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    21 Oct 2009 09 Oct 2010
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    Borderlands, the self-described Role Playing Shooter, has come and stormed the 360. The game itself is a story about a rag-tag group of treasre hunters on the wasteland planet of Pandora. You take control of one of four different characters, each with their own list of class action skills and weapon preferences. Once in the wasteland, the game procedes much like other first-person RPGs with missions, some side some main, and your basic kill-XP-level system.

    The graphics in the game are quite impressive, by far the best cell-shading I've ever seen. The first-person view is present 100% of the time, this was something I was confused about, but it works well for the game. The characters in the game are well done and fairly diverse, although you will be killing hordes of each type of enemy, such as skags (dog like creatures), bandits and spiders.

    The sound of the game isn't very noteworthy, which is good for this style of game. The sounds change and music ques with certain in-game events and adds to the dramatic tension that builds as you play, but this is nothing new and is almost expected in a game of this caliber.

    The controls are crisp and respond well. With a Call of Duty style layout, the game was quick to pick up and keeps you wanting more by its ease of play. There does seem to be some small glitches here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary for a new game and nothing that will interfere with the enjoyment of the game.

    The multiplayer aspect comes in two forms, splitscreen and LIVE. The LIVE version runs much like Sacred 2, you can either play single player offline or online, where people can join your match randomly. If you play offline, no one will randomly join your game, but you can still invite friends to join you game if you'd like.

    This is not a quick achievement game, but if you enjoyed games like Fallout, Sacred 2 or Oblivion, you'll enjoy this one. Also, if you are a FPS fan, this could very well be your break-in game for RPG's. Long and enjoyable, With the promise of DLC already on the way, Borderlands is definitely a game you could justify buying instead of renting. I give this one 5 out of 5 stars.

  • ZendelaiZendelai53,810
    29 Jan 2010
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    “There ain't no rest for the wicked,
    Money don't grow on trees.”

    Welcome to Pandora, the newest wasteland presented by Gearbox that's abundant with money, guns, skags, bandits, quests, levelling, and, most importantly, humour. In general, the formula for a fantastic, innovative game.

    Borderlands is a role-playing shooter, combining the firepower of millions of different guns with the role-playing concept of gaining experience to level and earn skill points to personalize and improve one's character. Four unique classes are available, each with different 'Action Skills' and collectable class modifications to improve on skill points, elemental damage, or weapons damage. A combination of the role-playing aspects and the good combat make this game a must-buy.

    Borderlands presents a simple concept: you are hunting for the sacred Vault, which opens every 200 years and gives its finder their deepest desires: money, power, and women. When you begin Borderlands, you have just arrived in Pandora and you progress through the straightforward main quest, collecting pieces of the Vault key taken from several boss-type characters. Almost all of the bosses are injected with a combination of personality and humour; for example, at the start of the fight with Nine Toes, I had to momentarily pause the game because I was too busy laughing. Although the boss battles are interesting, the story in Borderlands is rather shallow is the main concept of the game is forgotten in the wake of the never ending side quests. There is only one main goal of the game: to get into the Vault. The ending of this game leaves the player confused and extremely disappointed at the lack of description or explanation. This is a major disappointment to RPG fans, especially those who like to invest themselves into the story of a game. This leads me to believe that although this game is a self-proclaimed role-playing shooter, it is catered more towards the first-person shooter crowd.
    The story is one of the weaker points in this game, and I thus reward it with a 6/10

    The characters in this game are very flat; they are presented with no back story and a limited personality. All that is given to the player is a name and a description of some of their talents. The only characteristics ever given are the reactions by the characters to kills made. That being said, looking at the characters from a gameplay point of view is the complete opposite. There are four classes that can be chosen: the phasewalking, SMG-loving Siren; the murderous bird carrying, sniping Hunter; the iron-fisted, rocket launching Berzerker; and the turreted, assault rifle using Soldier. I originally saw the Siren – my character of choice – as a bit of a weaker link, because her phasewalking ability appears to be rather weak in the beginning, but after applying modifications through elemental artifacts, class mods, and abilities gained through levelling, she has the ability to become an extremely deadly character.
    The majority of the creativity in regards to characterization was spent on the bosses and supporting characters. Many of the characters encountered have humorous, unique personalities and the presentation of each of the bosses must be commended. The aforementioned Nine-Toes and Flynt are two that I would like to commend, as well as Dr. Ned if the downloadable content is purchased.
    Although the characterization is lacking in depth, characters are presented better than the story and do provide some well-needed humour. Claptraps give this area an extra point. Therefore, I give characters a 7.5/10

    Gameplay, in my opinion, is the highlight of this game. It takes the simple concepts of a first person shooter – such as the groups of weapons, shields, and health – and adds its own twist. Each of the classes has their own action skill, each of which is deadly when used properly; or, in the Berzerker's or Hunter's case, when used at any time. Weapons instead of ammunition are elemental, and have the potential to deal corrosive, explosive, incendiary, or shock damage. This adds a new – albeit slightly sadistic – element to combat, and it is unusually satisfying to use a corrosive submachine gun on an enemy and watch his face literally melt. Although the amount of elemental damage inflicted appears minute in comparison to the damage of a good weapon, the new concept of elemental damage helps gain interest in combat. The incredible variety of weapons must also be noted; Gearbox promised that Borderlands offered millions of weapons, and they kept their promise. Very few repeat weapons were found, and even when similar weapons were found the decision had to be made on whether power, fire rate, or accuracy should be sacrificed. There are only four weapon slots available, and with several different weapon classes each having advantages in different combat situations the decisions of equipped weapons must be made wisely. There are mods available for grenades and for each class, allowing even more personalization so that each battle can go as the player desires.
    One of the most notable negative aspects of gameplay is driving. The vehicles are extremely difficult to control because the steering controls are the same as the vision controls, making it impossible to shoot an enemy behind you or shoot an enemy that isn't directly in front of you. However, the car does not come into many combat situations, and once fast travel is implemented it does not need to be frequently used.
    The difficulty of this game is a controversial aspect. Many have problems with it because there is no save option, only an autosave, and enemies regenerate health when the player is killed. However, I didn't find it too difficult for the enemies did not respawn after they were killed, which made certain battles – such as the boss battles where the bosses have 'sidekicks' – not as difficult as they could be. However, when an area is re-entered that was previously cleared, all enemies (bosses included) respawn, albeit at the same level at which they were defeated. The difficulty curve in Borderlands is also very accurate, as long as all of the side quests are completed; each quest comes with a recommended level for completion, which very much helps the player decide when the appropriate time is to take on a boss battle or move onto the next area in the game. In general, I was concerned about the difficulty of this game after hearing about it from several different sources, but I did not experience any major problems.
    Humour is what makes the gameplay truly enjoyable. With a combination of crazy characters, pop culture references (the “You're on a Boat” achievement is brilliant) and Claptraps, the humour brightens up the game and is another factor that makes this game stand out.
    Borderlands offers not only a good single-player campaign but a split screen or online co-op option as well. This maximizes the abilities of each class and provides a great opportunity to use true teamwork, since the enemies become more difficult with the addition of more players. Anyone who plays this game has to try the co-op, for it makes you truly appreciate what a great game this is.
    Gameplay is great in Borderlands, with smooth controls in battle including no problems switching weapons. The length of the game is good in comparison to many other games in the same category. I give gameplay a 9/10.

