Borderlands Walkthrough

5. Story walkthrough - New Haven

New Haven

Power To The People

Level: 20
Rewards: 2,376XP, $2,411
Unlocks: Seek Out Tannis
Objectives: Turn on generators around New Haven
"You've got some nerve, Vault Hunter, strutting into New Haven like the world owes you something. Well, I've got news for you. You pull your own weight here, or you die. Before I lift one finger to help you on your mad quest for the Vault, you're going to do something for me. The last electrical storm blew out New Haven's power grid. Scooter tells me the equipment is fixed now, but someone needs to go reactivate all the generators. That's where you come in."

This is a very simple mission whereby you need to search the town of New Haven for generators. There are plenty of chests to open in this area, so feel free to do a bit of exploring to try and upgrade your arsenal.

Exit Helena Pierce’s office and head west until you reach Scooter’s garage. The first generator is located behind the Catch-A-Ride station.

From here, head west again following your waypoint marker. The second generator can be found on the side of the road among some tyres.

Return into town and keep travelling eastwards until you’re behind Helena Pierce’s office. Slightly north of here is the third generator, behind an old washing machine.

Turn left and head up the alley so that you’re travelling west into the centre of town. The building directly in front of you houses a set of stairs on the opposite side, so run around and traverse these stairs. The fourth generator is on this rooftop. To the very north of town (not the map), you’ll find the fifth and final generator, located next to the gate. Just to the south of where you turned on the fifth generator, you should see a fallen Claptrap. Speaking with him will initiate another “Claptrap Rescue” mission, so we’ll do this one now as it’s very quick and easy.

Claptrap Rescue: New Haven (Side Mission)

Level: 21
Rewards: 1,380XP, Backpack SDU
Prerequisites: Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse
Objectives: Find the Repair Kit and repair this Claptrap
"You've discovered another malfunctioning Claptrap robot. You noticed that there were some discarded Claptraps rusting on the scrap heaps around town. Perhaps some spare parts could be salvaged from those?"

Remember the third generator that we just turned on? The one behind the washing machine? Head back to this area and jump on these boxes to reach the roof. Once you’re up, face west and you should see the Repair Kit sitting on the balcony railings. Pick it up, run back to Claptrap and turn in the mission. From here, head back south to Helena Pierce’s office and turn in her mission for Power To The People. Helena will then grant you the next story-related mission. Before we do that tough, let’s knock out a few side missions. Head to the New Haven Bounty Board which can be found next to the now-fixed Claptrap that we just helped to add these missions to your mission log.

Corrosive Crystal Harvest (Side Mission)

Level: 21
Rewards: 5,520XP, $2,700, Corrosive Artifact
Prerequisites: Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse
Objectives: Harvest Corrosive Crystals in the Tetanus Warren
"Corrosive Elemental Artifacts allow you to customize your skills with the power of acid. The key component for such an artifact is the Corrosive Crystal. I can fashion an artifact for you, but you'll need to provide the crystals. Go to the Tetanus Warren and shoot the Crystal Clusters to break them apart. Watch out for the bandits that have taken over the cave."

The missions “Corrosive Crystal Harvest” and “King Tossing” both need to be completed in the same area: the Tetanus Warren. To access this area, the entrance to it can be found in the northwest of New Haven (just follow your waypoint marker).

Once inside the Tetanus Warren, keep an eye out for Corrosive Crystal formations. Whenever you see one, smash them open and collect the loose crystals. Each formation should contain 5 crystals, so considering you need to collect 50 crystals to complete the mission, you’ll need to find 10 formations. They aren’t difficult to find as they glow green and are very frequent in this area.

Once you’ve collected 50 crystals, you can turn in the mission back at the New Haven Bounty Board. Before you do though, we have another side mission, along with another Claptrap Rescue mission to complete.

Claptrap Rescue: Tetanus Warren (Side Mission)

Level: 21
Rewards: 1,380XP, Backpack SDU
Prerequisites: Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse
Objectives: Find the Repair Kit and repair this Claptrap
"You've discovered another defunct Claptrap robot. Could there be an unused repair kit somewhere in here?"

To pick up the mission, head to the centre of the cave – where the path begins to branch off – to find a Claptrap injured on the floor. Speaking with him will begin the mission. Head north from Claptrap until you’re virtually at the top of the map. Frustratingly, the Repair Kit is perched above you on some metal sheeting, so you’ll need to do some platforming to grab it.

Facing east, walk up this ramp and turn right onto the red tarpaulin; you should now be facing south. In front of you is another red tarp, so jump onto it and turn towards the Repair kit. This is the really tricky part: from here, jump onto the metal sheet in front of you. Once on the metal sheet, jump over to where the Repair Kit is and pick it up. This will undoubtedly take you a while and can get very frustrating due to clipping issues, so it’s more trial and error than anything.

Once the Repair Kit has been collected, head back to Claptrap to complete the mission and receive an upgrade to your backpack.

Don’t head out of this area just yet though as we still need to complete the King Tossing mission.

King Tossing (Side Mission)

Level: 21
Rewards: 5,244XP, $5,401, The Spy
Prerequisites: Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse
Objectives: Go to Tetanus Warren and kill King Wee Wee
"The Tetanus Warren is a series of interconnected hollows under loose piles of rusting scrap metal. As if that weren't dangerous enough, one of the biggest threats to New Haven makes his home there. King Wee Wee is angry, drunken, and surrounded by a legion of followers. I'm offering a fat reward for someone to end his terrible reign."

In the Tetanus Warren, travel back to where you found the Repair Kit for Claptrap and keep going east through the Bandit camps until you reach King Wee Wee’s lair (it’s the north eastern-most point in this area). As soon as you enter his domain, King Wee Wee will present himself, wielding his buzz saw and shield. To be honest, he’s not very difficult and is one of the easier “bosses” in the game. If you see him raising his shield, make sure to keep away as the shockwaves he creates can have some devastating effects. Keep a moderate distance away from him and aim for the head.

When he’s down, loot his shield (Wee Wee’s Super Booster) as it may be an upgrade and then head back to the Bounty Board in New Haven to complete the mission and earn a fairly-decent sub-machine gun.

If following this walkthrough, at this point you’ll earn an achievement for completing 5 missions in New Haven.

Paid in New Haven in Borderlands
Complete 5 missions in the Rust Commons
  • Unlocked by 155,368 tracked gamers (69% - TA Ratio = 1.19) 223,773

Like A Moth To Flame (Side Mission)

Level: 21
Rewards: 8,280XP, $8,102, The Blister
Prerequisites: Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse
Objectives: Light the torches and kill Mothrakk
"Over in the Arid Badlands, just east of Shine Gravel Processor, people have been disappearing in the night. Some say they're being carried away by a monster rakk, one locals call 'Mothrakk'. She seems to be attracted to fire, and that's how we're going to lure her out. Light the three torches I've set up, and when she shows up, take her down!"

Unfortunately, we have to venture back to the Arid Badlands (just when you thought you were finished with that place) to complete this mission. When you’re there, head to the waypoint marker which is located northeast of the entrance to Headstone Mine.

When you arrive, you’ll need to light the three torches that frequent this area which will summon Mothrakk. The key to defeating this flying behemoth is by taking shelter down in the Vehicle Station located northeast of where the torches are. The reason for this is that Mothrakk’s attack consists of raining large fireballs at you from above, so having some form of roof over your head makes this boss fight a lot easier and stress-free.

When you’ve taken shelter in the Vehicle Station, wait until she’s used her fireball attack, then run out into the open and unleash your arsenal on it. She is surprisingly durable and can absorb a lot of ammo before she dies, so be patient.

When she does eventually succumb, she’ll scatter her loot in a fireworks-like display which can get lodged in unreachable places, but there’s not a lot we can do about that. Instead, head back to New Haven and turn in the mission. However, as the next side mission – Is T.K. OK? - is in the same area, we may as well knock that one out really quickly.

Is T.K. O.K? (Side Mission)

Level: 21
Rewards: 6,072, $8,102, Grenade Mod
Prerequisites: Road Warriors: Bandit ApocalypseObjectives: Check on T.K. Baha for Scooter
"I just got a call from my good buddy, T.K. Baha. You met him, right? Blind as a bat in heat, and twice as loony. He'll watch your back in a fight, though. Just make sure you yell a lot so's he knows where you're standin'. Anyway, he called me, but he didn't say nothin'. That coot never calls unless he's got a reason, y'know? Would you go check on him? Make sure a skag didn't eat his other leg or somethin'."

Scooter seems concerned about T.K.’s well-being, so do him a favour and check in on him. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to complete this mission, so head on over to T.K.’s homestead back in Fyrestone and travel south to the waypoint marker.

It seems Scooter’s suspicions were correct; you’ll find poor T.K. hanging from his own ceiling fan. If you exit through the back door, you’ll find a red chest to loot on the porch. As you leave the area, you’ll be ambushed by a mob of Bandits. This is a great chance to exact some posthumous revenge on behalf of T.K.

When you’re done, return to Scooter to tell him of the bad news and complete the mission.

Seek Out Tannis

Level: 21
Rewards: 2,760XP, $2,700
Unlocks: Meet "Crazy" Earl
Objectives: Talk to Tannis at her dig site.
"If you insist on continuing your mad pursuit of the Vault, you should visit Patricia Tannis. I spoke with her about you, and she seemed eager to meet you. If you hurry, you might find her out at her dig site. Talk to Claptrap along the way, and he'll open the gate for you."

We’ll now be venturing into pastures new once again, this time to seek out Patricia Tannis at her dig site. So, when in New Haven, head out of town via the southern exit and then make your way eastwards towards the entrance to Rust Commons West. You’ll be greeted by a Claptrap when you arrive who will grant you entry.

The Rust Commons is a vast, hilly wasteland that takes time to travel through due to enemy spawns and vehicle access restrictions. For now, head to the very northeast of the map (using a vehicle greatly reduces travel times, but you already know that). You’ll have to disembark from your Runner when you get close to the waypoint marker due to width restrictions, leaving you to travel the rest of the way on foot.

Run through the width restriction, following the path which veers round to the right. You’ll reach a fork in the road: going left leads you to a wall with some Badass Rakks, while going right leads you through a patch of Spiderants. Take the route to the right which will wind around into Tannis’ dig site.

As you get closer to Tannis’ place, you’ll be attacked by swarming Rakks. It might be a good idea to kill these off before proceeding as they can still attack you while you’re taking refuge in Tannis’ shack. When you finally reach Tannis, speak with her to complete the mission. After collecting your reward, you’ll be granted the next mission which will take you into Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard. However, return to New Haven to complete some more side missions: “Firepower: All Sales Are Final” from Marcus Kincaid, who can be found in his shop in New Haven, and “Scooter’s Used Car Parts” from Scooter who is located in the garage; these can both be completed simultaneously.

Scooter’s Used Car Parts (Side Mission)

Level: 21
Rewards: 4,140XP, $10,803
Prerequisites: Power To The People
Objectives: Collect all the vehicle parts and return to Scooter
"Scooter here. Somebody's been really hard on the Runners lately, and we're not going to see a shipment of replacement parts any time soon. There are probably plenty of spare parts we could salvage out in the Commons. Take this list and return with the parts, and I'll pay you for 'em."

Along with:

Firepower: All Sales Are Final

Level: 21
Rewards: 5,520XP, $10,803, Pistol
Prerequisites: Power To The People
Objectives: Search for information about the bandit weapon supplier
"I have an amazing opportunity for you, my friend, where both of us stand to profit. You see, the bandits are better equipped than most of the locals! They are a large, untapped market, but they have no demand for my goods! I need someone like you to find out who is supplying them. Go to their hideout and search for a sales invoice or something. I'll pay you a fair price for the information."

