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    07 Jun 2011 15 Jun 2014
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    Among the various tech demos found in the Kinect Fun Labs suite, Bobble Head is one of the better ones. That's not saying much, but it actually works pretty much as advertised, which is quite a big plus for a tech demo.

    Of course, it gets pretty old after a few minutes as well, but such is the life of a demo. The goal here is to create a "bobblehead" - a plastic figure with a big rubber head - from the player's image. To set it up, two images are needed - a full body scan and a head shot, but for sequential attempts, only the head will need to be scanned again. There are several costume choices as well as optional glasses and a ponytail.

    Given the proper lightning and positioning, the effect works quite well. Sure, the Kinect camera is still a piece of cheap china plastic and generates very noisy and low-res images, but the software is intelligent enough to create some rather fun looking figures. There's the same issue with stubble beards that popped up with the other Fun Labs apps - the face gets a pink smear, but no beard - but all in all, the effect is pretty decent and shows that with some creativity, game makers can use the player's image at least to the degree of sillyness. I could think of the next Fallout asking you to have a few head scans (to check for injuries before you leave the vault, for example) and then use these scans to put them in the world as bobbleheads. Makes no sense storywise? Oh, come on, it's better than collecting coffee thermoses!

    As usual, there are some achievements for everyone's enjoyment, and this time, they aren't as time consuming - the only annoying part is to have to create 25 bobbleheads, but since the app's flow is way better than that of the others I reviewed so far, it's not remotely as grindy. The sharing option also gives you a choice between video and picture, and for achievement purposes, picture sharing is much faster, making it enjoyable even with my slow upload speed.

    In context of a tech demo, this little app works as intended, but the bottom line is the same as with the other Fun Labs pieces - you won't want to run off to buy a Kinect sensor just for them, but they don't hurt anybody, and they have achievements to boot.

    The score would actually be 3.5 stars here, if it was possible.
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    Brooklyn GinHa ha like the Fallout idea. Agree with you there with the Alan Wake collectibles.
    Posted by Brooklyn Gin on 08 Jun 11 at 06:45
    CrimsonGaidinFallout example was pretty good. Nice review!
    Posted by CrimsonGaidin on 08 Jun 11 at 12:38
    TheBuddha336where can you download this bobblehead at? i only see 2 games that i can play at the moment?
    Posted by TheBuddha336 on 08 Jun 11 at 16:53
    I TRU RELIG1ONdunno but good question
    Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 08 Jun 11 at 17:02
    CamTheeGamerAnyone else have a problem getting their head scan to take less than 30-40 seconds or so to light up with a green ring and take their picture? Maybe it's just me, but I think it's probably one of the most frustrating things I've done on the Kinect.
    Posted by CamTheeGamer on 08 Jun 11 at 17:41
    RadiantPumpkin"But for consequential attempts..."

    I think the word you are looking for here is consecutive or sequential...just a tip
    Posted by RadiantPumpkin on 10 Jun 11 at 00:44
    DampfshoppingThanks RadiantPumpkin, fixed it.
    Posted by Dampfshopping on 15 Jun 14 at 13:48