Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Reviews

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    18 Apr 2019
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    I was almost done with this review before I accidentally closed the page and lost everything. I apologize if this seems somewhat rushed, but I just wanted to get this done cry

    Borderlands GOTY edition is an enhanced version of the original Borderlands with graphical and quality of life improvements. But does it still provide a fun experience with today’s standards in games?


    Borderlands is a looter shooter taking place on the dangerous planet of Pandora, filled with enemies that want to kill you such as psychos, skags, and a guy with 9 toes and 3 balls.

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    Improvements From the Original

    I will start with improvements since most people know about the gameplay and function of the borderlands series and is the most important subject of this edition.

    The upgrade you get in this version from the original includes graphical improvements, also 4K if you own a Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. Graphic improvements for a game with “comic styled” graphics may seem unnoticeable, but you will be surprised.

    Disappointingly, the boring end boss from the original was apparently improved to be more challenging and less of just being simply a bullet sponge. However in my play through I noticed minimal difference in the final fight.

    Added as well are a few features absent from the original that were in it’s sequel Borderlands 2. The mini-map is a very welcome addition, having to open up the menu every 10 seconds in original to keep track of where you were was very tedious and frustrating. Also added is character customization, I was rather disappointed to the extent of the customization however, due to the only customization being an underwhelming selection of heads for your character. Also brought back is the chest you can open in major locations with “golden keys”. You will receive 75 golden if you played any borderlands before. The chest you can use the keys on contain weapons and equipment for your exact level, which comes in handy if you’re having a hard time finding gear to keep up with current level enemies.


    In Borderlands you choose from one of four characters that have their own class. There is the Soldier, Siren, Hunter, and Berserker. Throughout the game you will earn XP from killing enemies and completing quests that will level up your character. Starting at level 5, you will receive a single skill point every time you level up that can be used to improve your character via their skill tree. The skill tree allows you to improve your character around your play style, which is the kind of freedom most current games simply lack.

    The huge selling point of Borderlands is its loot, featuring a “bazillion guns” and other equipment to use such as shields, grenade mods to improve your grenades strength and uniqueness, and class mods and artifacts that improve your character based on its class. You will constantly be finding new unique loot that will make you constantly struggle to decide what to keep and what to sell.

    A huge problem plaguing this release is the multiplayer, 9/10 lobbies you try to join will result in an error, making multiplayer almost unplayable. Borderlands is a great experience, but the experience is even better playing with your friends or fellow fans.

    They have acknowledged the problem and are working towards a fix, however I still do need to address this.


    You will be enjoying this game for a long while, as after going through the long main storyline of quests, you can do a second play through against tougher enemies with better loot.

    Best of all, the game comes with all the original DLC for free this time, so you’ll always have a lot to do.


    Borderlands is still a fun experience with today’s competition in the gaming industry and shows how to do a looter shooter right. This edition brings a few welcome additions, however the experience will feel just about the same from the original. Multiplayer needs to be fixed so people can enjoy the full borderlands experience. At least we have the free DLC to enjoy for the time being toast
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    BlackxRyanWay too many bugs, typical 2K doing a middle finger to the players again.
    Posted by BlackxRyan on 28 Apr 19 at 10:51
    dobsonthe3rdI’m enjoying it quite a bit, and the QOL improvements like minimap and the automatic pick up system for ammo like in BL2 are great. Multiplayer is definitely pretty unusable unfortunately.
    Posted by dobsonthe3rd on 03 May 19 at 16:17
    NapalmNikoHad no bugs
    Posted by NapalmNiko on 31 Oct 19 at 19:31
    FaSCoRPGame feels old, and it feels unpolished. Most of the time when I quit from in game it just closes and returns to dashboard. An there are some weird things that Scooter's and Moxxi's voices changed. Also I am playing with Roland and the voice over is from Brick. Makes no sense.
    It feels like an effortless port, basically
    Posted by FaSCoRP on 19 Apr at 13:19
    I8ITackyticsI8ICo op is a bit broken. When you're in the menu it prevents the other player from doing a lot of things - picking up audio logs, getting out of the car, and if looking at weapons, even melee, as pressing the control stick in ends up playing with the favourite /trash system of the OTHER PLAYER. The original never had these issues so pretty disappointing.
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 19 Apr at 18:10
    chuckthetekkieI like that new missions are now marked with an "!" rather than bumbling around or having to look up guides on what missions you missed.
    Posted by chuckthetekkie on 25 Apr at 21:52