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    09 Jun 2010 09 Jun 2010
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    When I first got Blur, I wasn't 100% sure what I was gonna get when i played it. Needless to say, it's passed all of my expectations. Just think of a more real version of Mario Kart, that's what this game is all about.

    The single player campaign is pretty straightforward. There are 6 events and a boss battle (a one on one battle with the area rival) for each section. There are four (4) demands to be completed to unlock the One on One. These include earning lights, hitting enemies with bolts, etc., and they're pretty easy to complete. The only time it may feel like a grind to get through is if you're a completionist and want to do everything on hard.

    There are three (3) different types of events. Races, which the goal is to finish first. Checkpoints, where you go through the bridges before time expires. And Demolition, where cars spawn ahead of you and you destroy them to gain points.

    Pretty solid graphics in this game but then again most games seem to be that way these days. But the cars are really great looking in my opinion so it's a plus.

    Eight (8) different powerups with variable results. Shunts are the big one, shoot them forward and they have a homing device so it will catch up to whoever is ahead of you, but they can be shot backwards as well, though without the homing device. Everyone knows what Nitro is, but it can be shot backwards as an airbrake. This is best in corners so you can turn your car and then get a nice acceleration boost. Barges are for when you got someone a bit too close, bang them out of the way. Bolts are pretty solid, it will knock the enemy off course a bit and slow down as they try to straighten up again, these can also be shot backwards. Shocks are three (3) lightning areas always shot ahead of the leader, it's meant to slow down the field. Shields can be used to protect against enemy attacks for a short period. Repair powerups restore all your health, and finally you can drop mines which will pretty much stop the car for a moment - these can also be shot backwards.

    Powerups really make it feel like Mario Kart.

    Pretty basic to be honest, nothing really special here. A few tracks shaped like an 8 with a few extra turns, a few ovals, a race down a mountain. At least the detail is good on them.

    It's so addictive! The races are nice and short which is good and everyone is shooting powerups so the action is intense. There's also a demolition mode as well which is a powerup version of a demolition derby. There's a rank system in the game that is similar to the Modern Warfare games. You can complete various challenges to gain extra fans (Fans are the XP in this game) which are used to increase your rank. Only the daily challenges reset (obviously daily) until you hit legend mode. Legend Mode is unlocked at Rank 50.

    There is also Facebook and Twitter interaction with this game, and for the first time you choose either, you get 10G for it, a small bonus. Also, there isn't any lag from what I've played and it makes it really enjoyable.

    Pretty solid, beat the one on ones, master the powerups - most of the gamerscore in this can be gathered in a few days. However, there are some achievements that will take a fair bit and it evens the challenge out a bit in collecting them all. The current TA ratios are high, but they'll drop with some more gaming action. There's also a nice balance of offline and online achievements for everyone to collect.

    If you liked Mario Kart back in the N64 days, you will definitely enjoy playing this game. If you're not so sure on it, just give it a rent to try it, you won't be disappointed.

    OVERALL: 9/10
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    PSYCHO POOCHcompleted the single player mode got around 900G on this now but cant stop playing online even though i have no more G to get online. as far as a racing game goes online this is mint and has the reply factor that games like forza lack. for sheer online thrills this game has it all
    Posted by PSYCHO POOCH on 14 Aug 10 at 20:11
    Evenger OstroThis game really deserves the 5 stars. Got it on launch and love it. I never really got into online gaming, though. Which is really a pity. Now there are still players but not a whole lot. I think I will regularly put up sessions (just for fun). (the demo was a little better btw, balance-wise, etc.)
    Posted by Evenger Ostro on 25 Sep 12 at 19:37
    Shadow XBLI'm really sad that this got buried by other games, and the studio went belly up. Was such a great game.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 10 Mar 13 at 23:26
  • DivTemplarDivTemplar86,681
    30 Jun 2010 01 Jul 2010
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    Blur’s single-player is quite entertaining for an offline racing mode. Due to the Mario-Kart nature of the game, you won’t mind playing the races even against AI opponents. There are only three event-types however, and you will find that the most entertaining of the three is the normal races. The time-trial events are boring and destruction events get old quick. The most action-packed event is the race, which can have between 10-20 racers and offers the best experience. The single-player career mode is decently long, but can be frustrating on medium or hard for more casual racer game players, so they might want to stick to the easy mode. The only bad side is that easy is too easy, and medium can get very frustrating later-on. There are only 25 “levels” in career, and you will find that you reach it by the end of 1 play-through depending on your skill. Also, the career has leaderboards where you can compare scores on each event with your friends, and challenge them to do better. If you have friends who play it and are competitive in nature, this will be a big bonus to you. Overall, it is a good single-player experience, but once you finish it you probably won’t be back.



