 G
- Ocean Topaz - 200 G => +200 G
- Silent Peridot - 220 G => +300 G
- Angel's Emerald - 240 G => +200 G
- Turquoise of Love - 300 G => +70 G
- Red Onyx - 400 G => +60 G
- Princess Garnet - 550 G => +200 G
- Spiritual Moon - 780 G => +200 G
- White Diamond - 800 G => +100 G

Keep in mind that according to the current ring the powder value may change, but these are the rough prices to give you an idea.
You can add a small HP/MP bonus (max HP/MP +10) to the stats, and both the Attack, Defense and Magic Defense parameter are worth max 10 points too, so don't bother with these and try to get an item which has the highest Magic Attack you can.
From these values, exploiting the knowledge provided by the AI's moves observed, a good item will come from (in this order): black zircon, leaf ruby, turquoise of love (these are the moves of the AI if you don't use these items); the AI should buy the first two gems and the aquamarine bubble. Get the mad amethyst next for its great money boost, then go on the ocean topaz and forest sapphire (not viceversa, or the AI will get the ocean topaz first). Now you want to use the silent peridot, which will prevent your opponent from buying other gems (lack of cash). You should now be able to buy the last three items: princess garnet, spiritual moon, red onyx.
In short again: Black Zircon, Leaf Ruby, Turquoise of Love, Mad Amethyst, Ocean Topaz, Forest Sapphire, Silent Peridot, Princess Garnet, Spiritual Moon, Red Onyx. The result should be an item with Magic Attack +150. There's probably a way to make a better one overall, but you don't really need three more points on physical attack, so it's not worth much thoughts.
There won't be any difference based on the result of this minigame as for scenes or rewards.

- After some scenes you'll earn two more items automatically and you'll be on the World Map again


World Map

You want to equip the items you recently got. You now have the warp functions back: go to Lago Village.


Lago Village

Item checklist:

- Designer Vase x 99

Speak with the Devee Tribe Chieftain by the fountain to get these vases. They are required for missable items later on, so be sure to get them.

When you're done, warp back to Jibral.


Jibral Castle Town

The girl from Cafe Jibral will be near the Warp Device: speak with her to go directly to Cafe Jibral itself. In here, speak with the man sitting at the counter twice to tell him to ask the man in the House by the Fountain for a house to rent. You can also get a couple of Nothings, a Gorgo Elixir and a Medal from some items behind the piano (you couldn't reach them earlier).

Speak with the Foreman Rokrobe in the Vase Workshop for few more lines, then exit the town again.


World Map - Northern Jibral Plains, Near Jibral Castle, Western Jibral Plains, Eastern Jibral Plains, Cliff Road, Near Exile Forest, Exile Forest and Near Alumaru Village

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Medals x 3, Iridescent Wind, Medal, Part of Eternal Engine, Flawless Amethyst, Flawless Sapphire, Medals x 2, Ultra Magical Medicine, Cure-All, Light Crystal, Medals x 7, Medals x 9, Flawless Emerald, Sleep Powder

Monster checklist:

- Fanged Skimmer (M # 108)
- Glutton Locust (M # 044)
- Cockatrice (M # 122)
- Delirious Skimmer (M # 110)
- Chief Rolling Ripper (M # 093)
- Pink Grunt (M # 141)
- Crested Cockatrice (M # 121)
- Coquettish (M # 112) (*)

(*) This monster appears only in the party of the Crested Cockatrice.

Before proceeding with the story heading north, head south through the Exile Forest where a scene will trigger. You'll be asked to deliver a message, so keep going south, gathering items and monster datas. If you want to skip this, go to the next section, the "Laser Field", but there's a warp device and some collectibles in the optional area, making it not so much "optional" from the achievements point of view.

- Go all the way south, through the Exile Forest, to reach the Alumaru Village


Alumaru Village

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Scarf (I # 288)
- Gorgo Elixir, 1,000 Gold, Flawless Sapphire

Warp Device # 10/23 - Alumaru Village

In Sura-Sura's Friend's House there are four drawers. In the Scholar's House you can find a drawer and information on the Gorgos speaking with the Gorgo Scholar and reading some books books: "Gorgo Mythology" Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (the fifth is on the table). Some other areas are not accessible now, and the Shops sell new items.


- Mental Surge - 200 G
- No-Ghost Device - 250 G
- Kelolon Elixir - 350 G
- Medicine, Mega Medicine, Magical Medicine, Mega Magical Medicine, Light Crystal, Shadow Crystal, Phoenix Talon, Antidote, Deodorant, Mobility Balm, Steadiness Salve, Stone-Be-Gone, Fresh Garlic, Stout Garlic

- Jibral Bracelet, Jibral Ring, Jibral Necklace, Jibral Earring

- Black Magic Lv 4 - Extracta - 3,300 G (I # 114)
- Support Magic Lv 4 - Kelolon - 3,450 G (I # 132)
- Barrier Magic Lv 4 - Trapfloora - 2,800 G (I # 149)
- Barrier Magic Lv 4 - Resista - 3,150 G (I # 150)
- Heala, Revive, Cancel, Cure Paralysis, Zephyra, Shina, Flara, Winda, Watera, Grounda, Shadowa, Slowa, Panic, Anchor, Shielda, Shella, Reflect

Speak with Sura-Sura for a scene (on the way a scene will trigger too). Then, speak with her again for more scenes.

The place will now be completely available, so you can reach the Inn (on the second floor there are three drawers): if you need, take a rest, some fights are coming up.

Reach Jeelala's mansion and go around it on the right side to trigger a scene. You can go back from the place you'll enter if you need.


Treasure Storehouse

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Stomach-Band (I # 305)
- Mystery Part Un (I # 363)
- Bellybutton Ring of Earth (I # 314)
- Grand Tribes' Bracelet (I # 169)
- Diamond-Encrusted Ring (I # 222)
- Grand Tribes' Necklace (I # 234)
- Flawless Sapphire, 500 Gold, 100 Gold, 500 Gold, 500 Gold, 100 Gold, Gorgo Elixir, 100 Gold, 1,000 Gold, Mega Magical Medicine, 500 Gold, 100 Gold, Light Crystal, Medals x 30, 500 Gold, 500 Gold, Medal, Flawless Ruby, Phoenix Wing, Part of Eternal Engine, Medals x 9, Grand Light Crystal, Medals x 5, Ancient Feather, 5,000 Gold, Medals x 7

Monster checklist:

- Parvenu Pelican (M # 116)
- Gold-Eating Tiger (M # 226)
- Gold Giant (M # 232)
- ??? (M # 259) [Not named for spoiler reasons]
- ??? (M # 258) [Not named for spoiler reasons]
- Chief Rolling Ripper

A blue sphere of light will guide you at three forks. If you take the wrong path you will eventually step on broken parts of the ground which will send you in the second area of this dungeon: exiting the lower area will bring you back at the beginning of this place.
The monsters aren't anything special. When you reach the first "brown circle", look for a sort of giant mask on the left side (as you proceed), shaped from a bag: it will restore quite many MP of your group. Soon after that, two Gold-Eating Tigers will spawn: do not defeat them, but try to lure them a bit onwards to trigger a monster fight with the Gold Giant. There's another interaction to restore few more MPs after these fights.

