4. Bound by Flame Story walkthrough

--PROLOGUE-- The temple on top of the world.

At the service of the Red Scribes

After the long introduction, you will finally be in control of your character.

You should head straight up the sloping path, searching the rock pile to your left just as the path levels out. (Chest 1/20)

Follow the path as it curves to the right. Once you get to the 180 degree turn, there will be another rock pile to search along the cliffs edge to the left. (Chest 2/20)

Head up the slope to be introduced to Captain. Just as you reach the top of the slope, there will be another rock pile to search on the left along the rock wall. (Chest 3/20)

Walk over to Captain to start a dialogue scene. Once that is over, head to the 1st objective marker and open the chest to retrieve the equipment. (Chest 4/20)

You are now tasked with creating 10 traps. Open the menu, hit (X) to craft Exploding Traps. Craft 10 and exit the menu.

Now you will need to give them to Peeler at the 1st objective marker. Once you pass the tents next to a fire, there will be a barrel to loot. (Chest 5/20)

Give the traps to Peeler. Now enter the temple through the door ahead of you. Straight ahead you should see a set of stairs which wrap around a dragon statue. To the left, in the shadows, you will see Thebald who has a side quest for you. Side Quest - Just another old artifact

Heading S on the mini-map you will see another stair case, this one is broken and unusable. Go around behind the broken stair case and search the rock pile. (Chest 6/20)

Now head to the SW corner of the room to the 2nd objective marker to find the artifact. Before returning the object, to the left will be a treasure chest to open. (Chest 7/20)

Now return the artifact to Thebald, 2nd objective marker, who is wandering around the area. Side Quest Complete - Just another artifact (Mercenary 1/20)

Exit the temple. Slightly to the left is a stone pillar, behind this pillar is a barrel to open. (Chest 8/20)

Follow the area S and you will see a rock pile along the edge of the map near the stack of rocks next to a patch of grass. (Chest 9/20)

Head over to your 1st objective marker to plant traps. Between the first and second is a rocky lamp post with a rock pile at its base. (Chest 10/20)

Finish planting the traps and get ready for your first fight. Follow the in-game hints as this will be your combat tutorial. Do not worry about the ones attacking Captain; kill the two Hobblers nearest to you. Once those two are dealt with you will be attacked by another wave, this time the hobbler will have a shield. Opponents may run into a trap, ultimately killing themselves at random, but it’s a good idea to draw them away and lure the harder ones, like the shielded foes, to make quick work of them. The next wave has two archers, so close the gap while avoiding the arrows and deal with them. You can also fire your crossbow at them to interrupt their attack briefly. The final wave will have one shield, two archers, a few skeletons, and a few regular Hobblers. You can entice them into walking into your traps for an easy finish if you like. Once the wave is finished you will retreat back into the temple.

In the temple you will face a new opponent, Specters. You should have noticed by now that when multiple enemies are attacking at once, it is hard to attack back without getting hit. If necessary, pull out of combat and try to either draw one away or wait until its attention is fixed on one of the NPC’s before re-engaging in the fight. Without the proper defense strategy, enemies will take away a lot of your health quickly if you are not careful.

Side Quest - None Shall Pass / A brother in danger

Head up the stairs and to the left to find the stairs blocked about half way up, there is a rock pile to search. (Chest 11/20)

Turn around and continue up the stairs on the other side. Head to the 2nd objective marker to find and speak to Buffalo. Side Quest Complete - None shall pass (Mercenary 2/20)

Turn around to spot the next treasure chest before heading back out through the 2 pillars. (Chest 12/20)

Make your way through the pillars and head to the right, past the lantern to get a few enemies drop down and attack. This is the start of the introduction to the Ranger stance - dual wielding daggers. Three Hobblers in total drop down. The first is a regular one, the second is one wielding a two handed weapon, and the third an archer. Finish the fight and loot the corpses. From here on out, be sure to loot any drops from fallen enemies.

Under the next arch way will be a rock pile. (Chest 13/20)

Continue on to learn about STEALTH. Two enemies will be waiting ahead, one is wielding a two handed hammer, the other a shield. Take this opportunity to try a stealth attack since their backs are turned. If the attack is successful you should take a large portion of health off one of the Hobblers. Be sure to search the treasure chest which holds a new sword and dagger. (Chest 14/20)

You should hit Level 2 now.

***Important Note*** Please see my step by step method for maxing out each of the three skill trees before spending your skill points to decide if it is something you wish to pursue.

Spending a point now will give you

First steps

Upgrade a skill

First steps
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Move ahead through the corridor, you should see a trap on the ground to the left. Pick it up or leave it. There is a shielded hobbler making its way up and down the corridor. If you do not see either the trap or the hobbler, then it may have already tripped the trap leaving the corridor free to move down. However, engaging the Hobbler will cause a Specter, archer, and another Hobbler to join the fight. Luring the group to the trap will result in knocking them back, possibly killing most of them. Now deal with the archer and finish off any remaining foes the trap didn't dispose of already.

After the fight continue along the path until there is an opening along the N wall. Enter this side area and immediately turn to the right to find another treasure chest. (Chest 15/20)

Continue ahead in this side area to find another trap laid out on the ground, pick this one up. Continue down the steps to find Peeler engaging some enemies. Take out the archer to the left first; next attack the Specter, saving the shielded Hobbler for last. The shielded enemy should be focused on Peeler allowing you to freely attack on its unguarded back. Side Quest Complete - A brother in danger (Mercenary 3/20)

NOTE: This is going to be the best method for when you are engaging multiple enemies. You should eliminate archers or other ranged fighters first, then work your way up to the shielded opponents last. The exception to this is during boss battles, you will want to kill everything else before the boss.

Just a warm-up

Vanquish 25 enemies

Just a warm-up
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Loot the chest in the far W side of the dead-end room. (Chest 16/20)

Head back to where you diverted to this side path to find a staircase to your right. As you head towards the stairs you can spot another rock pile somewhat hidden in the tall grass behind the center pillar. Search it before heading down the staircase. (Chest 17/20)

At the bottom of the stairs continue on until reaching the East Wing. There will be several enemies waiting for you so get ready. Once the three are finished a new enemy appears, the Spewer. This enemy is fairly dangerous, you can lay down the trap you picked up and lure in, fire your crossbow at it to damage it while keeping your distance, or attempt a traditional fight while trying to block, parry, or dodge its oncoming swings. Later in the game, this enemy explodes causing damage and poison, so get used to running away from it. By now you should have had gotten 25 kills if not already.

After the scene with the Juggernaut trying to grab you, turn around and open the chest at the back of the room before headed back upstairs. (Chest 18/20)

As you are going up the stairs you will hear the Captain yelling retreat to the Invoking Room. This is now your destination as well. While heading there, you will be attacked by several skeletons. You can drop a trap next to the pillar where they are all coming from to take out most of them in one shot. Further ahead, another Spewer will be waiting for you.


For this Spewer, to save items and health, draw it back towards the stairs you just came up. Just past the archway where you fought the two Hobblers with the first Stealth attack, it seems to lose interest in you, turn its back, and starts to walk back to where it came from. This is common for most enemies in the game. It would seem that there is only a certain area where they are willing to engage you in.

By exploiting this in game mechanic, it is easy to pull off Stealth guerrilla attacks. Once you have the Spewer walking away from you, go into stealth and move towards it until you are in range. Once you are close enough perform a surprise hit, this deals significant damage especially as you level it up. The Spewer will now reengage you so simply run back until it stops again. Repeat this process until it is finished.

This will save many items including health potions throughout the game, so use this method if you are feeling overwhelmed with the opposition or have a large enemy giving you trouble as you progress.

After the Spewer, a few Hobblers drop down near the corpse and lantern, once you deal with them, continue to the 1st objective marker and enter the Invoking Chamber.

Inside the Invoking Chamber you will have to battle several Hobblers, but you will have help from many allies making this fairly easy. Once they are taken care of you will be pulled out of the temple by the Boss - Juggernaut. This fight will introduce you to your new Pyromancer skills.


This fight is fairly straightforward. Avoid its arms and legs while using your new spells to destroy all four limbs. Two Fire Orb hits will do the trick for each appendage. Watch your timing when attacking the arms, he will pull them up and your orb will miss its mark if you are not careful. You will have to either runaround letting the magic recharge or drink magic potions while avoiding damage from the boss and his minions.

An alternate method is to drop a trap between its feet to take them both out in one shot that way you only need to hit the arms with Fire Orbs. You can attack with your regular weapons if you want to, but the damage isn't much and you will have an increased risk of receiving some. You can attack the Hobblers that show up if you want to work towards sword or dagger kills while waiting for your magic to recharge, the Juggernaut will damage them as well so you may get some quick kills this way.

Once all four appendages are depleted of health the battle is over.


Vanquish a Juggernaut

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

--ACT 1-- Twists and turns in Valvenot

Chapter 1 - A village of refugees

This chapter starts off in a dialogue sequence with Buffalo; the choice doesn't matter so choose whichever you want. Most dialogue choices do not matter throughout the story. When it does I will be sure to state so in the guide. It is a good idea that you talk to people and cycle through everything they have to say once you get to the new areas. Sometimes they will have quests for you or other information regarding leads on quests. Most of the time what people have to say is junk dialogue and unimportant.

NOTE: I am not going to write out each conversation sequence to follow for you to pick up or turn in quests. I am going to assume that you will figure it out as long as I lead you to the person you need to speak to. However, on the occasion that there is the possibility of saying the wrong thing leading to a failure of a quest I will tell you want you will want to say to avoid missing out.

After meeting Rhelmar you will have to choose a partner for now. Sybil or Rhelmar. Choose Sybil. Sybil Side Quest - On Safari with Sybil

Swamp: Path to Valvenor

Once you start to move forward, you will be ambushed by several new enemies called Chrysalids. Focus on taking one out at a time and try to draw it away to avoid being swarmed. Once all six have been defeated loot the bodies and continue forward.

With Sybil in the party, she will try to heal you during combat if your health gets too low and after battle she will heal you up as well. You can change her combat style at any time but this is fairly balanced between her attacking and healing you so I prefer to leave it. In dire situations you can manually ask her to heal you during combat using the radial wheel.

There is an alcove to the right with a Chrysalid facing away from you. Try a stealth attack to get a good amount of health taken off it. After the battle search the rock pile by the stone pillar. (Chest 19/20)

Now back on the main path, continue straight avoiding the fork in the road to the left and right to come to a broken bridge to find another rock pile on the wooden ramp. (Chest 20/20)

First come, first served

Loot 20 chests

First come, first served
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Turn around to see a Whip Vine. This new enemy is immobile and nonaggressive until attacked or you get to close. So either stealth hit it and retreat, you can also use your new Fire Orb spell to damage it from afar. Once it is down, backtrack to the fork and take the N path via a ledge to drop down.

You will notice you get an auto-save every time you interact with a ledge, either dropping down or climbing up. This is useful later on in case you want to get a quick-save in after a hard battle before continuing to avoid dying and having to redo the entire fight.

After you drop down, just ahead and to the left will be another rock pile.

Now head into the flooded area to face more Chrysalids, and a new enemy called the Parasite. The Parasite is also immobile but will fire out spikes in three directions, simply stand in the "blind spot" and attack it.

