4. Boom Boom Rocket Endurance GameUpdate notes

Next up is Endurance Game. This mode is almost the same as Standard Game, however the game will not end until you fail the song by missing too many notes. During the game, the BPM will increase and the song will play faster. When the song is over it will loop again. Each time you complete the song, you will clear one 'Lap'. There is an achievement for clearing 3 laps on Medium which should not pose as any difficulty especially when you have already done the Standard Game mode. You will need to complete 3 full laps and then you can fail or keep playing. The counter must be on lap 4 at least (you start on lap 1) and then you can fail to unlock:

The last achievement is for completing 5 laps on Hard difficulty. This achievement is one of the harder ones in the game. The problem is that while the songs will play faster, the timing window to hit the notes will stay the same. This can be really frustrating on the final lap as the game is quite fast to follow. Again refer to the 'General hints and tips' list to see what can help you out. Song preference also plays a huge factor here. One final tip which I can give you and this is most likely the most important tip: Hitting a note on the wrong timing will lower your multiplier even more. Therefore, hitting a note too late will lower your multiplier twice because you missed it, which will count against you, and you will press a note when there is no rocket on the line anymore which also counts against you.

Knowing this, it might be a smart idea to just play noting or skip a few notes during hard sections so that you won't panic and miss 5 notes in a row and fail. Other than that, you will need to keep practicing for this one. It can be very annoying to get to lap 6, so be prepared. When you get to lap 6 and game over, you will finally unlock:

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