Follow the blue light sphere until you reach the Gold Giant: defeat it, then proceed to the next room for a boss fight.

Optional Boss Fight - [Monster # 258 and Monster # 259]
You will fight two "monster # 259" at first: take them down with charged Grounda spells and regular attacks. They have 520 HP each.
Then the fight will continue with two more of them and "monster # 258". The latter will summon more minions if you leave it in the second line. To avoid this, make sure you kill the two minions on the first line together, with the usual Grounda which you should try to land after the turn of your melee fighters: a possibly charged Flara Sword on one of them, two normal physical attacks on the other one and a charged Grounda will do it. You can easily poison the main boss if you want, but the fight will be easy anyway.
The main boss has 1,800 HP.

Out of the Treasure Storehouse, you will be in a house. In front of you there's a door leading to the Lounge. From your corridor, on the left there's the personal room of the owner of this place; in front of you there's the Bedroom, and on the right there's the door to exit the place. None of these rooms have anything special other than interactions.

When you'll be out, new scenes will trigger and you will receive the Grand Tribes' Necklace. You'll now have to go to the Exile Forest.


Exile Forest - Caverns

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Medal

- Gem of Jibral (I # 310)

Monster checklist:

- Poison Mist (M # 048)

Reach the Boss Fight area.

Optional Boss Fight
In this fight you will have to defeat the four Poison Mists without killing the guest in their party (the guest has about 1,500 HP). They can summon more of them, so the best thing to do is cast a nice Grounda spell (no need to charge) to take them out altogether. If the guest dies it will be game over.

After the scenes, exit the village and enter it back again: go where you found Sura-Sura the first time, speak with Guru-Guru and get the Gem of Jibral (it's a Special Accessory).

At last, head back to Jibral, then exit Jibral and go north to your story-related destination (the Laser Field).


World Map - Jibral Northern Plains and Jibral Highlands

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Repeater Weed, Medals x 9, Ancient Fossil, Power-Swap Dart, Grand Shadow Crystal

Monster checklist:

- Souleater (M # 100)
- Shooter Scorpion (M # 067)
- Orange Grunt (M # 140)
- Orange Soldier (M # 144)

- Go north to enter the Laser Field


Laser Field

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Grand Tribes' Ring (I # 204)
- Grand Tribes' Earring (I # 264)
- HP Up Elixir, Iridescent Cyclone, HP Up Elixir, Dog Collar, Broken Eternal Engine, HP Up Elixir, Thorn Branch, Devee Elixir, 2,000 Gold, Part of Eternal Engine, Ultra Medicine, HP Up Elixir, Ancient Fossil, HP Up Elixir, Mega Invisibility Elixir, Flawless Amethyst, Ultra Magical Medicine, Shadow Crystal

Monster checklist:

- Flying Needle Mole (M # 158)
- Armor-Shelled Turtle (M # 146)
- Horned Lazy Bear (M # 207)
- Pyre-Rat (M # 166)
- Steel Monkey (M # 168)
- Centipede (M # 251)

SP Grinding Note
This place is easily the best where to grind SP automatically, by means of the skill Field Barrier Lv 2 which will soon become Lv 3. The idea here is to use the Fresh Garlic to add the "Stink" status on your characters to attract more respawns. Then activate Field Barrier and leave the controller in a particular spot of this area. Field Barrier Lv 2 is good but not excellent because you will have to "recharge" your MP (warp away to some Inn, rest, add Stink, come back and repeat) rather often at first. However, as soon as you reach shadow level 50 with the Barrier Magic class you will unlock Field Barrier Lv 3 which will use only a single MP for every monster you defeat, increasing the autonomy of the process 10 times.
I advice to make some farming here now, setting all your characters on the Barrier Magic class so they can learn Field Barrier too and you can use their MPs aswell (especially if you're still far from level 50 with one of them). It should take you no more than 30 minutes before reaching Lv 21 with them and learn Field Barrier Lv 2. The best spot where to place your character is in a corner where I'll be running (no need to run, just stay there); I'll show this in the video below.
You will shortly come across a chance to get items which can double your SP (the "Black Belt"): that's a good reason not to overdo with this now.
Remember that when you learn new skills a screen will appear, stopping the process until you press the " A " button: make sure you take this under control.
If you want to have a powerful team which will beat easily the rest of the game, then you can boost your shadows all the way to level 99, gaining an achievement for each character accomplishing it. If this feels too "dirty" to you, you can still level your main shadows (for example Shu's Sword Master, Marumaro's Monk, etc.) "just" to level 50, which is the level at which every class has its last skill. Having the best support skills will make your life much easier from now on, so if you're not bothered much with being overpowered this is the way you want to take. Either way, there's just a couple of boss fights between you and the SP doubling items.
Other than the default classes, I also advice you to level up the Generalist class here: this will allow you to have the useful "Skill + [n]" support ability which at this point of the game become rather important.

Later in this zone there will be lasers pointing at you: there's a safe way around, but you can just run away to be able to loot the chests and still be safe. The Armor-Shelled Turtles are strong against physical attacks: use a slightly charged Grounda spell to take them out. The Horned Lazy Bears and the Flying Needle Moles can enter a monster fight, and same goes for the Steel Monkeys (which you'll find later) and the Armor-Shelled Turtles. The Centipede has about 1,100 HP and is weak against Water: it's also strong against physical attacks, so go with the spell Watera.
You can interact with some of the walls here.

Warp Device # 11/23 - Laser Field

- Proceed through the field until a cutscene will trigger and you'll be in another area
- Follow the hallway until new scenes will follow

You can now go back through the previous tunnel and exit up to the Laser Field and finish collecting the chests.


Baroy Town

* MISSABLE ITEMS # 4 and # 5 *
The Supermetal Bracelet and Supermetal Ring are for sale at a special shop here only for a limited amount of time. Purchase one of each immediately as you can, because entering one of the next dungeons will make them unavailable.

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Generalist Heart (I # 083)
- Radiant Flour (I # 018)
- Barrier Magic Heart (I # 081)
- ??? (I # 367) [Not named for spoiler reasons]
- Medals x 7, Medals x 9, Medals x 8, Barrier Magic Heart, Zephyr Chocolate, MP Boost Elixir, Broken Eternal Engine, Light Crystal, Magic Shoes, Generalist Heart

Monster checklist:

- Blazing Kirin (M # 267)

The robots here will often give you items, healing items or information related to the story. You can access the second floors of some buildings if you press the " A " button on a circular platform on the floor.
In the Inn there are some books: "Portrait of a Machine" Part 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. On the second floor there are some drawers containing a total of Medals x 24 and the robot here will give you a Radiant Flour.
In the Rebuilding Garage (RB on the map) Number 89 will upgrade your Medicines to Mega Medicines. There's a Barrier Magic Heart in a drawer here, a chest with another Barrier Magic Heart and two books: "Portrait of a Machine" Part 19 and 20.
In the Waiting Room (WR on the map) there's Part 21 of the "local" book on the first floor and Part 22 on the second floor.
In the House Near Temple (HnT on the map) there are two more books, Part 23 and 24.
In the House by Generalist Store (HbG on the map) there are Part 25 and Part 26.
In the General Store ("Shops") there are five more books (Part 27, 28, 29, 30, 31) and new items for sale. On the second floor a robot will offer you a Zephyr Chocolate; moreover there are more books: Part 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.
You can find a certain "Number 33" behind the "House Near Temple": speak with "him" and he'll run away near the Warp Device; speak with him again here and he'll go on the right of the entrance to the Temple, where you can speak with him again for an MP Boost Elixir.


