2. Bound by Flame General hints and tips


  • Warrior and Ranger stances each have their pros and cons. Try both to see which suits you.
  • Ranger will be utilizing guerilla tactics. Stealth. Attack. Retreat. Repeat.
  • Warrior will be utilizing survivability by blocking and parrying while trying to single out an enemy to attack.
  • Master the Block, Dodge, Riposte, and Parry combat moves. These will be your primary attack and defense, especially on the harder difficulties.
  • Most attacks can be blocked and even countered.
  • Traps are extremely useful against grouped enemies and bosses. Most enemies will either get pushed back or knocked to the ground giving you time to unleash a barrage of attacks or heal.
  • The Crossbow is very useful if paired with Poison chance. Use this during boss fights to drain health away and keeping your distance to avoid heavy damage.
  • Study your opponents. Each enemy has their attack patterns, this is important to know so you can time your riposte during combat.
  • Stick with one main fighting stance, Warrior or Ranger. Pair that with Pyromancer.


  • Always have the best gear in your inventory equipped. Always check new gear to see if it is an improvement over your current gear.
  • Be sure to upgrade your weapons and armor with attachment. These actually improve your gear quite a lot.
  • Salvage unused equipment instead of selling it. Gold is primarily useless early on so getting components for upgrades is more important.
  • Create potions, crossbow ammo, and traps frequently.


  • It is possible to unlock all three skill trees in one playthrough. You will need 36 skill points to max out a single tree which will put you at level 19. Do not spend your points until reaching this level. Make a save and then spend all points on one tree, load the save with the unused points and repeat for the next two skill trees. (for more details, see the Character Skill Tree page)
  • Switch between weapons early on to get the required kills done as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to Salvage and Create items regularly.
  • When completing the game on a harder difficulty, all the easier difficulty achievements will unlock as well.
  • There is no quick method for beating the game on Captain, the hardest difficulty. You will have to start and finish on Captain without changing difficulty.
  • I'm on fire - To set enemies on fire you will need to unlock certain skills in the Pyromancer skill tree or equip weapon upgrades which add "Set on Fire."
    • Avenging Flames (minimum of 9 points)
    • Conflagration (minimum of 13 points)
  • Chrysalid - Inflict enemies with poison. Best if done with a crossbow.
  1. There are 2 crossbows with the added chance of poison attached already.
  2. There is also a Ranger Skill - Gift of the Viper (minimum of 13 points)
    • You can poison the same enemy multiple times; each time will count towards the achievement.
  • Romancing Characters
    • You can only romance companions of the opposite gender to your character. Male with the females. Female with males.
    • You can only romance one character at a time, so you will have to load a previous save to get both in one playthrough.
    • You must complete all of the specific companion's side quests before being able to romance them.
    • Randval needs a few conversations completed as well, this will be covered later.
  • For all achievements, one playthrough for each Human and Demon will be necessary, as well as one for each male and female.
  • Your two playthroughs should be (1.) Female as Human (2.) and Male as Demon.

General Skill spending tips

  • There are far too many skills than points available in a single playthrough, so you will have to choose wisely and only improve things that will help your character build. - You should be around level 25 at the final boss which is means you will have 48 points to spend.
  • Skills are separated into tiers; you will need to spend six points to increase a tier level per skill tree.
  • Stick to spending points on one stance, Warrior or Ranger, to help build an effective fighter. You should also utilize the Pyro tree with one of these stances.

General Feat tips

  • To unlock any feat, you must meet the criteria. To see what a specific one needs, look in the menu under the Feats tab.
  • Many feats are going to be useless to you according to your playstyle, glance through and decide which ones you want.
  • Some must haves are
  1. Practical & Passionate - these should be the first two you unlock. These increase Experience earned.
  2. Temperate & Wise - reduced fire spell cost. Allows you to use spells more often in combat.
  3. Gunner - increase trap damage, you should use traps often in boss fights.
  4. Crossbowman - increased crossbow damage. Useful when you need to keep your distance but still want to cause some damage.
  5. Trapper and Soldier - lowers the number of parts needed to make traps and crossbow ammo.
  6. Healer - increased health restored from potions. (You will use potions often)
  7. Colossus & Energetic - increase max health and magic. Get the second versions if you can as well.
  • Some Feats you shouldn't even bother with, like these
  1. Finder - chest make a sound to make it easier to spot. - I will point out the important ones in this guide.
  2. Manufacturer - make ingredients from fewer ingredients. - You should not need to make new ingredient.
  3. Haggler - Merchant price reduction. There are few things you should be buying from merchants anyway.
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