    Graphics and Sound
    Borderlands was pushed back from its original release date so that cell-shaded graphics could be implemented. The cell-shading helps in making this game stand out among a crowd of first-person shooters, and brings life to a desolate wasteland. The graphics are not advanced in a realistic way, but they are still very appropriate for a game with levels of humour such as this one. Because the game didn't go for as advanced graphics as possible, it also makes loading screens short and causes limited problems with lagging or freezing.
    Audio must be noted as a positive in this game. The opening video plays a fantastic song that captures the feel of the whole game, and accurately represents the 'cool' factor of Borderlands. The rest of the music in the game is suitable for each different situation. The music is unique from other games, and isn't the traditional expected music for an RPG and is thus rather enjoyable.
    I grant graphics and sound an 8.5/10 for being a great compliment to the game

    Generally, achievements in this game are easy. Few of the achievements require a great amount of hunting or time, and almost every achievement can be earned on the first playthrough. This would require all the missions to be completed, but that is also necessary to be an appropriate level for the final boss battle and the other battles in between. The gamerscore allotted for each achievement is also very fair, with 50GS only being given to the achievements that are the most difficult to obtain.
    The achievements in this game are straightforward and go well with the game. 9/10

    Zombie Island Downloadable Content
    I had to include this DLC in my review, just because I had an incredible amount of fun playing it. The humour from the original game is carried through and amplified, and the boss battle was nothing less than epic. It provides a wide variety of new enemies and a great group of missions. In short, it is a perfect addition to a great game and anyone who enjoys Borderlands should invest.

    In conclusion, Borderlands is simply a fun game. It's inventive and funny, with good gameplay and good graphics and audio. I highly recommend it for any first person shooter fans, but those who are focusing on the role-playing aspect of the game won't enjoy it as much.

    I give Borderlands a total score of 8/10, or 4 stars.
  • Gingr HailGingr Hail40,363
    30 Oct 2009
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    Borderlands, a diamond in the rough among other first-person games on the 360. With its blend of RPG and FPS elements, its own unique art style and 87 bazillion guns, this could be the surprise hit of 2009. After playing it, this game will make you come back for more.

    WIth the option to pick one of four characters and customize them with various things found all around Pandora, this game has nearly endless possibilities for each class. You can pick the Hunter, the ranged weapons expert, the Siren, who has the unique phase-walking ability, the Soldier, who provides turret fire and has healing abilities, and the Berserker, the tank class, give them any weapon (level determined of course) and take down enemies.

    The whole style of the game is amazing in itself. It makes use of cell shading techniques, and unlike most FPS games these days, knows more colors than gray, brown and black while making things look pretty bright in most places. Everyplace you visit is much different than another, and this artstyle really makes the experiance different for the better.

    For the game that has 87 bazillion guns, there are so many different options for you to choose from. There are shotguns, SMGs, handguns, combat rifes, even different grenade mods and explosives. Each one has different stats from another, making one weapon unique from another of even the same model.

    This is one RPG you don't have to play by yourself. Either with Splitscreen local 2 player or four player co-op on Xbox Live, you can play with friends or even strangers and continue leveling up with all stats in tact. With each player added, enemies get tougher and drop better loot, which adds challenge to the game and rewards players for playing the game with others.

    In conclusion, Borderlands is a must-have game for anyone who can play an FPS game, likes RPGs, wants to play something different, or all of the above. The game is like no other, and it will leave a distinct impression on you. While some achievements might be a tad glitched, why must that stop you from enjoying one of the best sleeper hits of 2009. Get it now, and you'll still be playing it come New Years.
  • xxW0LFxx TFDxxW0LFxx TFD181,527
    20 Dec 2009
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    Borderlands is the self stylised RPS (Role Playing Shooter) from Gearbox,creators of the Brothers in Arms series of games.
    Combining FPS combat with RPG levelling up and loot gathering along with unique visuals and a good sense of humour,your in for one of the best games in 2009.

    Borderlands is not the first game to try and merge two of gamings most popular genres,the FPS and the RPG,into one game.
    Fallout 3 attempted it,and while it was a good RPG the FPS elements took a major blow and were rather poor.

    Will Borderlands fall prey to the same thing?

    Thankfully not as Borderlands has struck a great balance between the two elements,the shooting feels smooth and fluid while the RPG elements are easy to grasp and use.
    However they do suffer slightly,as hardcore RPG players will find that side of the game lacking slightly.
    Thats not to say there aren’t many options while levelling up,players will get a vast array of choices on which to lavish there points and gain new abilities.