When the fight is over, climb up the ledge to the N. There is a door on the map indicating a map area change, this leads to the Path of the Ruins, ignore this for now as you cannot enter it anyway. There is a small alcove all the way to the N, which holds a searchable corpse behind some roots. This contains a new sword, called Fate, and some other goodies.

Drop back down into the flooded area and follow the path S. Under the broken bridge will be a few more Chrysalids to take care of. After that, continue S to reach a ledge to climb up. There will be several Chrysalids up here too, if you get overwhelmed you can run to the right (or N) of the ledge you just climbed. If you go too far another large Chrysalid will drop down to fight you, if you look up you can see it waiting for you. Run back to the S to engage any remaining enemies while retreating as you need to. Take out the ambushing Chrysalid to the N when you are ready then proceed S past the ledge you came up from before.

Once you get past the previous ledge, you will come to a fork leading left and straight. Left will go upward and straight will go down into some more water, they both lead to the same area so go left for now. Search the rock pile on the right side of the path and continue forward to reach a stump guarded by a Whip Vine. Kill the vine before looting the stump.

Once you reach the point where the two paths meet you will be on a ledge over a flooded area which is infested with Chrysalids. Drop down and attack, make sure to use your Fire Orb to deal significant damage and aid in disposing of these enemies. Once all enemies have been dealt with, continue S to another transitional area which you cannot enter. Loot the tree stump before headed towards the end of the path you had avoided previously.

Along this path will be two more Parasites to eliminate. Once done, around the bend along the N side of the path between some rocks is another rock pile to search.

Backtrack to the ledge you dropped down from to get to this flooded area and climb it. Now head N. You will now be on the opposite side of the destroyed bridge, which is on the left. To the right you will hear some fighting going on between some Chrysalids and a new enemy, the Impaler. Charge into battle or ignore it for now, but you will ultimately want to head to the broken bridge to loot a corpse for a new weapon, an axe called Slicer.

Head back towards the fighting and you will spot a glowing tree stump just beyond a ledge to drop down on the left. Go loot it then climb back up the ledge and continue to the fight. Eliminate any remaining foes if you didn't engage them before.

Continue to the E towards the 1st objective marker. You will spot Randval attacking multiple Chrysalids. Finish the fight, but turn around and loot the tree stump before entering through the doors leading to Valvenor.

You should have at least the 75 kills by now. If not, enemies will respawn in the swamp after a bit and you can always go out for more kills if you wish.

Just a warning

Vanquish 75 enemies

Just a warning
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Now if you have stuck to daggers or the sword for most of the kills you should have either

Bloody hell

Kill 50 enemies with daggers

Bloody hell
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Sword it out

Kill 50 enemies with a sword

Sword it out
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

If you have not unlocked either then you should be close, so keep at it.

NOTE: From here on out I will not describe where each treasure chest (rock pile, trees stump, etc.) is going to be. However, I will still point out where the ones containing new weapons and armor can be found.


Once you enter this village you should work your way around looking for treasure to loot, there will only be gold and components to find for now, so nothing major if you would rather just continue with the story. You can find a blacksmith in one of the areas to sell you some new gear. There is nothing really worth the price so I suggest passing this opportunity for now. After you are done exploring you will want to head to the 1st objective marker at the Village Hall to progress the story.

After the dialogue scene, spot Randval to the left of the counter in a corner next to a table. Talking to Randval will reveal that he expresses interest in dueling you. Agree to the fight. Randval Side Quest - The duel

You will now be transported back outside in front of the Village Hall to face Randval. Best him in battle to finish this quest. Side Quest Complete - The duel (Mercenary 4/20)

NOTE: Randval is a strong adversary; he can dish out and take a lot of damage. On Captain Difficulty, this is not an easy fight; especially considering your level at the moment, so you may want to prepare. Make and set traps to knock him down, shoot the crossbow to stagger him, throw fire orbs, or simply hack and slash your way through. Alternating between block and attack is a simple method if you are having trouble.

Most importantly, you will want to dodge or parry his kick attack. If not you will be knocked to the ground and he will follow up with an attack you cannot stop. Holding block down will successfully defend against his attacks except the kick attack so be ready for it.

Once the fight is over Randval says he would like to join the Blades (Reward - sword, Guardian). Agree to talk to Captain. Randval Side Quest - The Recruitment of Randval

Head back inside the Inn and ask Randval to follow you.

NOTE: If you are a female character, in order to romance Randval later in the game there are a few conversations that you must have with him. You will also need to choose the correct options during the conversations; otherwise he will not initiate the conversation with the option to romance.

Speak to Randval, select the option, “I have a few questions I need to ask you.”

***During these conversation topics, you will have to choose the correct response or you will “fail” the conversation. If you choose incorrectly, you will not be able to romance Randval later in the game.

  1. The first topic, “What is the Order of the Emberknights?”
    • The correct response is - “Stick with me, And you’ll get your wish.”
  2. The last topic, “So what did you abandon when you entered into the order of the Emberknights?”
    • The correct response is - “This could be the last chance you get to talk about it.”

Note: This can be done at any point from now until the end of Act 3 chapter 1

With Randval in the party, run to the counter ahead and speak to the Steward. Ask if he has work. Then select each of the topics before exiting the conversation. Side Quest - Problems of stewardship

Now head to the right of the counter and open the door along the E wall. Once inside you will see Sybil, Rhelmar, and a group of Scribes around a bed with the Elf Prince lying upon it. There is a chest on the counter to the right containing a Mercenary Helmet so be sure to loot and equip it.

Talk to Rhelmar, “How is the Prince doing?” Rhelmar Side Quest - A cure for the Prince

*Important dialogue choice ahead!

Speak to Silban, the Red Scribe to Rhelmar’s left. The first dialogue choice doesn’t matter. The next choice however will cause you to miss out on some achievements if you choose incorrectly.

  • NO - “Don’t ask me to go berry-picking…” - This choice will fail the quest. Rhelmar’s achievements will become unobtainable.
  • YES - “What do you need?” - This choice will continue the quest. (be sure to pick this one.)

Exit the Inn through the downstairs door.

To the left, after exiting the door, you can see another ramp to a staircase leading above the door you just exited. Up here is a chest containing the Elven Greaves.

Head down the two sets of stairs and through the door to the E. Here you will find Mirana and Mason, each marked with a 2nd objective marker. Start with Mirana, the S marker. Ask if she needs help. Side Quest - Humanitarian services / The dispensary resources / The lost assistant

After talking to Mirana you will receive your first hammer, Guard Breaker.

Leave Mirana and go to the other marker, Mason. Talking to Mason the first time he will blow you off. Talk to him again. Side Quest Complete - Problems of stewardship (Mercenary 5/20)

Side Quest - The disappeared guards / The guard's equipment / The greenhorn's training

While in conversation with Mason, agree to fight the Greenhorns.

Directly to the N will be four guards to fight. Once you get close enough they will charge you all at once, two archers and two swordsmen. Try to not be attacked by all four at the same time. Luckily you have Randval in the group who should take some of the heat off you. He is a good close range fighter who can interrupt opponents as well as kick them to the ground helping to give you some space between fighters. Make sure you help him too otherwise he will go down leaving you to be the target of everyone left. Once the fight is over, Mason asks if you would like to go again. Say yes. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds. Your reward is an axe, Life Reducer. Side Quest Complete - The greenhorn’s training (Mercenary 6/20)

Now with Randval, head to the Captain. Tell him, “I may have a new recruit.” The two will duel and Randval will be accepted into the Blades. Side Quest Complete – The recruitment of Randval (Mercenary 7/20)

Randval will now leave the party.

Open the crate next to the tent to get Rations (1/4)

Head back to the Village Hall, stop and talk to Renko along the way. Renko is the dark skinned man standing under a tent directly below Buffalo. There will be two “person of interest” markers on your mini-map directly S of a door.

Speak with Renko and select, “We want to make the guards’ equipment better…” He will tell you he needs his cart and supplies first. Side Quest - A forge for Renko / Something to beat iron with

Now head to the Village Hall and enter it using the far W entrance, the Stocks.

Once inside you can look under the stairs for a crate to open containing a hammer, Stunner. You will want to find and loot the 3 barrels in the room to get a Ration in each (4/4).

Next you will want to head through the building to where the Elf Prince is laying. Once there you will want to add Sybil to your party and look to see if you have 5 health potions in your inventory. If not, then go ahead and make or buy some from Silban. They will cost 135 gold a piece, so if you can, create them yourself. With Sybil in the party and 5 health potions in your pocket, head over to Mirana at the Healing House.

Talking to Mirana will result in you giving away the 4 Rations picked up. Talk to her again, going through the dialogue you will want to give her the 5 health potions. You’ll be rewarded with an axe, Algandrain. Side Quest Complete - The dispensary resources (Mercenary 8/20)

Head over to where Captain and the Blades’ camp is at and exit to the Swamp: Southern Delta.

NOTE: Now would be a good time to switch to a hammer or an axe and work towards kills for that, even if you don’t have the dagger and/or sword kills yet.

Swamp: Southern Delta

The first enemy you come to will be a Whip Vine. Once you engage that, three large Chrysalids will move in to join the fight. One of these Chrysalids will be red in color, this one is a more deadly version of the white ones so be careful. Once these are dealt with, follow the wooden platform around to face another assortment of Chrysalids.

Once the fighting is over and you are off the platform, look to the N along the first wooden platform you were on to see two barrels. The barrel on the right has loot, a new pair of daggers called Stealthy, and the other is concealing a new enemy called Ripper. If you get close enough it will pop out and attack you. Once the Ripper has been defeated you will receive the Swordsman’s Breastplate. Side Quest Complete - On Safari with Sybil (Mercenary 9/20)

Ignore the vined rock wall you can climb, and follow the swamp SE.

Once the path forms a circle around a rock spire, head to the opposite side while avoiding the paths up. Stay in the flooded area to find a corpse to loot containing an Elven Scimitar and another Ripper standing guard.

Now take one of the flanking paths up and follow it to the E to reach a 2nd objective marker.

Here you will see a man standing in front of a few Chrysalids and not being attacked. Once you engage the two bugs, a few Impalers may join in the fight behind you. Kill all the enemies but DO NOT talk to the man, Heymon, yet.

First finish looting the upper area. There is a very well hidden chest containing a Commando’s Helm in the bushes next to a tree that looks to be bent over into an archway just before a waterfall to the N.

Also, to the E is a path leading to the Swamp: Eastern Zone. Take this path to an open area, look to the left just past the large rock to see a tree hiding a body behind it. Loot the corpse to get the Legionary’s Cuirass. You may run into a few more Impalers so deal with them if that happens.

Now head back to Heymon and speak to him and agree to take him back to the village. You will be teleported back to the Healing House and Mirana. You are rewarded with the Legionary’s Greaves. Side Quest Completed - The lost assistant / Humanitarian services (Mercenary 10/20 & 11/20)

Now you will want it to be night time. If it is not dark, head for the Former Inn to find a bed on the first floor by the stairs and sleep until Midnight.

When you wake up you will exit the village using the S most entrance, Swamp: Path to Valvenor. This is the entrance you came in where you first met Randval.

