Bomberman Live Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

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Welcome to the Bomberman Live achievement walkthrough. The order that you unlock the achievements in this guide will be the quickest and most efficient way!

1) Start the game making sure you play with 3+ CPU players. Firstly we're going to head over to the zombie game type. If your playing standard two minute round time, when there's one minute remaining you will see a crystal ball ('Costume Ball') appear, make sure you collect these as you will need to collect a total of 60.

2) Continue playing 3+ CPU players but now play standard games and turn on the super revenge carts. When you die, you will be placed on the outside of the screen in a revenge cart. Try to frag someone so that you take their place in the game and try to win the match for another achievement. The best thing you can do now is to just keep playing the game. Make sure you have 3+ CPU players. Win 15 games, of any type, with any rules, as long as there are 3+ CPU players to earn another achievement.

3) By now you will only need one more single player achievement and that is to collect 60 costume balls. To speed things up you can use two controllers with no CPU players which will allow you to collect one costume ball every minute - a small, quick and easy grind!

4) Now that your done with the single player achievements, find 3 boosting partners or set-up/join a boosting session here on TA to easily get the remaining online achievements and thus complete the game.

Good Luck! :-)

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