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Blue-Collar Astronaut Review

Today "astronaut" is a somewhat lucrative career, but in the future -- when we're all driving around in our flying cars, of course -- it'll encompass your everyday average careers like pizza delivery and trucking.

Posted 7 years ago by Kelly Packard

Blue-Collar Astronaut - First Hour of Gameplay

On Friday, Rich and Jack rounded off our week of ID@XBox streams with an hour of Blue-Collar Astronaut, with an attempt to showcase the gameplay and unlock as many of the game's 43 achievements as possible.

Posted 7 years ago by Dave Horobin

ID@Xbox Releases: Week Beginning March 13th, 2017

Another week, another five titles joining the ID@Xbox collection for 2017. There's a competitive puzzler, a casual point & click, a twin-stick shooter, a side-scrolling action-adventure and a space flight delivery action title.

Posted 7 years ago by Rebecca Smith

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