    No doubt you heard the claims,7.5 million weapons?
    Well it’s true thanks to the game’s random generation system.
    While the guns often look similiar,the stats are always diffrent (apart from 1 or 2 set guns throughout the game) giving the game huge replay value and the highly addictive element of looting.
    It’s the looting that will keep most people drawn to the game,it’s very addictive and the promise of finding an even better gun never get’s truly old.’s a truly addictive game,however this relies on 2 things:
    Looting and levelling up
    And for those of you who simply dont enjoy those 2 factors,your going to have a problem with the game.
    Thankfully the game can be played as a straightforward FPS,and just throwing your points into the combat based talents will keep you in the action.
    The gunplay feels smooth and fluid and use’s a recharging shield system akin to Halo’s along with Med packs to regain your health.
    Thanks to the large variety of weapons every one will have something for there play style,whether your a sniper,close combat your support kind of player you will find something for everyone.

    The game’s story falls short though.
    As you start your introduced to a very stylish and fun intro and given the option to pick 1 of 4 main characters.
    Sniper,Soldier,Berserker or a Siren.
    Each has there own unique skills,the sniper has a pet bloodwing (like a hawk) that can attack opponents whilst the soldier can drop a turret onto the battlefield.
    But dont worry,the characters arent limited to one type of weapon,each character can use everygun just as well as the rest of them.
    Instead character class merely determines what type of gun you will generally find in the game.
    Sadly,once you get of the bus the story has no real substance to it,your an adventured looking for the fabled Vault,which is said to be filled with rich’s and wealth.
    After you learn that the story pretty much dissapears for most of the game and the only plot twist comes at the end,and it’s fairly predictable.
    Most of it is just an excuse to shoot things and do side missions,in it’s way it was a refreshing change not to be burdened by a dark,mature overcomplicated shooter.
    Instead it felt nice to just let me shoot things,however the lack of story is a very big problem and for those who love there story driven games,Borderlands will almost certainly have no appeal.

    Borderlands visuals are a cell shaded type of graphics and are very striking.
    With it’s almost western style world and bleak barren wasteland look Borderlands looks fantastic,the world looks amazing and the overall art style is stunning.
    it’s so hard to describe how the game looks in words,suffice to say it’s a beautiful game.

    The game offers a huge lifespan and a vast range of side quests and exploring to be done.
    After that you can embark on a second playthrough with your character,allowing you to keep all your weapons and abilities.
    It can become repetitive though,with enemies having less variety than i would like and the general gameplay of the game can become stale after a while.
    However this is where the game’s co-op mode comes in.

    The entire of Borderlands can be played with up to 4 of your friends,and it employs a drop-in system where any of your friends can join your game at anytime.
    The game becomes incredibly fun with 4 of you running around causing mayhem in the open worled of Borderlands.
    And when those arguments start as to who gets the best gun you can challenge your friends to a dual to decide who get’s the loot.

    Borderlands blends two of the most enjoyable genre’s into one amazing package and provides endless hours of fun and co-op mayhem to be had.

    Graphics: 90%
    a beautiful gameworld and art style gives Borderland a unique look

    Gameplay: 90%
    Looting and levelling is highly addictive

    Lifespan: 92%
    a huge game

    Overall: 90%
    A fantastic game which could of scored a 92-93% if the storyline had been stronger.
    But well worth your hard earned cash

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    Note: This is my first review, ever! Please comment and leave feedback, I will add to and change this review as I see fit. I consider this a rough draft but it still contains enough information to briefly fill you in on the new hit Borderlands!

    When people speak about Borderlands they sometimes compare it's characteristics with other games like Fallout, Diablo, Too Human, ShadowRun and BioShock. I must say it does have similarities with most of these games but it is also a completely different experience.

    This game brings a lot to the table, and is definitely worth the sixty dollar asking price. Borderlands is a first person shooter / role playing game that let's you roam a semi-open alien wasteland! Directly after the few tutorial missions you are free to do what you please. The cell-shaded graphics style is a very nice touch, but I have seen better. (The most recent Prince of Persia) One of the most intriguing things about this game are the many references hidden within it. From video games, movies, and literature this game is jam packed with references and easter eggs! The hidden room from A Christmas Story is just one of my favorites!

    With the option to play solo, splitscreen with up to four players, or on Xbox Live this game is very fun. The ONE thing that could have made this game better for me would have been the option to play splitscreen via two gold xbox live accounts and still be able to play with two others on xbox live. The way the game is now, if you play splitscreen you can't join your friend's games and they won't be able to join yours!

    So what's so interesting about Borderlands, you may still be asking? Well many aspects of the game remind me of games like Diablo and Too Human, for example: the way loot drops, players respawn, finding chests, the occasional boss battles and leveling up your character by putting skill points into the three branches. You may choose the same character class as your friend but your characters will play completely different depending on how you allocate your skill points into the three branches.

    Yes most of the achievements in this game are relatively easy and are not very time consuming, but that doesn't mean you will get bored of it quickly. There are four different classes that can all be leveled to fifty, and after your first playthrough you can playthrough again against higher level enemies, and have a better chance of finding better / unique items! Also every weapon type in the game levels up the more you use it, they call this your weapon proficiencies. Each weapon can be leveled up to fifty.

    You can choose to play as the Beserker, Hunter, Siren or the Soldier. The Beserker is good with shotguns / explosives and goes into a rage mode allowing him to beat things to death with his bare hands. The Hunter is really good with sniper rifles and has a bird that will eat your enemies for dinner. The all mighty powerful Siren is good with SMGs and goes into a phasewalk making her immune to damage, and she damages all of the enemies around her while in it! And last the Soldier, he plays like any FPS game would. He also kind of plays like a paladin because a lot of his skills concentrate on healing himself or others. Just because a character is better with specific weapons doesn't mean you can't be godly with any other weapon! You choose how you want to play, if you want to be a Beserker that uses sniper rifles, you can!

    This game is massive, so many weapons, loot, quests, enemies and references / easter eggs to keep you busy for a long time. Just make sure to take some breaks here and there, yes I know it can be addicting! Overall if you love role playing games or first person shooters, I'm sure you will enjoy this gem.
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    Borderlands is a game that takes place on the world of Pandora, a hostile planet full of bandits, lowlifes and some annoyingly mean creatures. You're an off-worlder hunting for The Vault, an ancient myth on Pandora. The Vault is supposed to contain riches beyond belief, women and all the power one could desire. That's the way the story goes at least. Play as one of four characters, each with their own unique abilities and proficiencies to shoot your way through your enemies.

