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Posted on 14 September 11 at 01:14, Edited on 01 June 16 at 23:02
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Now i don't know about you but i'm all for shooters with destructible enviroments, so that's why i decided to play Bodycount after all that's what it claims it is, and too all fairness it does it quite well, but i'm afraid that's where the goodness comes to an end.

So on with the game, after watching the opening cutscene and wondering what the hell is going on i felt as if some subtitles wouldn't go amiss, so i tried to turn them on, oh that's right it doesnt have any. Good one Codemasters so as you're blasting 10 ton of shrapnel into my ears i have to strain to listen out for the instructions on telling me what to do next.

The game focuses on the main guy (he's the dude you play as) Jackson, who is heavily modelled on actor Chris Pine, that's right Kirk on Star Trek.
After falling in love with the voice he is hired by a company known as "The Network" (cue dramatic music) where have i heard that name before oh yeah that's right a group of catholic nuns used that name in the 70's. Anyway over time Jackson starts getting suspicious about certain people talking behind his back and feels that it's up to him to sort them out.

The combat in the game is fairly standard as are all generic shooters, only this comes with alot of downfalls for example you practically have to stand still before you can aim down the sights by that time some guy has run off with your wallet. Oh and if you run out of ammo you have to stand still to reload, seems like this guy can't multitask, well he is a guy after all..

The downfall of your character is that he has a disease that makes him shake so when he throws grenades so when you chuck them they end up flying elsewhere. And when he aims he tends to fidget and aimlessly look elsewhere.

The game decides to go along the roots of Bulletstorm by adding in skill kills although they are nowhere near as funny or fun to achieve, these are given for basic headshots or shooting someone in the back... the puzzling thing is that it's supposed to be skilful to kill someone whilst you are bleeding not quite sure how that works.

So as killing people drops little circles known as Intel, you'll soon think that the Easter bunny has leapt into your screen whilst you were napping. If thats not all some of the enemies steal them and you have to put a stop to it, as if you care, there are plenty of them share and share a like i always say, well maybe not STD's it's probably best to keep them to yourself.

Another down point is as the game progresses you can freely run though the level without taking much damage, I mean some of the guards even move out of the way to allow you pass, this allows you to complete a mission in 5 minutes and considering the game only has 17 missions on an easy difficultly I'd suspect you'd complete it in under 5 hours.

The sound it pretty solid if deafing and the soundtrack fits snugly into the game. The graphics could be a little sharper, especially when you blast through building to find out they are made from sticks, that might explain why my knife managed to tear down a wall. The gameplay itself is fun to start off but you soon find yourself doing the same repetative missions, with the odd stealth mission thrown in for good measure.

Some of the faults and things that don't really fit are:-

Melee is B!!?!
Why mix killing African soldiers and robots?
Since when can you assassinate a hugh burly guy with a mini gun?

The game itself can be a little glitchy, i particulary had fun when my gun went AWOL and i was killing people with my fingers. but the game doesn't checkpoint often and for those playing on a harder difficulty will finding themselves overcoming a tough point dying after and having to redo it all.

The achievements are mostly easy, you'll earn 50G by merely starting a mission, but the online achievements are slightly tricker.

Overall i'd give this game a rent at most or a buy later on in the year when the prices have lowered, but judging by the sales that will be pretty soon.

Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 6/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Replayabilty: 3/10
Achievements: 5/10
Overall: 5.5/10
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Posted on 02 September 11 at 22:22
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When I went to my local Blockbuster on Wendsday I saw this game on the shelf, so I rented it mainly because I had never heard of it. At first I was loving the game but once I had the chance to actually play it my opinion changed.

The game is action packed. There are tons of explosions, there are explosive barrels everywhere it seems. You are also equiped with grenades and land mines.

The game also has a skill kill combo. These skill kills consist of grenade kills, headshot, explosion, from behind, etc. Basically anything except melee kills and basic bullet wound deaths. The purpose of this game is to fulfill several missions per level, they consist of stealing data, assassinating someone or defusing bombs.

The controls are a little different than other shooters. Auto aiming is typical but in my experience manually aiming is another animal. The problem with it is because of the cover system. If you are standing around anything that could be considered cover you are peaking out of cover instead of manual aiming, this has got me killed on many occasions. Also to melee is the "B" button instead of pressing the RS button like many other shooters.

Other sites I have been on conserning this game people complain about the graphics (comparing them to Black for the original Xbox) but they did not seem dated to me. I would put them on par with MW2.

Some of the frustrating things about this game is enemies seem to spawn at random, I was playing a level and I checked every building for enemies and there were none around, until I tried defusing a bomb, about a dozen spawned on me within seconds. Also checkpoints save in the middle of a battle, which is difficult when you have half a dozen enemies shooting you immediately.

The best thing about this game are the achievements. They come fast and easy. Beating most levels will net you 50 points, and there are plenty of achievements for getting "X" amount of kills. I havent completed the caimpaign yet but it has been reported you can get around 750 just for beating the campaign.

At the end of the day this game can be fun if you want to blow things up and enjoy several hours of mindless killing but on the other hand if you are easily frustrated by control issues or poor checkpoint placement I recommend looking elseware.
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