In this area you will want to find the two enemies marked by 2nd objective markers. Upon defeat, these enemies will drop a Chrysalid Queen poison. Go to the N enemy first using the ledge to drop down and follow the path. There will be more enemies than just the one objective so finish them and go back up the path you came down to get an auto save climbing the ledges.

Head across from the ledge and head down the S path to another ledge leading to another Chrysalid Queen. Defeat the bug and get the poison. Now you can either finish running through the area killing enemies with your weapon of choice, to get the required kills, or continue.

Either choice you make, ultimately you will head S and transition into the Southern Delta.

From here, move N around to the opposite side of the rock pillar and into a hole in the wall.

In this area you will have two of each to fight, Chrysalids and Impalers; if you are really good, you can get the Impalers and Chrysalids to attack each other. Regardless, once the enemies are dealt with interact with the cart to transport it back to Renko in Valvenor. Side Quest Complete - A forge for Renko (Mercenary 12/20)

NOTE: Before you do anything else. I recommend that you buy the crossbow, Deception, from Renko for 174 gold pieces. This is very helpful to getting the “Chrysalid” achievement because it comes with a 75% chance of poisoning enemies when you shoot them with the crossbow. You can afflict the same enemy repeatedly with poison and still gain progress. You should use this against bosses or other large enemies you wish to keep distance from.

Now with Renko having a forge, you have a choice to make. There are now two blacksmiths in town, Renko and the town’s blacksmith Assael. You will need to bring supplies to at least one of them so they can upgrade the guards’ equipment. Assael asks for twice as many components so keep that in mind when choosing who to go to.

Give the smith the necessary components. You may need to craft or buy a few, especially the refined metal.

  1. Renko - Side Quest complete - Something to beat iron with (Mercenary 13/20)
  2. Assael - asks for more - bring more - Side Quest Complete – Assael’s raw materials (Mercenary 13/20)

Head to the Former Inn and give the poison to Silban. Side Quest Complete - A cure for the Prince (Mercenary 14/20)

Now head over to Mason. Reward is a Swordsman’s Helmet. Side Quest complete - The guard’s equipment (Mercenary 15/20)

Now we are going to go track down the “Werebeast.” You can take whomever you want in your party now. I suggest either Sybil for healing or Randval for tanking the beast. Be sure to have some traps and crossbow ammo in your inventory along with a few healing potions. Be sure to lighten you pack too, recycle whatever you are not wearing or using for weapons. Keep at least one axe and hammer to continue working on accruing kills. You should keep you best sword as well to help with the upcoming fight against the beast.

After recycling everything you do not want you should have enough components to craft some upgrades for your gear. Craft a few upgrades for your primary weapon of choice and some armor. Craft at least 5 for now.


Make 5 improvements to your weapons and armour

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After getting your gear situated, exit Valvenor via the Swamp: Path to Valvenor. Head N to reach Swamp: Path of the Ruins

Swamp: Path of the Ruins

Follow the path forward and drop down off the ledge. The N path has a few Impalers and the S has a Ripper hidden in a tree trunk. Either way will lead to the same area with some Chrysalids.

Find the ledge to climb up to the E which leads to three guard bodies. Loot the corpses for Guard Equipment (3/3).

Ahead will be two more Impalers waiting for you. Along the E most wall by these enemies will be a corpse, hidden behind some red vines; which holds a new sword and dagger, Imperial Blade and Arabesque (respectively).

Climb the rock wall ahead. Once you move forward, you will spot a woman in a red cage. Before you can do anything the Werebeast will pounce on you and initiate a fight.


This is not an easy battle if you are not properly leveled up or not sufficiently fluid in combat yet.

The beast has three main attacks, all of which can be parried or dodged. He will swing his right arm across in an arc forward; unless you are directly behind him this will hit you. He can also swing his left claw hand forward, this is more of a direct front attack and you should be safe if you are to his side (block just to be safe until you know otherwise). Finally he can roar and create a series of spikes to come up out of the ground behind him. This attack usually will only happen if either you are your partner is attacking his back. This is the first really difficult fight for you so it is going to take all the things you have learned up to this point to come out on top.

Like I said before, if you are not an expert in the combat block, parry, or dodge, this might be a difficult fight. Now would be a good time to fire your poison crossbow at the beast to work toward hitting foes with the crossbow 50 times and using poison 50 times (if you have the Deception crossbow or applicable upgrade). If in dire need, use your potions and lay down traps. Your partner should be the main focus of the beast until he/she goes down, so this gives you a little bit of freedom to move about and attack from behind. Just watch out for the spikes when it roars, you should be able to run away without taking damage if you stop attacking in time. With a little persistence the beast will fall.


After the battle, the woman in the prison will ask you to free her from the cage. Eolas, the Red Scribe leader shows up and tells you to leave her there. You can ask her a few questions but you will have to decide to free her or not.

Regardless of your choice Sybil will release her. After the events that follow, more conversation ensues. None of the choices here matter. It would be a good idea to be nice to her though. If you plan on seducing her it is best that you are relatively nice, I do not believe that any of the conversation topics have an effect but you might as well be safe than sorry. Sybil and/or whichever party member you had will exit the group leaving just you and your new party member, Edwen, to return to Valvenor. Sybil Side Quest – Orphan

Chapter 2 – The evil eye

Once you are ready to leave, head to the ledge to the W of your immediate area and go to Swamp: Path to Valvenor. You be at the N end of this area so make your way to the SE. Kill anything along the way and enter the town.

Head to the Village hall and speak to the Steward. Tell him what happened and about Edwen. He will finish the conversation by asking you to look into some villagers behaving strangely.

*Important dialogue choices ahead! - be sure to SAVE in case you pick the wrong dialogue choice.

Once you have finished with the Steward, head over to the Former Inn and talk to Rhelmar. Rhelmar asks you about traps and has an idea.

  • YES - “Keep talking.” Followed up with, “It could work, I suppose.” - Rhelmar Side Quest - Idea for traps
  • NO - “This is too big a job for you. Forget about it.” - Fail the quest. Rhelmar achievements become unobtainable.

While you are in the area, go across and talk to Sybil.

  • NO - “We have to talk. Your doubts are undermining you.” - Fail the quest. Sybil achievements become unobtainable.
  • YES - “I’m Sorry about Your Dad.” - Side Quest Complete - Orphan (Mercenary 16/20)

Next you will want to go downstairs and talk to Lyestas. Ask if there is anything you can do for him. He will pass you along to Silban. Side Quest - Silban’s experiments

Head back up and talk to Silban, who wants you to retrieve some corruption samples.

Head outside and over to Edwen. She seems interested in the strange behavior of the town folk and wants to come along. Edwen Side Quest – Edwen’s request

Get Edwen to follow you. Make your way over to Captain at the E side of the area in the Blades’ camp. Talk to Captain about what has happened so far. He will eventually ask you to find Hawk. Side Quest - Missing in action

Talk to Captain again about the strange people. He will refer you to Buffalo.

Exit the town via the Swamp: Southern Delta and make your way S to Hawk at the 2nd objective marker. Kill anything in your way, you should still be using the axe or hammer until you get the achievement unlocked as well. You should be getting close if you started using one of them immediately after getting it.

Speak to Hawk and agree to help take down the monster.

When the giant Impaler is slain, exit the area to the Swamp: Path the Valvenor. Go to the N to get to the Swamp: Path of the Ruins.

Follow the path to the E and eventually come to the area where you fought the Werebeast. Find the three corruption vines. There is one slightly to the right in the open. The other two are on each side of Edwen’s prison. With all three in hand, head back to Valvenor and give the corruption samples to Silban, who needs time to research it.

Your next goal is to go over and talk to Buffalo, who is marked by the 1st objective marker. He will mark your map with suspicious people, one of which is directly S of your current location. Go and talk to the woman about her husband. After this you should be updated that you need to go inform Mason on what you have found out. If not, go talk to the other couple that Buffalo marked, to the E under a tent by the bridge. You should get an update to speak to Mason.

Now you will want to go over and talk to Mason. Hand over the equipment or keep it for yourself, it will be the same outcome regardless, Commando Gauntlets. Side Quest Complete - The guard’s equipment (Mercenary 17/20)

Talk to Mason about the strange villagers. Tell him they disappear at night. Decide to wait until nightfall to see what the villagers are doing. Head out to the area with the 1st objective marker, near where you talked to the woman about her husband acting strange. You will be ambushed by several of these possessed villagers. Once the fighting is over, Mason will instruct you to go find the source.

Rhelmar should be ready for you, having found all the trap components himself. Make your way back to the Former Inn and speak to him. Ask about the new trap for a trap radius upgrade. Side Quest Complete - Idea for traps (Mercenary 18/20)

While you are there, speak to Silban as well, who should have had enough time to research the corruption samples delivered earlier. Ask Silban about the corruption, from which he has made a potion for you to try. Agree to take the potion to get a permanent +5 health bonus. You are now tasked with retrieving more samples.

Head back outside, add Edwen to the party, head over to the E camp, and alert Captain about an impending attack. Be sure to let him know about Hawk as well. Side Quest Complete - Missing in action (Mercenary 19/20)

Leave town through the main door to get to Swamp: Path to Valvenor. Once again, you will want to head N to Swamp: Path of the Ruins. Head back to the area where you fought the Werebeast and pick up the corruption samples. There should be four more samples to pick up in this area.

Now, depending on which path you plan on taking will decide what you should do next.

  • Human Path. If you decide that you are going to play the Human path then, proceed towards the main objective since you will have to return to the village for another reason. (skip ahead to Eastern Zone)
  • Demon Path. If you decide to play the Demon path, then now is a good time to return to Valvenor.
    • Return to Silban for another potion, +15 maximum health. Side Quest Complete – Silban’s experiments (Mercenary 20/20) –achievement unlocked.
    • Turn in or finish any remaining side quests you have open. (The only incomplete side quest is - Edwen’s Request)
    • This should be the last time you are in Valvenor to get items so plan accordingly.
    • Prep for a few upcoming bosses before heading out.

Be sure to get Edwen in your party then make your way to the Eastern Zone. To get there, you will head through the Southern Delta all the way to the far E.

Eastern Zone

Make your way through the area; killing and looting whatever you come across. Once you drop down off a ledge into the flooded area with a few Impalers, there is a hidden ledge to climb on the S most edge of the map behind a wooden wall. At the top of this raised area is a chest with a hammer inside, Anvil.

Follow the path all the way to the E to encounter a few Chrysalids, there is a ledge here along the N side of the area and towards the back is a chest containing Commando Greaves.

As you head back down the path from getting the greaves, straight in front of you will be an open flooded area surrounded by Parasites, five in total. Kill the parasites and loot the corpse hidden in the waist deep water to receive the Swordsman’s Gauntlets.

Now you will want to work your way around to the NW, the 1st objective marker. There will be some Hobblers and a possessed villager to take out.


At this point, trying to enter the Lair of Whispers will spark the Demon in your head to present itself in a dialogue between you and it. You will have to decide, Demon or Human, when the choice presents itself.