- Princess' Kiss - 20 G
- Medicine, Mega Medicine, Magical Medicine, Mega Magical Medicine, Light Crystal, Shadow Crystal, Phoenix Talon, Antidote, Deodorant, Mobility Balm, Steadiness Salve, Stone-Be-Gone, Mental Surge, No-Ghost Device, Fresh Garlic, Stout Garlic, Kelolon Elixir

- Supermetal Necklace - 1,500 G
- Supermetal Earring - 1,200 G

- Heala, Revive, Cancel, Cure Paralysis, Zephyra, Shina, Flara, Winda, Watera, Grounda, Extracta, Shadowa, Slowa, Panic, Anchor, Kelolon, Shielda, Shella, Reflect, Trapfloora, Resista

Warp Device # 12/23 - Baroy Town

- Enter the Temple for some scenes, then approach the "altar" in the Temple
- Head to the Gate Room for more scenes

There's a Broken Eternal Engine in the Maintenance Room (MR on the map) and a Light Crystal in the Control Room (CR on the map).

- Enter the Temple and go to the basement for a boss fight

Boss Fight # 15 - Blazing Kirin
The boss is weak against Water and has a Fire element. You can steal a Bellybutton Ring of Fire from it (it's not a unique item).
Load up Watera and your Water/Watera Sword. The boss can counter, but it shouldn't do so if you use water attacks. A charged Watera will wear off the flames from it, making the boss waste a long charge time to make them reappear; plus, it deals a lot of damage.
The boss has 3,200 HP.

- Go back to the Gate Room

* MISSABLE ITEMS # 4 and # 5 *
Now the shop of "Number 88" is open and you can buy the Supermetal Bracelet and the Supermetal Ring. This shop will not be available after few other story events, and it's the only one selling these two items.

New Shops

- Ultra Medicine - 500 G
- Ultra Magical Medicine - 800 G
- Grand Light Crystal - 800 G
- Grand Shadow Crystal - 1,000 G

- Supermetal Bracelet - 1,800 G (I # 170)
- Supermetal Ring - 1,400 G (I # 205)

- Support Magic Lv 4 - Quicka - 3,250 G (I # 131)
- Support Magic Lv 4 - Attack Up - 3,050 G (I # 133)
- Barrier Magic Lv 4 - Walla - 3,250 G (I # 151)

At this point of the game you can finally unlock the blue barriers with the Blue Device you just got. If you want to proceed with the story, skip to the next section, the "Underground River".


Blue Barriers Hunt

Item checklist:

- Ancient Warrior's Bracelet (I # 171)
- Cross Trainers (I # 294)
- Ancient Warrior's Earring (I # 266)
- Ancient Warrior's Necklace (I # 236)
- Flip-Flops (I # 295)
- Poo Bracelet (I # 190)
- Shell Earring (I # 280)
- Alacrity Elixir (I # 068)
- Bellybutton Ring of Fire (I # 311)
- Ancient Warrior's Ring (I # 206)
- Generalist Heart, Flawless Sapphire, Barrier Magic Heart

Monster checklist:

- Jumbo Poo (M # 011)
- Corrosive Poo (M # 012)

So far you came across 13 Blue Barriers out of the 14 of the game (the last is in the next dungeon). Here is their location:

1. Baroy Town - House by General Store - Generalist Heart
2. Baroy Town - House Near Temple - Flawless Sapphire
3. Baroy Town - Waiting Room - Barrier Magic Heart

4. Sheep Tribe Camp - Wilderness - Ancient Warrior's Bracelet

5. Lot Wilderness - East - Cross Trainers
Reach this location exiting the Sheep Tribe Camp - Wilderness near where the save point is.

6. Ancient Hospital Ruins - 2F - Wall
Warp to the Ancient Hospital Ruins, take the elevator on the third floor and go to the second floor. There are chests in the room you unlock. "Wall" here means a barrier-wall, it's not the content of a chest or anything related to the spell " Wall ". Behind the wall there's a chest with the Ancient Warrior's Earring.

7. Drill Machine - 2F A - Ancient Warrior's Necklace

8. Undersea Caverns - Flip-Flops
Reach this place from the Sheep Tribe Camp - Forest.

9. Jibral Castle Town - Castle Gate - Poo Bracelet
10. Jibral Castle - Eternal Engine Lab - Shell Earring
Note: the Poo Bracelet will let you insta-kill "most" the Poo enemies of the game. The "giant" poos such as the Jumbo or the Corrosive Poo which you will meet soon are not affected by this item.

11. Alumaru Village - Alacrity Elixir

12. Ancient Ruins - Caverns - Wall
13. Ancient Ruins - Caverns - Bellybutton Ring of Fire
Note: warp to Talta Village, exit, then go north-west from here to reach the Ancient Caverns.
Warning: two optional boss fights lie in this cavern. You don't need to fight to deactivate the barriers, but the Black Belts are the result of fighting. You can return here later if you want.

Optional Boss Fight - Jumbo Poo
This boss hits hard, and is pretty fast too: it's advisable to have somebody with the Support Magic and Barrier Magic too to cast Shella on everyone and Shielda on the characters in front -- charge Shella/Shielda to add it more characters; if you start the fights with everyone on the first line and then move the magicians back before starting the second fight, the one with Jumbo Poo, you will save time -- as well as Quicka on everyone. A little trick you can use is to add Stink to your characters to lure one of the Poo Snakes on the field chasing you; then, when you're close to Jumbo Poo, use the RT command on the field to fight both: the Poo Snakes will be the first group, allowing you to power yourself up before the tough fight. If you can choose a defensive boost between the fights, pick it: you can always flee if you can't start this properly, then try again.
However annoying, the Poo Snakes should deal 0-1 HP of damage to you now, so ignore them. The boss can use an attack (he needs to charge this, so you're warned when it's coming), "Putrefaction Gas", which will deal heavy damage to everyone and possibly Silence them: revive back and heal whoever needs, and consider defending with characters who might be too low on health to stand the hit. Don't bother with the Stink status he may cause with Aged Vomit and always heal your characters to the max, possibly renewing the defenses (especially since the magic attacks are pretty weak against this boss).
The boss is weak against Water and has 2,250 HP.

* Important Items Warning - Black Belts *
After opening the chest with the Ancient Warrior's Ring, the next boss will spawn. This is where you can get Black Belts: however these aren't unique items, here you have a limitless source of them. Equip the Steel/Loot and Treasure Hunter skills on Zola (they are Assassin's Skills) and try to steal them from the next "boss". You can start the fight with a back attack: try to do so. It's advisable to put a tank character on the first line and always have him defending (heal him if necessary) with everyone, Zola included, on the second line. When you manage to steal an item (either an Ultra Medicine or the Black Belt you want) you need to reset his "item situation" leaving the area or loading the game back. In battle, skip the turns defending with everyone and attempt to steal with Zola.
The Black Belt is a "Special Accessory" (you need the Generalist skills to equip them), but it doesn't stack with more of the same item: you could equip three of them on the same character, but the bonus would be the same (2x) as the one given by a single black belt. You do want to give this accessory to all your five characters though: get five Black Belts.
Keep in mind that this is the only Corrosive Poo of the game: don't defeat it until you're satisfied with the Black Belts gathered.