    This game is very unique, as it blends elements from Role Playing Games and First Person Shooters. It's dubbed as an RPS (Role Playing Shooter). The game takes the most addictive and best elements from both genres and blends them together flawlessly. Level up and spend skill points to increase your character's many abilities, level your weapon proficiencies and become even more deadly, loot like crazy, accept quests and destroy enemies from a first person perspective. The game has plenty of enemies for some frantic FPS action and you earn experience points the whole way through.
    Go through the game solo, or team up with three friends online to take on what Pandora can throw at you. The developers added and interesting concept into the mix though. You can't expect to just team up with some people and expect the enemies to cower in fear at your combined strength. Every person that joins causes the enemies in the game to grow stronger, thus making you and your team stay on your toes.
    There is only one issue I have with the gameplay. That issue being repetitiveness. After you've collected the achievements and beaten the everything, the game loses a bit of it's shine and becomes dull to play alone. Playing online with friends isn't diminished though.
    Oh, you get to choose from an arsenal of guns that could serve five battalions in an army. There are tons of guns, and I mean tons.

    The graphics in this game are something very special and there isn't much to be said aside from good things. The world is very well polished and surprisingly vibrant for being a bleak, desolate place. The environment gives you a lot, from mountains of trash to tiny cities trying to survive.

    Let me get my one major problem with the sound effects out of the way: a lot of the guns sound identical. This has always been something that has grated against me in shooting games. Every SMG sounds like every other SMG, every sniper sounds like every other sniper, so on and so forth. Now, I know that I said there are a lot of weapons, but they could have put at least a few variations in there.
    Other than that, the sounds of the environment, enemies and allies are superb. Flaming, maniac bandits screaming in murderous tones, skags roaring at you, scythids screeching, Crimson Lance belting orders to each other and Scooter mouthing off. Everything blends quite well.
    The voice acting is very interesting in itself as you talk to people who have many different accents. It seems many of the characters all come from very different places, but it makes for a pleasantly interesting experience.
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    05 Feb 2010 07 Feb 2010
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    Borderlands is a cel shaded-ish game that takes the sweetness of a FPS, coats it with role playing elements then adds tons sprinkles consisting of loot, guns and co-op. Added all together in one happy grind fest.

    It all starts on desolate rock called Pandora, home to bandits, would be treasure hunters and creatures of all types. Most of which are trying to kill or hustle to get by. All in hopes of riches and the ever allusive “vault”. An alien treasure chest to end all alien treasure chests.

    Now you are “Fresh of the bus” with the choice of four different classes, Siren, Berserker, Hunter and Solider. Each with their own special skills and talents that grow from a skill tree and weapon preferences that you receive through out the game. All of this can lead to slightly different experience of game play through your grind. Take you chosen one and that loot!

    Once on your way, you'll be exposed to the massive dirty, dusty, baron wasteland that is Pandora. But the don't fret the scenery changes and stays interesting enough so you don't become nub to the whole getting around experience. Along the way some of the planet's locals will want something from you, most of them send you on random quest. These will range from fetching dirty magazines to killing said bandit bosses or gabbing random artifacts. Seeing the sights from missions to mission gets spiced up a bit with catch-a-ride stations that spawns vehicular transport and teleporter stations. Simple kill, fetch, activate missions true but some how it never falls under mind numbing boring.

    Controlling your said mercenaries during all your adventures is smooth and responsive making dispatching all who get in you way easy and satisfying. The catch-a-ride on the other hand is a little tricky at first but it'll come to ya. Equipping to gun and shield is fairly simple. Trading items with of party members is kinda of a drag with the only way is by throwing them to the ground. But by far from a deal breaker.

    Borderlands strongest aspect, the co-op. To take three of your friends along for the grind makes things such a blast. Group experience, money and the digging through all the guns makes for hours (and there will be hours), of banter, bickering and laughing. As for a solo jaunt through Pandora, it's is entertaining as well but just seems to fall a little flat. Sure you get all the loot and you can spawn the catch-a-ride car whatever color you want but there's still just something very lonely when the whole kill, loot, level up, repeat is done alone.

    So what is Borderlands? A shooter, a rpg, both? Yeah it's both and I'd like to say a little more. It just triggers that little something in your physic that makes you want to grind away. Dragging you from location to location for hours praying for a pistol, rifle, shotgun, anything that's better than what you got. But why is that so much damn fun? Maybe it's the desire we all share to consume or maybe it's the need to better yourself. I think it just plagues you with the hopes on the second play through you get better and items that are more rare and more awesome! Yes! That's it!
  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r1,373,361
    02 Mar 2011
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    at first when the game came out i was all ears to get it. combining shooter and RPG, well, it sounded incredible, since the last game that tried it was Deus Ex (jeah, some younger generations wont know this game ^^) and i loved this game to every detail! so, i thirsted for this game and swallowed each video i found to its fullest and once it came out, i was there to get it as soon as possible!
    so much to the beginnings :)

    Story 6/10
    you start off as a random treasure hunter, searching a legendary treasure on the planet pandora. driving in a bus with a weird busdriver named marcus you can choose your class right after the intro introducing 4 different character classes to you. the story is told in a fairy tale way, listening marcus talking about the story which is happening.
    i know its a shooter/RPG but the component RPG demands a binding story, an experience so epic you want to tell your friends of.
    for your first playthrough the game is cool, quests are fresh and fun
    and the humour is simply hilarious. even on your second playthrough its a cool thing since each quest is fun (also the DLC ones to some extent).
    but the more you playthrough the more it bothers you. you also have to run like forever to some places and some quests happen in the exact same area, which makes quests sometimes tedious since you have to run to the exact same location several times ^^.

    Gameplay 8/10
    the gameplay is good and one of the major parts which makes that game a great one. having an overall joice of one bazillion (jeah, its a huge number, but surely no overestimation) different weapons is simply breathtaking and in my course of playing i never found the exact same weapon more than once (even on 4 different character playthroughs) and thats simply amazing.
    4 different characters which you can choose and each one having an unique skill tree making each playthrough unique on its own and is also a great deal. sadly missions repeat themselves too often and they feel dull after running the 100th time to one and the same spot for nearly the same stupid thing.
    also there is to mention that enemies in certain regions stay the level they are, so going back at level 50 to the first enemies you encounteres isnt realy rewarding.
    also the fact that you waste a lot (realy a lot!!) of ammunition, is not a real plus point. sometimes i hapened to be in dire need for ammo and even though you can buy some and find in stashes too some, it wont prevent you from salvaging all the time precious ammo. also its sort of strange that you realy realy rarely find some alien technology on pandora. i mean its a foreign planet, i would expect way more alien weapons, but well, thats my opinion i guess.