  • “All right. Do what you gotta do.” - Demon Path. + 20% Possession level. Continue into the Lair of Whispers. (Skip to Lair of Whispers)
  • “Let’s turn back around… and we’ll find another solution.” - Human Path. Continue reading.

Interacting with the Lair of Whispers again will give you the choice to choose between Human and Demon again in case you change your mind.

For the Human path, it’s back to Valvenor yet again! Once you get back to town, head to Silban to get a pair of protection potions.

While talking with Silban, hand over the corruption to receive a +15 Max Health potion. Side Quest complete - Silban’s experiments (Mercenary 20/20)


Accomplish 20 side quests

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Before heading back to the Lair of Whispers, you will want to finish up anything you have left. All the side quests should be completed except Edwen’s Request. Now is a good time to stock up on items, either craft or buy if you are desperate. You should prepare for a few upcoming boss battles before heading out. Upgrade or recycle your weapons and armor. Now make sure you get Edwen in the party and head back to the Lair of Whispers.

Lair of Whispers

Once you encounter your first enemy, there is a chest on a ledge along the S wall. If you want it you will have to climb the ledge to open it. Continue forward to see an alcove on the map, here is a ledge to drop into a pit filled with bodies. There is a corpse to search here containing a new dagger set, Cleaver.

At the fork

  • Heading W here is the long way around, there will be more enemies and loot along this route
  • Heading E here is the fastest way to reach the boss. Take the path up to the next area, continue heading E to the boss area once you drop down off the ledge.

Taking the W path will lead to a ledge to climb up. While moving forward you will spot a chest with the Commando’s Armor directly ahead. Taking the path to the N with a few enemies will net you a corpse to search holding the Legionary’s Helmet. Continue around the pathway, killing enemies until you reach a door on the map. This is where the E path at the fork comes up. From here continue all the way to the E to reach a ledge. Once you drop down you will face the cave creature.


The Tormentor is a pain to fight. First of all, there are a few Hobblers in the area which you should focus on, especially the archer. Once the Hobblers are finished it’s time to concentrate on the Tormentor.

The Tormentor is primarily a spell caster. It has three spell to use. There is an orb type projectile, a charged star beam, and finally a radial burst similar to your fire wave. The beam is the more powerful one and none can be blocked. You can however, dodge them fairly easily as long as you keep moving. The star beam attack is a charged spell so you will know when it’s coming and gives you a small window to run to the side to avoid it.

There is a basic claw swipe for when engaged in melee combat. The creature also has a kick attack which can knock you to the ground. As an added bonus, when the kick succeeds in knocking you down, it will be followed up by more kick attacks rendering you helpless. However, you can block, dodge, and parry these melee attacks. Just be careful if you try to parry the kick because if your timing is off you are going to be in a world of trouble.

Luckily, with Edwen in the party occasionally she will mind control it (the green eye beam) leaving you open to attack without retaliation. Whenever you see this you should unleash everything you can upon it. For ranged combat, don’t forget about your Fire Orb and poisoned crossbow. Also dropping a couple of traps is helpful here.

The key to this fight is to keep moving! Avoid being kicked down and just chip away at its health, alternating between ranged and melee, until it falls. Side Quest Complete - Edwen’s Request

Chapter 3 - Funeral March

With the Tormentor slain, leave the cave via the Southern Delta exit to the N. Now, return to Valvenor using the path directly to the W of your current position. Climb down from the ledge and you will notice all the locals have been replaced with Hobblers and Spewers. Fight anything in your way until you reach Valvenor.

Once inside the town, help Buffalo finish off the Hobblers at the Blades’ camp. Side Quest - The defense of the Village

Head over to the main area, fight the Hobblers and Specters in this area. Once that is finished, you want to head to 2nd objective marker near the main entrance to the town. Kill the Hobblers and Spewer here.

DO NOT head across the bridge and through the door, you want to go back to where Buffalo and Renko usually were and head through those doors to get to the area where Mason and Mirana were. You will need to kill the enemies in here too. Side Quest Complete - The defense of the Village

The boss is in the next area. Go through the next door to the Village Hall area.


Once you enter this area you will see the Elf Prince on his feet and fighting with the Deadwalker General. This is going to be a hard fight. The boss has many different attacks at his disposal for a number of situations.

He has large axe to swing, luckily this can be blocked or parried if timed right. There is also an axe jab move where he will lunge the tip of the axe at you, which will cause a knock down if it connects. This guy can also kick you to the ground which you can parry but not block so try to avoid this.

The general also has spells to keep an eye out for. The more lethal one you should be wary of is the radial frost attack, similar to your fire wave. This attack however, will last a few seconds causing damage to you continuously while you are within its large blast radius. He will also leap and smash the ground causing ice spikes to shoot up from the ground surrounding him. You can parry this attack but blocking will still result in you receiving damage and possibly knocked to the ground. The last one you need to be on the lookout for is a frost buff, this adds a frost aura to weapon attacks that cannot be blocked.

Ranged is your best option here. He doesn’t have any real ranged attacks, on occasion he will leap forward to do his ground slam move. An increased Interrupt stat work well here, so equip upgrades to add to the effect on weapons and the crossbow if you want. Edwen and the Prince should be able to keep the General’s attention for the most part while also getting Interrupts on him once in a while, but don’t rely on them to kill this guy for you. If you ignore the boss too long he will knock them both out leaving you to fight alone. Edwen can also mind control the General giving you a small window of time to unleash attacks without fear of reprisal.

Traps work well here to help keep distance from his devastating melee attacks. An upgraded Fire Orb, which throws three orbs, is going to do the most damage especially when it does critical damage, so keep that in mind. Even if the Fire Orb isn’t upgraded it is still useful while keeping your distance.

Use your poisoned crossbow here if you can craft some ammo for it. If you haven’t gotten the crossbow and poisoned achievements yet, using the crossbow here with enough ammo should get you these by the end of the fight easily. Maybe not the poisoned achievement if you are just now starting to use the Deception crossbow in combat, but you will make great progress towards it.

Battle Strategy

To start the fight, once you enter the area you are kind of trapped there if the General decides to walk towards you. Your first order of business will be to get to the other side of him where there is more room to maneuver. To accomplish this, you will have to try to avoid his attacks while either blocking or dodging and hope he doesn’t drop his radial attack right away.

For this fight you will want to limit your melee combat. Go in close for a few strikes then retreat. While you have some distance, throw some orbs or shoot him with bolts. Set up traps if he is headed towards you. Rinse and repeat.

When you get the General’s health down to about half, there will be a cutscene and Hobblers will join the fight. When this happens, try to eliminate the Hobblers as quickly as possible while avoiding the boss’s attacks. Finally, keep working over the boss until eventually it falls.

Once the fight is over

General demoted

Vanquish a Deadwalker General.

General demoted
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Choose whoever when the Demon asks you who can you trust. You can talk to each of the companion to get their take on what should happen next if you want. Sybil and Rhelmar will encourage you to ignore the Demon and follow the Prince. Randval and Edwen encourage you to listen to the Demon and accept its power.

By now you should also have unlocked

Shot your bolt

Fire 50 crossbow bolts

Shot your bolt
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +


Search 50 fallen enemies

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Just a slaughter

Vanquish 150 enemies

Just a slaughter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

You should have completed the kills for the hammer or axe by now as well.

Quite a hammering

Kill 50 enemies with a warhammer

Quite a hammering
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Psycho killer

Kill 50 enemies with an axe

Psycho killer
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Depending on how often and proficient you have been about using traps, you might have unlocked.

It's a trap!

Set 20 traps and have them sprung

It's a trap!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

If you have not yet, work towards these during the next chapter. Use a trap when an enemy has about 1/3 of their health left to finish them, repeat until the achievement unlocks.


When you are ready to continue, talk to the Elf Prince.

  • “I will fight with you at Caraldthas.” - Human Path, even if you choose the Demon path at the Lair of Whispers, you will be at 0% Possession level at the start of Act 2.
  • “I have other plans.” - Demon Path - + 20% Possession level, even if you choose the Human path at the Lair of Whispers you will get the full 40% at the start of Act 2.

--ACT 2-- Battle in the icy grip

Chapter 1 - The dead city

To start off, you will be in a small camp outside the Elven city of Caraldthas. Once the conversation with the Elf Prince and High Commander Vahlen is over you are free to move about the camp. To the N is the last of the Red Scribes, to the SW is the Blades’ camp, and the area you are in is where the Prince and High Commander are, along with Sybil and Rhelmar.

NOTE: Depending on if you sided with or against the Prince will somewhat effect some of the steps in the main quest and some quests will be different. You will basically be doing the exact same things, sometimes a side quest for one will be part of the main for the other. I will make note of the differences between the two paths

Before you start running off on the main quest, you should talk to the people around you to pick up some side quests. Even though you should be done with the Mercenary achievement, I am still going to go through each side quest just in case. You will at least have to finish the companions’ side quests if you plan on getting the achievements for each of them.

Talk to High Commander Vahlen, who is standing between the Prince and Rhelmar in the starting area of this chapter,

  1. Sided with the Prince - ask about the deadwalkers’ barricade. Side Quest - The blockade
  2. Sided against the Prince - ask about the watchtowers, agree to capture them. Side Quest - The watchtowers

*Important dialogue choices ahead!

Turn and talk to Rhelmar.

  • NO - “I’ve got a lot on my plate, here.” - Rhelmar achievements become unobtainable.
  • YES - “All right. I’ll take care of it.” - Rhelmar Side Quest - The souls of the Elves

Turn around and spot Sybil behind the crates, talk to her. Sybil Side Quest - The icy library

Looking to the E there is a chest to search, directly across from Sybil containing the Ranger’s Helm.

After getting the helm, run past Rhelmar to circle around to the N side of the camp to find the Red Scribes. Getting close to Thebald will result in an automatic conversation. Side Quest - The artifact of the red temple

*** Sided Against Prince - head over to the 1st objective marker to speak to the Elf Sentinel about the Blades in the city.

Head over to the SW to reach the Blades’ camp after dropping down from a ledge. Speak to Randval near the camp exit.

  • YES - “Ok, but be careful.” - Randval Side Quest - Randval the loner
  • NO - “No way. We need you here.” - Randval achievements become unobtainable

Be sure to pick up a party member before leaving the camp. If you sided with the Elf Prince at the end of Act 1 then you are going to be stuck with him for now.

Steppes of Caraldthas

Leaving the camp, you will want to make your way to the objective marker to the NW (this will be marked as either 1st or 2nd). Climb the ledge, once you get close enough to the tower a Hobbler will drop down with 2 shields, the second is on its back essentially making the fight with it twice as difficult. I recommend dropping a trap or cast Fire Orbs to help take damage off this, then eliminate everything else before finishing it off. Also to note, the archer has the frost aura that the Boss General had. This makes taking the archer out your number one priority. Getting hit by an arrow will slow your movements down and reduce your combat effectiveness for a short time.

After killing everything at the watch tower, an Elf Sentinel will come over to reinforce the area leaving future treks through this particular area free of enemies. At the base of the tower are two bodies to loot. (Elf Souls 1/20 & 2/20)

Continue to the N along the path. Ignore the door with the 2nd objective marker for now because you cannot go into it yet anyway. Just ahead of you is a corpse in an ice block that you can search for a new crossbow, the Ringer.