    Online multiplayer in Blur is extremely frustrating, and from my experience, has a lot of lag. First of all, the only playlist that keeps you in the same level bracket is the first one which is for only levels 1-10. But for some stupid reason, if the host of the “party” of gamers is in this category, he can bring his friends who may already be dozens of levels into the game. This will guarantee they come in the top places as they will have much faster cars than any low-levels. The other playlists are more or less the same; the low levels end up at the bottom and the high levels at the top. After a couple races, you will hate the fact that you always come in the bottom group of racers because the top group is dominated by players who are much higher levels than you. The best thing for low levels is to play the team race mode when it unlocks, as in that mode, you can beat other racers your level and still contribute to your team’s success. This way, you feel that you are actually doing something in an online race, other than filling in slots while high level racers dominate the game.

    Other than the stupid levelling system, which guarantees high levels always come out on top, multiplayer has some good aspects. It brings in a challenge-system very similar to CoD that helps peddle you along to higher levels. Also, when you win with a car, you unlock different paint styles for that car such as Pearlescent, Candy Stripes and Metallic.

    Also, I often find that when I launch power-ups, they will disappear and then seconds later they will perform their effect on your target. Some other racers even “teleport” due to bad connection.



    This game has a fun single-player but you will probably not play it more than once completely, and then mop up some races for all the “lights” in the events. Also, if you have friends that play, the friends leaderboard in Career and friend challenges provides opportunity for coming back to show your friends that you are better. In the end, single-player has a decent replay-ability factor.

    Multi-player is extremely frustrating, but the team modes are fun. Personally, I am not a big fan of this multi-player but it has the potential to get you coming back for more. Overall, the multi-player experience has the potential for great replay-ability.



    The visuals for this game are extremely well-done. The cars look fantastic, and the energy-like power-ups look superb. The spectator’s animations look kind of awkward, but most of the time you are so focused on the race it doesn’t matter. Everything looks fluid, and the game has little to no visual hiccups. This gets a high rating, because it definitely is not the best graphics in a racing game but they look good and don’t take away from the game experience.



    The audio tracks are electronic and fit well with the game. Most often, you won’t hear or notice the audio as you will be focused on the game and the sounds of the cars and power-ups will be louder. On that note, the cars sound great and the power-ups have very good sound effects. It all sounds like something of a Mario-Kart game. Again, the audio doesn’t take anything away from the entertainment value which is all that really matters, so I’m giving it a high mark.



    If you enjoy collecting achievements, Blur is a great game to do so. The achievements are fun to get, and most you collect while just playing the racing modes. There are only a few that might be a grind in single-player, which includes earning 5 “lights” in all races on hard difficulty or reaching level 50 online. Only one is really an affair of luck, which is finish 0.1 seconds ahead of an opponent online. The multi-player achievements are all possible, which is a bonus considering some games make them ridiculous. All achievements are possible, most are fun to get, some are a grind and since you will get most of them naturally through playing the game, anyone could expect between 500-800 score easily, and 800-1000 with dedication and patience. This gets a 9 due to the one multiplayer achievement based solely on luck.