Optional Boss Fight - Corrosive Poo
The same trick as the previous boss can be applied here: Stink > double fight > enhancements, but you will need another approach for this long fight and I'd rather suggest starting a single fight with a back attack. After stealing the Black Belts in some "false" fights, the real fight can be much harder than the previous one, and you're not going to get a reward for this: if you want, leave this enemy here for now. There is however a simple way to win.
The boss will counter with "Acid Breath" (strong attack which lowers the defense too) who casts spells against him: don't. Magic Sword attacks are not considered spells. Put a character with the Absolute Counterattack skill on the first line and everyone else behind. It's likely to be Marumaro on the front, alone, and everyone else back. If you don't have Absolute Counterattack, put someone with high defense (maybe on the Guardian class). The front-line character will always just Defend and take all the hits: if he has Absolute Counterattack this will mean +200 HP of damage to the boss every turn he attacks. Two mages behind will always use the Heal spell on him to recover the damage he will take (one Heal is enough) and will also (if possible) cast Attack Up on him and the other two characters on the second line. The latter, probably Shu and Zola, will just attack, possibly with Water[a] Sword. Never charge anything with the spell casters: you want them available as soon as possible. If you can, cast Quicka on them. The fight is long, but stick with this and you'll have an easy win.
The boss is weak against Water (a charged Watera Sword can also slow him down) and has almost 5,000 HP.


Underground River

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Ancient Sorcerer's Necklace (I # 250)
- Stone Shoes (I # 292)
- Bellybutton Ring of Wind (I # 313)
- Moody Dragon's Fang (I # 355)
- Phoenix Wing, Repeater Weed, Grand Ruby, Ancient Warrior's Necklace, Grand Shadow Crystal

Monster checklist:

- Kelolon (M # 150)
- Visage Viper (M # 133)
- Flaying Fish (M # 023)
- Lazy Gummyfish (M # 020)
- Swashbuckler Fish (M # 027)
- Hyper Kelolon (M # 151)
- Moody Dragon (M # 252)

Barriers available:

- Blue Barrier - Wall

Few zones of the area have lasers shooting at you. This place is filled up with [easy] enemies, thus being a good place for SP farming if you have Field Barrier Lv 3. The Laser Field is still better though.
The Kelolon groups and the Visage Vipers can enter a monster fight and can both be wiped out with the spell Ground. Be very careful with the Kelolons and Hyper Kelolons groups: however weak, if you let them have the first strike in battle they can massively cast the spell Kelolon on your characters, weakening them and making impossible to cast spells. The Hyper Kelolon has 450 HP, Grounda and few attacks are enough. Take out lines of Flaying Fishes and Lazy Gummyfishes (the latter can paralyze you on the field) with the spell Water/Watera. Flara Sword and Flara/Grounda are good against the Swashbuckler Fishes.
You can meet Toripo near the exit to the Ancient Factory: he will leave as soon as you quit the shop menu.

The massive amount of Kelolons and Hyper Kelolons past the blue barrier is a good source of experience points if you link them together (you can easily group 4-5 of them). This could also be a place for the achievement requiring you to link 10 or more monsters in a single fight, but isn't the best where to attempt it.

* Important Item Warning - Lei *
An optional boss fight triggers on your way if you kill all the Hyper Kelolons of the area past the blue barrier wall. The fight isn't hard, but you want to know that the boss has a precious Lei, a special accessory giving you the Exp x 1.5 bonus. It isn't the only Lei of the game, but you want to have the Treasure Hunt and Steal skills on someone to get this important item (there's an achievement for reaching level 99 after all, and it will require a lot of grinding). Add Stink to your characters with the usual Fresh/Stout Garlic if you're having problems with the Kelolons running away. You can only get one Lei from him since there's no way to escape or repeat this fight to get more (like you probably did with the Black Belts).

Optional Boss Fight - Moody Dragon
If you're also trying to get the Lei, be aware that you can also get an Ultra Medicine: if this happens, reload the game and try again.
The key of this fight lies in "tiring" the dragon. Don't use magic attacks against him when he's flying or he will counter causing small damage and the Silence status to the caster. Attack him with physical attacks (Magic Sword hits are ok) to "tire him out": he will be "offended" at first, "really mad" then, "absolutely furious" next and then finally exhausted. He powers up the first three times, then he calms down. You therefore want to make sure you land four physical attacks of yours in a row before one of his turns; it's not crucial that they all land together, but the sooner you take him down, the better. You can go with spells when he's on the ground: Ground-based attacks will deal good damage. After a couple of his very fast turns he will be back in the air again: repeat to kill him. Defense is top priority because this monster can attack even 7-8 times in a single turn: heal and possibly cast Shield on the first-line characters. You may also want to put a tank on the first line (who will be defending all the time) and use the other four characters to tire the dragon safely.
The boss has 2,400 HP.

- Proceed to the Ancient Factory, being aware that the Warp system will be deactivated from a certain period (it's not the first time this happens), meaning that if you didn't get the Designer Vase or the Supermetal Bracelet and Supermetal Ring, you should really do this before entering the Ancient Factory. You can backtrack manually, but this is not convenient and eventually these items will not be available anymore. In short, make sure you get all these missables before entering the Ancient Factory.


Ancient Factory

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Lv 5 - Shieldus (I # 152)
- Mystery Part Beta (I # 361)
- Broken Barrier Device (I # 366)
- Power-Swap Dart, Ancient Warrior's Necklace, Mega Magical Medicine, Grand Amethyst, Grand Shadow Crystal, Leather Belt, Shadow Crystal, Ancient Warrior's Earring, Medals x 15, Ancient Warrior's Bracelet, Grand Emerald, Cure-All

Monster checklist:

- Defense Mecha Robo (M # 174) (*)
- Hover Claxon (M # 057)
- Coordinator (M # 062)
- Battle Mecha Robo (M # 070) (**)
- Heavy Mecha Robo (M # 072) (**)
- Double Lance (M # 219)
- Fireworks Rat (M # 165)
- Gnashing Imp Trap (M # 096)
- Jumbo Ghost (M # 183)
- Flying Mecha Robo, Mecha Robo, Fat Pack Rat

(*) You cannot defeat these enemies now. At the end of the area you will defeat one for story related reasons.
(**) Engage a fight with the Coordinator and let it transform the Mecha Robo into (randomly) either of these two.