    Graphics, AI, Soundtrack 10/10
    those are the best parts in the whole game!
    i love cell shading graphics since the beginnings on the old x-box and ever since im a huge fan of it. since borderlands combines cell shading, gore and comic graphics its just a great game to look at!
    the AI might act sometimes dumb, but the fact that each side character has such unique and funny talkings, its more than enough to make amendments for the weak enemie AI.
    the soundtrack is also great. catching the atmosphere each time and having each time a great music on the intro its realy a good thing on its own! just for those which are eager to know it, the intro is from the band named "cage the elephant" and the song is called "there aint no rest for the wicked"

    Multiplayer, DLCs 10/10
    the multiplayer enables 4 players to play together which is for a RPG maybe a little too less. but the fact that enemies get stronger the more players are in the game and the loot gets better is surely a good way to pay for the fact that there are not too many spaces for other players. the servers are most of the time stable and even though it might lag sometimes, its by far one of the stablest online RPG experience i know.
    the DLCs are also good. there are curently 4 out there (no more are ought to come out by now) and i can gladly say that 3/4 are good. ading each time a new level cap, unique enemies, new achievements and new items makes them just so much better than they allready are.

    Achievements 5/10
    well, sadly the achievements are a pain in the ass. for completionists its actually the real pain, for casual players they are really ok.
    most, if not all, are obtainable through normal story progression (only a few are missable) and even the level cap ones are easy to obtain. the real grind comes with the complete all missions and overall clearance of the game.
    the DLC ones are also a big grind and even though they consist mainly of collectibles or certain deeds, i have to point one of the worst grinds ive found in a long time. jeah, im talking about the underdome riot DLC! whoever played them is allready knowing that finishing one of these not only is a hard task to accomplish, no, its actually taking you (even with moded equipment) about 2 hours to finish one, with average equipment and a good charecter expect it to last 4 hours! im not kidding! 20 rounds each consisting of 5 preliminary matches neting per match about 20-40 enemies (you dont have to be good at maths to know how much that actually is ^^)
    seriously, they couldve done better with that one ^^

    well, its a great game to be honest. these minor flaws dont flatten the game in a whole retrospect. its fun to shoot stuff AND getting experience for it and so my overall verdict is simply great.
    but well, if you simply hunt for Gamerscore this is not the right game for you since it demands some serious dedication :)
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    "There ain't no rest for the wicked. Money don't grow on trees." ~ Cage the Elephant

    This is my first experience with Gearbox Software and what a way to enter the market! Touted as being a revolutionary game that combines the RPG experience aspect of gaming with an action-oriented battle system and millions of guns (yep, millions!), Borderlands was one of those rare games that actually showed up on my television screen before I had heard or read any hype/reviews/previews. That's a rare thing this day and age when the majority of game information is first released to the internet masses to generate that "underground" buzz. I saw a commercial and was intrigued by the graphic style and odd combination of gameplay components.

    You start in a dingy old bus driving across some barren wasteland on the planet Pandora. You select one of four classes: your standard soldier, assassin, sexy siren, or massive brute, make your way off the bus and begin your journey through the game's first world/tutorial area. You are seeking a long-lost treasure that some say doesn't exist anymore. But you and your buddy Marcus know better! It's a pretty standard story with a few pleasant twists, a gritty sense of humour, and a fun cast of characters. There's nothing like a chirpy little Claptrap robot to get the mouth to instinctively turn north in a fun smile, or a one-legged, blind, scarred hillbilly who buries his wife's body with powerful weapons and hoots and hollars at explosions.

    Your main mission is pretty standard but the side quests definitely steal your attention away for a great deal of time. In fact, it is the side missions that make this game, for me, at least, most enjoyable! Any game that can enthrall a player enough to forget about their primary objective is a winner in my books (see: DrydenDon's Oblivion review). The point is to capture the attention of the average gamer beyond the 10-15 hours of the main quest and make them drain their free time into every other nook and cranny in Pandora. Borderlands has this abilitiy in spaded!

    Story: 8 out of 10

    Depending on your class, the gameplay is going to take a turn in one of many directions: if you are the strong, silent, and deadly type, your focus on weapon collecting will stray towards the sniper realm. If you are just rushing in and creaming the opponents with brute force and firepower, machine guns and rocket launchers will be tickling your fancy. Mixture of the two? The game has you covered as well! The weapon selection in this game is almost too much to really talk about, considering how many weapon combonations you can achieve. By altering fire power, fire rate, reload time, accuracy, clip size, recoil, and elemental effect, just to name a few, really makes your weapon of choice unclear. I am usually a man who loves a machine gun with a big clip and a high rate of fire. I throw my bullets at enemies like octopus at a Red Wings' game. But I started to alter my thinking when corrosive powers came into play. Then there's fire-infused sniper rifles with power coming out the ying yang! Oh, the choices!

    The quests are a bit repetitive at times, with a big emphasis placed on gathering and collecting. In the DLC packs, the gathering gets to be completely ridiculous with Claptrap pieces, 3D glasses, bobbleheads and brains topping the list of "most boring and frustrating quests ever." Especially considering that the Claptrap Revolution DLC is so glitched that you have to farm the end boss and all of his little minions overnight. Also, killing X amount of enemy quests get quite annoying after a while as well. Prepare yourself if you are looking to 100% this game.

    The controls are smooth, the difficulty is not overtly hard (especially with the shields that are released later in the game) and modding your character with different class mods and elemental effects are a joy. The inventory system is excellent with lots of sorting options and categories!

