3. Boom Boom Rocket Standard GameUpdate notes

Allright, let's fire up the game and.. well light up some fireworks! Press cn_start on the main menu and select Single Player, then Standard Game. You will now be in the Choose Song screen. Select the first song, 'Smooth Operetta' (my favourite one!) on Easy.

The game is very simple to learn. Hit the corresponding note when it crosses the line at the top. Try to hit the button when it is in perfect alignment with the line. In the top left of your screen, you will see a multiplier. Keep hitting the correct notes and you will eventually hit the max. Now you can hit cn_LT + cn_RT to activate a bonus run. Doing so will unlock your first achievement:

Now finish the song and you will probably unlock a new firework type and unlock:

If not, that is okay. This achievement is part of another achievement, so don't worry as I will explain later how to get this one.

Also if you get an "A" rank, you will unlock:

How to get an "A" ranking was explained in the 'General hints and tips' tab of the walkthrough in case you missed that. There is no real trick to beating a song with an "A" rank other than to keep playing the song over and over until you get the hang of it.

Unfortunately, this game doesn't stack difficulty, so if you are playing on Hard you will not unlock the Easy and Medium difficulty achievements. You will however need to play every song on each difficulty anyway to unlock all the firework types. Every song has one special firework that you will need to hit. These will be identifiable by the more flamboyant, colored, moving tail that is coming out from the back of the rocket itself. This can be hard to notice while you are concentrating on hitting all the notes though. Luckily, to unlock these fireworks, you just need to hit that note. As a result, most of the time you will just unlock the firework the first time you play trough the song. Each song has an unlockable firework on every difficulty so there are 30 fireworks to unlock in total. When you have unlocked your last firework type you will unlock:

Note that the only thing that makes this achievement difficult is that you will need to finish the song to unlock the firework as well. Some of these songs can be quite tricky on Hard difficulty. Check the "General hints and tips" tab for tips to make the game easier. Practice does make perfect and playing with two players are good options for this achievement.

Along the way, you will definitely unlock the following achievements. Curtain call is just for completing 10 songs with any rating, while C-Student is for 10 completions with a 'C' rating.

And if you hit all the notes on just one song, which can be played on Easy difficulty, you will unlock:

Next up are the Medium difficulty achievements. You will need to score an 'A' on one song to unlock:

This one can pretty easy on whichever song you feel most comfortable, however there is also another achievement in Medium for which you will need to achieve an 'A' rank in 10 songs to unlock:

There are 10 songs in the game, however some of these songs can be tricky to achieve an 'A' ranking on. There is DLC available for this game though, and you can use it for this achievement. So if this proves to be too difficult, you could spend some money to make this a little bit easier. Again the same tips apply in the 'General hints and tips' tab. This is one of the hardest achievements, so don't get frustrated if you don't rank an 'A' on your first attempt. Some of these songs can take 10-20 attempts if you get unlucky.

Finally you will need to 'A' rank one song on Hard. Luckily, you will only need one song for this achievement because some of these songs are quite difficult just to pass on Hard difficulty. I used the song 'Smooth Operetta' for this, however there are a handful of other options of somewhat easier songs. This comes down to personal preference. Therefore if you are just struggling with 'Smooth Operetta', try another song. You will need to play all songs on Hard to unlock all the firework types anyway, so you will find out the general difficulty of each song anyway. Once you score an 'A' rank you will unlock:

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