Continue around the bend, once the path splits you will want to go SE.

Just ahead is a small open area with four Hobblers; two archers, a shield, and one with a purple glowing two handed sword. This sword wielding Hobbler has upgraded health and damage capacity, so use caution.

Deal with those enemies before continuing S towards the next objective marker (1st or 2nd again). Instead of climbing the ledge to this area, head W to go under a bridge. Loot the chest under the bridge to get the daggers, Serpent Tongues.

Climb the ledge to the SW. Kill the three Hobblers in this area. (Sided Against Prince - Side Quest - The blockade)

Look around in this area with the now dead Hobblers to find three more Elf bodies to search. (Elf Soul 3, 4, & 5/20)

Look across the bridge to the E to see a Spewer, eliminate it as you head across to the other side where the next watchtower is located. Another Hobbler wielding two shields drops down to join a few others. Finish these baddies off to open the way for another Elf Sentinel to secure the area. Look for another three elf bodies and search them. (Elf Soul 6, 7, & 8/20)

Now you will want to head back to the W, across the bridge and go through the opening in the rock wall behind some stacked crates to drop off a ledge. Now you will be able to continue following the bridge to the end. When the bridge ends, there is another trio of elf bodies to search. (Elf Souls 9, 10, & 11/20)

From here, you can head to the E if you want, to finish killing the enemies in the area, this is not necessary though since they will respawn eventually. There is a sword to loot, called Protector, in the large open area which appears to be a frozen over pond. There are several archers, shield Hobblers, a Spewer, and a purple sword Hobbler here too. The sword is in an ice block just to the N of the E path into this area.

Whenever you are ready to progress the story, head for the NW most “door” to find an undead man fighting some Hobblers. This is Mathras, help him with the fight before having to duel him.

Just avoid his radial attacks and spells while sneaking in a few strikes. Get him down to about 1/3 health and he will yield the fight.

Invite him along to the party or send him back to the camp.

With the Mathras situation dealt with, your next task will be to enter the city through the cave ahead. Inside this cave are a few enemies to deal with. The map shows three paths that run N to S in the area. On the E path, about half way up, there is an ice block on the wall; search it for the Ranger’s Vest. When you are ready, go through the doors to Lower Caraldthas.

Lower Caraldthas

Directly in front of you is an elf body. You will have to clear the enemies from the immediate area first. (Elf Soul 12/20)

Take the street to the W to a dead-end. To the N is a door you can open, inside is a chest with the dagger, Reaper. Once you loot the chest a Specter will pop out and attack.

Exit the room and directly ahead is a low wall you can scale over. Along the W wall of this building is a stair case leading to a chest with the Ranger’s Gloves.

Head back down and through the doorway to the N, defeat the Hobblers here and follow the path around to another low wall. Just before the wall is an ice block holding an axe, Devourer.

Climb over the wall to reach the starting location. Head S this time and by the elf corpse we looted earlier is another wall to climb over.

There are three Hobblers guarding some prisoners in a small room, kill the guards and enter the room. Inside the room, talk to the prisoner with a name, a few Hobblers drop in at this point. Kill the enemies and talk to the prisoner again to free them. Side Quest Complete - The prisoners (Against Prince - this will be part of the main quest.)

Exit this room and enter the other door just to the E. This area will have a Spewer right out front with two archers on top of the building you just exited for support. Run up the stairs to the S to take out the archers first. Up here, in the SW corner, is an Elf body (Elf Soul 13/20)

The second building’s roof which you can access from up here hides a chest, inside is the hammer Morningstar.

Directly across the bottom of the stairs is a little alcove with an ice block to search, holding Ranger’s Boots.

Run to the NE corner by the 1st objective marker and search the two elf bodies before entering through the door to the library. (Elf Soul 14 & 15/20)

Upper Caraldthas

Inside the library, if you have Sybil in the party go ahead and pick up the books, otherwise we are going to return here soon anyways for another quest so you can bring her along then.

Exit the library through the open door, under the staircase to the left of the doorway is a chest with the Royal Guard’s Helm.

Now head up the stairs and drop down the ledge at the end of the path. A new enemy will drop down to fight, the Ice Spirit. This enemy has four blades and can deal ice magic damage. I recommend using your Fire Orbs here. A critical hit with the Orbs can take a good chunk off its health. When the battle is over, head to the 1st objective marker for an interesting scene with King Arandil IV.

  • Demon path - if you sided against the Prince at the end of Act 1 then you will automatically consume and absorb the power of the Lich. +20% Possession level
  • Human path - if you had sided with the Prince in Act 1 then after the scene between father and son, the Prince will finally leave your party.

Once the Lich is dead, search the ice block in the back room for the sword, Royal Cleaver.

Exit this area now by using the door to the S. Head through to the Steppes of Caraldthas and return to camp.

On your way back to camp, passing by the N watch tower you captured, the Elf Sentinel tells you that the other tower has been retaken by deadwalkers. Side Quest - Help the Elf sentinels (Sided With Prince only)

Ignore this quest for now and return to camp, using the N entrance. An Elf Sentinel tells you Mathras is with the Red Scribes, so head over there now.

Talk to Thebald about the artifact. Now talk to Mathras, who will give more info on the artifact. Head around to the Prince’s location with Rhelmar and Sybil. The Prince will have some words to say about the current situation.

Chapter 2 – Reconquest

There are three other quests now open which are part of the main quest. Each must be completed to continue. The first two are essentially the same.

If you sided with the Prince:

  1. The prisoners of Caraldthas.
  2. The legendary forge of Caraldthas
  3. Fragile Alliance

If you sided against the Prince:

  1. No one left behind
  2. The legendary forge of Caraldthas
  3. Water of life or death

After the talk with the Prince at camp, stepping forward will get High Commander Vahlen to tell you about a possible traitor in the camp. Agree to find this person for Vahlen. Side Quest - A traitor in the camp

Speak to the High Commander again to inform him about the blockade being taken care of, if you haven’t already. Side Quest Complete - The blockade

As of now, you will have gathered plenty of weapons and armor to recycle 30 pieces. As long as you haven’t sold too many of them, go ahead and recycle what you are not using. You may have already unlocked this if you have been good about getting rid of unused gear, but if not then you should be able to unlock this by now.

And I don't throw things away

Recycle 30 objects

And I don't throw things away
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Now you should head over to the Blades’ camp. An undead will be standing in the middle of the area. Edwen Side Quest - The interrogation of a deadwalker

Tell Edwen to interrogate it. Side Quest Complete - The interrogation of a deadwalker

Talk to Captain about the traitor in camp before moving ahead. He will tell you to talk to Buffalo.

*Important dialogue choice ahead!

Walk towards Randval, who has returned from his mission and ask you to go with him on another.

  • “Can’t you fight them alone?” – Randval persists on having you accompany him. (this choice may cause issues later, better play it safe and choose the other one)
  • YES - “Very well, Let’s go Then.” - Quest continues – see below
  • NO - “I can’t go with you right now.” - Quest failed. Randval achievements become unobtainable.

NOTE: ***Once you agree to go with Randval, any deviation from this quest will result in failure and the two achievements for completing all of his quests and romance will become unobtainable. I highly recommend saving the game at this point.

Before heading out, stop and talk to Buffalo, who points the finger at the Elf Sentinel by the exit. Drop from the ledge and talk to the Sentinel. The Elf will counter the claim and accuse Buffalo of being the spy. There are some options here but the two you need to know are:

  • “That’s a good point… I’ll go talk to him.” - Quest failed. By the time you realize you chose wrong, the Elf traitor will be gone.
  • “I’m tired of your lies. You’re going to die.” - The elf will admit to being the spy and attack you.

With the Elf spy defeated, continue forward on your quest with Randval. Taking the wrong path here will fail the quest. Randval will alert you if you are going in the wrong direction so pay attention.

Leave the camp, head S, and follow the path W until you reach the ledge to climb up at the recaptured watch tower, 2nd objective marker. Kill the Spewer and two archers here. Now follow the bridge to the W, and kill the Spewer and archer standing guard. Side Quest Complete – Randval the loner

The Reward for this quest is the crossbow, Assassin. This crossbow, like Deception, has a 75% poisoning chance. However, you can craft an upgrade for this one, Stock of the Serpent’s Eye, to increase the chance to 100%. With this weapon and upgrade you will get the “Chrysalid” achievement in no time. Every bolt that hits an enemy will contribute to the 50 poisonings needed. This is the easiest way to get this achievement finished if you haven’t unlocked it already.

  • Sided with the Prince - Continue forward to the end of the bridge and kill the three Hobblers. Side Quest Complete - Help the Elf sentinels
  • Sided against the Prince – Run through the area to each 1st objective marker and loot the components for Randval’s potion. Quickest route would be to gather the SW first, head N to grab the next one, N again to grab the third, grab the one to the E, and finally grab the last one to the SE as you are making your way back to camp. Be sure to turn them in to Randval for your potion once you get there. Main Quest Complete - Water of life or death

Return to camp. Go over to Sybil and add her to the party if you haven’t finished the quest – icy library. If you are finished with that, then get whoever you want to the party.

Speak to the High Commander. Side Quest Completed - A traitor in the camp.

Now you will want to return to the library in Caraldthas. Exit the camp, head NE, run past the watchtower guarded by an Elf Sentinel and into the door to Upper Caraldthas.

Once inside, head to the N door to Lower Caraldthas, climb the ledge, head down the stairs, enter the library. Once inside the library, find the three books for Sybil and the one for Thebald. Some enemies will appear in the doorway, kill them then finish looting books. Once you get all four books. Side Quest Complete - The icy library

You are done in this area now so head back to the door to the Steppes of Caraldthas. Do not exit! Instead go through the door to the W.

In this new area, you should start heading straight in the building you entered, exit through the N door and go up the stairs to reach an area with three archers and a purple sword Hobbler. Kill these deadwalkers and loot the chest before returning back down to the ground level. Kill the enemies in the courtyard area before moving over to the building housing some prisoners, 1st objective marker. Seawolf will give the position of another group of prisoners before leaving.

There is an ice block with the sword, Elite Imperial Blade, in the room where the prisoners were staying.

Climb the stairs in the NW corner and go through the hole in the wall to find a corpse holding the Honors daggers. Go back down the stairs and to the main courtyard. In the courtyard you should spot three elf bodies. (Elf Soul 16, 17, & 18/20)

In the SW corner of this area is an ice block with the Officer’s Cuirass. By the exit will be another elf body. (Elf Soul 19/20)

Cross over to the other side of the wall. There are a few Hobblers and Specters in this area, so take them out. Straight across from the wall you squeezed through is a low wall to climb over. There is an ice block to loot to the left just before the low wall. It has the sword Sentence.

Climb the wall and head N to the 1st objective marker. Here are the other prisoners, kill the Hobbler guard and two Specters will join in. Once all the enemies are killed, speak to the Prisoner. Main Quest Complete - The prisoners of Caraldthas or No one left behind

Continue to the W, climb the stairs, and follow the path around. Once you drop down you will have to face the Deadwalker Smith.