    Gameplay: 8 out of 10

    Starting with a stellar song from Cage the Elephant, the sound quality of the game is amazing. The ambient music that sits in the background of every single setting fits the bill in creating an atmosphere of rural, somewhat southern, wasteland with slide guitars and drum beats. There's a real sense that this game pays homage to some legendary western motifs: the quest for treasure, the barren countryside, shanty towns asking strangers for help vanquishing their foes, the whole nine yards. Your character might as well be Clint Eastwood himself!

    The voice acting is fun with a deadly sense of humour. There's a large variety of voices that fill the game with a lot of experience to back up their credibility. Who would've thought that the voice of Marcus was the same that did the Boomers in Gears of War? Exactly! That's the kind of pedigree your game needs!

    Sound: 9 out of 10

    As a standalone game, Borderlands has tons of replay value for your money. The side quests take up a lot of your time, searching for the right combination of weapons, and an excellent co-op system makes life fun in the realms of Pandora. But let us not forget the DLC content available for this game! 4 DLC packs filled with new locations, new characters, and even more achievements await you. But be warned, these DLC packs are not the greatest on the market. They make a great game better but as their own entities, they are a bit lacking (but I'll review those later.) Also, the game comes built with a handy Playthrough 2 option that allows you to go through the game again but with harder enemies and better perks!

    Achievements for this game are extremely entertaining! Many surround levelling and the main storyline, killing with certain weapons and moves, and using all four characters until at least level 5 to make sure you are picking the class right for you. The rest are interesting and make for an entertaining couple of playthroughs.

    Replay Value: 8 out of 10

    Overall, Borderlands is a blast! The look, the sound, the feel, the humour, it's all there! Grab a gun, hop on that bus to Pandora, and go find The Vault for yourself!

    Overall: 8.5 out of 10
  • Shuff264Shuff26420,416
    28 Oct 2010
    18 9 2
    Borderlands- What can i say? im on my fourth play through of this game and i finsihed two of the dlc and i am planning to buy the lastest, all i can say is clapclapclap bravo gearbox! This game in my eyes is a masterpiece! The gameplay may be like most shooters with your regular variety of guns but thrown into that is elemental damage and the characters special abilites which add a whole new dynamic with the co-op as you want to get every single charachter type in the game. The main thing that does let this masterpiece down is the story. Ill admit the main story is non existant but some of the charachters you meet will stay with you forever as they make you laugh so much! Especially the claptraps! The ending is pretty weak but gerbox noticed this and then the dlcs helped to try and fix this adding so many differant things to the mix.

    Gameplay-5/5-Addictive, especially becasue of the random wepaons and the fact that there is nearly a gazillion!

    Story-4/5-The may be saying. WHAT!?!? right now but i give it 4/5 because of the amazing and inspiring charachters that you meet!

    Graphics-5/5- Borderlands has its own grapical style appearing very cartoony and it pulls it off with great gusto!

    Sound-5/5- This game has great sound with a great sound track (One of my faveourite songs ever)

    Overall-19/20- I would recomend this to anybody who loves a good shooter! and to anybody who loves games!toast
  • Katosepe321Katosepe32194,898
    18 Jul 2012
    7 4 2
    While it may not be entirely fair to say that Borderlands is unlike any other game out there, it certainly is the best of the lot at what it does. Borderlands is a mash-up of all the best aspects from first-person shooters and role playing games made by a team that specializes in crazy. This is readily apparent from the first moment you set foot on Pandora. The game drops you on a bus with "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant playing and lets you pick one of four very strange characters. Mortecai, the Hunter, is a scrawny guy wearing huge goggles with a bird on his shoulder. Brick, the Berserker, looks like he could easily hold his own in a fight with the cast of Gears of War... all of them. Lilith, the Siren, is smaller than the rest but given her crazy eyes and super-human aura, there's clearly more going on. As if Gearbox decided at least one character needed to be normal looking, Roland, the Soldier, is last but certainly not least with his portable turret/shield.

    After picking your character, you are thrust into the world of Pandora and it is obvious from the very beginning that Pandora is not a world for the faint of heart. Bandits wielding axes and guns alike charge you on foot and shoot you up from mounted car turrets. They use cover intelligently and taunt you mercilessly. Your surroundings only reflect the lawlessness of the land. Pandora is mostly a desert planet, reflecting dust and rock in all directions.

    Still, don't let this turn you away from this game. You are far from defenseless. Borderlands throws no shortage of guns at you right from the start. While most of the game feels like a first person shooter, the guns (and quests) are what Gearbox brought from the role playing game genre. There are almost a million different guns you can find throughout your adventures. These are categorized into different types such as shotgun and combat rifle but each has a very distinct personality. Look forward to finding shotguns that shoot rockets, revolvers that launch rounds the size of a man's head and snipers that can melt enemies with acid.

    Pandora may look desolate but the cel shaded graphics bring a quirky life and personality to the mix. Throw in some of the most bizarre characters to ever grace a video game and Pandora may just become a second home. Fortunately, there are enough quests to keep you busy for a long time too.

    As far as the game mechanics go, shooting feels weighty and while some late enemies feel like bullet sponges, the game does a great job of never making you feel weak in the face of overwhelming odds. Towns provide a nice break from shooting action where you can check constantly shifting store inventories and start new quests. Unless you are playing with someone who spends ungodly amounts of the time at the stores after questing, these breaks never really interfere with the action.

    Borderlands is a great game to play offline but it gets even better when you bring three buds to quest around Pandora with you. Up to four players can play online co-op OR you can play two player split-screen co-op. Enemies scale up appropriately as does the loot you can obtain. You can only get the best guns if you play with four people so there is some great incentive to play co-op. There are also arenas for you to duke it out with your friends but don't be expecting Call of Duty level competitive action here. The arenas aren't well balanced at all and are really just for settling loot disagreements more than anything else. Still, it's a nice touch for those who want to see how their character stacks up against the rest.

    Still, Borderlands is not without its problems. The storyline is incredibly weak and even hardcore story purists will find themselves drifting off through the both predictable and bizarre plot. For every great, memorable character, there are two completely forgettable ones that follow. The plot really feels like just a vessel for the shooting action.