Warp Device # 13/23 - Ancient Factory

The robot enemies are weak against Water. Stay away from the Defense Mecha Robos: if you engage them you will have to flee. They are only in the first section of the area, except another one alone a bit further (this one will be replaced by a special Gold Mecha Robo, the strongest enemy of the game, later). Be careful if the Hover Claxons cast Reflect and avoid using spells on your enemies if this happens. The Heavy Mecha Robos can hit everyone very hard and have 680 HP. The Battle Mecha Robos are usually transformed in groups and can deal heavy damage to a single target; they have 440 HP. A fight against the Double Lance (they have 1,150 HP) will trigger if you enter the area with the save and healing point: Winda Sword will weaken its defense. Field Barrier doesn't work on the Double Lances. At the top of the spiral staircase there will be 5 of them which you need to want to defeat to spawn a chest (with the Mystery Part Beta): they look like statues which will become alive as you defeat them and you can easily back-attack them standing behind them as they're coming to life. Past them is where the Jumbo Ghost (almost 2,700 HP but very low defense) spawns: light attacks on this one. More steps to the top and you'll be able to defeat a Defense Mecha Robo: the other ones you previously met are still invincible.

- Enter the area for some scenes
- Escape from the mandatory fight against the Defense Mecha Robo
- Make your way to the circular area and then to the top of it
- Defeat the Defense Mecha Robo at the end of the level

By this point I hope you got the Supermetal Bracelet and Ring from the shop in Baroy: if you didn't, you're still on time before walking through the door behind the robot you just defeated.
Also, I advice you to unequip all your accessories (on all your characters). You're not going to lose them, but do as I say and unequip them all: it won't take more than a minute to wear them on again soon.


Wire Highlands

You will visit this area properly later. As for now you can only proceed with the story.

- After the scenes, wait 20 seconds for more scenes (speak with your mates if you want)
- Wait 15 more seconds and pick " Yes " when you're asked for more scenes


Ancient Prison - Moat

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Red Device (I # 368)
- Dungeon Key (I # 344)
- Ancient Feather, Medals x 3, Ancient Warrior's Ring

Monster checklist:

- Big House Rat (M # 164)
- Sentinel Mecha Robo Body (M # 211)
- Emerald Ghost (M # 180)
- Melancholy Ghost (M # 234)
- Copper Poo Snake (M # 004)
- Sentinel Mecha Robo Head (M # 209)
- Sentinel Mecha Robo (M # 213) (*)
- War Mecha Robo (M # 071)
- Security Mecha Robo

(*) You have to fight the Sentinel echa Robo Body and Sentinel Mecha Robo Head together in a single fight and wait for them to combine themselves to form this enemy.

If you unequipped your accessories earlier, you can equip them again as soon as you want/can. You will understand why I suggested this before long.

As you find your friends, remember to set the Field skills again and their Formation position, besides re-equipping their accessories as stated in the above line. You can find the Emerald Ghost in the cell north of Marumaro's: it will always start healing your party with a spell, and then it'll immediately flee. This doesn't count as a kill of course, so you'll have to try a back attack on it (or simply come back later with a better Agility parameter) to have a chance to hit and kill this strange "ally" monster. The Melancholy Ghost appears after opening the chest in the cell north of Zola's (has 670 HP). The Copper Poo Snake is weak against water but a simple attack will kill them.
The Red Device "secretly" takes place of the Broken Barrier Device in your inventory as soon as you start this level.

Warp Device # 14/23 - Ancient Prison - Moat

- Wait until a cutscene sets you free (a save point appears in your cell after it)
- Go north to trigger an automatic fight which earns you the Dungeon Key, then set free your mates; while doing so, keep open the central doors (there are six doors in two prison-areas for a total of 12) and keep close (enter, loot, exit and close if you want) the other ones. In the map, keep the "blue lines" open and keep the red ones closed. This will open the main door
- Proceed until after a scene you'll reach a rounded area: there's a savepoint on the right before a boss fight. It's advisable to bring in a Black Mage for the upcoming fights

Boss Fight # 16 - ??? (Monster ID # 071)
You will fight eight monsters with 680 HP each, all weak against water. The fight will be repeated twice for a total of 16 enemies. Use the Watera spell by whoever can, and go as hard as possible. The enemies don't hit hard, this will be easy.

- A minigame will trigger after some scenes: avoid the robots on your way with LS and reach your enemy; do this twice (there's no achievement for this minigame). The only downside of failing to avoid the robots is having to fight them


World Map - Canyon - East, Near Ancient Prison, Wire Highlands, Near Pachess Town

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Medals x 3, Medals x 2, The Way of the Thief, Iridescent Wind, Phoenix Wing, Medals x 7, Ultra Magical Medicine, Medals x 3

- Cure-All, Gorgo Elixir, Medal (these three in the World Map - Wire Highlands)

Monster checklist:

- Assassin Ghost (M # 195)
- Explod-A-Mole (M # 160)
- Caridnal Eye (M # 156)
- Mad Fang Mammoth (M # 237)
- Blue Grunt (M # 137)

- Missile Mole (M # 161) (this one in the World Map - Wire Highlands)

Your destination is Pachess Town, north from where you are. You can however backtrack to the Ancient Prison and exit east from here to reach the Wire Highlands. You cannot use the warp net at the moment, so if you don't feel like walking for five minutes now save this for later (you will have to go back to the Wire Highlands again for a chest you can't open now). Please note that there's a location on the World Map called Wire Highlands, and then there's an area of the game which is between the Ancient Factory and the World Map which is called Wire Highlands and is what I'll describe next (and where you've already been).
The Mad Fang Mammoth can enter a monster fight with the Assassin Ghost.

- Go north to Pachess Town (below follows the Wire Highlands short description. Pachess Town's is right after). Be aware that you won't be able to get out of this place for a while


Wire Highlands

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Kerchief (I # 289)
- Crystal Bracelet (I # 174)
- Bow Tie, Medal

Barriers available:

- Red Barrier - Crystal Bracelet

To reach this place from where you are in the Canyon, go back to the Ancient Prison, then exit just east from where you're coming, then walk east a bit on the World Map. In the not-world-map Wire Highlands open the chests (noticeably the one with the Crystal Bracelet, which is the only good reason to backtrack here now) and then go back to the Canyon and head north to Pachess Town to continue with the story.


Pachess Town

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Medal
- Medals x 7
- Flawless Amethyst

- Fortification Elixir (I # 066)
- HP Up Elixir, Medals x 3 (these three chests will be available later in the story)

Warp Device # 15/23 - Pachess Town

The houses (including shops and inn) will be locked for a short while. After speaking with the Elder (read the story-related part below) everything will be functional again. You can reach the Elder's House only after some conversations which will move away the farmer and cows from the stairs.
The place doesn't have anything special, but you can find some books in the houses.
In the Large Family's House (LF on the map) there are "The Tale of Valon the Wizard" Part 23 and 24.
In the Pacifist's House (P on the map) there's Part 25.
In Mr. Bederay's House (B on the map) there's Part 26.
In the Farmer's House (F on the map) there's "Portrait of a Machine" Part 41.
In the Elder's House there are Part 42 and 43. The room upstairs will unlock after some story events (you'll have to enter it): when it does, you can find Part 44, 45, 46 and 47.