As both are located in the same area in the Rust Commons West, we can knock these both out at the same time, so head to this area on your map. It will be heavily guarded with two Gatlin Turrets which are on the rooftops, along with an abundance of Bandits and Bruisers. It is advisable to clear the area before beginning your search for the items.

We’ll be concentrating on picking up Scooter’s used car parts first: the first one is located here where you’ll see a front fender beside a box. Slightly northeast is the first of the two rear fenders, [sitting next to a small shack.

Directly south of the rear fender is the first fuel cell, located beside one of the large pillars in this area. Facing east, just behind where you picked up the fuel cell, use the V-shaped pillar as a platform to jump up onto the small building where you’ll find the second rear fender.

From here, go south to find the second front fender between two large containers. Slightly southwest of this you’ll find the second fuel cell sitting beside a small pond.

The last piece – the Rusty Engine – is just south of the second fuel cell, located on top of a large container. Head to the south side of the container where you’ll be able to use a subsided container as a platform to jump up and collect it.

When you’ve collected all of the used car parts, head back north to the building where you collected the second fuel cell from. To north side of the building you’ll find the Weapon Shipment Invoice for the “Firepower: All Sales Are Final” mission on a table next to the Weapons Vendor machine.

You can also complete Scooter’s mission “Up To Our Ears” which is located to the north of this area if you have it in your mission log.

Head back to Scooter in New Haven to turn in his mission, and return to Marcus to turn in his mission. Marcus will then grant you another mission: “Firepower Market Connection”.

Up To Our Ears (Side Mission)

Level: 21
Rewards: 5,520XP, $8,102, Machine Gun
Prerequisites: Power To The People
Objectives: Destroy the blockage in 2 pipes at the Rust Commons Sump Station
"Man! You wouldn't believe the crap I have to put up with. And when I say crap, I mean honest to goodness crap! Seems as though bandits overran the Rust Commons Sump Station and killed the personnel. Now the dang pipes are clogged! With all that slurry trickling through tons of vermin-infested, rusting metal, it gets saturated with very unpleasant debris, if you know what I mean. We need it fixed immediately, or we'll be up to our ears in who-knows-what."

Since the Bandits have taken over the Rust Commons Sump Station, they’ve managed to clog up the pipes – no comment on how they managed it – but Scooter has asked you to fix them. The Sump Station is located in the middle of the Rust Commons West, just north of where we picked up the used car parts for Scooter earlier

Locate yourself to the east of the station and clear the area of Bandits; otherwise they just distract you from making the shots you’re required to make to complete the mission. Using a Sniper Rifle (this is optional) focus on the two pipes that are emanating from the side of the station and shoot out the blockages on both of them (the gunge will be glowing green). This will end the mission, so return to Scooter and hand it in.

Firepower: Market Correction (Side Mission)

Level: 21
Rewards: 5,520XP, $10,803, Submachine Gun
Prerequisites: Firepower: All Sales are Final Objectives: Destroy the ammo dumps
"I believe that One-Eyed Jack is storing a recent ammo shipment in his warehouse. We can't have that! When there's too much supply, there's no demand. Prices go down, and nobody profits. So, I want you to go to the warehouse and trigger a little 'market correction' by destroying the ammo dumps. You'll need explosives or elemental weapons, which are, of course, available at any one of my stores for a reasonable price!"

To complete this mission you need to destroy the six ammo dumps that One-Eyed Jack has stashed in his warehouse. So, travel to The Outeryard from the Fast Travel (New-U) to send you hurtling into the middle of the Rust Commons West. When you arrive, grab a vehicle and travel north to this location on your map. Enter this small site via the western entrance so that you can your vehicle as a weapon against the Bandits who will spawn upon your arrival. Clear the area of all of these Bandits before exiting your vehicles and beginning your search for the ammo dumps.

You’re looking for large boxes which will be glowing green; they aren’t difficult to miss. The first can be located on top of the small building to your left, if you’ve entered via the western entrance of course. There are stairs around to the left of this building that will lead you to the roof and the box. Shoot at it until the red bar has depleted, stand back and watch the explosion.

To the east of the first box, you’ll find another box to blow up, located next to the warehouse behind a grey loot box. To the right of this box, you’ll see the entrance inside the warehouse itself. Go inside and you’ll see two more boxes in front of a ramp.

Exit the warehouse via the door you came through and head east slightly. To the left you should see a walkway leading up into the mountains above. Go up it to find the last two boxes sitting beside another small building.

When all six ammo dumps have been destroyed, return back to Marcus to claim your rewards. This will grant you the third and final mission in this mission chain: Firepower: Plight Of The Middle Man.

Firepower: Plight Of The Middle Man (Side Mission)

Level: 23
Rewards: 6,000XP, $6,776, Combat Rifle
Prerequisites: Firepower: Market Correction
Destroy Weapon Caches and find evidence
"I need to know who exactly is supplying the bandits. The invoice you found was a good start, but we need more. I'm sure you can find some of the original shipping crates, and that will provide the evidence we need. While you're at it, destroy One-Eyed Jack's weapon caches. There is too much of my competitor's product out there! We'll show them what happens when they try to cut out the middle man!"

This mission isn’t too dissimilar to the previous mission in that you have to find six objects and blow them up – who doesn’t love a bit of repetition?

Head back to The Outeryard in the Rust Commons West, but this time go south slightly until you reach your waypoint marker. You can stay in your vehicle, in fact, do so and eliminate any Bandits in this area. A Bruiser will appear from the building in front of you who will be surrounded by explosive barrels, so shoot at them to kill him quickly and take out your first cache. To the right of this will be another cache which is really hard to miss.

Go into the building to the left, up the stairs and cross the bridge. When you get to the other side you’ll be greeted by a plethora of Bandits and Midget Psychos; make sure you keep well away from all of the barrels situated in this area as standing next to one when a Bandits is shooting at you is just asking for trouble.

The next cache will be to the right after crossing the bridge. Looking down to the left you’ll see caches 3 and 4, along with a large box (the left-most box in the screenshot). Hop on down to this box and interact with it to complete the “Evidence found” part of the mission. The last cache is in the entrance to the building to the right.

When you’ve destroyed all six caches, and found the evidence, return to Marcus to turn in the mission.

Jack’s Other Eye (Side Mission)

Level: 23
Rewards: 6,000XP, $10,164, The Sentinel (Combat Rifle)
Prerequisites: Firepower: Market Correction
Objectives: Kill One-Eyed Jack, and bring back his eye as proof
"What did you and Marcus do? One-Eyed Jack is madder than hell, and my sources tell me he's going to take it out on New Haven. Our only chance is to kill him before he strikes. This is your fault. You fix it."

If you don’t already have this mission in your log, visit Helena Pierce in New Haven to collect it. One-Eyed Jack can be found and killed relatively easily in the same location as where we destroyed the ammo dumps in the ‘Firepower: Market Correction’ mission earlier, so head back there (just north of the Outeryard) in a vehicle. The vehicle is important as you can just wait until Jack appears from the building on the right (if you’ve entered the town from the west) and then simply run him over.

If you would prefer a more honest fight with him, well, good on you, but he’s just as easy to kill without a vehicle. He doesn’t have any real ‘special moves’ apart from his powerful Pistol which benefits from bullets that have the ability to ricochet off surfaces. A few shots to the head and he’ll go down quicker than a sack of spuds!

Whichever way you decided to kill him, pick up his other eye and his Madjack weapon and return to Helena Pierce back in New Haven to complete the mission. If you return to the Bounty Board in New Haven there should be some more side missions to complete (‘Scavenger: Submachine Gun’ and ‘Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West’)

Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West (Side Mission)

Level: 23
Rewards: 6,000XP, $20,328
Prerequisites: Power To The People
Objectives: Download 5 Journal Entries from Data Recorders in Rust Commons West
“This is Patricia Tannis, calling for anyone with two brain cells to rub together. I hid five of my Data Recorders in Rust Commons West, but now I've decided I want them back. Listen to each one, and your ECHO device will record them. Once you have all five recordings, upload them to the bounty board.”

Following your waypoint marker will lead you to the north of the Rust Commons West for the first hidden journal. As you approach it, a mini-boss that goes by the name of Rakkinishu will spawn. Rakkinishu isn’t too dissimilar from Mothrakk, only he will breathe fire at you rather than dropping fireballs. Again, take cover in the huts nearby to avoid his attacks and pop out when he’s not breathing his fire to take pot-shots at him.

When he and any other enemies nearby are dead, pick up the journal located in the box (Journal Day 224).

After this, head south to the location of the sewage plant (this location) to find the second journal (Journal Day 321) which is located on the southern side of the plant. Make sure you bring a vehicle with you as there are a few Bandits knocking around this area, a Badass Raider being one of them.

From here, travel a short distance southwest along the river and you’ll arrive at a Rakk nest. Eliminate any foes nearby and detach the journal from the shack wall (Journal Day 457) that is found on the east coast.

You’ll now need to travel all the way over to the other side of the map to collect the next journal. So, grab a vehicle and make your way towards the waypoint marker located southeast from where you are now (make sure to take the eastern route when you can, as going via the western route won’t allow for vehicles).

Once you get into the vicinity of the journal, you’ll first be greeted by a seemingly endless horde of Spiderants, and working southwards you’ll have to deal with a few Bandits along with a Gatling Turret. When the area is clear, climb the stairs to the top of the tower to find the journal clinging onto the wall (Journal 481).

The last journal is located just north of the fourth journal, so work back northwards until you’re just east of the Rust Commons Sump station, where it can be found underneath a red tarpaulin (Journal 493).

Once all 5 journal entries have been found, we’ll look at completing the next side mission, Scavenger: Submachine Gun, as it’s in the same area. If not, go back to the New Haven Bounty Board to complete the mission.

Scavenger: Submachine Gun (Side Mission)

Level: 23
Rewards: 3,450XP, SMG
Prerequisites: Power to the People
Objectives: Find all of the submachine gun parts
"There are components to submachine gun scattered around. If you find all the components, I can reassemble the weapon for you. Bring me the Body, Magazine, Sight, and Barrel."

The area where all of the parts are contained is located in the southwest of the Rust Commons West, just north of a Circle of Death arena.

The first SMG part should be fairly obvious to spot as it’s on top of the left-most blue container, so hop on up to collect the SMG Barrel. Further west from this part, you’ll find the SMG Magazine located inside a tyre which is lying on the floor (this shouldn’t be hard to spot).

To find the final two, continue west and then turn right and up the slope. Turn right again (so that you’re facing east) and run up the ramp to the left so that you’re on top of the buildings. Jump across to the metal sheet in front of you to pick up the SMG Sight.

If you turn around so that you’re facing the building that you just jumped from, you’ll see the last piece located on a lower walkway on said building, so run back around and drop down onto it (SMG Body).

Head back to the New Haven Bounty Board to complete this mission.

Meet ‘Crazy’ Earl

Level: 22
Rewards: 2880XP, $3025
Unlocks: Get Off My Lawn!
Objectives: Go to the Scrapyard and blow up an entrance to meet Crazy Earl
"Have you met the bearded turtle yet? Crazy Earl? He hides from me, in his Scrapyard to the south. Any time I want to see him, I have to blow a hole in his junk pile. Anyway, he has a piece of the Vault key, along with most of my underwear. The details of that transaction are unimportant, just get that artifact back."

