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Hello and welcome to this walkthrough for Braid. Braid is a platform and puzzle game that was released in 2008. The game is open to interpretation by the user, but is essentially a journey though some beautiful worlds, utilizing the different mechanics that time itself has to offer.

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You will be playing as Tim, the protagonist and main character of Braid. I won’t be saying any more than that.


This guide will take you though each world, level by level, detailing how to collect each puzzle piece. There may be spoilers in this guide, so you have been warned.

The guide is split into separate pages per world and a single page dedicated to the Speed Run achievement. Everything you need to know about Speed Running this game will be listed there, along with videos of the best Speed Run I have seen for this game.

Worlds and Time Manipulation.

The majority of the gameplay for Braid is done in worlds. There are six worlds in total, which are numbered in a slightly odd way. Each world is accessed through a door in Tim's house and each world must be completed in order for the next world to be become open. This is done by completing each level, and you don't need to collect each puzzle piece to complete a world. However, given that this is an efficient guide, I recommend going for each puzzle piece first time round. As this will not only save you some time, but will help you learn the best routes for the Speed Run.

World 2: Time and Forgiveness.

World 2 is the starting world for the game, introducing you to the basic mechanics and style of the game. You will have simple(ish) obstacles to overcome and time to rewind. There is no unique mechanic to the world (unlike latter worlds) and the puzzles are relatively straight forward to get.

World 3: Time and Mystery.

World 3 is the second world in the game, introducing the green glow that we will come to know as time-proofing. This means objects and/or Tim covered in a green glow are not affected by the rewinding ability you have at your disposal. The main idea with this world is to get you used to thinking outside the box, using patience and the rewind ability to complete puzzle that would otherwise be impossible or extremely difficult. The green glow is used in the subsequent worlds after World 3.

World 4: Time and Place.

World 4 introduces a rather unique mechanic in the game: time being directed based on Tim's direction of horizontal movement. Meaning if Tim moves to the right, time goes forward; and if Tim moves to the left, time is reversed. Along with this, standing still and moving vertically will pause time. The idea of this world is to get you to learn how to manage enemies and obstacles when you control time.

World 5: Time and Decision.

World 5, again, introduces another aspect of the game. This time a shadow of Tim that will appear when you rewind. This shadow will perform the actions that you have just done and then rewound. However, if the time line of the rewind expires, the shadow will complete any action it started, like falls or jumps, otherwise for a brief moment it will stand still before disappearing. Another form of glow is introduced - the purple glow. Which means that anything colored with the purple glow can be interacted by both Tim and Tim's shadow. The overall idea of this world is to get you to use this mechanic to carry out multiple actions at once.

World 6: Hesitance.

In World 6, the player is provided with a ring, which warps the flow of time around itself when it's dropped. The closer moving objects/Tim are to the ring, time is slower for them. Normal rewind ability is still available.

World 1

World 1 is the final world in the game. Time flows in reverse, and rewinding causes time to flow in the normal direction.

Speed Run Playthough.

This is just a brief introduction into the Speed Run and what you need to do to get the achievement. The Speed Run mode is only unlocked after completing the game the first time round; which is collecting all the puzzle pieces and building them to get to, and in turn complete, World 1. You will then have to repeat the entire process to complete the Speed Run playthrough. All the important information can be found on the Speed Run page of this walkthrough.

Rewind Ability.

In Braid, there are various types of time manipulation that you will have to come across and use in order to complete levels. The first one is one you can control as you need which is Rewind. You control the rewind ability by pressing cn_X and using cn_LB and cn_RB to control the rewind speed; speeding it up or slowing it down respectively. I'd recommend getting used to using this ability. Tim will not die in the game, so when you end up experiencing the Braid version of death, all you'll need to do is rewind to a point where you were safe and continue from there. Rewinding is also useful for setting up certain situations where time-proof objects (explained below) need to be in certain places before you or an enemy you need can proceed.


There are four enemies in the game:


The Monstar typically walks back and forth, not directly attacking Tim. If Tim touches them or they land on him, Tim will “die”. Sort of. (See Hints and Tips for more explanation.) Tim kills Monstars by jumping on them and/or landing on top of them. When jumped on, the Monstar will bounce Tim back up, higher than his original jump. Being able to chain Monstar jumps together allows Tim to gain a great deal of height. If you have to rewind because you made a mistake, the Monstars will reappear if you rewind back past the time you disposed of them.


The Mimic will first appear to just be a flower in the ground. But as Tim gets closer, these little rabbits will dig out the ground. They are usually seen in levels as the obstacle, blocking Tim’s path. If Tim stays close to them, their eyes will change from green to red and they’ll attack and follow him, until either Tim or the Mimic “dies”.


The Claw. There’s not much really to say about them, if Tim touches them, he dies. All they do is move up and down of the green pipe they’re in (just like the Piranha Plants in Mario, though there are no shortcuts in this game. And you’ll realize there is a lot of Mario references in Braid).


Boss Monster is a monster that you will experience only a few times in the game and will abide to the time mechanics that are set in said worlds. He's not that hard to beat, as it's the same style of fight each time. I'll be explaining how to beat him each time you come across him.

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