- Medicine, Mega Medicine, Ultra Medicine, Magical Medicine, Mega Magical Medicine, Ultra Magical Medicine, Light Crystal, Grand Light Crystal, Shadow Crystal, Grand Shadow Crystal, Phoenix Talon, Antidote, Deodorant, Mobility Balm, Steadiness Salve, Princess' Kiss, Stone-Be-Gone, Mental Surge, No-Ghost Device, Fresh Garlic, Stout Garlic, Kelolon Elixir

- Platinum Bracelet - 2,500 G (I # 172)
- Platinum Ring - 2,600 G (I # 207)
- Platinum Necklace - 2,700 G (I # 237)
- Platinum Earring - 2,000 G (I # 267)

- After completely walking through the barrier to enter, go on a bit to trigger a short dialogue with Daveela
- Speak with a couple of people and approach Daveela, then pick either " Yes " or " No " (same result)
- People will avoid you now: go towards the Elder's House and speak with the Elder
- Go out and back to the entrance, speak with Daveela again
- Enter the Elder's house, go upstairs and enter the only room room; interact with the vase, then press the switch which will appear; at last, go back downstairs and enter the secret room which leads you in the backyard
- Follow the path to more events, then go down the ladder when you're ready (you can come back at any time)


Pachess Town - Underground

Map of the area

At the end of this dungeon there will be a boss fight: let the Scything Skull-Spider summon the Skeleton Generals before killing it.

Item checklist:

- Lv 5 - Flarus (I # 116)
- Mirror Ring (I # 208)
- ??? (I # 369) [Not named for spoiler reasons]
- Medals x 5, Ancient Feather, Grand Shadow Crystal

Monster checklist:

- Blazing Jelly (M # 019)
- Red Skeleton (M # 079)
- Goblin Crab (M # 033)
- Scything Skull-Spider (M # 273)
- Skeleton General (M # 082) (*)

(*) Can only be summoned by the Scything Skull-Spider.

Two of the three enemies here are of the undead (ghost) type, so Shine and Shina and a white mage will work wonder and you shouldn't need a black mage. The Blazing Jellys are fire-elemental enemies: never use fire attacks, go with Water and kill them quickly and possibly without using spells (they will counter). The Goblin Crabs are weak, but their attacks can possess your characters (meaning they will attack themselves or other characters of your party). The Red Skeletons can drain your MP which is another reason to kill them quickly.
The way to the end is short but there won't be savepoints or healing points, so be careful.

- Activate the switch in the main room: a Red Skeleton will spawn in front of it when you're in the right place
- Enter the room east and proceed to the boss area. Before triggering the fight turn off all the counter-attack skills you have to avoid to accidentally kill the boss before allowing it to summon the Skeleton Generals

Boss Fight # 17 - Scything Skull-Spider
The boss has a sort of weak spot, the head, which is covered by a capsule which has 240 HP but a very high defense. The boss itself in total has 2,840 HP. Beating the head means revealing the weak spot, but also wasting turns of potential damage to the body which still takes a very nice amount of hits. The boss can eventually, randomly, use his ability to summon 5 Skeleton Generals: they all die quickly since they only have 240 HP. A good thing to do is to damage the boss a bit (without caring of the head), and when you've dealt around 1,800-2,000 HP of damage, stop and keep defending/healing until the summoning finally comes. The Skeleton Generals are best killed with Shina altogether. The boss can cast a single-target death sentence on your characters which will kill them in 4 turn. It's not an hard fight as long as you keep your HP up and you kill the Skeleton Generals quickly, because the boss can enhance their power a lot (when enhanced they can deal up to 450 HP of damage each turn on a single target).

You will receive Item # 369 afterwards and you'll be asked if you want to head back: there's still a chest ahead with the Mirror Ring, but also a White Barrier which means you'll have to come back later. The road back is short anyway.

- Exit the Underground and return to Pachess Town
- After more scenes, exit the town

Now you can open five chests which weren't available earlier. Don't worry if you notice that the "Item # 369" is not in your inventory anymore, it will return there soon. The Warp net is available again now.


World Map - Canyon - East

- Go west from Pachess Town (and just a couple of steps south) to face a giant pillar of rock: a scene will trigger, earning you the Green Device again

At this point you can proceed to the final dungeon of disc two (be warned that many missables head there and you want to be prepared), but since there are no closer Warp Devices than Pachess Town's I will list now the Red Barriers and Green Barriers you found so far. As with the Blue Barriers you can skip this section, but I highly recommend to get at least the chest with Lv 5 - Waterus in Jibral Castle - Basement since it will be very helpful in the next dungeon.


Red Barriers Hunt and Green Barriers Hunt

Item checklist:

- Bellybutton Ring of Water (I # 312)
- Chain (I # 302)
- Lv 5 - Windus (I # 117)
- Black Belt (I # 307)
- Mirror Earring (I # 268)
- Epistle of the King Ghost (I # 332)
- Crown of the King Ghost (I # 315)
- Lv 5 - Waterus (I # 118)
- Shell Badge (I # 308)
- Shoes of the Ancients (I # 299)
- Crystal Ring (I # 209)
- Medals x 40, Chain, Cross Trainers

Monster checklist:

- Poison Hydrattler (M # 247)
- Poison Mist

Some maps may be upside down when you backtrack now, be careful. You've already come across all the green and red chests/walls except for a green barrier chest which will be in disc three.

1G. Lot Wilderness - West - Bellybutton Ring of Water
Reach this location exiting north from the Sheep Tribe Camp - Wilderness.

1R. Gul Mountains - Wall
Past the wall there are two chests, one with Chain and one with Medals x 40.
2G. Gul Mountains - Lv 5 - Windus

2R. Mural Town - Black Belt

3G. Alumaru Village - Mirror Earring

3R. Exile Forest - Caverns - Epistle of the King Ghost
From Alumaru Village, exit to the World Map and go north. The Poison Hydrattler will block your way: it is not any hard, just use Flarus Sword (four Poison Mists will accompany it). This item is important for the next barrier's content.

4G. Forest of Dead - Wall
Past the wall there's a special transformation chest (ST) which will turn the Epistole of the King Ghost into the Crown of the King Ghost. This is a special accessory very important for farming Gold: equip it all the times if possible.

4R. Jibral Castle Town - Inner Courtyard - Chain
5R. Jibral Castle - Basement Hallway - Lv 5 - Waterus
6R. Jibral Castle - Lounge - Shell Badge

7R. Underground River - Shoes of the Ancients
Come here from either Baroy Town warp device or the Ancient Factory one (adviceably the latter).

8R. Ancient Factory - Crystal Ring
After getting the chest, keep going through the level to exit to the Wire Highlands.

9R. Wire Highlands - Crystal Bracelet
5G. Wire Highlands - Cross Trainers
You might have already come here for the Crystal Bracelet. The brown circles are stones worth Medals x 10 each. If you didn't earlier, while you're here you can exit the Wire Highlands to the World Map where you can find the Missile Moat to add to your collection.

Warp back to Pachess Town and exit from there to the Canyon: time to proceed.