We’ll now get back on track with the story: the entrance to the Scrapyard is located in the middle of the Rust Commons West, so set off until you reach this point on the map (if you’re approaching from the north). You’ll need to proceed on foot due to more width restrictions. After the width restrictions, you’ll be greeted by some Bandits which will need killing. Once the area is cleared, head to the waypoint marker to the southwest to enter Earl’s Scrapyard.

Once inside, you’ll earn the “Discovered the Scrapyard” achievement:

Discovered The Scrapyard in Borderlands
Discover The Scrapyard
  • Unlocked by 155,547 tracked gamers (70% - TA Ratio = 1.19) 223,773

There will also be some Skags patrolling, one of which is usually of the Badass persuasion which can be a pain to kill, but shouldn’t take too much effort. Once you’ve cleared the area of Skags, you’ll reach a dead end. The gate that’s flashing green can’t be interacted with directly; instead, you’ll need to shoot either of the two gas canisters next to it. Just make sure you’re a good distance away before you fire though.

When you’ve blown your way through the gate, speak with ‘Crazy’ Earl who will only interact with you through the hatch in his front door. This will then end the mission and you’ll be tasked with two more missions: “Get Off My Lawn” and the side mission “Today’s Lesson: High Explosives”. These two missions can be done simultaneously. Before we do these though, let’s bash out another Claptrap Rescue mission:

Claptrap Rescue: Scrapyard (Side Mission)
Level: 22
Rewards: 1,440XP, Backpack SDU
Prerequisites: Meet "Crazy" Earl
Objectives: Find the Repair Kit and repair this Claptrap
"You've discovered another defunct Claptrap robot. Could there be an unused repair kit somewhere in this scrap heap?"

Definitely try to complete this mission now while you’re in the area, as the broken Claptrap is off the beaten path somewhat which means it can be easily missed.

From Crazy Earl’s house, travel southeast into the scrapyard. When you come to the fork in the road, take the left path so that you’re heading north. Continue following the path north until you reach a small Bandit-laden village with a couple of patrolling Bruisers. You’ll find the Claptrap in the back of the village (located here on your map).

When you’ve picked up the mission, continue travelling east and loop around to the south. Along your way you’ll need to tackle some Spiderants, but none of which will really challenge your, by now, superior combat skills. After these Spiderants, continue through the gates to the west and up the hill. At the top, to the very north of this hilled area you’ll find the Repair Kit sitting in a half-caged shack.

When you have the kit, simply drop down the small cliff to the north to return back to the small Bandit village and speak with the broken Claptrap to complete the mission.

Today’s Lesson: High Explosives (Side Mission)

Level: 22
Rewards: 7,200XP, $9,075, Grenade Mod
Prerequisites: Meet "Crazy" Earl
Objectives: Collect Earl's C-Charges, then plant them and set them off
"Those bandit assholes stole my C-Charges! The explosives must be around their camp somewhere. You're gunna teach them a lesson. They want my C-Charges? Fine. We'll shove 'em up their asses and set 'em off. You steal Earl's stuff, you get blasted to hell."

From ‘Crazy’ Earl, work your way southwards (you should meet three Spiderants for the “Get Off My Lawn” mission on your way), making sure you stick to the right hand side when you get to the fork in the road. When you get to the open area, drop down from the walkway and follow the left hand wall around so that you’re travelling in a clockwise direction. There will be a mix of Bandits and Skags in this area: nothing too challenging.

Keep killing your way southwards (keep in mind that you require 25 Bandit kills for the “Get Off My Lawn” mission), following your waypoint marker until you reach a small encampment with a silver chest. Next to this chest is the C-Charge that we’re after, on top of a box.

From here, we need to head north slightly. Ignore your waypoint marker as it has no concept of height; instead head northwest and up the ramp. Follow the walkway around so that you’re travelling counter-clockwise. There are plenty of Bandits on this walkway and they’re in abundance around the area where you need to place the C-Charge, so make use of the cover available.

When the area is cleared of Bandits, head to the top of the walkways and place the C-Charge in the designated position. As the C-Charge explodes, keep an eye out for the building to the right; the explosions will destroy the metal cage next to it, revealing two shiny red weapon chests.

Now that we’re done here, you can return to ‘Crazy’ Earl to complete the mission. Make sure that you’ve killed 3 Spiderants and 25 Bandits for the “Get Off My Lawn!” mission. If you haven’t met these requirements yet, hunt around for some; there should be an ample amount of both enemies in this area.

Get Off My Lawn!

Level: 22
Rewards: 4,320XP, $3,025Unlocks: Hair Of The Dog
Unlocks: Hair Of The Dog
Objectives: Kill bandits and spiderants
"You want a favor from me? Well, pick my nose and I'll pick yours, as the saying goes. I got trespassers crawlin' all over my property here. They got their eye on my treasure. You get out there and start exterminatin' interlopers. Then we'll see about whatever it was you wanted."

As described in the above mission for “Today’s Lesson: High Explosives”. Once you’ve killed 3 Spiderants and 25 Bandits, return to ‘Crazy’ Earl to complete the mission and gain access to “Hair Of The Dog”.

Hair Of The Dog

Level: 23
Rewards: 4,950XP, $5,082
Unlocks: The Next Piece
Objectives: Collect Bottles of Booze from the bandits at Treacher's Landing
“One more thing, I'm all out of booze. You wanna get my alien whatsit? You're gonna go pick up a new supply from the bandits out at Treacher's Landing. They brew a mean moonshine out there. Don't know what's in it, but who cares? Those bandits don't part with it willingly, of course. That's why you're going, and not me!”

We’re off to pastures new once again – this time to a place called Treacher’s Landing. From ‘Crazy’ Earl, head back to the Rust Commons West by going north in Earl’s Scrapyard (you may need to kill some Skags again!) When back in the Rust Commons, take a right so that you’re travelling southwards. There will be a Catch-A-Ride station to your left once you exit this small encampment to make your journey that much swifter.

Continue south until you get to the southern-most point in the Rust Commons – the last part will need to be travelled on foot as Treacher’s Landing doesn’t allow vehicles.

Welcome to Treacher’s Landing, a small fishing island which is home to a wealth of Bandits. In this area we’ll be looting bottles of booze from dead Bandits: for every Bandit killed, a bottle of booze will be dropped by the deceased. You need to collect 24 bottles in total to complete the mission. While we’re here, we’ll also earn the “You’re on a boat!” achievement.

There should be more than enough Bandits to fulfil the required amount of booze, but as we’re also after an achievement, head towards the east of the map until you reach a pier with a lone boat. Boarding this board will earn you the achievement:

Secret Achievement in Borderlands
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 99,384 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 1.49) 223,773

As soon as you’ve collected 24 bottles of booze and have earned the strange “You’re on a boat!” achievement, you can head back to ‘Crazy’ Earl to turn in the mission.

Before continuing on with the story-related missions, it’s advisable to complete all of the available side missions, otherwise you’ll struggle as the next story mission is a level 25 mission. Unless you’ve killed a boat-load of enemies, you’ll probably be closer to level 23.

Missing Persons (Side Mission)

Level: 24
Rewards: 1,560XP, $3,794
Prerequisites: Hair of the Dog
Objectives: Search for evidence of Shawn Stokely's fate around New Haven
"Is anyone out there willing to help me? I'm trying to find my cousin, Shawn Stokely, and his son Jed. They both live here in New Haven, but they haven't been home or responded to my calls for weeks. Jed was a troubled young man and I think he may have run away again. Shawn must've gone after him, and now I'm fearing the worst. Anyone, please, search around New Haven and find out what happened to my cousin."

This is an incredibly easy mission and shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes to complete. From the New Haven Bounty Board, travel southwest towards the entrance back to the Dahl Headlands (following your waypoint marker of course). On the right, before you arrive at the Vehicle Station, is a ramp which leads up to a small house on the opposite side. Go up the ramp, enter the house and pick up Shawn Stokely’s Journal which is lying beside him on the bed (apparently poor Shawn joined Krom’s Army and was renamed to “Reaver”).

Picking up the journal will end the mission and start a new side mission named “Two Wrongs Make A Right”. However, this new mission requires you to travel to Krom’s Canyon which we won’t do just yet, instead we’ll complete the remaining side missions listed on the New Have Bounty Board.

Middle Of Nowhere No More: Investigate (Side Mission)

Level: 24
Rewards: 4,680XP, $3,794, Class Mod
Prerequisites: Hair of the Dog
Objectives: Find the Middle of Nowhere bounty board and Mr. Johns
"A once popular fuel depot in the Rust Commons was abandoned a while ago. People have taken to calling it the 'Middle of Nowhere.' There was a Bounty Board out there, but it doesn't work anymore. Go take a look at the board and see if you can find its custodian, Mr. Johns. If you were to get the board working again, you might find several jobs left over from before the malfunction."

You’ve been tasked with simply seeking out the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board which is situated in the Rust Commons East. If you’ve been to the Middle of Nowhere before, you can just use the Fast Travel station to take you straight there. If you haven’t discovered this area yet, enter the Rust Commons West via your normal means and travel to the northeast area of the map. This is the entrance to the Rust Commons East.

When you enter the Rust Commons East, travel southwards until you reach your waypoint marker. When you do, jump out of your car, up the ramp and interact with the Bounty Board. Turn right (facing east) and head on over the footbridge (to this location) where you’ll find Mr. Johns waiting for you to turn in the mission. You’ll then be granted another mission:

Middle of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really? (Side Mission)

Level: 24
Rewards: 6,240XP, $15,178
Prerequisites: Middle of Nowhere No More: Investigate
Objectives: Collect fuses and return to Hudson Jones
"The bounty board is missing a fuse of all things. Who uses fuses these days anyhow? That's the problem, really. They're hard to come by, seeing as most people have thrown 'em all out. Not like Marcus sells 'em; can't kill anyone with one. Even if you find one, it probably won't work. If you find three, there ought to be one in the bunch that will work. I'd sure appreciate it if you could find some and bring 'em to me."

You’ve been asked to retrieve 3 Bounty Board Fuses to power the one in the Middle of Nowhere. So, head to the very north of the map where you’ll enter a small scrapyard. This area houses Skag Piles which will contain our beloved fuses. However, not all of the Skag piles will have a fuse, so you’ll probably need to search more than 3 to complete this mission. If may also be an idea to clear the area of Scythids before you begin scavenging the landscape.

When you have all 3 in your possession, return to Mr. Johns to complete the mission and continue onto the next side mission.

Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor (Side Mission)

Level: 24
Rewards: 6,240XP, $15,178
Prerequisites: Middle of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really?
Objectives: Kill off the Spiderants for Hudson Johns
"While I get these fuses assembled and working for the bounty board, I need a small favor. Some spiderants are causing a ruckus near by. Exterminate the bugs and when you're done I should have the fuse ready for the bounty board. You scratch my back... ya, know what I mean?"

This really is a small favour. All we have to do here is kill 5 Spiderants at the designated location which is marginally north of where Mr. Johns is. It’s so close in fact that we could actually walk it, but then we’d have to use guns instead of a vehicle to kill off the Spiderants. So, grab a car and squish/murder 5 Spiderants.

When you’re done, return to Mr. Johns to complete the mission.

Middle of Nowhere No More: Scoot On Back (Side Mission)

Level: 24
Rewards: 3,432XP, $11,383, Shield
Prerequisites: Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
Objectives: Return to Helena with the good news
"Thanks for helpin' me get the board back up and runnin'. Be sure to check it for jobs. Next time you're in New Haven, You ought to ask Miss Helena or that loser Scooter to come out and pay me a visit. I'd sure like to see them again."