    Overall = 80/100

    Edit: This review is also available on my IGN account: TechyGopher.
  • BonzojoeBonzojoe803,040
    09 Jun 2010
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    Blur – By Joseph Waddell.
    Blur is the latest game that comes under the category of arcade racer. Many of these crop up during the year, however only a few shine. And Blur is one of these. But before I start, some people may be surprised at me liking this, as I’m mainly a racing sim guy.

    Blur’s main focus and selling point are power ups, I’ll say it now and probably often through the review, blur is Mario cart, but without the gay Nintendo characters and meant for real players. There’s over 50 real cars and around 15 tracks set in locations around the world.

    The game treats both the single player and multiplayer aspects of the game equally. The single player works on a basis of different areas which each have a boss race, which to unlock you have to complete certain tasks, gradually getting harder as the game goes on. There are 4 types of races in single player, races, destruction, checkpoint and 1 on 1’s, as well as each event having a fan target and gate run to do. The single player also has a fan level up feature where the more fans you earn, the more cars you unlock This is all designed well, however even on hard it is quite easy resulting in it getting boring by the end of the game,

    The multiplayer however is a different story, due to the games design and modes, each race is always different and it’s rare to see one person dominate the race. There are various game modes, such as simple races for between 2-10 people, powered up racing, which allows for up to 20 players. As well as other modes such as motor mash where you earn points for damaging other cars, and team versions of some of the modes. My only complaint so far from the multiplayer is there is only a small player base, which I suspect is because (at the time of writing this) of the multiplayer beta still being active. You can also have 4 player split screen, however only one person on a console can race online.

    The multiplayer has a ranking system, with fans working as experience. As well many challenges that reward you with extra fans when completed. One nice part of these is that one set of challenges reset each day which lets you get an extra 20-40k fans just for playing the game for a while each day. As you level up extra cars and mods unlock. Some cars and some mods you will never use, but some such as the shunt avoid mod can become very valuable.

    The gameplay works as you’d expect most racers too. Its face paced with simple controls, as it’s an arcade racer there's no messing about editing your cars it’s just simply get in and drive. There are 4 classes to the cars, A, B, C & D with A being the fastest, and D the slowest. Then you just use a combination of driving skill (ok that’s not needed) and the power ups to cruise to victory. There are seven power ups, Nitro (green) for a speed boost, shunt (red) for a homing missile attack, lightning (blue) to place bolts in front of 1st, barge (purple) to push other cars away, bolt (pink) for three bullets to fire, mine (orange) do I need to say what a mine is? And finally shield (white) to block yourself from attacks. All of the power ups can be fired forwards or backwards for different effects and you can hold 3 at a time, allowing you to choose which wants to save for a better moment.

    The games sounds work but aren’t the best, all of the cars do sound nice, and sound how they should do, but the sounds of them revving up on the menu when selecting you car gets old and annoying fast. The games sound track is also initially turned off, which is rather strange as it may be techno but it fits in with the game well.

    The graphics in the game are beautiful. All of the cars look perfect, from the rusty off road cars in D class, to the exotic sports cars in A class. But its not just the cars, the tracks and scenery fit the game well, and in my opinion help the feel and fun factor of the game. Smaller features in the game such as the power ups effects and the spectators look great as well, all of the power ups have vibrant looks to them and even look dangerous and the spectators add to the feel of it being a racer, plus it feels special at the start of one of the tracks where you can see camera flashes from the fans to the right. Another nice but small and probably not needed graphical feature is the fireworks on the brighton track, they make you want to stop and watch them they look so good.

    The achievement list is a mix of easy and time consuming, annoying ones like complete all races in single player on hard can be tedious as well as getting 100%, but the multiplayer ones are fun to go for, and includes reaching lv50 (800k xp) as most of the achievements have multiple criteria to unlock, you can view progress on the stickers section of the menus. I’ve not worked out how long it would take to 1k/1k, but would expect 40+ hours.