World Map - Canyon - East, Near Slender Rock, Canyon - West, Northern Giant Ice Fields, Southern Giant Ice Fields

Map of the area

Item checklist:

- Magic Elixir, The Way of the Thief, Sleep Powder, Medals x 8, Prismatic Crystal, Repeater Weed, Medals x 2, Flawless Ruby, Medals x 5, Iridescent Cyclone, Ancient Fossil, Medals x 3, Flawless Sapphire, Part of Eternal Engine, Cure-All, Medals x 7, Flawless Emerald, Part of Eternal Engine, Medals x 6, Iridescent Wind, Mega Invisibility Elixir, Sleep Powder

Monster checklist:

- Gaudy Cutlass Fish (M # 028)
- Kochi-Kochi (M # 129)
- Ice Raptor (M # 126)
- Pelicon (M # 117)
- Ice Giant (M # 229)
- Gaudy Ghost (M # 181)
- Shocking Acornivore (M # 107)
- Thunder Bear (M # 208)
- Roball (M # 075)
- White Gear Defender (M # 175)
- Machine Gunner (M # 239)
- Wandering Knowledge (M # 201) (*)
- Cardinal Eye

(*) This monster appears only in the party of some White Gear Defender.

The area is very big. Avoid the Mecha Base: it's an optional area which will be of interest later.
You can find the Ice Giants in the passages between the Northern Giant Ice Fields zone and the Southern Giant Ice Fields zone. The monster listed above the Ice Giant belong to the Northern Giant Ice Fields and the ones below are part of the Southern. The Roball are around the Mecha Base and will represent a good place where to attempt the 10 monsters encounter-link, but let's leave it there for now. The last three new entries of the list are found approaching your next destination. The enemies are no problem now you have many third-grade spells (especially Flarus for this place) and the corrispondent Magic Sword attacks.
The items of the area are honestly not that great, so if you don't want to spend time walking in this land to get them feel free to leave the chests where they are.

This achievement will take place after some scenes triggering as you approach your destination. It requires you to press the button A a single time in the correct moment. You know when this is going to happen because you will hear a sound, and soon after the sound the button " A " will prompt on the screen, on the right. You will have to do this twice for the achievement to pop. I've omitted the name of the achievement for spoiler reasons as usual. If you fail the second one it will be game over (and you'll be given the chance to try again). You know you did the first one correct if Shu jumps and lands on his feet (if you fail he won't land on his feet).
The link to this achievement will be at the bottom of the page.

This achievement is for completing the next dungeon in less than an hour. The "hour" the game means isn't the real-time hour, but a counter (displayed on the upper-left corner) which will have several particular rules, such as not going down if you're fighting or going down by some minutes in some parts of the dungeon. All you have to do is not wasting time: this will be enough to be quick. Read the next section for more information.
The link to this achievement will be at the bottom of the page.

- When you feel ready, after creating a backup save, approach your next destination. You will recognise it very easily on the World Map


Final Dungeon of Disc Two

Maps of the area below

Seventeen monsters of this area are missable: defeat at least one of them. You will find each of these on your way to your destination. In particular, be careful on the fourth floor: let the Versatile Mecha Robo summon the Intercept Dynadrone or you will not be able to defeat the latter. At the boss fight at the end of the fifth floor be sure you kill at least a Servant Mecha Robo A and a Servant Mecha Robo B before finishing off the main enemy.

Item checklist:

- ??? (I # 282) [Not named for spoiler related reasons. It is added automatically to your collection]
- Lv 5 - Regenera (I # 099)
- Lv 6 - Resistus (I # 156)
- Lv 6 - Cure-All (I # 101)
- Lv 5 - Erase (I # 100)
- Lv 6 - Extractus (I # 120)
- Lv 5 - Healus (I # 098)
- Lv 5 - Reflecta (I # 154)
- Lv 5 - Paralyze (I # 135)
- Lv 5 - HP Max Up (I # 136)
- Phoenix Talon, Phoenix Wing, Mega Magical Medicine, Phoenix Talon, Phoenix Wing

Monster checklist:

- Glowering Imp Trap (M # 097) (1F)
- Steel-Crusher Leopard (M # 227) (1F)
- Stone Giant (M # 231) (1F)
- Ninja Ghost (M # 189) (2F)
- Imposter Eye (M # 155) (2F)
- Wandering Prophet (M # 203) (2F)
- Horned-Viper Trident (M # 200) (2F)
- Red-Mask Robot (M # 177) (3F)
- Balloon Bomber (M # 114) (3F)
- Patchwork Puppet (M # 172) (3F)
- Versatile Mecha Robo (M # 073) (*) (4F)
- Intercept Dynadrone (M # 059) (*) (4F)
- Standard Defender (M # 086) (5F)
- Enforcer Robot (M # 084) (5F)
- Assassin Robot (M # 087) (5F)
- Servant Mecha Robo A (M # 083)
- Servant Mecha Robo B (M # 085)
- ??? (M # 275)
- ??? (M # 276)
- ??? (M # 277)
- ??? (M # 284)
- ??? (M # 286)
- ??? (M # 288)
- ??? (M # 290)
- ??? (M # 281) [These are all not named for spoiler related reasons]
- Flying Mecha Robo, Battle Mecha Robo, Heavy Mecha Robo, War Mecha Robo

(*) The Intercept Dynadrone can only be summoned by the Versatile Mecha Robos: don't kill all the Versatile Mecha Robos before they can summon (and you can so defeat) at least an Intercept Dynadrone.

The monsters of the area are weak against Water. Let's make some order in the place: there are five floors which work similary. On each floor there will be some unique enemies, on each floor there's a healing point and a save point, after each floor there's a boss fight with the exception of the third floor which ends with a missable achievement. Most important: there is no coming back from a floor to the previous one, so be sure you've finished everything on each floor before proceeding.
I've sorted the enemies in the order as they appear: 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F are the floors where you will find those monsters.

"Item # 282" is story related and will be added automatically to your collectio.

The most important thing you want to know now is what's the deal with the timer on the upper-left corner of the screen. All I can tell you is that there is no consequence on the game (no game over, no penalties) if you let it drop to zero. Actually there are some evidences implying that the game supposes you to make that happen. There's still the achievement for being quicker, therefore I've uploaded a video of the scene which triggers when the time is out: I will post that at the end of this page, so you can watch it and get the achievement. Alternatively, you could save on the fifth floor, get the achievement, then reload and wait some minutes until the time is out.
The timer stops during fights, when saving, when recovering, when opening the menu. Moreover, the game will subtract fixed amounts of time from an area to the next. You have all the time for beating the monsters, opening the chests and taking it easy. Still, do your best to be quick.

Map of the area - First Floor

- First Floor: dispatch of at least a Glowering Imp Trap, Steel-Crusher Leopard and Stone Giant, then head to the boss area

Boss Fight # 18 - ??? (Monster ID # 276 and Monster ID # 277)
The fight is divided in two parts: monster # 276 first, monster # 277 after.
Against the first monster use any water attack you have: the spell Waterus and Waterus Sword; Water/Watera Sword are also ok if you don't have anything more powerful. This will also prevent it from using a laser attack which deals around 150 HP of damage to everyone. After taking 2,720 HP of damage it will turn into monster # 277. The strategy is now the same: all the water attacks you can to take out all its 3,210 HP. The boss prefers attacking with Heat Laser (the attack you avoid if you spam water attacks), and if it can't it will go on the second line: keep the healings up if you need, but this won't be hard.