This Spewer will have a purple aura radiating from his body on occasion. With this aura active, any damage you deal is reflected back to you, with the exception of traps. Once the aura fades away you will be free to attack once again. Keep an eye out for when the smith casts his aura spell, if you cannot interrupt it you will have to retreat until it fades away.

If you are having a hard time, you can use the stealth guerrilla tactics described earlier. Use the stairs leading down, just to the W of the ledge you dropped down to get to this area. At the bottom of the stairs you can reenter stealth and head back up to get a shot in on its back as it makes its way to the SW corner. If it gets there and turns around before you can reach it, you may have to lead it closer to the staircase before disengaging combat to give you enough time to catch up.

After the Smith is dead, loot the chest and two barrels for the forge equipment. Search one of the elf bodies to get the final soul needed, if you missed any there are a total of three here to make up the difference hopefully. (Elf Soul 20/20)

Head down the stairs, if you still are short Elf Souls then there are three more near the SW door. It is time to return to the camp. Follow the path at the bottom of the stairs to the E. Before heading down the narrow corridor to the E, loot the ice block for a hammer called Lightning.

Squeeze back through the crack in the wall and make your way across the area to the E and go through the door. Exit to the Steppes of Caraldthas.

Once you get to camp, you will have to give the forge equipment to one of the smiths. Renko or Castianor. Main Quest Complete - The legendary forge or Caraldthas

Once you get to the camp, head to the Red Scribe camp and talk to Thebald. Your reward is a max magic upgrade. Side Quest Complete - The artifact of the red temple

Here you will want to talk to Sybil. Ask about Mathras. Sybil Side Quest - Timid Request

Speak to Mathras at the Red Scribe’s camp. You may have to get him in the party or go through all of his other dialogue choices if you don’t have the option to talk about Sybil with him. When you get the option to ask, say “Why won’t you tell Sybil about your love life?”

Return to Sybil with the news on Mathras. Any choice will do. Side Quest Complete - Timid Request

Head over to Rhelmar now. Rhelmar Side Quest - Camp security

  • “You know how to build them right?” - Rhelmar builds traps if you supply components.
  • “I’ll take care of that as soon as I get a second.” - Hand over 10 traps to Rhelmar.
  • NO - “I can’t do that. I need materials” – Rhelmar achievements become unavailable.

***Building the traps yourself will save you components if you have the feat Trapper unlocked, making traps takes few ingredients.

Be sure to hand over the Elf Souls to Rhelmar as well. Side Quest Complete - The souls of the Elves

Now hand over either the components or traps to Rhelmar. Side Quest Complete - Camp security

***Sided With Prince - Head over to the final 1st objective marker to the SE most part of the camp to find Baldwin. Sweet talk him or duel his champion to get him to join the fight. Main quest complete - Fragile alliance

Once all the side quests are complete and you are ready to proceed with the story, head over to Captain. You will now have to fight Captain for control of the Blades.

Like the fight against Randval, Captain likes to kick you and follow it up with an unavoidable attack. Parry, dodge, or block while attacking until the Captain falls. An upgraded critical Fire Orb, does significant damage so don’t forget to use it.

At this point, all side quests should be finished and you should get your equipment ready. Get some health potions, traps, or craft some upgrades before you head over to the Prince.

You should have finished off all the Axe, Hammer, Dagger, and Sword kills at this point as well. Also you should have reached level 19 by now if you had unlocked the two experience Feats as soon as you could in Act 1 Chapter 1. If not you should get this by the end of the Chapter for sure.

Chapter 3 - The assault

The Prince will go over the battle plan to take back the city. Edwen and Rhelmar are to accompany you as you sneak in to open the gates for the rest of the army.

Once you are ready to continue, leave the camp and head for the Upper Caraldthas door. Once inside, make your way through the courtyard once again to the crack in the wall.

Cross into the next area and make your way through this area to the SW corner. The fastest way is to go N right away, then W down the narrow corridor, reach the stair case and go all the way S to the door marked, Caraldthas Gate.

Caraldthas Gate

Your goal is to reach the area ahead of you. Ignore the area off to the W if you wish. This area has a few enemies with a chest to loot in the building all the way to the W on the ground floor. Inside the building will be two Specters guarding the chest which holds the Eternity sword.

The N alley will have an ice block to open for the Greaves of the Royal Guard.

Once you are ready to move on, head N to the next area.

There are several enemies here including an Ice Spirit and some archers on the second floor of the building overlooking the main area. If you can manage it, head up the stairs in the building to reach the archers first. The Ice Spirit may follow you up, so be alert. Finish the rest of the enemies off and look in the corner of the room with the stairs to find a chest. Look inside the chest for the Daggers of Thorns.

Climb over the low wall to the W to continue.


Once you enter the arch way you will see your first Concubine. At this point Rhelmar and Edwen have different methods of proceeding. You must choose whose side to take, whomever you don't choose will leave your party for good.

  • “The Elves are as good as dead. I need that power.” – Side with Edwen - Demon Path (+20% possession level at the start of the next chapter) or a male character if you wish to romance her.
  • “Never mind the Concubine, We have to save those men.” – Side with Rhelmar - Human Path or a female character if you wish to romance him.

After your choice has been made, the Concubine will drop down and you will have to face it in battle.


This fight shouldn't be too difficult if you have leveled up your best skills. The Concubine attacks very quickly, so unless you parry, you might find it hard to squeeze in an attack of your own between blocking. For ranged battle the boss can shoot ice arrows or a purple orb. The orb damages health and drains magic, so avoid it as best you can. For melee combat, the Concubine will kick at you with either of its two front or back legs depending on your relation to it. The boss can also perform a charged spell that once released will bring up ice spikes around itself. When you see the boss holding two blue orbs in its hand you know it’s time to get some distance.

Your strategy for this fight should be to either parry or dodge/riposte most of her health away. If you need some space to let your health regenerate, drop some traps and try to avoid her ranged attacks. If you have the upgraded Fire Orb, you should be using that as often as you can. Use your upgraded Assassin crossbow! Every shot will poison her so keep firing away and let the poison chip away at her health.

She is susceptible to being set on fire, so if you can upgrade a weapon to set on fire, be sure to do so. When she gets set on fire, it stops her from attacking for a few seconds leaving you a brief window to cause more damage. An increased Interrupt chance works well here too. Interrupting an attack gives you more time to attack her without needing to block or parry. Eventually she will fall and you will be victorious…

Farewell my Concubine

Vanquish a Concubine

Farewell my Concubine
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


Blackfrost shows up after killing the Concubine, no rest for the weary I suppose.


Ok so it’s not quite what it seems. You only have to take down about 1/3 of his health and he will retreat from the battle. Just keep attacking while blocking or dodging when necessary. It shouldn’t be a difficult fight so just keep at it. Finish the fight and Act 2 will be complete.

You should have also unlocked at least one full skill tree once you hit level 19. If you used my method for getting all three completed Congrats!


Unlock all the Pyromancer specialization skills and their upgrades

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissableLevel

Master at arms

Unlock all the the Warrior skills and their upgrades

Master at arms
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissableLevel

Master Ranger

Unlock all of the skills of a Ranger and their upgrades

Master Ranger
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissableLevel

You should have been able to finish off this achievement as well by using the upgraded crossbow.


Poison your enemies 50 times

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

--ACT 3-- Assault on Blackfrost’s palace

Chapter 1 - The lion’s den

Starting this Act off, you will be with whichever companion you sided with at the end of the previous chapter. Either Rhelmar or Edwen. You will be in the dark and damp sewer below Blackfrost’s palace. From here you will need to find a way out and search for your friends.

The Sewers

To start, there is only one way to go so you better get moving.

Up ahead, you will be introduced to a new enemy, the Bone Golem. This new enemy is a little different from previous foes for the simple fact that it can regenerate. Once you get close to it, it will draw bones up around it and into armor. Once you deal enough damage to it, it will drop the bone armor and become extremely vulnerable to magic, either a casting spell or fire weapon damage will snuff it out very quickly at this point. If you are not fast enough though, it will draw the bone armor back up and regenerate some health. So be sure to finish it off before moving on to other enemies in the area.

At the top of the sloping path you will reach a room will bodies piled up along its sides. Here are several skeletons, not a problem individually but with a large number they can potentially swarm you creating a dangerous situation. Deal with these nuisances and move on.

Continue to move E up the sloping path. When you get to a point just before the path levels out, there is a corpse to search on the right, hidden by some bodies. The corpse holds the Tracker’s Helmet.

Once you reach the circular pit where bodies are being dropped into, several Hobblers arise from the corpses and attack. On each of the N and S points of the circle is a Bone Golem waiting for you. Be sure to take the N path around the circle, deal with the enemies that pop up. Just past the first pillar to the left is a corpse to loot with axe, Equalizer.

  • If Rhelmar is in the party, he will say that a body looks odd, move in closer to the mound of bodies and he will discover that it is the Elf Prince’s. Rhelmar Side Quest - The Soul of a Prince

Climb the ledge to the E and continue up the corridor. Once you reach the hole in the wall to the left, you can pass through it and progress through the sewer, or continue forward to kill some enemies and loot a chest with the sword, Sabertooth.

Either way, head through the hole in the wall and loot the corpse just inside for the Icy Hearts daggers. Follow the path around and down a narrow corridor. Just as the path levels out there is a corpse to the left holding the Huntress crossbow, grab it and move on.

While moving forward you will reach the second floor of the pit with the falling bodies. In the SE corner of this room is a small area guarded by a Bone Golem, inside this area, to the back, is a corpse to loot for the Officer’s Gauntlets. Head to the opposite side of the pit and ascend the ladder.

At the top of the ladder, you will be on the third level of the sewers pit.

  • If Edwen is in the party, head to the S to reach a small area with a large stone tablet towards the back. Side Quest - Edwen’s Artifact

Now make your way N to exit this area. You will have to face two Bone Golems by the exit so try to draw one back by shooting your crossbow at it. With any luck, the one should engage you and move further away from the other so you don’t have to fight both at the same time. Kill both golems and continue up the path to the N.

At the top of the path you will face a Skeleton, purple sword Hobbler, two shielded Hobblers, and a Bone Golem. This fight is a pain because it’s hard to single an enemy out. Try to draw them back through the corridor you came up, as soon as you hit the sloping part leading down they will back off allowing you to get in a surprise hit. If they make it all the way back to their starting point, all the health will regenerate. So, if you need to, fire your crossbow at them to reengage and turn them back towards you.

Finish the fight and make your way over to the ladder to the N leading to the Makeshift Camp.

Makeshift Camp

Some of the Red Scribes will be here along with Renko. Take a moment to catch your breath and situate your equipment. Your only ally will leave the party at this time, leaving you to go find the others by yourself.

NOTE: This palace has a lot of powerful enemies in groups that can be troublesome. There are certain situations where you must fight the deadwalkers and other times where you can run around them. Since we are getting to the end, it might be easier to avoid fights that are not necessary to save items like health potions. Just a suggestion at this point so take it or leave it, it’s up to you how to proceed.

Once you are ready to continue, head through the door to the E leaving the safety of camp. The next room will have a few Hobblers and Ice Spirits. Once they are dealt with, ignore the door to the E for now, head through the S door.