    Graphics: 8/10
    they work well for the game and shouldn’t be knocked, but some racers out there do look better

    Audio: 5/10
    not the best, poor soundtrack even though it does fit in, only the races sound right to me

    Single player: 6/10
    easy to complete, gets boring quickly, probably to repeat races if you want 100%

    Multiplayer: 8.5/10
    very fun and very enjoyable, only looses marks because it’s down to luck sometimes, not skill

    Replayability value:6.5/10
    only has replay value in the mp experience, and that’s if you like it, gets 6.5 due to having to play for achievements

    Achievements: 7/10
    not too easy not too hard. It’s a fresh list, but it does repeat itself quite often, I like the master ones.

    Overall: 68/100
    a fun and enjoyable game that I recommend, the multiplayer is the main selling point of the game. If it’s still available try the demo first as it may not be the sort of game for everyone.
  • CheneyHeadshotCheneyHeadshot353,356
    31 Dec 2011 31 Dec 2011
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    It would be far too easy to dismiss Blur as Wipeout Kart except with real cars in real world locations. Indeed on the basis of the multiplayer beta many will have written it off and maybe bought Split/Second around the same time instead.

    This was the first racing game from the sadly departed premier British developer since the Microsoft deal that gave us the PGR series expired.
    Bizarre made a conscious effort to get away from the comparative realism of the Project Gotham series. As you may have seen from the beta, the racing is with normal cars in a variety of locations (UK, US, Spain, Japan) with the added fillip of Wipeout style power-ups.

    Some are mundane (Shield, Repair), some are amusing (Mines, Barge) while others are downright game-breaking. The worst culprit being the three lightning fields you can conjure up ahead of the main field. All well and good if you’re not in the lead, but if you are then the trouble starts. I’ve had races where I’ve been romping ahead and before you know it I round a corner and lose most if not all of my lead as I hit ten+ lightning patches and end up feeling like an extra in a fucking Highlander sequel.

    The game itself is very much one of two parts with a single player career mode and a ranked multiplayer mode. Single player career mode has a feel not unlike the (bugged) Dreamcast classic Metropolis Street Racer. Admittedly this has more to do with the fact you can unlock forthcoming race series well before you’re ready to attempt them than anything else, but still the feeling remains.

    Each race series has a number of set tasks that range from the humdrum to borderline chore that you need to carry out before you’re allowed to confront each boss character (and by beating them getting a lovely achievement). The item-related achievements are designed in a similar way, for example two of the criteria for the Medic achievement require that you heal 500 blocks of cumulative health & win a race on critical damage while holding a repair power-up. In effect the essence of achievements personified in that it makes you play the game a certain way. When you beat a boss (one of whom looks uncannily like Scroobius Pip), you unlock their car as well as a unique perk such as an extra energy bolt or improved shields.

    The race venues themselves are the fairly typical Barcelona, San Francisco, New York affairs with the notable exception of the UK based tracks. Hackney in South London & Brighton seafront. The latter location being pretty realistic as Marine Drive is (was?) a popular boy racer cruise spot. Sadly there’s no Vauxhall Novas on the car roster so you don’t get to drive just like some of these angry young men often do.

    In a genre dominated by games with terrible licensed soundtracks, Blur is a welcome departure. No Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party or pop punk dross here. Just fairly subtle dance tunes that fit the mood of the game, pretty non-intrusive stuff. In fact the soundtrack is disabled by default which is another welcome departure.

    The kudos system that’s been around since MSR and the four subsequent PGR games appears to have disappeared, only it hasn’t really. It’s been reinvented as a fan-gathering exercise, where flashy moves that would previously have garnered kudos get you fans instead, a nice touch and a bit less abstract than kudos was.

    The multiplayer is the real meat in the sandwich with persistent ranking in the manner of the Modern Warfare games, only rather than getting shot from across the map with a Barrett .50 cal, you get opponents with imbalanced perk load-outs that you won’t have unlocked yet. Or in my case probably never will. There’s a variety of different playlists (lowbie up to level 10, standard racing with or without powerups), demolition derby style etc) so you’ll be sure to find a game type that suits how you play the game. Regarding the perks, they come in three flavours: defensive, offensive and showy and you’ll find yourself modifying your settings every time you unlock a new one.

