1. Boom Boom Rocket Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to Boom Boom Rocket! This 2007 arcade game can be summarised into a short but somewhat challenging experience. Personally I beat it in around 3 hours, but I got everything on either my first or sometimes second attempt of playing some songs. The game is not that hard, not at all unlike the ratio suggests. Most older arcade games tend to have a higher ratio than they deserve.

The game is very short and straightforward, so the walkthrough is the same story. There are a few tips that make this game a little easier, but the game is mostly skill dependent. If you have played some rhythm games previously, you should feel at home as this game does not offer any really unique gameplay other than following the pattern of a beat or melody.

The game offers two modes, Standard Game and Endurance Game. Standard Game is like the name suggests - just a regular "play the song till the end and you get a score based on how you did" kind of mode. You have to play ten different songs at least once on three difficulties; Easy, Normal and Hard. Endurance Game has two achievements tied to it and you will only need to play one song twice to unlock the achievements. More info is further into the walkthrough.

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