4. Braid World 3: Time and MysteryUpdate notes

World 3: Time and Mystery.

World 3-1: The Pit.

No puzzle pieces.

This world introduces a new concept in time travel – objects with immunity to the flow of time.

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For the sake of getting used to this new concept, here’s a step-by-step of what to do:

Jump down, then jump on the monster and grab the key. Now rewind to the beginning. You’ll keep the key as it’s “time-immune”. Every object/monster that is “time-immune” will have that green-glow to them.

World 3-2: There and Back Again.

1 puzzle piece.

When you start the level, you'll see a barrier coming down. Climb up the ladder, grab the key. The key is time proof, so rewind back to where you were close to the door. The barrier, luckily, isn't time proof, so by the time you've finished rewinding, it will have risen back up again. So head forwards, open the door and grab the puzzle piece. Then you're done.

World 3-3: Phase.

2 puzzle pieces.

From the start of the level, navigate the fence you need to cross and onto the ledge. From here you're going to need to jump across the clouds until you can't do so anymore. Then carefully and quickly hit the rewind button cn_X. Keep tapping the rewind button until you're basically frozen in place. You'll notice that the lower clouds are time proof, so they will keep moving regardless of you rewinding. When the lower clouds have lined up correctly for you to jump across, continue to jump across the clouds to get the first puzzle piece which is above the cannon. Note that you may have to repeat the steps just mentions to jump onto the cannon.

Continue forward, and do the same steps again to collect the second puzzle piece. Complete the level to continue.

World 3-4: The Ground Beneath Her Feet.

2 puzzle pieces.

Climb up the ladder and then jump down to the platform to activate the switch. Then rewind back to the beginning. The Monstar will fall onto the platform (which is time proof) and will collect the key. Jump on the Monstar to collect the key for yourself, activate the switch to reverse the platform, then open the door so you can collect the first puzzle piece.

The next bit is going to take some patience. Firstly, activate the switch and climb up the ladder to the time-proof platform. Stand directly above the puzzle piece and count to 5 (as you would for 5 seconds, i.e. "1 elephant, 2 elephant... etc). Go back down and activate the switch again. Then rewind. What should happen is you should now be hovering the puzzle piece without the time proof platform under you. If it didn't work, just keep trying. Note that the second puzzle piece is also time proof, so you'll be able to rewind without losing the puzzle piece or falling into the pit.

Now you can safely exit the level.

World 3-5: Tight Channels.

2 puzzle pieces.

This level introduces the cute little enemy, Mimics. And you'll also need a fair bit of patience to complete the level. When you get to the first ladder, climb up and get onto the time proof platform. Now carefully rewind, ensuring that the Mimic can get through the fireballs and lands on the platform. As soon as the Mimic's on the platform, jump on it to get the second puzzle piece above you.

The first puzzle piece just involves a bit of luck and timing to get to it. You're going to have to get past the fireballs, so utilizing rewind is going to come in extremely handy here. What you're aiming for is the time proof cannon to be taking out every other fireball that's blocking your path to the second puzzle piece. You'll eventually get passed the fireballs, so you can grab the puzzle piece and complete the level.

World 3-6: Irreversible.

3 puzzle pieces.

There will be two platforms above you, with a larger platform moving to the left and a smaller platform moving upwards. The idea here is that the one moving to the left is affected by time, while the one that moved upwards is time proof.

Above you, you'll notice two platforms. A larger platform moving to the left, and a smaller platform moving upward. The left moving one is affected by time, but the one moving upwards isn't. For the next bit, stay close to the door. You need the left moving one to block the upwards moving one. Knock off the Monstars and mimics, but stay by the door. Wait until the left moving platform is past the upwards moving platform, then go up the ladder.

If the platform doesn't make it across, exit and re-enter the level. Once the platform is in place, make your way over to the first puzzle piece.

Once you reach the ladder going down into a pit, climb down and pick up the key to the left, past the claw. Use the key to open the first door, and then rewind a little so that you have the key again. Don't worry about the door closing, as it's time-proof, it will remain open. Use the key on the next door and grab the second puzzle piece.

For the third puzzle piece, go down from the second piece and carefully make your way into the pit. Do not grab the key after the first claw, instead grab the key at the bottom of the pit. Now rewind to before you crossed the claws. Open the first door with the key in your hand. Now grab the key after the first claw and use this to open the time proof door. Then rewind again so you have the key again, and open the final door. Grab the third puzzle piece and you're finished with the level.

World 3-7: Lair.

No puzzle pieces.

This is the boss level. And they can be quite fun. You'll have to hurt him enough to move on through the level. To do so, climb up the lattice and use the chandelier to drop bits onto his head. Luckily, you can use rewind to your biggest advantage here, as the boss is time proof, so damage is permanent. It'll take six hits for him to go down. Once you've dealt with him, grab the key and continue to finish the level.

World 3-8: A Tingling.

2 puzzle pieces.

There is a lot of back tracking to be done in this level. The first thing you need to do is to get to the switch to activate it. This will send the time proof platform to the right. The next bit can be a little tricky. Go and grab the key from the Monstar if you wish (you don't have to right now, you can do so after you've gotten the first puzzle piece). The main task here is to go over to the left of the screen, so that you're on the platform above the door. Stand at the edge of that platform for about ten seconds. Because now you'll want to go back to the switch, activate it and immediately hit rewind. Speed it up to 8x rewind so you return the platform back to the left side. Jump on the platform when it comes over and quickly jump onto the ladder. Climb up for the first puzzle piece. Now go back to the switch, activate the platform and send it back to the right and open the door.

Keep going and after getting past the fireballs, head over to a switch located to the left and below the pit. Activate this switch and hit rewind so you're back on the latticework just above the platform. Now, jump onto the platform and hit rewind again. Speed it up to 8x and wait. Eventually (you will have to wait a bit for this) you'll see a barrier that went down and back up. As quickly as you can, make your way to the closing barrier and grab the second puzzle piece to finish the level.

Congratulations, you've beaten world 3!

Back in the house, solve the puzzle. Which is this:

World 3 Puzzle

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