In this next area, a few Hobblers are guarding the S path leading down. You can ignore these guys now if you want by heading up either ramp to the E or W. The E door is closest to the 1st objective in the next area but both of these doors lead to Blackfrost’s Domain.

Blackfrost’s Domain – Great Square

In this area you will find lots of powerful enemies. The Tormentor boss you fought will be here in a few places; these ones are much easier to kill however. There are many Ice Spirits and Hobblers close by to help each other out in fights. There are even a few locations to face a Deadwalker General. Like I said earlier, you may want to run around some of these fights.

Anyway, your priority here will be to make your way to the 1st objective marker to find Mathras so you are not alone.

The fastest route to get there:

  1. From the E door where you should be right now, take the path on the left which slopes down.
  2. At the bottom of the slope you will be in a narrow corridor with an opening to the S.
  3. Walk through the opening.
  4. You are now on a balcony of sorts, there should be a few enemies here walking between some ice barriers.
  5. Turn and head E around some ice barriers, then N which leads down another slope.
  6. Reaching the bottom of this path will put you on the lowest level of the area, turn 180 degrees and follow the path which now leads S.

You will find Mathras at the end just before a ledge drop leading to a concubine.

Loot the chest next to Mathras for the Elite Soldier’s Helm.

Instead of heading back to the camp directly, follow the path to the W where Mathras was waiting. Once you reach a courtyard, there will be a Deadwalker General patrolling the area, enter the door to the N while avoiding being spotted. (or you could take the challenge and fight it)

Once you go through the door you will be in a dungeon, which is keeping some elves and humans prisoner. Side Quest - Save the Elf soldiers

Kill the Bone Golem jailor and remove both barricades on the doors to the E and W. Talk to the people inside. Side Quest Complete - Save the Elf soldiers

In one of the rooms you will find Buffalo. Side Quest - The Blades enslaved

Remove the barricade to the door leading N. Go up the ramp and fight the two Hobblers so you can exit the next N door leading out. Return to the camp by going through the door to the W.

Back at camp, talk to Lyestas. Agree to look for the crystals.

Side Quest - A Damsel in distress / A Knight in Distress / Improve the camp’s defenses

Talk to Lyestas again and ask about Renko. Side Quest - Save Renko

Now you can take Rhelmar or Edwen instead of Mathras if you want, before heading back out. Leave camp and go through the door to the far E we avoided earlier.

There is a Tormentor in the shadows to the N which you can avoid if you want. Kill the two enemies in the main area and loot the Crystal from the pillar. (Crystal 1/6)

Make your way into Blackfrost’s Domain by using the E door again. From here, take the path on the right to get to the next Crystal Pillar after eliminating the enemies nearby. Loot the pillar twice to get two more crystals. (Crystal 2/6 & 3/6)

Now head across this upper path towards the W door, circle around and head down the sloping path. Turn onto the balcony while avoiding the Tormentor and others to proceed down another path to the N. At this bottom section, keep heading S toward the next 1st and 2nd objective markers.

Upon reaching this area you will spot Sybil lying on the ground crying out for help. Rush in and save her from the deadwalkers. After killing the enemies nearby, run over and speak with her. She requires a health potion to get back up so give her one. Side Quest Complete - A Damsel in distress


Accomplish all of Sybil's personal quests

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Grab three crystals out of the pillar. (Crystal 4/6, 5/6, 6/6)

Continue S and cross over to the next section of the area.

Blackfrost’s Domain – East Wing

Continue forward to the end of the lower path, turn and run up the ramp leading N. On the balcony at the top, fight or run past the enemies to reach the inner walkway. Follow the path W and then up the path to the S. Ahead is a door you cannot enter yet, so turn around and continue forward on this upper level. Around the corner are a few enemies and another Crystal Pillar. Loot the pillar twice to receive two artifacts. (Artifact 1/4 & 2/4)

From the pillar, run E to reach the next 2nd objective marker. Randval will be fighting for his life, so step in and help him. Ask him to join your party or send him to camp, either way you will get the axe, Precious. Side Quest Complete - A Knight in distress

Without fear, without reproach

Accomplish all of Randval's personal quests

Without fear, without reproach
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Take the S path now to reach another door leading to the same area which you cannot access yet. To the right, just before the door, is an ice block to open for the Pelts axe.

Head down the path leading N and turn onto the balcony to spot another Crystal Pillar to search. (Artifact 3/4 & 4/4)

NOTE: There is another Crystal Pillar which was marked on the map and should be gone now. To reach this one you would have turned to the E immediately upon entering the East Wing from the W side of the map. This area is guarded by a Deadwalker General though, so I skipped it, opting for the easier to obtain artifacts. You could have gone here to loot a few more magic crystals, but I believe this to be a waste of time.

From the balcony, there are two ways to get back to the first section of Blackfrost’s Domain, the Great Square. There is a pair of boots to loot if you take the 2nd option, it shouldn’t be an improvement though so you may want to just skip it.

  1. You can take the small ledge to the N across to the other section. Then make your way back to camp. This is the fast route
  2. Or you can continue around the path and head S down the ramp and around taking the path to the E to reach the section with the General. Once you are on the bottom floor, turn S just before the courtyard with the General to see the chest containing the Tracker’s Boots. Then you will have to go to the W to reach the starting point to this area and backtrack up to the exit and return to camp.

Either way, once you exit Blackfrost’s Domain you will want to head down the ramp and kill the two enemies so you can use the door. Once you exit, someone will be waiting for you depending on the choices you have made. There will be either one or two people here to fight. The fight is not difficult so just hammer away at their health. As to whom it is, I will let this be a surprise.

Once you are finished fighting, enter the camp. READ BELOW BEFORE CONTINUING

The next few decisions will effect whether or not certain companions get romanced.

Talk to Lyestas; turn over the crystals and then the artifacts. Side Quest Complete – Improve the camp’s defenses


Talk to Mathras, while the party is standing around a fire, you will have to decide who is going with you to fight the Concubines. You can say yes to everyone, except Mathras. If you say yes to more than one character, the last one to be told will be in your party after the conversation. You can go to any character afterwards and ask them to join you.

***Here is a quick breakdown of the options and outcomes of your dialogue choices at this point on the romance achievements. Also, I have written what each companion needs in order to be with you at the right time and location to have the possibility of romance.

While gathered around the fire, the first person you decide what to do with will be Sybil. Next will be Randval, and finally Edwen or Rhelmar. If you say no to everyone, Mathras will join the party. Anyone whom you decline help from will not join the fight against Blackfrost. It is best to say yes to everyone then go pick up whomever you need to, after the discussion.

NOTE: All side quests must be completed for a companion to be able to romance them. They must also be a person of the opposite gender to your character. Randval additionally needs two conversations completed which I noted previously in the guide after you duel him in Valvenor which can be completed at any point up to completing Act 3 Chapter 1 – The lion’s Den, give the crystal samples to Lyestas .


  1. “You have nothing to prove to anybody.” If you can romance her, this will lead to a second option.
    1. “Okay, come along with me.”
    2. “I am not going to risk this mission by using someone who only wants revenge.”
    3. “It’s too dangerous.”
    4. “No. I need someone with more experience.”

***Choosing anything other than 1.a. will void any chance of romancing her after the Creator fight.

If you need to pick up Sybil again, speak to her next to Silban at camp.

She will say, “Don’t go without me, I want to be there when you face the creator.”

  1. “Let’s go kill her together.” – this is the only option which will lead to a romance.
  2. “Have patience, it’s not the right time.” – this option will allow you to choose differently next time.
  3. “I’ve changed my mind.” – if you choose this option, Sybil cannot be romanced.

Sybil must be in the party when you fight the Creator Concubine. Immediately following the fight with the Creator, Sybil will express her interest in you.


  1. “Without hope, huh? We’ll see about that.” – this option leads to a romance with Randval.
  • “Happy” and “Live” in the same sentence…

– If you have succeeded in all the requirements to romance Randval, the extra dialogue (the bullet above) between you and him will appear. Mathras will also comment that you need to get on with it and you are appalling.

– If you do not get this extra conversation, you cannot romance him. (You must have missed something along the way, probably the conversations mentioned earlier)

  1. “Thanks, but I’d rather not go with somebody who is suicidal.” – if you choose this option, Randval cannot be romanced.

If you need to pick up Randval again, speak to him by the camp exit.

He will say, “The knight hopes that he will not be left behind in the fight with the Concubines.”

  1. “No chance! Come on let’s go!” – this option will lead to romance still.
  2. “We’ll go later.” – this option allows you to go do something else and return for Randval later.
  3. “I already destroyed some of them.” – Randval wasn’t a part of one or more concubine fights, romancing will be unavailable.

Randval must be in the party for each of the four concubine fights. The last one becomes available to attack after the first three are killed. After this fight with the fourth Concubine, the Guardian, Randval will express his interest in you.


  1. “Well, I guess that means you’re volunteering. And I agree.”
  2. “I’m still not sure I can trust you completely.”

Neither choice matters for Edwen. As long as you do not romance Sybil before her you will be able to get the romance. After defeating the Creator, the path to complete her final side quest opens allowing you to finish. The conversation choices leading to the romance at that point are written further ahead once we get to it.


  1. “Okay, let’s go hunt the Concubine.” – this option leads to a possible romance after completing his final side quest.
  2. “You can’t help me if all you can think of is vengeance.” – this option will void the chance of romance with Rhelmar.

After killing the Creator Concubine, the path leading to his final quest opens and you can complete it at this time. The quest and steps leading to the romance with Rhelmar are covered further ahead.

Chapter 2 - Witch Hunt

If you feel the need to use a blacksmiths services then you will have to go rescue Renko from the Sewers now, but we will be heading there shortly so if you can wait, it will save you a trip.

Once you have your companion of choice (Sybil or Randval) then it’s time to head out. Head over to the E entrance of Blackfrost’s Domain.

Your first priority should be the Stalker Concubine to the W of this first area. If you do not take this one out, it will reinforce one of the other two Concubines creating a much more difficult battle.

The next Concubine you should head for is the Watcher. This one is in the S area, the East Wing. To get to this one you will have to enter the door on the third floor all the way to the S on either the E or W sides. In this area the Concubine will be waiting in the middle section, surrounded by four captured Blades members. The Watcher will utilize the four Blades prisoners and turn them against you in combat. If you kill three or more of the Blades members during the fight you will fail the quest – the blades enslaved.

*Since we are almost done, do not worry about trying to save the Blades if the fight is proving too difficult. Go ahead and eliminate them so you and your partner can concentrate on the Watcher Concubine.

Side Quest Complete - The Blades enslaved (or failed, no harm done)

Now you will need to head over to the third Concubine, the Creator. To reach her, go to the balcony on the second floor to the E and use the bridge to cross into the Great Square section. Loot the chest which is across the door leading to the Concubine to get the Dragon Bones dagger.


SAVE your game before venturing any further.

NOTE: The reason for this being so important is that you cannot romance Sybil and Edwen on the same game progress. We will be romancing the Sybil first, immediately after killing the Creator. After getting the achievement for romancing her, you will need to reload the save before the fight and kill the Creator again. After the fight this time, turn down Sybil when she says she likes you. Return to camp and do the final quest for Edwen to get the option to romance her.