    A real problem with racing games is there’s often so much to do, you can feel overwhelmed after a break from the game. Forza is particularly guilty in that respect. Blur addresses this issue succinctly by providing a ‘Previously on Blur‘ recap, not unlike the start of a 24 episode. Only without Jack Bauer and the threat of random violence.

    In summary then, a mildly diverting singleplayer game with a few niggles, utterly compelling multiplayer that’s ultimately the hook that’ll get you coming back time and again. Hence the score below. Without the multiplayer it’d be a point less.
  • themegamancavethemegamancave146,435
    08 Feb 2012 09 Apr 2013
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    Blur is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting racing games I have played in a long time. Even though it was released in what seemed like the year for xbox racers (Split Second/Sonic and Sega's All Star Racing/Hydro Thunder/Hot Pursuit), Blur had something unique that really kept me playing for hours on end.

    Quite a bit can be said for the graphics in Blur. The cars look brilliant, the racing environments are accurate and believable, and even though there's no one thing that makes it leap forward in visual prowess, there aren't many things that hold it back either. The entire time I played this game, I can count only twice that the graphics got jumbled up (road disappearing and power up disappearing). The frame rate is great, and the flashy powerups look cartoonish but authentic. Even the crashes look great. As your car's health deteriorates from being pummeled by numerous bolts and mines, your engine smokes, windshield cracks, all adding to the overall experience of the game.

    GAMEPLAY: 8.0/10
    Fast-paced racing has always been my thing, stemming back to the days of Extreme G and F Zero-X on the Nintendo 64. What I can say for Blur is that I always felt like I was IN the game. Cars zooming around you left and right, powerups flying around like fireworks, and 1v1 racing like you've never seen before. Blur offers a standard "career mode" where one must complete certain races, events and demands to unlock the coveted one on one deathrace with that category's rival. There are three types of events in the story mode; races, destruction events and checkpoint events. In each event, you must strive to gain 5 lights which are awarded based on what place you finish in, how many cars you wreck or your time left over after hitting the last checkpoint, depending on the event. There are two additional lights in each event, one for obtaining a set number of "fans" which are obtained for performing fan demands for special maneuvers, blasting your opponents in a creative way, drifting and the list goes on. The other extra light is for completing that event's "fan run", a checkpoint style run of 12 goals you must drive through before the fan timer runs out.

    Once you obtain the desired amount of lights, a new rival's category will open up. After you complete that rival's demands, you can challenge him/her to a one on one race, winner takes all, including 8 lights! I found myself wanting to finish everything I could in Blur. The game mechanics are believable, right down to the powerup physics. The game has 8 different powerups available to use at will against your opponents: Nitro (boost), Shield, Repair, Mine, Shunt (homing weapon), Bolts, Barge (large blast that knocks away enemies) and Shocks (Lightning type fields that target car's electrical systems, slowing them down). Each one is unique in it's own way, and some even allow you to fire them behind you/in front of you Mario Kart style!

    The multiplayer in Blur is great too. Even as I write this in 2012, the community still has hundreds of avid players, making it easy to find a match. There are numerous playlists to choose from, normal racing, team racing and hardcore racing (a unique game type where you race without powerups o_0). I won't lie to you though, most people who still play have mastered the game, and you may find yourself cursing the tv as you continuously finish in the bottom half of the placement. The only complaint I have with the online is the race timer. Since there are such hardcore fans out there, I often found myself struggling to cross the finish line before the racing timer ticked to zero, resulting in a discouraging DNF or "did not finish". Some people are just that good. As your level increases, you unlock custom mods to use in your future races, making powerups stronger, and giving you that extra edge to win the race. Wait, maybe that's why I kept losing... ?