    Also, the game's large amount of content unfortunately shows off some of Borderlands other shortcomings. Late game loot drops aren't nearly as exciting as the beginning due to endless amounts of garbage and low level items. For some this may make the occasional super rare gun an exciting event but most will tire of the distractions. When you finish the first playthrough, you provides a second playthrough which allows you to use your powerful character to play through again with leveled up enemies. When this is finished, all enemies are automatically scaled up to your character's level. While this is wonderful for online games with your friends who have quested together throughout, it can hurt certain parts that are extremely unfriendly towards solo players who then can't level up beyond their opponents.

    Finally, while online play is great with your friends, the system is strange and hard to figure out if you sometimes play solo and sometimes online. The game seems to count quests randomly, oftentimes not providing lower level players any experience or loot from quests. It is usually recommended to have multiple characters, one for soloing and one for online.

    All in all, Borderlands is a great first step in what is sure to be a fan favorite franchise. The game is ground breaking and can truly bridge the previously large gap between RPG and shooter fans. It has its issues that need to be addressed in the sequels but for now, there is a lot to enjoy on Pandora.
  • 14 11 6
    Well, with MW2's glitz and glamour wearing off, more and more people are turning off to other games. I, am one of them. I was blessed, this Christmas, with the chance to FINALLY get my grubby gamer mitts on Borderlands for the 360. And man... what a game!

    Initial Impressions: Quirky opening; a combination of sci-fi, western, and steam-punk. The use of cel-shading adds a whole new level of depth to the game, while creating it's own unique visual style. Hmm, this gun they gave me isn't too bad. It's a bit inaccurate, but still well-balanced. HA! Look at all of those critical hits! Hahahaha! DIE! DIE! DIE! What the ****?! I just knifed his head off?! WHOO HOO HOO HOO HOOOOO!

    And so on, and so forth.


    Final Impressions: It's a fun, gun-sporting, one-liner-slinging, fun-fest. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking, even on an SD television set; though I notice plenty of shadow blotches here and there. Small graphic tears appear every now-and-then, thanks to the game's compressed nature. I've also hit moments of dropped frame-rate due to excessive explosions, action, and particle effects. But this was only minor, and did not really impede the game much.

    Another issue is the lack of environmental interactivity. You cannot knock bottles over, nor cans, nor fences, nor anything that isn't fleshy, and kill-able. This really annoys me, only because it becomes hazardous to driving. The driving in this game is incredibly awkward, as the turning is correspondent to aiming. So when I want to do a drive-by, I cannot. this is a bit flawed, and becomes a major nuisance. However, backing up and turning around is fluid, and usually humorous (especially with many enemies nearby, to end up under the tires in a bloody mess).

    Weaponry is pretty much balanced, with each gun you find having positives, and negatives. I've even found guns that are less rare than others, and perform a thousand times better than their rarer counterpart. This makes the game more interesting, as I'm feeling less attached to a gun based on rarity, and more on its usefulness in combat. This is the mark of a great weapon system, and attention to what's important in a game about shooting: GOOD GUNS.

    There are plenty of "vehicle checkpoints" (re-spawns for vehicles), so if you trash/crash/get stuck, you can always summon another. Enemies respond differently to certain weapon types, and elemental types; and some require more strategic thinking to circumvent. This adds a whole new level of depth to the game-play, and forces the player to think on their feet.

    The writing in Borderlands is spot on. There's jokes aplenty, and enough media references to make any basement dweller wet his pants in nerdy glee. My favourites thus far are: "I've fired every bullet ever (Shoot 100,000 times)", "Who Made That Man A Gunner? (Shoot 25,000 times) [In-game Achievement]", "There are some who call me... Tim (Equip A Class Mod) ", and "Jakob's Fodder (Complete Jakob's Fodder Mission)". Speaking of Achievements, there's 60 of them in Borderlands, and believe me: You're going to be spending a LOT of time going for them all.

    A weird bug I've noticed happens when I attempt to go at a pace that's "too fast" for the game to process. During a fight with a bruiser and two regular enemies, I picked up the fallen items rather quickly, and the "Use Item" prompt stayed onscreen until I looked at another fallen item. This happened a couple of times. Another irksome issue in the game comes from certain objectives (ie. the first mission of the Lost Caves), wherein the entire objective encompasses an entire area. Rather than the objective marker pointing out individual areas to search (like crystal locations), the objective way-point marker will simply be placed in a central location, but doesn't immediately indicate that it is making a general way-point. Other times, the marker will point out individual sections of a final objective goal; this makes the flow of each mission rather jarring when trying to determine if an objective is being pointed out, or is generalised.

    Overall, Borderlands provides a hilarious escape from the modern gaming world. It does nothing to hide itself behind silly gimmicks, or attempts to play up to the casual crowd. It's an FPS that is fun throughout.

    I have yet to try the online co-op side of this game, but rest assured that I will as soon as someone with it on my FL is on.

    Borderlands is an easy 4/5 for simply being what every game should seek to be: FUN. AND BALANCED.
  • chance47chance47104,345
    03 Mar 2011 04 Mar 2011
    11 12 0

    >Please note... this is a Super short review, others have described it better than I could already. But, here are my considerations:

    >MULTIPLAYER ... absolutely the BEST co-op multiplayer game ever. The story is much more fun in co-op and this game is perfect for play through with good friends.

    >GUNS...Amazing array (millions of possible unique items) and character skills that compliment well.

    >Gripe #1 - pearlescents are far too rare as are the top weapons. One could play through the whole game and all DLCs and possibly never get one

    >ACHIEVEMENTS... most are very straight forward the hardest ones are grind it out collection ones (Grinding achevos - Gripe#2).

    >Cut-scenes & MUSIC ... great! Funny and hip.

    Overall rating if you play alone: 8.50/10.0

    Overall rating if you play co-op: 9.75/10.0
  • pizzle21pizzle21153,405
    10 Apr 2010 11 Apr 2010
    4 7 1
    Lock, Load, & Face the Madness! Get ready for the mind-blowing insanity, as one of four trigger-happy mercenaries, taking out everything that stands in your way. With its addictive action, frantic first person shooter combat, massive arsenal of weaponry, RPG elements and four-player co-op, Borderlands is the breakthrough experience that challenges all the conventions of modern shooters. Borderlands places you in the role of a mercenary on the lawless and desolate planet of Pandora, hell bent on finding a legendary stockpile of powerful alien technology known as The Vault.

