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Posted on 11 May 18 at 22:16
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Bounce Rescue!

Bounce Rescue! is a vibrantly colored platformer developed and published by Bitecore. In the opening cutscene you will see our protagonist Bobby and Wilma gathering with their friends on a beautiful sunny day, when out of the blue a portal appears and through it comes the unnamed villain who teleports your bouncy comrades away and replaces them with aggressive versions of your friends. So Bobby and Wilma take up arms and smash the enemies and bounce off, clubs in hand, to save their friends.

The first level acts as a tutorial and fans of the platforming genre will feel right at home with the comfortable, tried and true, controls of ‘jump’ and ‘attack’. This game spares no expense when it comes to platforming tropes. This game has them all, the floating coins, collecting 100 of them to get an extra heart, secret areas hidden behind fake walls, and while you do have a stick to dispose of the bestiary, you can also get the job done by bouncing on their heads(aside from the enemies with spikey helmets *ouch*)

The levels consist of moving to the end portal/door to finish the level while battling various bubbly cute enemies, but do not be fooled, this piece of cheerful masochism will have you pleading with the gaming gods, potentially smashing your controller, scaring your pets with outburst of anguish, and irritating your spouse, as you slowly scream your way from checkpoint to checkpoint only to have the time run out and you have to restart the level. This is by level 3…

The levels have a 3 star ranking system that is based on coins collected, gems collected, and one star for simply beating the level. In each level there are 3 large gems that must be collected to attribute to the levels 3 star ranking. They can sometimes be found through natural progression but a majority of the time they are slightly hidden and sometimes, going the wrong way or killing the wrong enemy can cause you to miss it and a restart must be done to get the 3 star rating. The amount of coins needed to get the star for that level depends on the level and only counts the ones collected in that particular level, however the coins you have on hand are a running total, awarding a heart every 100. To progress through the level, you will need to collect keys to open the doors on that level. Some levels have more keys than others and sometimes, backtracking is needed after collecting a key to get a gem at the beginning of the level. Each level also has a time limit that varies depending on the level.

While I am sure it has been said about many games, I do feel that this game is the Dark Souls of platforming, with a brightly colored, innocent skin to add insult to injury. When you die, and you will die, you are transported back to the last checkpoint you have reached, also losing all the gems and keys you have gathered since your last checkpoint, and to top it off the enemies have respawned. The first time you will likely hit a wall is in the first cave level at stage 4. These levels are similar to the castle levels of a game about a certain well-known plumber.

You will travel to different areas around the bounce world including the starting grasslands, the frozen tundra, scorching deserts and more. Each area has 10 levels with a boss level at the end of each zone. Most likely, you will give up after the 400th death or the second broken controller, this game also have local co-op if you would like to break your gamepads faster.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are wonderful and in my opinion the best feature about it. Warm colors and cute animations are a great distraction from almost having an aneurysm.

Music: The soundtrack does a fantastic job of accentuating the graphics. Light and chipper songs reminiscent of the store music in The Sims titles. The sound effects also have an airy bounce and pop that go well with games aesthetic.

Gameplay: The controls are quick and responsive which is needed in this demanding platformer as the slightest touch can mean safety or death. With only two inputs, attack and jump, it is very easy to pick up and champion the first two levels, but after that, the game becomes a test of patience and persistence.
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