Scoot on back to Helena Pierce in new Haven via the Fast Travel station in the Middle of Nowhere (you could drive if you wanted to) to finish this short but profitable mission ($11,383!!)

You should now be of a high enough level to continue on with the story, so head on over to Krom’s Canyon which is located to the very northeast of the Rust Commons East.

Earl Needs Food… Badly (Side Mission)

Level: 25
Rewards: 9,720XP, $21,250
Prerequisites: Hair of the Dog
Objectives: Collect cans of skag meat from Krom's Canyon, then return to Earl
“Hey, if you've got nothing better to do with your time, you can go get me some dinner. I'm talkin' about the best food on Pandora, canned skag meat! Only problem is, Krom likes it, too, and he hijacked my entire supply! Make yourself useful! Go on out to Krom's Canyon and hijack it back.”

As previously stated, head to Krom’s Canyon located to the very northeast of the Rust Commons East as this is where the cans of Skag meat are located. Before you reach the entrance though, you’ll need to travel through a dam. Just outside of the entrance to Krom’s Canyon are a host of bad guys just waiting to rip you a new one, including a Rocket Turret, Gatlin Turret and a Mulciber Mk2; you should be able to snipe these from a distance to lower any possible damage to yourself. When your route to the entrance is clear, transition to Krom’s Canyon where an achievement will unlock:

Discovered Krom's Canyon in Borderlands
Discover Krom's Canyon
  • Unlocked by 148,042 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 223,773

From the entrance, work your way northeast, overcoming two groups of Spiderants and then some regular Bandits; nothing that should really trouble you. Once you reach a Bandit encampment (located here), you should spot your first can of Skag meat, sitting atop a box, in front of a ramp. When you’ve collect this, head up the ramp.

When you’re at the top of the ramp, turn left and you’ll be ambushed by a group of Bandits. You should also find your second can on top of a barrel (located here on the map). Continue forward and head up the ramp to the right which will overlook the next area. Up here is your third can which is on top of a suitcase, which is located just before the bridge across.

Head over the bridge where there will be more enemies to defeat. If you veer round to the left, you’ll notice the fourth can lying on the ground to the right (located here). You’ll now be approached by a Badass Raider, so be careful.

Just past this can you should see another broken Claptrap. Speak with him to begin the “Claptrap Rescue: Krom’s Canyon” mission. Details of how to complete this mission are detailed below.

Veer around to the left again, up the small incline, and just before you reach the bridge, go to you right where you’ll find the fifth can on top of some boxes.

Now, go over the bridge and to your right you’ll find can #6 among some debris (map location). The last can in this area (can #7) is sitting on top of a tower, so head north to its location until you see it, where you can jump over and pick it up.

Don’t jump off this tower just yet. Instead, look north and you should see a Repair Kit for the broken Claptrap that we met earlier hanging off of the tower opposite, so jump on over there and pick it up.

Claptrap Rescue: Krom’s Canyon (Side Mission)

Level: 25
Rewards: 1,620XP, Backpack SDU
Prerequisites: Hair of the Dog
Objectives: Find the Repair Kit and repair this Claptrap
"You've discovered a defunct Claptrap here. It looks like the bandits were pretty rough on him. Perhaps there is a repair kit nearby?"

The location of the Repair Kit is described above. Return to Claptrap when you’ve collected said part to complete the mission and gain access to his secret stash which contains a red chest.

Continuing on with collecting the cans of Skag Meat, make your way back to where you collected the seventh can and head east towards this location bludgeoning your way through a small bandit camp, until you reach a large gate. To the left of the gate is a lever that needs to be pulled in order to open said gate. Waiting behind it are some Bandits.

Continue southeast (towards the yellow marker in that image), killing any Bandits you encounter until you reach another small Bandit camp. In front of the hut to the right is the eighth can. On the opposite side to this can, another can should be visible (can #9).

The last can (can #10) is located further into the canyon, just outside of Reaver’s cave, to the left next to a dumpster (I accidently picked it up before taking the screenshot, hence a lack of evidence of any can). While we’re here, we may as well kill Reaver to complete this mission as well…

Two Wrongs Make A Right (Side Mission)

Level: 25
Rewards: 5,670XP, $8,500
Prerequisites: Missing Persons
Objectives: Eliminate Reaver and report back to New Haven
"Shawn's cousin will be devastated to hear about this. It seems that this Reaver character needs to be taught a little respect for his elders. If he joined Krom's men, he'll probably be found in Krom's Canyon. Find him, and mete out some old fashioned discipline. Then, return to New Haven and report what happened."

You should have picked this mission up after completing the “Missing Persons” mission (for finding Shawn Stokely’s body). If you don’t have it, you can find it at the New Haven Bounty Board.

Reaver can be found in his cave located in the northeast of Krom’s Canyon (located here). In fact, it’s just beyond the tenth can of Skag Meat in the “Earl Needs Food… Badly” mission.

Reaver is a pretty pathetic boss to be honest, in fact I’d probably go as far to call him a normal mob. He uses a Sniper rifle which can pack a punch if he hits you with it, but it has a slow rate of fire. You can simply keep moving around to avoid his gunfire, or take shelter behind one of metal fencex nearby. You really shouldn’t have trouble besting him.

When he’s dead, return to the Bounty Board in New Haven to turn in this mission, along with the Earl Needs Food… Badly mission. However, it’s best to stay in this area for now and hunt out Krom to progress the storyline.

The Next Piece

Level: 25
Rewards: 6,480XP, $8,500
Unlocks: Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous
Objectives: Get Krom's piece of the Vault Key and return to Tannis
"You want my alien doo-dad? It was stolen from me by one tough-ass bandit, a bastard by the name of Krom. If you're stupid enough to take him on, you'll find him northeast, in Krom's Canyon. Just follow the river north and past Flood Lock. If you get it back from him, you and that Tannis woman do whatever you want with it. I'm done with it."

Go back to the entrance to Krom’s Canyon and stock up on ammo and health kits via the vendors opposite. This time we’ll be taking the western path north. I’d advise sticking to the upper levels when travelling northwards as you’ll be earning more XP from killing Bandit mobs, along with cash and loot; plus, it’s easier to kill Krom from.

If you’ve been following this walkthrough, you should be around level 27 which is more than high enough to kill Krom without any issues. Killing Krom himself is relatively straight forward. He’ll be sitting at the top of the canyon in a turret gun. He’ll be firing machine gun rounds at you, along with rockets. If the rockets make contact with you, you’ll know about it, so try to stay in cover at all times. After all, if you’re in cover he can’t damage you.

Having said that, find yourself a good sniping spot and just chip away at his health with your sniper rifle. A good point to do this is here on your map which also has a white chest to loot. From here, you can peek over the top of the metal sheeting in front of you and take pot-shots at him. Be aware of any Bandits nearby as they have a tendency of creeping up on you when you’re least expecting it. If you are trying to take out some Bandits, make sure you’re hidden from view of Krom.

When you’ve killed Krom, you’ll unlock the “Wanted: Krom” achievement:

Secret Achievement in Borderlands
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 144,200 tracked gamers (64% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 223,773

Head up to where he was and pick up his loot which will include Krom’s Sidearm, a pretty useful pistol as it boasts a x3 multiplier to Shock damage. Behind him also holds a red chest and a white chest: the red chest contains weapons, the white chest contains cash and, most importantly, the Vault Key Piece! You can now return back to Patricia Tannis to turn in the mission.

Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous

Level: 27
Rewards: 3,480XP, $5,331
Unlocks: Jaynistown: A Brother's Love
Objectives: Cross the drawbridges and talk to Taylor Kobb, outside of Jaynistown
"I'm reading traces of Eridian artifact activity out at the Trash Coast, so we're going there next. It's across the drawbridges, so talk to one of the Claptraps there. Pierce has already given you the necessary credentials. It's a little shady, but I've arranged for a meeting with a bandit named Taylor Kobb. The bandits of Jaynistown control access to the Trash Coast, but he says he can get us in."

You’ll be granted this mission as soon as you turn in “The Next Piece” mission. So, head to the Rust Commons East and drive towards the south of the map until you reach the raised drawbridge. When you arrive, you’ll see Claptrap standing in front of the drawbridge. Speaking with him will prompt him into lowering the bridge, giving you access to the rest of the map (coincidently, the raised drawbridge in the north will lower as well).

Cross the bridge and follow your waypoint marker to meet with Taylor Kobb. The area before it plays host to hordes of Spiderants, so be sure to clear them before proceeding. Speaking with Taylor will end this mission and grant the next.

Jaynistown: A Brother’s Love

Level: 27
Rewards: 6,264XP, $10,662
Unlocks: Jaynistown: Spread the Word
Objectives: Kill Jaynis Kobb in Jaynistown
"My brother Jaynis is the leader of Jaynistown, and he's turned the place into a hive of scum and villainy. It wasn't always that way. Good people used to live in that town, but his thugs chased them all away. When I protested, he exiled me, his own brother! It ain't right, and the people of that town deserve better. Jaynis needs to be 'removed' from office. Violently."

There’s definitely no brotherly love between these two. Taylor Kobb has ordered you to kill his troublesome brother, so travel to the waypoint marker located just west of where Taylor is, inside a large Bandit camp.

Venturing inside the camp will trigger some regular Bandits to spawn, so clear these up before meeting Jaynis, otherwise you’ll become overwhelmed. Stick to the eastern side of the camp and work your way around, picking off mobs until Jaynis himself appears.

Jaynis doesn’t really hold his own too much; he’s not unlike any normal Bandit that roams Borderlands, but he has a tougher shield and more HP than regular Bandits. A few shots to the head should suffice, however this may prove difficult as he likes to move around a lot. If you’re struggling, a few sturdy shotgun rounds to the face should see him hit the deck.

When he’s dead, he’ll drop “The Meat Grinder”, a machine gun with a large magazine size and an increased damage multiplier. It’s not the greatest of guns, but it should hold its own against enemy hordes.

When you’re all done in this area, return to Taylor Kobb to complete the mission. The next story-related mission will then be tasked to you.

Jaynistown: Spread The Word

Level: 27
Rewards: 1,740XP
Unlocks: Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You
Objectives: Speak with Erik Franks in New Haven
"You've removed my brother from power. The next step is to gather my supporters. My right-hand man is a fellow named Erik Franks. You'll find him in New Haven, keeping an eye on that Pierce bitch. Report to him, and he'll spread the word. Once we've gotten the word out, we'll clean the remaining trash out of Jaynistown. I mean, Taylortown!"

It’s time to spread the word of Jaynis’ downfall by travelling to New Haven and speaking with Taylor's right-hand man, Erik Franks, who can be found to the east of Helena Pierce. Speaking with him will end the mission and begin the next.

Dumpster Diving for Great Justice (Side Mission)

Level: 27
3,828XP, $31,987
Prerequisites: Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You
Search dumpsters around New Haven to recover Erik's, uh, valuables
"You seem like someone who can keep a secret. You see, my wife can be quick to anger, and we had, uh, a disagreement. In her rage, she took something of great value to me and threw it away. Go check the dumpsters outside of town. I think you'll know what you're looking for when you find it. I know it's asking a lot, but keep this just between you and me, okay? I'll make it worth your while."

Speaking with Erik will grant you a side mission and as this mission is situated in this area, we may as well complete it now. What could Mr. Franks’ stash that his wife found so… disagreeable be? That’s left up to interpretation, but I’m sure you have a good enough idea.

