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Posted on 10 January 11 at 03:37, Edited on 14 January 11 at 17:07
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It's all very simple. You have a square grid, a couple of bombs, and a couple of enemies. Only one of you is going to walk out victorious, but the question is who? Will it be the pirate in the left corner with a penchant for massive explosives, or will it be the funny looking spaceman with time activated detonators in his arsenal? This is the premise of Bomberman Live. Unlike the adventure game released for the Nintendo64 years ago, this game is shorter and focuses in multiplayer competitive action, and only vaguely resembles the platformer that came before it.


What single player? Okay, it's true that you can play against computer controlled bots, but they are dumb as a brick. They become slightly more intelligent if you ramp them up to the highest difficulty, but they are still cave men. Still, it can be somewhat amusing to grind the helpless AI into shreds.


Now we're talking. The online community for Bomberman Live has diminished somewhat since Bomberman Live : Battlefest came out, but still has a fairly healthy population. (EDIT: Okay, I'm sadly mistsken here. It seems that most have left. How very sad.)

The game mechanics are simple, but require a surprising amount of skill, mostly relating to your spatial awareness. All maps are placed on a square arena, usually with pegs, rocks, or coffins scattered across it. The idea is to strategically place bombs so that they kill your opponent, while at the same time avoiding their explosions. Various bonuses are hidden around the field in crates which can be detonated. Some of these give you an edge, such as speed, greater range for your explosives, or a different bomb type. Other times you will be given a dud that slows you down or weakens you.

-- STORY --

Bomberman Live is simply an arcade game. It doesn't even pretend to have a plot.


Okay, so she's not a looker, but it doesn't detract from the game. The cartoony way each bomber is designed seems to work. Of course all the maps feature the same view, but they are various enough to not feel repetitive, with one featuring a jungle arena, a graveyard, ect.

-- SOUND --

Kind of arcade-y? It makes me feel like I need to insert a coin into my Xbox before I start playing. While I'm not annoyed by the music, it isn't really knocking my socks off either.


Most of the achievements you can get just by playing often and enthusiastically, but there are a couple you will have to boost, mostly related to specific outfits. Also, no one ever plays a Ranked Tournament, so you'll have to boost that as well. Even still, I would classify these achievements as easy.

Overall? I love Bomberman. But it's not a game you want to play alone, and it's not a game you want to play when you need to relax. It may seem dorky but many times my hand has gripped the controller and sweat has run down my neck as I face off with my final opponent, a single bomb in hand. Buy it.
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