    I had a blast with this game, my one buddy got me hooked on this game, going threw the game 2 times and the enemies getting harder and harder to beat but I had a blast killin them and rankin up, even the DLC was also a blast, If your a Die Hard First Person Shooter you will enjoy this game.
  • ninjafish1995ninjafish199562,434
    28 Dec 2009
    3 6 0
    In my opinian Borderlands is one of the best games i have played in a while. the gameplay is addicting and fun so you wont get bored of it any time soon. the leveling up reminded me of Fallout 3's level system, and the art style reminds me of a comic with its thick black outlines. The storyline was good but i think it could of been better. there is tons of enemys to kill, my favorite is the phsyco mutant midgets. the game has a good sense of humor like there are bosses that are called badasses and some of the stuff the charechters say. All in all, its a fun and good game and i would highly recomend it to anyone.
  • NoBadKittensNoBadKittens142,789
    04 Aug 2010 04 Aug 2010
    4 8 7
    I want to say right off, I tried really, REALLY hard to like Borderlands. Seriously. REALLY hard.

    You know how when you get a new dog and the little bastard just poops everywhere and chews on everything and you wake up and he's murdered your family and is laughing maniacally but you still try SUPER HARD to love him? Yeah. I tried THAT hard.

    But in the end, I just couldn't muster the art of doing the same damn mission I had already done 50 times previous. Because that's ultimately what Borderlands boils down to. Borderlands starts off with a GREAT premise. You're what they call a "Vault Hunter", searching for a vault that is said to have survived nuclear fallout, and your dad has run off because he's a scientist trying to do a water...

    Wait, no that's Fallout 3.

    And there in lies the problem. Borderlands is just Fallout 3, but worse. Fallout 3 at least WENT somewhere. The only place Borderlands went was back to my Gamestop. I want to say though, I did love the cell shaded look, and the weapons were awesome-because who doesn't want to shoot lightening out of a gun-and the gameplay was fine, but the game didn't GO anywhere. And this comes from a guy who put a lot of hours into it, and still couldn't stand it. It tries to hard to be Fallout 3. Now before the angry hordes of "You're fucking stupid" descend upon me, let me just say this: I DID try really hard to like the game, because to ME, it seemed like it had MASSIVE potential, and I really did love certain things ABOUT the game, but if a game doesn't have an interesting story, I just can't do it. And for this, I'm truly sorry.

    Another thing about the game is that the rpg elements just don't work. At all. In any way possible. They feel very much just 'tacked on' the way multiplayer does to certain games. I mean, I did every mission I could before going up against lvl 14 bandits and I was STILL only lvl 11. Borderlands is-and always will BE-an fps, no doubt about it. Now, I understand that this is one of those games that is meant to be played with a group of 4 people, much like L4D, except-and feel free to call me a purist-even if games should be made with the intention of being for multiplayer only, it should at LEAST be playable for first person too, like L4D. Borderlands was hardly any fun even while playing it ALONE, and I just can't imagine that playing it with 4 people altogether would be anymore fun either. But then again, in the games defense, I'm not much of a multiplayer person.

    I am a little lenient on this game because half of it is the game's fault and half of it is mine. It's the game's because it's just not very entertaining, while being beautiful with great music, and the other half for me because I'm not much of a multiplayer person, even though I REALLY TRULY TRIED to like this game. I mean, I even gave it 3 stars because I thought everything about it except for the story was excellent.

    But on the other hand, I also like to-like basically everyone in the world-put blame on everything else because I think I'm perfect and I don't like feeling like something is my fault, so I also just have to say-as a sidenote-this game sucks.

    Ultimately, it's just not for me. But if you're a multiplayer based person, then certainly give it a crack, because it could be great for you.
  • LegohaulicLegohaulic42,405
    30 May 2012
    2 7 0
    My fellow Vault Hunters, i speak today of Borderlands. First I would like to say that I have always enjoyed Borderlands and always will. speaking with several people they feel its not there cup of tea, there loss! The story is very well writen, as a n offworld traveler you are seeking Pandoras legendary vault, untold fame, fortune, and women as Marcus says in the opening minutes. along the way you meet and loose closef reinds such as T.K Baha, but he comes back in the DLC if you are missing his companionship. all in all i would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys a sandbox build, freeraom story, and solid background story, thumbs up Gearbox
  • cc99999cc99999307,562
    21 Oct 2009 22 Oct 2009
    16 22 0
    In a Minute Review - Borderlands

    Let's be honest. Borderlands' concept is eerily similar to Fallout 3. No doubt, in part, inspired by Bethesda's game, this original IP from Gearbox takes the post-apocalyptic sense of foreboding and desolation and raises the bar of what you can do that setting to an all new level. Its of great surprise that I find this game is superior to Fallout 3 in almost every facet. It outshoots it, looting is better and more interesting here, and the enemy AI is more raw and aggressive. Not to mention the game has more character, better visuals, multiplayer, and doesn't crash.

    I don't intend to spell out plot details or get into minutia about the game's design. I'll leave that for those who want to do that- suffice it to say- this is the best game that Gearbox has ever released- it is one of the most captivating role playing games I've played in a long while, and the desolate Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome world is beautiful, fun to explore, and deadly.

    Whether this game will appeal to you depends solely on what you want out of a game experience. Do you want control of how you progress? Do you want endless customization? Do you want a game that is only as challenging as you want to make it? Then Borderlands is that kind of game. Even if you want a game experience that progresses quickly- you'll find something here.

    Get. This. Game.
  • McKameyMcKamey53,824
    03 Apr 2010 03 Apr 2010
    5 19 2
    Although this game was extremely hyped with commercials on at every break containing popular overused music it was quite a let down. This game causing fist fights in my local Best Buy store on the opening week made getting this game a chore and it was not worth the pain and effort of buying, but maybe a weekend rent and beat.

    This game was slightly fun and mildly entertaining but was definately not worth the hours you put into beating it. Along with a lame story the ending was also a rediculous let down and was very unfullfilling.

    Hence this game is a waste of time and not worth buying.