    AUDIO: 7.0/10
    The music in Blur isn't bad, but I often found myself forgetting that it was even there. It's an upbeat techno/electronica style you would expect from a game like this. The sound effects in-game are memorable though, realistic crashes, tire squealing and all sorts of powerup chirping fill the air while racing towards the finish line. The narrative voice acting, while minimal, is pretty sexy too. wink

    Come on now, what were you expecting? It's a racing game with multiplayer. Like I stated previously, I found myself trying to go for every fan run, meeting the goals for all the achievements, becoming a glutton for punishment getting left in the dust online. You could easily get lost in an experience like this for 50+ hours. 34 and counting for me according to Raptr.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: 8.0/10
    THANK GOD THEY HAVE A TRACKER. With the amount of cumulative cheevos in this one, I would've cried if they didn't. Some of the achievements in this one are creative indeed. Perform certain tasks in rival races, watch some fireworks on the beach in your hummer, or hit every single target in a destruction event and earn 5 lights....yeah that one was a bitch. There's no secret here, these achievements are difficult at best, and one could easily sink 60-70 hours in trying to get them all. But, at least most all the achievements are rewarding, the kind that raise you up on your feet when they pop on the bottom of the screen. One game that you can proudly display in your trophy case for 1 K'ing.

    OVERALL: 8.0/10
    Blur is a great new-age take on powerup racing. I would gladly recommend this as one of my favorites in the genre right up with Fatal Inertia (KIDDING!). The unique gameplay and replayability are it's most redeeming qualities, and the multiplayer is just a bonus. I hope you all enjoyed the review, and HAPPY GAMING!

    Expected time to complete: 50+ hours
    Hardest Achievement: "Somebody Stop Me!"
    Favorite Achievement: "He's a Wrecking Machine"
  • Big samaBig samaThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    04 May 2011
    5 1 0
    Blur is a different take on the mario kart style racing. There is a lot of fun to be had if you play with friends in the multiplayer and the single player is challenging to get all the lights.

    Story: This game took about 8 hours to finish with all the lights done. Which you have to do twice to get all of the achievements. It's not too hard if you've played any kind of racing game before.

    Multiplayer: This has a bit of call of duty in it, having challenges and leveling up system that gives you new cars. Some of the modes are expected and some are just not played at all. There are still some people playing this game, but it's mostly foreigners or people who love the game.

    Graphics: The games on par with other racing games like Burnout or Midnight Club but in terms of Forza or Grand Turismo it's mediocre.

    Replayability: The game is easy to pick up and play once you've set it down for a long while. The learning curve makes that easy to do, like riding a bike.

    Overall: It's maybe not worth $60 when it first came out, but at it's current price it's a steal, With a high TA ratio and fun achievements I would recommend it as a buy since it'll be really hard to beat in a rental.
  • Magnus MaulerMagnus Mauler123,203
    29 Sep 2011
    1 5 1
    This is the Adult Version of Mario Kart with better Cars, Power-Ups & Graphics! I played the Beta and fell in love with the multiplayer. 1st time I've ever had a smooth multiplayer experience with 20 ppl in the same match. The campaign was very repetitive but also offered a great challenge to get all the lights on Hard difficulty. Very good racing game that didn't get the credit or exposure that I feel that it deserved. Too bad Bizarre is no more... If you like racing games and have free time, pick up a copy at your local GameStop or other used game place and give it a whirl. I guarantee that once you start playing it will be tough to stop!
  • CaptainMoistureCaptainMoisture207,886
    06 Jul 2010
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    this game was made quite well, to me it resembles an old game for the PS2. Rumble Racing. it reminds me a lot of that, minus that you could perform tricks in rumble racing,
    The single player for this game was alright, nothing too incredibly special seemed very repetitive. The online however is another story entirely, exciting fun and never the same. Even if you play with the same people all day long. The multiplayer probably has more choices then then entire single player in my opinion. However the online is fun enough that they could have probably released it online only and it wouldve still sold well. Overall a good buy.
    Single Player 3/5
    Online 4.5/5
    Overall 4/5
    Go buy this game if only for the Multiplayer!!!!