Map of the area - Second Floor

- Second Floor: dispatch of at least a Ninja Ghost, Imposter Eye, Wandering Prophet and Horned-Viper Trident, then head to the boss area

Boss Fight # 19 - ??? (Monster ID # 284, Monster ID # 286, Monster ID # 288, Monster ID # 290 and Monster ID # 281)
Two parts here too: the first four first, then the fifth.
The beginning of the fight is a quite unfair combo: heal immediately with a Zephyr spell. The "fat" one has 2,500 HP and is the most lifelong; the "mage-hat" one can cause the Kelolon status on one of your characters and then it will use an attack to insta-kill the kelolons in your party; it has 1,800 HP. It can also cause the Poison stauts. The "ninja", the last of the first line, has 1,700 HP. The enemy in the second line has 1,900 HP.
Focus first on the "ninja" with the Waterus/Watera spell (so you also hit the other ones) and Flarus/Flara Sword (fire deals more damage but the spell would be single target).
Next, go on "mage-hat": if you casted Waterus, a good Flarus Sword might be already enough to kill it; else add another hit.
Then finish the fight killing the "fat" one and the gunner when its time will come.
The second part of the fight is a monster with 2,100 HP, but it will be protected by four cannons of 600 HP each: if you hit a cannon for more damage than 600, the extra damage will be taken by the other cannons (and if it's the last cannon, by the boss). Each of them absorbs a different element, but don't bother with that too much: a good Waterus, slightly charged, will deal 600 HP of damage to each cannon. Then defeat the last one with a single Flarus Sword (the cannon absorbing water is Cannon 3).
When the cannons are no more, finish the boss off mainly with spells (it has an high physical defense).

Map of the area - Third Floor

* MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT # 7 - Moon Laser: Perfect *
This is one of the hardest achievements of the game, but still pretty easy. It will trigger as you exit the third floor.

- Third Floor: dispatch of at least a Red-Mask Robot, Balloon Bomber and Patchwork Puppet, then go back and save the game before heading to where the missable achievement is

Moon Laser: Perfect
The minigame is divided in two parts. A first part against three moons; then four more. If you fail a couple of times it will ask you if you want to play on Easy: don't. You can unlock the achievement if, say, you attempt it once, fail, then you let the moons destroy you, then restart from the checkpoint to try again.
Your goal to get through is to destroy the moons, but to obtain the achievement you will have to satisfy two requirements: take no damage (healing your damage doesn't count) and "land all the hits". The moons, your targets, will either be charging a shot at your or defending. They can turn their offensive side and their defensive side: if you shoot when they're not in their offensive position (with the cannon facing you) you will deal 0 damage (the hit won't land on the target), and that's what you don't want to happen. You can load your shots holding A, but if you move the target from a moon to the other one the charge will be set to zero. Hitting the moons with your laser will prevent them from attacking you. Use the D-Pad instead of LS to choose between the targets: it should be more effective.
The moons will follow a pattern: follow this (you will have to memorize some orders, but after 5 minutes trying you'll succeed) and you won't have problems. I'll number the moons from the left to the right.

First part:
- Moon # 3
- Moon # 3 - Defeated

- Moon # 2
- Moon # 1
- Moon # 1 - Defeated

- Moon # 2
- Moon # 2 - Defeated

Second Part:
- Moon # 2
- Moon # 1
- Moon # 4
- Moon # 3

- Moon #1>#2>#3>#4 (quickly one after another, there's no time to charge the hit except for the first one)

- Moon # 1 (if defeated, skip to "power-up")
- Moon # 4
- Moon # 1 - Defeated

- Power-Up: the moons will charge and turn faster
- Moon # 4
- Moon # 2
- Moon # 3

- Moon # 4 - Defeated
- Moon # 3
- Moon # 2

- Finish the two left charging the laser on either of them: if you're lucky it'll be the one charging the shot at you, otherwise quickly move the target to hit the other one. You can also watch the video and see how the order continues: you can pause the game to check the list instead of memorizing after all. I couldn't do this while recording, so that's why at the end I was improvising ;p

I've put some spaces in the list to try to make it easier for you to memorize several "blocks" of numbers instead of all of them altogether. Then again, pen and paper will get rid of this with no pain.

Map of the area - Fourth Floor

- Fourth Floor: encounter the Versatile Robot and allow it to summon the Intercept Dynadrones so you can defeat both these two new monsters and feel safe; then proceed to the next boss fight

Boss Fight # 20 - ??? (Monster ID # 275)
You can steal the Eternal Engine Bracelet from the "main" boss (this item will be for sale later, it's not missable). Damage it few times and 8 War Mecha Robos will come out of it. One of them, randomly, is the leader. Go with Waterus and Water attacks all the way. The War Mecha Robos here all have almost 1,000 HP. Be careful just of one thing: every robot you hit will counter. If you use Grounda and they all survive (it's likely to be so) you will get 8 counters. For this reason Waterus is safer (with a bit of luck the leader is in the first line), and best used after damaging with a good Water Sword (or better versions) the enemies you're going to hit, so you can basically finish them off "safely" with the spell.

Map of the area - Fifth Floor

- Fifth Floor: defeat at least a Standard Defender, Enforcer Robot, Assassin Robot, then go to the boss area being aware that two missable achievements will follow (they are two of the button smashing type)

Boss Fight # 21 - ???
There will be four Servant Mecha Robo A and three Servant Mecha Robo B: kill at least one of each. It should be obvious, but you can also end the fight without touching them at all, so be warned. They are missable monsters since they only appear in this fight.
Coming to the strategy, the Servant Mecha Robo A are floating, so they're not affected by Ground spells: this is why you want to use Waterus, as usual, on their line. They have 455 HP each, they will die of a single Waterus. On the first line the Servant Mecha Robo B have 495 HP each: use water attacks on them (Waterus Sword, Watera Sword etcetera) if possible and save the Waterus spell for the second line. The "main" enemy has infinite health, but on its first turn the sweeper it's holding will be hittable; it's the "Controller" enemy. A couple of Watera Sword attacks on the Controller and it will be done for.

* Missable Achievement # 6 *
The achievement for reaching this location before the time is out pops after the fight I just described.

The first button-smashing minigame requires you to always hold LS_Down (keep it held) and then smash other random buttons. If you are not fast enough, a certain character will lose a small amount of HP. You will have to smash buttons five times.
The link to this achievement will be at the bottom of this page.

You have to smash the X button very quickly this time. The gauge to fill is long, but give your best to succeed. When you manage, the battle menu will open: the only "possible" option is Flee (the other ones will lead you to a fail), pick it. If you aren't fast enough you will be stomped: get stomped more times to get defeated and have another chance to try this achievement.

Now let's list the missable achievements I've not given a name so far:

Missable Achievement # 5:

Missable Achievement # 6:

Missable Achievement # 8:

Missable Achievement # 9:

Finally, the "secret scene" which triggers if you let the timer go down to zero. Don't watch it if you don't want spoilers on this part of the game (end of disc two). This is a scene you can get at any time while in the Final Dungeon of Disc Two. Find it here (I don't incorporate the video directly to avoid you to accidentally see the thumbnail-scene).

Another scene changes if you let the timer go down to zero: it's the scene which occurs after the last boss fight, before the missable achievement # 7. The difference is just in few lines, but they are enough to give a sense to the otherwise "censored" scene which would trigger.
This is the version if you let the timer go to zero and this is the version if you don't let the timer go to zero.

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