From Mr. Franks, follow your waypoint marker west where you’ll find the first dumpster. It will be surrounded by Scythids, so be sure to handle these first. When you’re ready, open it to see why Mrs. Franks was so upset (hint: Dirty Mags!).

From here, head south, tackling the Bandits that will be patrolling in front of you. To the left, behind a wall, another dumpster is located with another Dirty Mag. You’ll now need to venture further south (southwest of the town of New Haven) to this point on your map, where you’ll find the third dumpster.

The fourth dumpster is located just south of the entrance to the Rust Commons West and a small Bandit camp. You may want to dispose of any Bandits before approaching this dumpster.

To reach the fifth one, you’ll need to travel all the way to the northwest of the area; it’s located just outside the entrance to the Tetanus Warren (where we killed King Wee Wee earlier on in the game). Be wary when travelling through the scrapyard as it plays hosts to an abundance of Bandits and Sythids who tend to jump out of nowhere. You’ll find the fifth dumpster besides a small shack.

The last dumpster is on the outskirts of New Haven, just south of the Vehicle and Quick Travel stations, so head there, but avoid entering the town itself. Instead, travel around the perimeter, locate the dumpster, open it and pick up the last of the Dirty Mags.

When all six have been found, head back to Erik Franks in New Haven to complete the mission. While you’re in the area, be sure to visit Scooter to pick up the mission “I’ve Got A Sinking Feeling…” which we’ll tackle a bit later.

Jaynistown: Getting What’s Coming To You

Level: 27
Rewards: 4,872XP, $15,993
Unlocks: Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences
Objectives: Find the container outside of New Haven
"You've done a great service for our cause. Taylor has asked that I give you a reward worthy of your service! A little ways outside of New Haven is a container. I'll mark it for you. Go out there and you'll find your reward waiting for you."

After all of your effort helping Taylor dethrone his brother, you’re finally being rewarded. Head to the container to the north of New Haven to claim your spoils. Interacting with the panel on the container will finish the mission and the next will begin.

Janistown: Unintended Consequences
Level: 27
Rewards: 3,480XP
Unlocks: Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess
Objectives: Report to Helena Pierce in New Haven
"Something is fishy here. You'd better go talk to Helena Pierce. Your liberation of Jaynistown may have had unintended consequences."

Once you’ve accepted this mission, the door of the container will open and you’ll begin to hear giggling coming from inside of it. What is this? Where’s your reward? Who’d have thought that you’d be betrayed by an upstanding pillar of the community like Taylor Kobb?

Inside the container is not your promised reward, instead there’s a Psycho Midget. More Bandits will then flood over the wall to the north to which you’ll need to kill. When the area is clear and you’ve finished crying over the lack of riches, head back to Helena Pierce in New Haven to complete this mission.

Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess

Level: 29
Rewards: 13,392XP, $20,062
Unlocks: Another Piece of the Puzzle
Objectives: Kill Taylor Kobb, then talk to his Claptrap
"An idiot Vault Hunter follows the direction of an insane archeologist, and the result is disaster. Jaynis was no angel, but under Taylor's rule, Jaynistown is a greater threat than ever. You caused this mess, so you can clean it up by killing Taylor Kobb. If reaching the Trash Coast is so blasted important, his hacked Claptrap should allow you to pass once he's dead."

Continuing the story, you’ll be tasked with assassinating Taylor as, apparently; Taylor Kobb is an even bigger threat than Jaynis was. So, head back to Jaynistown in the Rust Commons East, but stay just outside of the entrance and pick off the two Gatling Turrets that are situated on the roofs of the buildings in the town with your Sniper Rifle; heading straight in without taking these turrets out first is suicide.

Once inside, start heading west towards the waypoint market, taking out any Bandits that approach you, until you reach the entrance to a small arena. Make sure there aren’t any loose Bandits roaming around before you enter this arena otherwise they’ll just give you additional grief when you confront Taylor.

Taylor will exit his house to the very west (up a set of stairs) when you get close enough to it. As soon as you’ve triggered his entrance, move back to the outside of the entrance and use the fencing as cover. Taylor will bring two level 28 Bruisers, along with two level 24 Rocket Turrets on top of the buildings either side of his house.

As the two turrets are the weaker of the enemies, concentrate on taking them out first; they shouldn’t take too long as they’ll be a few levels lower than yourself. Just be sure to take cover whenever they fire a rocket at you as they pack a punch. Next, take out the Bruisers. These guys are no different than the other Bruisers you’ve accosted previously; they’ve slow moving making for easier head shots.

Taylor himself carries a rocket launcher which can pack a punch if he makes contact with it. Fortunately, it’s very easy to dodge; just keep moving. You can station yourself behind any of the obstacles inside the arena and just use pot-shots with your shotgun. To be honest, it’s actually more difficult to get hit by his rockets than to avoid them, so he shouldn’t pose any real threat. If your shotgun is powerful enough, he should be downed after 5 or 6 well-placed shots.

When he’s been defeated he’ll drop his rocket launcher, The Roaster, which boasts a very useful x4 elemental effect chance, so make sure you grab that.

When you’re all done, head to the Claptrap that is located up the mountainous path, just past Taylor Kobb’s previous location. Here you’ll be granted access to the Trash Coast, along with the next story-related mission, “Another Piece Of The Puzzle”. However, we still had some side missions to complete, so travel to the Bounty Board in the Middle of Nowhere to pick up some.

A Bug Problem (Side Mission)

Level: 27
Rewards: 6,960XP, $21,324, Shotgun
Prerequisites: Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
Objectives: Collect sulphur samples and kill Helob and Widowmaker
"Given the plant growth I've observed outside of New Haven, I suspect there is a component in the sulphur springs which act as fertilizer for Pandora's native flora. To test my theory, I need samples both from The Retching Seeps and The Fetid Cauldron. I'd do it myself, but each location is guarded by a nasty spiderant! Eliminate these nuisances, and I'll be able to conduct further tests without the need for assistance."

If you’re currently at the Bounty Board in the Middle of Nowhere, head west and cross the northern-most drawbridge where the first sulphur spring is awaiting your interaction. As soon as you have, jump back in your vehicle and take down the Widowmaker who will spawn shortly after.

There’s nothing to differentiate from this oversized Spiderant to any normal Spiderant, apart from its attacks are stronger. If you’re in your vehicle, either shoot at its face, where it will become dazed and expose its weak point: the abdomen. Shooting at it will earn you critical hits 100% of the time. If you don’t fancy doing that, just run it over. Your vehicle will explode from the impact, but the Widowmaker will die and there’s a Vehicle Garage about 50 yards away.

When you’ve seen off the Widowmaker, travel to the south of the map and interact with the second sulphur spring. The result will bring Helob to the fray. Much like Widowmaker, this Fire Spiderants is incredibly easy to take down with your vehicle, just don’t try to run it over as it’s a bit of a trek to the nearest Vehicle Garage.

When you’ve killed both Widowmaker and Helob, return to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board to turn in the mission.

Altar Ego: Burning Heresy (Side Mission)

Level: 24
Rewards: 6,240XP, $7,589, Shield
Prerequisites: Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
Objectives: Burn the scriptures at bandit chapels
"We need to put an end to this new 'religion' the bandits are creating, before they gain a following and all hell breaks loose. I can't help but wonder what started the whole thing, but I'm paying you to end it. I want you to destroy the scriptures that they preach at each of their altars."

For this mission, we simply have to visit three chapels and burn the Bandit Scripture. The first location is to the north. This small chapel will be guarded be a horde of Spiderants that will spawn once you get into close proximity. When you’re free, approach the chapel and set fire to the Bandit Scripture by interacting with it.

The second location will see you travelling southeast of your current location. When there, again, burn the scripture.

The third and final location is just south of the Middle of Nowhere, so head there, kill any Spiderants loitering around the area and burn the scripture once more.

When all three scriptures have been burnt, return to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board to complete the mission. This will grant you access to the next “Altar Ego” mission: The New Religion.

Altar Ego: The New Religion (Side Mission)

Level: 27
Rewards: 6,960XP, $5,331
Prerequisites: Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
Objectives: Collect pamphlets from the bandits at Old Lynne Abbey
“You know Old Lynne Abbey, up on the Overlook? That place has been abandoned since we pulled out of Old Haven, but some bandits recently took the place over, and are now proselytizing and handing out pamphlets to anyone who’ll listen. I doubt those nut jobs have really found religion. We need to grab some of those pamphlets and find out what they’re up to”

You won’t be able to attempt this mission until you’ve lowered the drawbridge (during the mission Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous). If you have, head to the Old Lynne Abbey which is situated north of Taylor Kobb’s location in Rust Commons East (map location here).

The area surrounding the abbey will be populated with plenty of Bandits. Killing them will drop the pamphlets that we’re after, so kill 6 of them to reach our desired number. You may become overwhelmed in this area as there tends to be quite a few Bandits here. If you’re struggling, take shelter in the abbey itself which should provide adequate cover.

Once you’ve collected 6 pamphlets, return to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board to complete the mission – who needs religion, eh?

Altar Ego: Godless Monsters (Side Mission)

Level: 29
Rewards: 8,370XP, $20,082, The Dove
Prerequisites: Altar Ego: The New Religion
Objectives: Go to the Trashy Knoll, find Slither, and kill it
"After looking at these pamphlets you collected, I'm fairly certain there's something interesting out there. Their crude drawings show stick figures gathered around some kind of monster named "Slither". Maybe if you kill their "god", they'll abandon this whole religious scheme?"

Wow, killing a god – this is going to be tough.

Travel back to the large scrapyard located at the north of the map (the same place we picked up the fuses for the mission “Middle Of Nowhere: Fuses? Really?”)

When you arrive, head towards the middle-most junk pile where Slither will appear in all of his god-like splendour… or then again, he could just look like your average Scythid. How disappointing.

Slither’s main attack is a flying leap towards your face; that’s about all he can muster. He does have a higher amount of health points than normal Scythids though, so it might take you a few more seconds to kill him. When you do, make sure to check out the loot he drops as some of it may be of some to you.

When you’re ready, return back to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board to complete the mission and revel in your new god-killing title*. You’ll also receive a nifty little pistol: the Dove.

*you won’t actually receive a title.

I’ve Got A Sinking Feeling… (Side Mission)

Level: 27
Rewards: 17,400XP, $26,656, Rocket Launcher
Prerequisites: Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming
Objectives: Sink the Righteous Man, Great Vengeance, and Furious Anger
"The bandits have a new weapon. They've built three gunboats, and they're using them to stage raids along the entire coastline It's got to stop. I'm putting up a bounty for anyone who'll go to Treacher's Landing and sink those things."

Hopefully you’ll have picked up this mission from Scooter after completing the Jaynistown-related missions. If not, travel back to New Haven to add it to your log. We’ll also be tackling “Wanted: Fresh Fish” which can be picked up from the Middle Of Nowhere Bounty Board, as both these missions are located in Treacher’s Landing.

Those darn Bandits are at it again, wreaking havoc along the coastline with three gunboats that they’ve assembled. You’ve been tasked with destroying all three of them and halting their thirst for cannon-toting carnage.

The three boats are all located in Treacher’s Landing, so head there and begin moving southwards towards the first waypoint marker. As you’ve been here before, you should be familiar with the layout and the enemies should now be of a lower level than yourself, so slay your way through until you reach this point on your map. Facing southwest, you’ll see the first gunboat, the Righteous Man. You’ll probably want to take out the Mulciber Mk2 Turret first, but if not, aiming for the gas tank to the rear of the ship will sink it (you’ll need to move to the west more to able to get a view of the gas tank).

