Bound by Flame

Bound by Flame

Xbox 360Backwards Compatible

Bound by Flame Achievements

Most Earned

First steps
First steps10 (10)You have upgraded your first skill, and improved your chances of survival at the same time.
Just a warm-up
Just a warm-up10 (10)You learn to use your weapons. 25 people have already done so before you.
Beasted16 (15)You have bested a Juggernaut... and that's just the beginning!
Just a warning
Just a warning37 (30)You had earned the curiosity of the Ice Lords. 75 kills later, you have their attention.

Least Earned

Romance with pointy ears
Romance with pointy ears123 (30)You have bested Rhelmar at his own game: The ladykiller Elf has a crush on you.
Chivalrandy122 (30)Randval has abandoned his deathwish while succumbing to your charms. Double whammy!
Captain445 (110)As a worthy Captain, you have completed Bound by Flame under the most extreme conditions.
Buffalo173 (45)As a good veteran, you have managed to complete Bound by Flame under difficult conditions.
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