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    27 Jul 2019
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    Will Bouncy Bullets have you jumping for joy?

    Bouncy Bullets Review

    NOTE: This review is written under the pretense that most players on this website are only playing the game for achievements. I only played until I got all the achievements; I did not go through the rest of the game afterward.

    This first-person platformer is simple and colorful. It's a game that requires fast reflexes as well as spatial awareness. The objective is get from point A to point B. Along the way, you'll encounter enemies that shoot projectiles, environmental hazards such as spikes or lasers, and gaps and heights that you must navigate through. It's extremely straight-forward, but as a short distraction, it's quite nice.

    The concept of the game is light and fun, but the mechanics do not always reflect this same sentiment. Trying to turn your character often feels like you're going through molasses. It can be annoying, but it doesn't necessarily detract from your ability to get through the game. It just feels heavier than it needs to be. When you jump, it feels very floaty. So if you're trying to land on a platform that is below you, sometimes you'll either over-correct or under-shoot the jump. It's something that you can get used to, but it can also be quite annoying. Those are the two biggest gripes I had with the game. Otherwise, I largely enjoyed my time with the game. There are light puzzle aspects to the game, so figuring those out and traversing my way through each level was good fun, even if it was very easy. I'm not a speedrunner, but I can imagine this game being fun to speedrun. While it's technically scraps compared to a game like Portal, it gave me a little bit of that vibe when I was quickly going through levels. The first-person persepctive worked and was a good choice as opposed to a third-person perspective. The gameplay is nothing to write home about and contains some minor annoyances, but the game knows what it is and does a good job executing its purpose.

    This is a Ratalaika game, so yes, it is very short and very easy. If all you care about are achievements, then this game is a quick completion. All you have to do is complete 25 regular levels and 6 special levels, which are the normal levels with a few more enemies/obstacles thrown in. You'll get a star rating after each level that's dependent on how much time you took to complete the level. You only need to get 3 stars on one level. You need to die once, which is inevitable. If you can make it through without dying, kudos! The only other "missable" achievement is killing a gray enemy. Killing a gray enemy makes you fail the level, so you're taught not to shoot them. Throw in a couple of achievements for killing regular enemies, and you've got a recipe for an easy completion!

    Final Thoughts
    This is a casual pick-up-and-play video game. For achievement hunters, it's an easy completion. For casual players, it can be a fun little romp through a colorful and cute world that tests your reflexes and skill. For either gamer, you'll most likely get some enjoyment out of it. It's definitely not perfect, nor does it try to be. It knows what it is and is good at being that.
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    kipfizhFor me, this could've been a 3* game but let itself down badly with one simple choice - not allowing the inversion of the Y axis. Immediately anyone who prefers that found it infuriating, me included. Good review though.
    Posted by kipfizh on 25 Aug at 17:48