From here, head east until you reach the clearing and then take a right so that you’re heading south again. You should now be travelling along a pier which is filled with Bandits that will appear from the buildings on either side. You’ll see the next gunboat, the Great Vengeance, on the left down in the water, so work your way to this point on your map so that you have a clear shot of the gas tank.

Once the Great Vengeance has been sunk, head back up the pier and then travel east until you reach this point on your map. There will be a few Bandits and Bruisers situated around this area, so be wary of them. This location will give you access to the gas tank, so shoot at it and watch the last gunboat, the Furious Anger, sink to its demise.

Once all three have been sunk, return to Scooter to complete the mission and claim a brand new rocket launcher. Before you do that though, make sure you’ve completed the below mission: “Wanted: Fresh Fish”.

Wanted: Fresh Fish (Side Mission)

Level: 27
Rewards: 6,960XP, $21,324, Leviathan
Prerequisites: Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You
Objectives: Throw grenades into the water around Treacher's Landing and pick up the fish that float to the surface. Bring them back to the New Haven bounty board.
"Fish are a rarity in the sludge you find around the Rust Commons, but they're out there and I'm willing to pay for them. There's no bait, lures, or nets that can catch the bastards though. Your best bet is to go to the docks at Treacher's Landing and drop a grenade into the water. Grab whatever fish float to the surface, and watch out for the bandits."

From the entrance to Treacher’s Landing, your first port of call will be the first boardwalk over the water when following the path round to the right. Your waypoint marker (the yellow marker on this occasion) will guide you to a square area of water with a fishing float in the middle (it will be highlighted green). If you throw a grenade at it, 4 fish will burst out from the water. Pick these up and the waypoint marker will move to the next fishing float.

From this pool, hop up onto the boardwalk and make your way southeast to find the second fishing line. After you’ve collected these four fish, hop back on the boardwalk again and make your way southwest. Turn right when you reach the forked path and then follow it round until you can see the next fishing line on the left. That’s all for this area; from here, head east to the next set of boardwalks.

When you’re there, kill off any Bandits in this area, be wary of the Bruisers who stalk this area, and continue to this location, which should be directly in front of you, and throw a grenade at the float to earn another 4 fish. In the opposite corner of the pool (the northeast corner) will be the last fishing float.

Once you have 20 fish, return to the New Haven Bounty Board to complete the mission and earn the Leviathan Rocket Launcher which is possibly the best weapon of its kind in the game.

Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East (Side Mission)

Level: 26
Rewards: 6,720XP, $28,560
Prerequisites: Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
Objectives: Download 5 Log Entries from Data Recorders in Rust Commons East
“This is Patricia Tannis, calling for anyone with two brain cells to rub together. I hid five of my Data Recorders in Rust Commons East, but now I've decided I want them back. Listen to each one, and your ECHO device will record them. Once you have all five recordings, upload them to the bounty board.”

“Not another Hidden Journal mission!” I hear you cry… Oh yes. From the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board, travel south until you reach the drawbridge that we crossed earlier in the game to go meet Taylor Kobb. Walk behind the small building to the right of the bridge to find a box. Flip it over to reveal the first Journal Entry (Journal Day 578).

From here, head north until you’re just south of Middle of Nowhere where the second Journal Entry can be found underneath a large mushroom (Journal Day 616). Be wary of Scythids inhabiting this area, especially the Bursting ones.

Heading northeast to this location, the third Journal Entry (Journal Day 653) can be located behind a bed that’s been propped up against a rock. The area will be guarded by a posse of Spiderants so be sure to kill these first. There’s also a red chest in front of the Journal Entry which can and should be looted.

Just to the north of the previous Journal Entry, the fourth one can be found. It’s located up the small tower just before you arrive at the bridge. Climb the ramp up and on the right hand side you’ll see a metal sheet propped up against the wall. Pressing X on it will move it aside and reveal the Journal Entry (Journal Day 684).

The fifth and final one can be found back in the Middle of Nowhere, so travel southwest of your current location and run back up to where Mr. John is standing (remember him from earlier?). In his house behind him, you’ll find the Journal Entry (Journal Day 718) wedged between a crate and the wall.

Once you’ve collected all 5 Journal Entries, return to the Bounty Board in the Middle of Nowhere (not far from where you are now) to end the mission.

Scavenger: Shotgun (Side Mission)

Level: 24
Rewards: 3,588XP, Shotgun
Prerequisites: Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
Objectives: Find all of the shotgun parts
"There are components to a shotgun scattered around. If you find all of these components, I can reassemble the weapon for you. Bring me the Body, Magazine, Stock, and barrel."

Yes, another scavenger mission. But, this one isn’t too bad if you know where all of the pieces are; luckily, I have you covered.

Head back towards the dam that you passed through to reach Krom’s Canyon (located here) where all of the pieces are located. Enter through the gate and cross the water via the bridge. The Stock is located on top of some crates, next to the building in front of you.

Now, jump up on top of these crates to gain access to the roof on this building, and the next piece (the Barrel). Facing north, jump over to the next building and turn marginally left where you should see the next piece in sight. Jump on over to pick up the Body.

The last piece is by the entrance gate (this could actually be your first piece, but I actually found this piece last). If you’re inside the dam area, to the left of the entrance are some conveniently stacked crates. The ledge above these crates holds the Shotgun Magazine, so climb up there and grab it.

Return to the Bounty Board in the Middle of Nowhere to complete the mission.

Relight The Beacons (Side Mission)

Level: 27
Rewards: 10,440XP, $15,993, Sniper Rifle
Prerequisites: Hair Of The Dog
Objectives: Reactivate both beacon towers
"While Dahl still maintained a strong presence on Pandora, they operated two interplanetary beacons, used by interstellar craft for navigation and communication. Recently, bandits have taken up residence around the beacon stations, shutting them down in the process. Somebody needs to get out there and clean the bandit infestation out of those stations, and reactivate the beacons."

Note that again, you’ll need to have completed the “Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous” story mission before starting this mission, otherwise the two drawbridges located in the Rust Commons East won’t be lowered and thus access to this mission will not be permitted.

From the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board, travel north slightly, circulate anti-clockwise round the rocks on your left and move up the hill. You’ll need to exit your vehicle at this point as due to width restrictions, it won’t allow you to pass. However, you can still shoot at the Bandits currently patrolling inside through the entrance.

Once inside this small town, eliminate any Bandits that frequent this area and proceed to the western-most point in the town. Here is where you’ll find the North Ridge beacon; interact with the panel to relight it.

Head south towards the drawbridge and travel across it. From here, go north, past both the town that we killed Jaynis Kobb in, and the entrance to where Taylor Kobb is and veer off at the first available exit left. Continue up the hill until you reach another small township. Once again, clear the area of enemies and continue north through the town until you reach this location on your map. Again, interact with the panel to relight the Overlook beacon.

When both are alight, turn the mission in by visiting Helena Pierce back in New Haven.

Circle Of Slaughter: Meat And Greet (Side Mission)

Level: 26
Rewards: 1,007XP
Prerequisites: Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
Objectives: Talk to Chuck Durden
"Think you've got what it takes to be a gladiator? Forget those puny Circle Of Death events my weakling brother puts on, this is where you'll find the REAL action! Talk to Chuck Durden, if you think you got what it takes."

Much like the missions for “Circle of Death”, this mission sees you pitting your wits in another arena full of tough adversaries. This time around though, it’s a lot tougher as there are more enemies of a higher level. Only attempt this if you are at least level 30, otherwise you’re going to have an extremely tough time. You can do the first couple of rounds now if you wish as you do not have to do all three rounds in one go.

Travel to the Rust Commons West and make your way to the southwest area of the map. The large circular area should be a fairly big clue as to where to go. When you reach the waypoint market, you’ll see Chuck Durden sitting in a small booth. Speaking with him will complete the mission and begin the first round.

Circle Of Slaughter: Round 1 (Side Mission)

Level: 26
Rewards: 6,720XP, $14,280, Shield
Prerequisites: Circle of Slaughter: Meat and Greet
Objectives: It's kill or be killed!
"All you gotta do is survive. All my pets have to do is tear you in half. See you soon, in one piece or maybe two."

Before entering the arena, make sure you’re stocked up on ammo and health kits as you’ll require them at some point. When you enter the arena, the door behind you will lock and the large storage crates hanging above the arena will drop to the floor, releasing the enemies within.

This round shouldn’t be too taxing as it only contains around 10 standard Bandits of varying types. Make use of the cover by using the obstacles that are scattered around the area and take your time; there’s no time limit, so rushing is not necessary.

When all the enemies are dead, return to Chuck to complete this round.

Circle Of Slaughter: Round 2 (Side Mission)

Level: 29
Rewards: 7,440XP, $26,749, Class Mod
Prerequisites: Circle Of Slaughter: Round 1
It's kill or be killed!
"Back for more? I'm gonna get 'em real riled up before I let 'em out this time. They're just gonna wanna kill the first person they see. I'd hate to be that guy. Oh wait, that's you."

You’ll notice that the recommended level for this mission has jumped up from level 26 for the first round, to level 29 for the second round. There’s no shame in coming back and completing this mission later on when you’re of a more adequate level, in fact it’s recommended.

If you’re feeling brave, or if you’re of a high enough level, enter the arena for the second time. As soon as the gate behind you closes, you’ll notice the difference in difficulty straight away as a half-dozen Bruisers at level 28, along with a Badass Bruiser, will be set upon you. Find a decent hiding spot which is out of sight from the majority of them and focus on one at a time, preferably aiming to take the Badass variant down first. Make sure you’re using your Action Skill as soon as it’s off of it’s cooldown, along with chucking all of your available grenades at them.

Once these are dead, two more Badass Bruisers will spawn, one with a Rocket Launcher, just to make things that much more difficult (as if it wasn’t hard enough already!). Once you’ve overcome these and all other enemies, you can return to Chuck to complete the mission.

Circle of Slaughter: Final Round

Level: 28
Rewards: 7,200XP, $35,825
Prerequisites: Circle Of Slaughter: Round 2
Objectives: It's kill or be killed!
"This is it. You survive this time, I might actually respect you. I'm betting heavily against you, course I know what's coming and it ain't gonna be pretty."

They really turned up the difficulty dial when they created this mission. Even though this is actually one level lower in difficulty, it certainly doesn’t feel that way; it may as well be a level 50 mission as it really is that hard!

Again, make sure you’re stocked up on ammo and, more importantly, health kits. Trust me when I say that you’ll be using a lot of these, so fill your backpack full of them. When you’re ready, enter the arena.

Immediately, three level 30 Badass Bruisers will be thrust upon you. As you did before, find some cover which will shield you from all three of them and try to pick them off one at a time. Focusing on one will make your life a lot easier. As you’re fighting these, they’ll be joined soon after by some Midget Psycho’s who will try to lure you out from your cover; if they approach you, pull out your Shotgun and blast them in their face as they don’t tend to like that.

Once all of these foes are downed, you’ll then be joined by some regular Bandits, along with two more Badass Bruisers. Try to take the weaker enemies out first and then concentrate on the two Bruisers.

If you’ve managed to overcome all of this, congratulations on completing the hardest mission in the game. Return to Chuck to claim your rewards.

Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven (Side Mission)

Level: 28
Rewards: 6,120XP, $11,941
Prerequisites: Hair of the Dog
Objectives: Infiltrate Old Haven and investigate the smoke signals
"Now that the bridges are open, we've noticed four columns of smoke rising from Old Haven. We believe these are bandit distress calls, since they don't have free access to ECHOnet. It could be a trap, but we can't risk ignoring a problem that's worse than the bandits themselves. I'm offering a reward to anyone who will scout Old Haven and find out what's going on."

