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Johnny Sinister
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Johnny Sinister
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Posted on 07 August 17 at 01:13
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Blue-Collar Astronaut is an action arcade style game that uses propulsion physics similar to arcade classics like Asteroids and Lunar Lander. However, instead of fighting off alien hordes or exploring the galaxy, you have a far more important mission: Delivering Pizzas.

This game is a fun and quirky take on classic arcade gaming that offers a variety of game modes and challenges to keep players entertained and, at times, frustrated.

The game offers a bit of humor in the manner of cryptic, pun-filled achievement titles/descriptions, post-it notes, giant robot battles and amassing student loans.

The story mode is rather short, but introduces players to various adventures where you must familiarize yourself with the game mechanics to complete each puzzle, obstacle or pizza delivery.

The real challenge comes in a variety of game modes which add new flavor and added amount of difficulty to each of the levels. It is somewhat repetitive, but executed well enough to make each mode unique and entertaining.

There is also a meta-game incorporated into the story that adds student loans and high interest credit cards into the mix. I was not a huge fan of this aspect. Probably because it closely resembles being an actual adult (I mostly play video games to hide from being an adult).

All-in-all, this game is fun and entertaining. It is a good deal at $10, but would be a steal if you can catch it on sale.

I give this game a 3.5/5 stars!
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