2. Boom Boom Rocket General hints and tipsUpdate notes

This game is backwards compatible! Playing on the One has a clear advantage and disadvantage. The controller is better than the regular 360 controller, which can help you on those tougher achievements.


However, the way this game calculates your score at the end of a song used to be easier at launch. Since then, they patched it. For some achievements, you will need to score an 'A' ranking. You will be scored based on % in Accuracy and Hit-ratio.

Hit-ratio is just the number of notes you hit, so if you hit all notes you will get 100% on this category.

Accuracy is how accurate your timing was on the notes you hit. You can score an 'OK', 'GOOD', 'AWESOME' and 'PERFECT' hit. This translates to the amount of milliseconds you were off a perfect timing. So say if you were off by only 2ms, you would score a PERFECT hit and so on. Scoring a 100% on Accuracy is as far as I know impossible because the timing window is very tight and it is not always perfectly in alignment with the song it is playing. Keep in mind that your TV can lag as well, which makes this game just a little more annoying especially since you cannot calibrate your game to your TV.

Theoretically, you can score 200% on a song with both these categories maxed. Before the patch, you would get an A ranking with a total score of 189%/190%. Since the patch, you will need to score 190%/191% to achieve an A ranking. You might think, that is just 1%. But it can really make a difference. You might consider playing this game offline without patch just to make the game a little easier.


You can go to settings and adjust the Rocket Labels to either 'ARROWS', 'LETTERS' or 'NONE'. Personally, I used Letters, which is the default setting, but changing things up might work better for you. This is just preference.


Other things like muting the game can also be an option if you are struggling, especially when your TV has a lot of lag.


You can hit notes using the regular cn_A cn_B cn_X cn_Y buttons and you can use the cn_up cn_down cn_left cn_right buttons as well. Use this to your advantage as using two hands is generally easier than using just one hand. You can exploit this even further by playing with two players on one controller. Player one play's the cn_A and cn_B buttons while player two play's the cn_up and cn_left on the same controller. Now each player only has to pay attention to half the notes!

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