You can combine this mission with the mission “Not Without My Claptrap” as they’re both in the same area (detailed below), but you can’t pick that mission up until you’ve completed the story mission “Another Piece Of The Puzzle”. It’s up to you whether you do this mission now or later, but I added it in here as the enemies here dish out decent XP which is always useful.

Time to head to Old Haven which used to be a major city before it was overrun by Bandits, causing its residence to flee to form the city of New Haven. The entrance to Old Haven is located to the east in the Rust Commons East.

As you enter Old Haven, you’ll notice a pile of Dead Bandits. Interacting with them will complete this very short mission and begin the next, much tougher mission named “Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down”.

Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down (Side Mission)

Level: 28
Rewards: 6,480XP, $29,854, Class Mod
Prerequisites: Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven
Objectives: Shut down the four smoke signals in Old Haven, then return to Helena Pierce
"Steele has made good on her earlier threats. The Crimson Lance now consider you as much an enemy as any bandit. If they're going to be killing indiscriminately, you need to diffuse their little trap before New Haven residents get hurt. Fight your way through Old Haven and put out their smoke signals. I'll reward you well once the job is done."

Before starting this mission, be sure to be of an adequate level (level 28+), otherwise you’re going to have a tough time as this area is littered with Crimson Lance and Turret Guns. I’d recommend packing a weapon with an x4 elemental effect as this can burn through the enemies here, a corrosive weapon is extremely effective.

The waypoint marker for this mission will just sit in the middle of the map, so ignore it. If you look up to the sky, you’ll see black smoke bellowing upwards; you’ll need to find the source of this smoke to complete the mission. The first one (if you’re going down the list on your HUD) is located in the northeast of this area. It will be guarded by some Crimson Lance and a couple of Gatlin Guns; concentrate on taking out the Gatlin guns first, and make use of the abundance of cover in this area.

When this area is clear, find the source of the smoke and pull the lever next to it. This will conclude the “Apartment District” part of the mission. From here, travel southwards until you reach a small island. You’ll only be able to access it via the bridge which is heavily guarded by numerous Crimson Lance and two more Gatlin guns. Again, concentrate on taking out the turrets first and be aware of any Crimson Lance bringing up the rear.

Once the area is clear, head over the small bridge and loot the red chest directly in front of you. To the left (if you’re facing south), or the east if you prefer, is the second smoke signal (located here). Again, pull the level beside it to extinguish the fire and the smoke in the Canal District. We’ll now need to head west for the smoke signal located in the Junkyard.

As you approach the junkyard, a swarm of Crimson Lance will spawn upon you which shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome, just be wary of the two Badass Lancers who are patrolling in the Junkyard itself. The entrance itself consists of a narrow pathway so it’s a good idea to try and bottleneck the enemies exiting the junkyard. Once you’re inside the junkyard itself, the smoke is located to the south.

A broken Claptrap is located opposite the junkyard to the east which will start another Claptrap Rescue mission. The details for this are below.

Exit the junkyard and start making your way north as the last smoke signal is emanating just north of the junkyard. If you squeeze yourself through an alleyway between two buildings, you should see a grey chest which you can loot (located here), and a set of stairs leading up to the rooftops. Go up these steps and follow the path northwards. Go up some more steps to the left until you reach this location on your map. The Rooftops smoke signal will be located here.

Once all four smoke signals have been extinguished, return to Helena Pierce to complete the mission. Before you leave though, you should also pick up the “Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Keys” mission by following these directions:

From the entrance of Old Haven, travel north and past the water tower until you reach a concrete wall with some dead bodies strewn about the place. You should notice a Bandit Journal on the floor to the right of the wall(located here on your map – the yellow marker); interacting with it will begin the mission (detailed below).

Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Keys (Side Mission)

Level: 28
Rewards: 10,800XP, $5,970
Prerequisites: Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven
Objectives: Search Old Haven for keys and a locked strongbox
“One of the bandits is breathing his last few ragged breaths. He opens his hand, holding what appears to be a strongbox key. He wheezes, "Find brothers... two more... keys... Lance get nothin'". He coughs and then lies still.”

Next to the Bandit Journal you picked up to begin the mission will be the first key, so pick that up before you move on. The second key is located all the way over to the very east of the map where you’ll find more dead Bandit bodies, along with the second of the keys.

Proceed southwards, heading once again onto the small island to the south of the map. Cross onto the island and look towards the west side of the building situated here to find the third and final key in among more dead bodies.

Your waypoint marker will now lead you back towards the north of the map, to the east of where we picked up the first Bandit key. You’ll see a small house on your approach, so go ahead and open the door. Inside you’ll discover a treasure map which will end the mission and begin the next in this series of missions:

Bandit Treasure: X Marks The Spot (Side Mission)

Level: 28
Rewards: 7,200XP, $29,854
Prerequisites: Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Keys
Go to the Dahl Headland and recover the bandit treasure
"The ragged map in the strongbox marks a location in the Dahl Headland. The bandit's dying wish was that his treasure not fall into the hands of the Crimson Lance. You feel duty-bound to grant the man's final request by taking it for yourself."

Who’d have thought it? The treasure map you found actually came in useful! It will lead you to a spot in the Dahl Headlands that you most likely wouldn’t have stumbled upon with the aid of said map, so head on over to Lucky’s Last Chance Watering Hole using the Fast Travel station at the entrance of Old Haven.

When you arrive, grab a vehicle and drive north until you reach the waypoint marker on your map. It will actually lead you off of the cliff, but if you look to the right of said cliff you’ll find a ramp that leads downwards. Following the path will lead down to a small shack where you can press a button to the left which will end the mission. It will also open a secret door to the right with a red chest which will contain some decent loot.

We’ve still got one more mission to come in Old Haven; another Claptrap Rescue mission, so head back there to complete it.

Green Thumb (Side Mission)

Level: 29
Rewards: 7,440XP, $20,062, Assault Shotgun
Prerequisites: The Next Piece
Objectives: Find a valve and use it to turn off the water pump."The flowers around here may look pretty, but they're actually a pretty destructive force, and they grow just about anywhere there's water. So, you can probably understand why a broken water pipe is such a problem. Please fix it, before the flowers run me out of my home! Find a valve somewhere, then use it to turn off the water pump."

This mission is very easily missed as it’s not story-related in any way, nor does Claptrap make an announcement of its availability like he would with other side missions.

To attain it, travel to the Middle Of Nowhere in the Rust Commons East and head south to this location on your map. Upon your approach you’ll see a small shed among some towering Sunflowers. Standing up against the northern wall of this shed is Stance Von Kofsky who will grant you this mission.

It seems Stance isn’t very fond of these tall flowers that are plaguing the area in which he lives and wants them gone. To achieve this you’ll need to find a valve to turn off the water pump nearby.

The valve can be located to the east of Stance’s location which involves crossing the drawbridge to the south and driving north up to the waypoint marker. The valve will be protected by a small Bandit camp, but nothing that a good old fashioned running-over can’t deal with. Once the area is safe, collect the valve from on top of the large chest.

When you have the valve, travel south to where we faced Jaynis and Taylor Kobb in Jaynistown, following your waypoint marker as usual. The area will be patrolled by Bandits and Gatlin Turrets will be on the rooftop buildings. Once the area is clear, head to the waypoint marker which will direct you to the water pump on a rooftop. Place the valve onto the side of the water pump and return to a happy Stance to complete the mission.

Another Piece Of The Puzzle

Level: 27
Rewards: 10,440XP, $15,993
Unlocks: Not Without My Claptrap
Objectives: Recover another Vault Key Piece from the Trash Coast
"The Guardian Angel spoke cryptically of a challenge that awaits in the Trash Coast, and Tannis thinks another piece of the Vault Key can be found there. Given the way things have worked out so far, you're probably going to need to overcome this mysterious challenge before you'll be able to obtain the third fragment of the Vault Key and return it to Tannis."

We’ll be heading off to the Trash Coast now which is located to the South East of the Rust Commons East, just past where Taylor Kobb is (or was) located. This area of coastal wasteland features a host of enemies including Bandits, Spiderants and the Rakk Hive who we’ll be facing against now to obtain the Vault Key.

Upon entering, you’ll earn an achievement for discovering the Trash Coast:

Discovered Trash Coast in Borderlands
Discover Trash Coast
  • Unlocked by 139,429 tracked gamers (62% - TA Ratio = 1.26) 223,773

There are a few side missions that you can complete in the south of this area, so you may want to pick these up before proceeding:

- Earl's Best Friend from Crazy Earl.
- House Hunting from the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board.
- Bait And Switch from the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board.
- Claptrap Rescue: Trash Coast.

For now, head north towards the Rakk Hive; before you arrive you’ll need to kill a few Spiderants who will try to block your way.

When you approach the Rakk Hive, you’ll see a small cliff which overlooks a small drop onto the beach, and subsequently where the Rakk Hive will be awaiting. You’ll see a short animation which introduces the Rakk Hive; a humungous beast which houses Rakk’s, hence the name Rakk Hive. You’ll then be free to take him head on. For now, stay on top of the cliff using the large rock by the entrance as cover.

The Rakk Hive doesn’t have any obvious attacks to be aware of. Occasionally he’ll rear up onto his hind legs and smash down with the front two, causing a shockwave and damaging anything nearby; but seeing as we’ll be staying up on the cliff, we don’t have to worry about it. His other attack consists of blasting poisonous gas in your direction which will linger and cause minor damage-over-time if stood in its vicinity. They aren’t the easiest to spot so if you notice that you’re seemingly taking damage for no apparent reason, move around.

The Rakk Hive will also periodically free groups of Rakk (ranging from Experienced Defender Rakks to Experienced Kamikaze Rakks) from within his torso who will then make a beeline for you. As with all Rakks, they don’t have a large enough amount of health to pose any real danger, so when you see a flock swarming towards you simply pull out an SMG and mow the mothers down.

The weak points of the Rakk Hive should be fairly obvious, but if not, aim for his four blue eyes; use a Sniper Rifle for added effect and precision. After a certain amount of damage (usually 3 or 4 Sniper Rifle shots, depending on the weapon and your current level), the eyes will explode. When they do, the eye sockets can still be hit for critical damage.

Let it be known that the Rakk Hive does have a large health pool, so even if you’re consistently scoring critical hits on him, he’ll take some beating before he finally goes down. When he has been defeated, you’ll earn an achievement for doing. Make sure to pick up any useful loot that he drops and then travel west until you see an entrance to a cave.

Secret Achievement in Borderlands
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 137,582 tracked gamers (61% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 223,773

When you approach the entrance, it should burn open and a few Rakk’s will fly out. Entering the cave and following the path, you’ll discover a large grey chest. Opening it will reveal a shed-load of cash along with the elusive Vault Key.

When you’ve grabbed the key, travel all the way back to Tannis to turn in the mission. However, as you’re in the area, you may as well complete the side missions listed above.

House Hunting (Side Mission)

Level: 27
Rewards: 6,960XP, $15,993, Dahl Nailer (Sniper Rifle)
Prerequisites: Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess
Objectives: Go to the Trash Coast and kill Bleeder
“I live in New haven, but I can't stand having a woman in charge anymore. So, I found a nice bit o' waterfront property out in the Trash Coast. Trouble is, there's a bunch o' them scythid whatever-the-hells hanging around outside, including a really tough one I called Bleeder. Kill them scythids, especially Bleeder, and I'll be able to get the hell away from this place.”

