5. Braid World 4: Time and PlaceUpdate notes

World 4: Time and Place.

World 4-1: The Pit.

No puzzle pieces.

You're about to learn another mechanic of the game. All the monsters will move only when you do. And they will either rewind themselves, or go forward, depending on what you do. So try it out here to get the hang of it and when you're good to go, grab the key and move on. Remember the key is time proof.

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World 4-2: Jumpman.

3 puzzle pieces.

Go up the first and second ladders, and jump onto the platform to your left. Now, jump on the monster that's defying gravity, and use it to get up to the top so that you're behind the cannon. Jump over the cannon, go up the small ladder to your right, and grab the first puzzle piece. Note that this puzzle piece is not time-proof, and that you will need to grab it again later.

For the next bit, you’ll be dodging fireballs again. So climb up the first ladder and head to the second, jumping over the fireballs. On the second level, the fireballs will be heading in the same direction as you, as you’re reversing time by heading left, so make sure none of them hit you.

At the top of the levels, jump up onto the block on the left, then across the platforms to get the key. It’s time-proof, so no need to worry about losing it. Jump to the right, landing on the second puzzle piece. This puzzle piece is time-proof as well.

WARNING: DO NOT open the door to the right of the puzzle piece. If you do, the door won't open, you'll lose the key, and you'll have to restart the entire level.

Instead, rewind time back to when you collect the first puzzle piece (make sure you have collected it after you’re done rewinding!). Jump onto the Monstar to open the locked door and grab the third puzzle piece.

To get to the end of the level, you cannot simply walk there as the Claw will be in your way, so you’ll have to climb up the ladder to the first platform and dodge the fireballs. When you get to the end of this level, just jump over the cannon to get to the door at the end.

World 4-3: Just Out of Reach.

2 puzzle pieces.

This level involves, as with most of them, a lot of patience and careful timing. Climb halfway up the ladder and activate the switch, then climb the rest of the way up the ladder. If the Monstar is not under the first moving wall, and you cannot get up the ladder, you’ll probably have to pull the switch again.

Once you’re at the top you need to jump off the platform on the left side, making sure it is far enough to the left to undo the switch you’ve just activated. At the same time you need to bounce on the Monstar’s head so you bounce back onto the platform you’ve just jumped off of.

Head to the right and jump on the Monstar’s head to get over the first wall to collect the first puzzle piece.

From the puzzle piece, you want to jump to the right and bounce on the Monstar’s head, but not kill him. From the bounce, you want to land of the platform above him like so

4-3 Help

You want that Monstar to be alive, so make sure you are far enough to the left to bring it back to life. Then walk to the right so the Monstar grabs the key, which is time-proof. You then need to drop off the left edge of the platform, killing the Monstar and taking the key, like so:

4-3 Help 1

Then reverse to get back on the upper platform and climb the ladder. Use the key on the door for the second puzzle piece. Finally head down to finish the level.

World 4-4: Hunt!

1 puzzle piece.

This world is nearly identical to World 2-3, but now you have the extra time manipulation we've been dealing with in the last few worlds, so bear in mind that you can undo ridding a monster if you go too far in one direction or another. In order to get the puzzle piece, do the following (using the picture as reference to the numbers):

  • Get to the very top platform. This can be done by using the same method in World 2-3. Then take out the Monstar 1 at the top. Note that it should be close to the left hand side.
  • Head down the ladder, ignore Monstar 6 on this platform and jump on Monstar 2 on the platform below, so that you end up on the platform on the left, like so:

World 4-4

  • Kill Monstar 3 on this platform, but don't go too far left, or the one on the top platform will come back to life.
  • Drop down off the platform and get rid of Monstar 4 on the ground.
  • Now climb the ladder and jump on Monstar 5 here. You want to head a bit to the left as you jump, in order to keep the enemy alive. Then bounce on it again to get up higher. You should be able to jump on the right hand ledge using this to get rid of Monstar 6.

The door will then open and you can go and collect the puzzle piece.

world 4-4

World 4-5: Movement by Degrees.

2 puzzle pieces.