So now that you know the plan, enter through the door once you have a save file. Drop in to the ring with the Creator to initiate the fight.

The Creator will bring in a few Hobblers to aid in the battle, two archers and two purple swords. Eliminate the archers first and then move on to the purple swords. If the concubine is close to one of the Hobblers you are attacking, drop a trap to deal some damage to it too. When the Hobblers are finished, keep attacking the Concubine the same way you have been until it falls.

When the fight is over Sybil will immediately engage a dialogue with you, indicating that she likes you.

  • “Well, I like being with you, too, you know.” – Sybil will be romanced. Achievement unlocked
  • “Sorry, but you’re not really my type.” – Turn Sybil’s down. Edwen is now available to romance.

Erudite love

Seduce Sybil

Erudite love
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Once this achievement unlocks, reload your save before the Creator and fight it again. This time, pass on Sybil’s advances.

Return to the camp at this point. Pick up Edwen or Rhelmar and head into the Sewer.

Edwen – straight across the circular pit is a small room with a stone tablet. Upon reaching the tablet and interacting with it, Edwen will explain you need to combine fire and ice.

  • “So what would you propose we do?” – Edwen repeats, “combine forces,” then the next two options remain.
  • “I can think of a way… might even be fun…” – Romance Edwen, achievement unlocked.
  • “We could combine our forces.” – Side quest complete, no romance with Edwen.

Side Quest Complete - Edwen’s Artifact

Ice breaker

Seduce Edwen

Ice breaker
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At the lady's service

Accomplish all of Edwen's personal quests

At the lady's service
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Rhelmar – Backtrack all the way down to the first floor to the large pile of bodies. Find the Prince’s body and search the corpse for the Soul Stone. Next, travel to the W to where you started this Act, near the first Bone Golem you encountered.


Here is a spot along the wall, 2nd objective marker, to free the soul. Side Quest Completed - The soul of the Prince

  • “He died fighting for his people.” – Side quest complete. No romance.
  • “You did everything you could to save him.” – continued dialogue.
    • “Sure, why not?” – Romance Rhelmar, achievement unlocks.
    • “I’m sorry, but no.” – side quest complete, no achievement.
  • “He wouldn’t have been king for long.” - Side quest complete. No romance.

You will be rewarded with the Dragonbone Sword for completing the quest, regardless you conversation afterwards.

A fulfilled elf

Accomplish all of Rhelmar's personal quests

A fulfilled elf
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Romance with pointy ears

Seduce Rhelmar

Romance with pointy ears
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Now you should revert to the save before romancing the elf, pick something other than the romance option.

NOTE: I was able to romance both Randval and Rhelmar on the same continuous game, so you could ignore reloading and try it (use at your own risk). It doesn’t hurt anything to reload and start with a clean slate though. This way you can be sure to get the other achievement for Randval.

Now you will have to run back through the sewer to return to the camp. Remember to pick up Renko along the way and escort him out as well. Renko is on the second floor of the body pit, before the ladder, in the little room to the SE of the ring. Head up the ladder and over to the camp exit. Side Quest Complete - Save Renko

NOTE: All side quests should be completed by now.

If you are a female, be sure to pick up Randval into the party. For a male character, both Sybil and Edwen should be romanced already so bring along whomever you feel is going to help in the fight the most.

At this point it is best to get rid of anything you are not using. You will not be getting any more weapons or armor so upgrade the best stuff you have. Equip magic resistance gear instead of poison resistance and upgrade everything with the best upgrades available. I recommend armor upgrades to be mostly Physical Resistance, especially on the harder difficulties. Choose what is going to help you the most though.

Stock up on potions, traps, and crossbow ammo; craft them yourself before going to buy them.

You should have crafted enough by now to unlock


Make 100 objects (potions, booby-traps and munitions)

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

By now you should have unlocked

I'm on fire

Set your enemies aflame 50 times

I'm on fire
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If not, then go grind out the remaining “set on fire” in the Sewers or Blackfrost’s Domain by adding a weapon upgrade with Set on Fire (main).

After defeating the next Concubine, you can run all the way back here if you need to but you might as well have everything you need right now.

NOTE: For the final boss, to use the easy method you are going to want about 50-100 traps. Maybe not in your inventory directly, but have enough components to make them. This is Leather, Refined Metal, and Raw Metal. There is a great trick to defeating the final boss with traps so you may want to make the room for them or if you can afford it, get the feat MULE. Having this many traps will more than likely exceed your weight limit, not allowing you to sprint. So you may want to wait until after the Concubine fight to make these. Being weighed down should not affect you in combat, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t wait.

Once you ready to move on. You will want to exit camp, use the E door to enter Blackfrost’s Domain, and head to the 1st objective maker using the path we took to reach Mathras earlier. Drop down to face the Guardian Concubine. Use the same method you have been to finish off this last Concubine.

Female Characters - Randval will chime in after Mathras and basically says that he likes you.

  • “You’re a bit odd, but you do have a certain charm.” – Randval romanced, achievement unlocked.
  • “I’m sorry, but it just can’t happen.” – pass on Randval’s advances, no achievement.


Seduce Randval

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The entrance to the palace is now open. Move to the Royal Chamber and enter.

– If you have followed the Demon path up to this point, you should be at 80% Possession level, once you interact with the Royal Chamber entrance you will get the final 20% to put you at a full 100% Possession.

If you have stuck to one path the whole game then you should get either


Preserve your humanity

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Unleash the Beast

Accomplish your transformation by following the demon's way

Unleash the Beast
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Royal Chamber


Blackfrost himself is not very difficult to defeat. He is much the same as the first time you fought him at the end of Act 2. This time, however, there are three versions of him. There is an archer version, dual wielding daggers version, and a magic caster version. All three will need to be slain to win the fight. Lucky for you, all your companions have joined you in this battle.

Your first priority should be the spell caster. This version will cast dark magic spells for damage and can also turn your allies to fight against you. Next, I would go after the Archer; this one can poison, interrupt attacks, and also turn allies to foes. With only the dagger wielding version left, you should be able to take this one down fairly easily, especially if you still have allies alive and fighting. This one’s daggers are boosted with ice and dark magic, so avoid getting hit unless you have increased resistance. Even then, this guy packs a punch, stick with block, dodge, parry, and riposte until the final Blackfrost falls.

...the harder they fall

Vanquish Lord Blackfrost

...the harder they fall
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After the battle you can only go forward and into the Worldheart Chamber

--ACT 4-- The Worldheart

Battle of Egos


Once you enter, the demon here will confront the demon in you. After the conversation is over you can move around. Just ahead is Eolas and Sybil, you can attack or walk past them. Next you will come to Captain and Randval, fight or ignore them. The final spirit will be the former ally turned traitor, fight or ignore them.

You should now be at a ledge which you will need to climb to enter the final battle. Before you do though, I have included below an easy method to beating this boss. Take a look before the fight to see what you think.



To start off, this boss uses daggers to attack very quickly, which he can also boost with dark magic. If you do not have good resistance to Dark Magic this will do quite a bit of damage. Parry or Dodge and Riposte, or use daggers to keep up with its attack speed.

The demon will sometimes cast a few dark magic orbs at you, these are easy enough to avoid. The big threat here is when the demon summons a dark magic barrier and throws out 5 orbs at once towards you. If you are inside the barrier you will lose health very rapidly and die within a few seconds. The attack is fairly easy to dodge if you know what you are doing though. When you see the demon drop the orb barrier; runaway from, and to one side. Once he cast the orbs out, change directions and you should be able to avoid all the orbs because it tries to lead you. Keep avoiding the orbs until he stops. You can use Fire Orbs or traps if you are quick enough when you see the demon starting to summon the barrier to interrupt the attack.

Traps will also knock the demon to the ground about 75% of the time so they are extremely useful here. You can drop a trap right on top of the demon as it is getting back to its feet to keep knocking it around. This is a great way to deal damage if you have plenty of traps to use.

Once the health get down to about half, the demon will summon a dragon.


The dragon uses dark magic for most of its attacks. If you get too close to a hand, it can swipe at you with its claws to do physical damage. Mainly though, you need to watch out for the white flames of its dark magic attacks. The dragon can spray the dark magic flames side to side, essentially creating a barrier between it and you. You will need to rely on ranged combat to damage the beast, crossbow or fire orbs. The dragon can do a breath attack which sprays the magic fire in an arc forward; as long as you are far enough to the side of it, you should avoid damage. Finally, there is a chance of it shooting a volley of orbs at you which is hard to avoid or even dodge, so be ready with the heath potions.

To beat the dragon, you will need to destroy both hands and the head. You will have to use ranged attacks to avoid being caught inside the dark magic barrier, so be sure to use the crossbow and fire orbs. You can use melee attacks on the hands and head but the risk of getting damaged are greatly increased. The dragon will move its head frequently, so timing is everything if you want to damage it. A few Fire Orbs should eliminate each appendage fairly quick, especially a critical hit and upgraded orbs.

Once you finish the dragon, it will retreat to the air and occasionally fire orbs at you. The demon will reengage you at this point as well. Be sure to keep moving to avoid the orbs from the dragon while still fighting the demon.

After a little while, the dragon will return to its ledge and the demon will freeze up again. The demon will be invulnerable at this time, so take on the dragon using the same method. After it retreats again return to attacking the demon. If you do not finish the demon in time the dragon will reappear again, so try to be quick about it. This happens about every 30 seconds for when the dragon retreats to when it reappears.

Once the demon finally falls to your superior fighting skill, you will now have the fate of the world in your hands. Decide wisely!


Just as you climb the ledge, you will only get about 2 steps in before the final battle starts. So before moving ahead, lay down as many traps as you can. About 50-70 should be enough now SAVE YOUR GAME! That way if you die you do not have to lay down all the traps again or if it doesn’t kill the final boss you can lay more down.

  • On Captain, I used 80 traps and it worked perfectly. (this may have been overkill though)

Once the battle starts, you will have to lure the Demon over to the area with all the traps. Once he hits it, you should do enough damage at once to nearly end the battle. Unfortunately the demon will still summon a dragon. Avoid its attacks and destroy both arms and the head to get rid of it. Now the demon will charge at you with very little heath left if you used enough traps. One hit from you should end the battle.

After the fight, SAVE! Save your game before speaking to the Demon. You will have two choices, a Neutral choice will always be present and you will also get a choice depending on the path you took throughout the game. You can now choose an ending, finish the credits, reload your save, and choose the other ending to get 2 ending achievements instead of one.



  • “No… This power must be used to heal Vertiel. Whatever the cost.”


Use the energy of the Worldheart to annihilate the Ice lords and save Vertiel

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  • “So be it. It is time this world was purified with Flame.”

Purifying fire

Purify Vertiel by bathing it in flame

Purifying fire
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NEUTRAL - both human and demon paths will have this option.

  • “I prefer a world that I can rule.”

The one and only Lord

Become the most powerful being on Vertiel

The one and only Lord
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Now if you played on any difficulty other than Recruit, you will unlock these.


Complete Bound by Flame in the Hawk difficulty mode

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable


Complete Bound by Flame in the Buffalo difficulty mode

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable


Complete Bound by Flame in the Captain difficulty mode

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

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