You’ve been tasked with clearing out the Scythids that have been bothering the only resident of the Trash Coast. One in particular seems to be making a nuisance of himself, named Bleeder.

From the entrance to the Trash Coast, head south until you reach this location on your map. En route, you’ll be attacked by a few Lava Crab Worms, but nothing you should really worry about. Once you reach the waypoint marker, you’ll be confronted with some Scythids and a couple of Badass Scythids. When you’ve killed these, Bleeder will appear.

Bleeder doesn’t really have any significant tricks up his bloodied sleeves. He remains airborne and his movement can be very quick, so trying to keep a track of him will be the hardest task. He’ll periodically hurl blood your way where if it makes contact it will not only damage you but will also impair your vision somewhat, so keep on the move to avoid these attacks. A few shotgun blasts to his face (if you can find it) will bring an end to his miscreant ways and end this mission.

Return to the Bounty Board in the Middle Of Nowhere to complete the mission. However, as we’re close-by, let’s complete the next side mission in this area: Earl’s Best Friend.

Earl’s Best Friend (Side Mission)

Level: 27
Rewards: 6,612XP, $15,993, Sniper Rifle
Prerequisites: Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess
Rescue Earl's best friend, held by the bandits on the Trash Coast
"My best friend! The bandits took 'im out to the Trash Coast! You gotta save 'im! I'll do anything, just don't let them kill 'im!"

Poor Earl has had his pet stolen from him (lord knows how given how guarded his place is!). He’s asked you to retrieve him from the Trash Coast.

Earl’s friend can be located in the southwest area of the Trash Coast. Make sure you stick to the northern-most path of this area which leads around to the west; otherwise you’ll just be facing unclimbable cliffs. Just before you reach the waypoint marker, you’ll need to travel through a Bandit village; for the size of this village, the population is rather small. Make sure to kill all of the enemies in the area and then proceed towards the caged area to the south of the village.

Inside this caged area you should see a small Skag locked up in one of the cells (how cute!) Press the button to the right of the cell to open it and free Earl’s pet and watch lil’ Skrappy scamper away.

From here, you can either head back to Crazy Earl to complete the mission or if you have it, complete the mission “Bait and Switch” as it’s in this area.

If you return to Crazy Earl after freeing Skrappy, you can find him playing outside Crazy Earl’s shack. Oh, and you can turn in the mission to a rather pleased Earl.

Bonus Fact: If you return to Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard at a later point in the game, you’ll be able to see Skrappy all grown up. He’ll be located just beyond Crazy Earl’s shack and when killed will drop some relatively decent loot.

Bait And Switch (Side Mission)

Level: 27
Rewards: 6,960XP, $13,328, Patton (Pistol)
Prerequisites: Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess
Collect a Queen Spiderant Abdomen and swap it for the bandits'
"Attempts at human habitation along the Trash Coast have always failed, because spiderants overwhelm anyone who tries to live there. The bandits have managed it, though, by placing a Queen Spiderant Abdomen in the middle of their camp. I want you to take an abdomen from a rival Queen, then replace the bandits' with that one. Let's see if the spiderants will do our dirty work for us."

From where we freed Skrappy (Crazy Earl’s pet), you can work your way around to the southeast, dropping off the cliff where the waypoint marker is. Before approaching the marker, kill off any/all Spiderants which frequent the area. You’ll probably notice that they’ll keep burrowing up from the ground, so keep killing them until they stop appearing.

As you approach the marker, the ground will begin to shake and Queen Tarantella will appear in all her blue-y splendour. Despite her size, she’s surprisingly ineffective; her attacks consist of throwing some webbing and kicking her spindly legs at you. If you go up the slope to the west, you’ll find she doesn’t even bother attacking you at all. Just remember to aim your shots at her abdomen to gain critical hits and she’ll be down in no time.

When she is killed, a few weak Spiderants will emerge from her dead corpse. Pick up her abdomen and loot anything of value that she dropped upon her death. From here, head back north until you reach this point on your map.

You may well have passed this point on your journey to freeing Crazy Earl’s pet earlier on, but it will be infested with Spiderants, so make sure you clear them all before placing the Queen’s abdomen on the spike in the middle of this area. When you do, another boss will appear, this time in the form of King Aracobb.

The King isn’t unlike its Queen in that it’s a pretty poor showing for a boss. Much like other “King” variations of the Spiderant family he won’t pose much of a threat, selecting to use his melee attacks as his main assault. If you take a shotgun to his head, he’ll become dizzy allowing you to go to work on his weaker abdomen. That’s pretty much it.

When you’re finished, head back to the Bounty Board in the Middle Of Nowhere to complete the mission. Before leaving the Trash Coast, you may want to complete the last mission available here which is another Claptrap Rescue mission.

Claptrap Rescue: Trash Coast (Side Mission)

Level: 27
Rewards: 1,740 XP, Backpack SDU
Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess
Objectives: Find the repair kit and repair this Claptrap
"You've discovered another defunct Claptrap robot. Could there be an unused repair kit somewhere out here?"

The broken Claptrap can be found north of where we killed Queen Tarantella in the ‘Bait And Switch’ mission, in a small Bandit-run village. There will also be a couple of Bruisers in this area, so make sure you kill these first.

This Repair Kit can be a pain to find if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you head to the waypoint marker on your map, it will lead you to the house on the waterfront where we killed Bleeder earlier. The repair kit will be located above you on a pipe with no way of accessing it. So, instead of heading to the waypoint marker, head south to where Queen Tarantella was and loop around to the west and go north until you reach this point on your map.

Facing northeast, you should see a pipe protruding out of the large trash pile. Climb up to it and jump onto the lowest point. Now, just simply walk on top of the pipe, following it until you reach the waterfront again. You should see the repair kit towards the end of the pipe.

When you’ve grabbed it, return to the broken Claptrap to complete the mission.

Not Without My Claptrap

Level: 28
Rewards: 10,800XP, $5,970
Unlocks: The Final Piece
Objectives: Rescue Claptrap in Old Haven
"Once our Vault Key is completed, it will lead us to the location of the Vault. There's just one more piece, and my sources tell me that Baron Flynt has it. He lives on a giant digging machine in the Salt Flats. Wait. The gate to the Salt Flats won't open unless you find the silly little Claptrap doorman. My sources tell me he's trapped inside Old Haven, so maybe you'd better go and get him out of there, first. Otherwise, I'll be stuck here with you."

In order to progress through the story, we need to gain access to the Salt Flats, but the only way to get there is through the gate that only our Claptrap friend can open, so you’ll need to find and rescue him. With that said, let’s head back to Old Haven.

When you arrive, make your way down to the south of the area, battling through the Crimson Raiders and onto the island once again. The waypoint marker will lead you to the same area that we extinguished one of the smoke signals previously. When there you’ll need to access the small console which will release the Claptrap from its cage. Hooray! Speaking with the freed Claptrap will end the mission and begin the next story-related mission: The Final Piece.

Claptrap Rescue: Old Haven (Side Mission)

Level: 28
Rewards: 1,800XP, Backpack SDU
Prerequisites: Not Without My Claptrap
"You've discovered another defunct Claptrap robot. Could there be an unused repair kit somewhere in this town?"

You’ll find the broken Claptrap hiding in a building located towards the southwest of the map.

Once you’ve grabbed the mission, make your way eastwards until you reach this point on the map. You should be facing a small alleyway with a set of stairs leading up to the rooftops. Ascend the stairs and when at the top, turn and face northwest so that you can see the rooftop of the building across from the alleyway. Jump on over and loot the grey chest in front of you. Turning right will expose the Repair kits whereabouts; hidden inside a small building.

Return to the broken Claptrap to end the mission and claim your rewards.

This will conclude all of the missions in the New Haven area. However, you won't actually earn the achievement for completing all of the missions until you complete the "Get Some Answers" on the next page (Salt Flats)

A checklist of all of the available missions for New Haven is listed below:

Claptrap Rescue: New Haven (Claptrap – 21)
Corrosive Crystal Harvest (New Haven Bounty Board – 21)
King Tossing (New Haven Bounty Board – 21)
Claptrap Rescue: Tetanus Warren
Like A Moth To Flame (New Haven Bounty Board – 21)
Is T.K. O.K.? (Scooter – 21)
Power To The People (Helena Pierce – 20)
Seek Out Tannis (Helena Pierce – 21)
Scooter's Used Car Parts (Scooter – 21)
Up To Our Ears (Scooter – 21)
Firepower: All Sales Are Final (Marcus Kincaid – 21)
Firepower: Market Correction (Marcus Kincaid – 21)
Firepower: Plight Of The Middle Man (Marcus Kincaid – 23)
Jack's Other Eye (Helena Pierce – 23)
Scavenger: Submachine Gun (New Haven Bounty Board – 23)
Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West (New Haven Bounty Board – 23)
Claptrap Rescue: Scrapyard (Claptrap – 22)
Claptrap Rescue: Krom's Canyon (Claptrap – 25)
Meet 'Crazy' Earl (Patricia Tannis – 22)
Today's Lesson: High Explosives (Crazy Earl – 22)
Get Off My Lawn! (Crazy Earl – 22)
Hair Of The Dog (Crazy Earl – 23)
Middle Of Nowhere No More: Investigate (Helena Pierce – 24)
Middle Of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really? (Hudson Johns – 24)
Middle Of Nowhere No More: Small Favor (Hudson Johns – 24)
Middle Of Nowhere No More: Scoot On Back (Hudson Johns – 24)
Circle Of Slaughter: Meat and Greet (Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board – 26)
Circle Of Slaughter: Round 1 (Chuck Durden – 26)
Circle Of Slaughter: Round 2 (Chuck Durden – 29)
Circle Of Slaughter: Final Round (Chuck Durden – 28)
Altar Ego: Burning Heresy (Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board – 24)
Scavenger: Shotgun (Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board – 24)
Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East (Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board – 26)
Earl Needs Food...Badly (Crazy Earl – 25)
Missing Persons (New Haven Bounty Board – 24)
Two Wrongs Make A Right (New Haven Bounty Board – 25)
The Next Piece (Crazy Earl – 25)
Relight The Beacons (Helena Pierce – 27)
A Bug Problem (Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board – 27)
Altar Ego: The New Religion (Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board – 27)
Altar Ego: Godless Monsters (Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board – 29)
Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven (Helena Pierce – 28)
Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down (Helena Pierce – 28)
Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Keys (Dead Bandit in Old Haven – 28)
Bandit Treasure: X Marks the Spot (Dead Bandit in Old Haven – 28)
Green Thumb (Stance von Kofsky – 29)
Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous (Patricia Tannis – 27)
Jaynistown: A Brother's Love (Taylor Kobb – 27)
Dumpster Diving For Great Justice (Erik Franks – 27)
Jaynistown: Spread The Word (Taylor Kobb – 27)
Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You (Erik Franks – 27)
Wanted: Fresh Fish (New Haven Bounty Board – 27)
I've Got A Sinking Feeling... (Scooter – 27)
Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences (Erik Franks – 27)
Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess (Helena Pierce – 29)
Claptrap Rescue: Trash Coast (Claptrap – 27)
Bait And Switch (Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board – 27)
Earl's Best Friend (Crazy Earl – 27)
House Hunting (Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board – 27)
Another Piece Of The Puzzle (Guardian Angel – 27)
Not Without My Claptrap (Patricia Tannis – 28)
Claptrap Rescue: Old Haven (Claptrap – 28)

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