This level will involve a fair bit of thinking about how your movements will affect the enemies on the level. Firstly you need to get the key that's behind your starting position, so head to the right and you'll see that the Monstar is moving towards you. You'll see that there are three Claws that the Monstar has to get past. These Claws are time-proof and move at normal speed. Do your absolute best to keep the Monstar alive (remember to rewind, cn_X if need be), and get it passed the Claws. Climb the ladder and get onto the little, square platform to the left of the ladder.

When you see the Claws go down, jump over the platform on the right, you'll know that the Monstar has got the key you need as you'll hear a soft "ting" sound. So now you need to head to the left and grab the key. Most likely it will have been dropped by the Monstar being hit by a Claw.

Climb up the ladder, then head over to the left platform to climb up that ladder. Jump over to the locked door to grab the first puzzle piece.

The next puzzle piece involves a fair bit of patience to get, as the Monstars are time proof, but the Claws aren't. The goal is to get a Monstar to the platform under the puzzle piece so you can jump up to it. Firstly, stand under the puzzle piece for a couple of seconds - as this is a good place to rewind to if it all goes wrong. Drop down to the lower right of the level, and you'll see that the Claws move when you move. So keep judging when to move to keep the Monstar from being killed by the right and middle Claws. So when the Monstar is roughly in the position shown below, rewind so you're back under the puzzle piece.

4-5 second puzzle piece.

This should have dropped the last Claw, letting the Monstar walk across and over to the puzzle piece. (Note. the picture above was taken after the puzzle piece was collected.) So once the Monstar drops onto the platform you are currently on, jump on him to get onto the platform to grab the second puzzle piece.

With puzzle piece in hand, you're done here.

World 4-6: Movement, Amplified.

2 puzzle pieces.

Your first task on this level, again, is to get the Monstar across the Claws safely. As with the first section of the last level, only the Claws are time-proof. The trick on this level is to use the clouds to your advantage. Any way, we won't focus on the Monstar just yet, so go up the large ladder on your right, and onto the second set of clouds. Run to the right and jump off the end of the cannon. You should land on a cloud that, all of a sudden, comes to you. From here, jump off the end of the cloud and land on the platform. Then continue to jump across the platforms on the right to grab the first puzzle piece.

Now it's time to get that Monstar across the Claws. So go back to the left and get onto the lower set of clouds. When the Monstar is between the first and second Claws, dash to the right to get the Monstar across.

4-6 no 1

You'll know when you've done this correctly, as you'll hear the "ting" sound again when the Monstar has the key. Now head back and grab the key. Climb up to the lower cloud platform, walk over to the left and climb that ladder to get to the top row. Jump over the time-proof Claw at the top when you can, and then unlock the door and grab the second puzzle piece.

Now you're done with the level.

World 4-7: Fickle Companion.

2 puzzle pieces.

Firstly, grab the key and jump over the spike pit. From there, climb up the ladder and head over to the lever, but don't activate it. Instead, drop down off the right side of the platform. This will make sense shortly. Head over to the ladder, climb up it and open the locked door on the left platform (shown below). Then kill the Monstar as it heads to the right.


Now quickly run to the left, under the door that you just opened. You'll notice that the door locks itself again. You should see a Monstar get fired from the time-proof cannon, who should then grab the key for you. Then head back to the right and wait for the Monstar to come to you with the key. Kill the Monster, take the key and then open the door to the right to claim the first puzzle piece.

Rewind all the way back to when you were at the lever. Now flip it and go and kill the Monstar. Another Monstar should then be fired out the cannon. You want to walk to the left in order to get the platform to catch said Monstar. From here you want to keep walking left, keeping the Monstar on the platform and getting them onto the platform above you. What you should be seeing as you are walking left is the key moving on its own, following the reverse of the path you first took with it. If everything has gone to plan, the Monstar will end up with the key. So now you want to climb the ladder after the Monstar passes over you. Follow it, and when it gets to the left of the platform after the two ladders, jump on it. You should land on the platform above, you should also take care to try and aim slightly for the right, as if you go too far left, you will lose the key. So climb down the ladder and grab the key. Now climb up the ladder and open the door to retrieve the second puzzle piece.

Continue along the path on the right to finish this level. Congratulations, you've beaten world 4!

Complete the puzzle in the house, like so, for another achievement:

World 4 puzzle

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