6. Braid World 5: Time and DecisionUpdate notes

World 5: Time and Decision.

World 5-1: The Pit.

1 puzzle piece.

This world is used as an introduction to the time mechanic that creates a shadow after rewinding. So for this level, jump down into the pit and collect the puzzle piece. Rewind so you're out of the pit. Don't worry about losing the puzzle piece as you will now have created a shadow that will retrace your steps. Once the shadow has collected the puzzle piece you can continue.

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World 5-2: So Distant.

2 puzzle pieces.

Firstly, go up the ladder and stand in front of the wall to your left for a few seconds. Then walk back to the lever and activate it. Then rewind yourself back to the wall on the left. Your shadow will then pull the lever for you, letting you pass. Climb up the ladder for the first puzzle piece.

Head right and jump on the Monstar to get up to the switch. Wait a few seconds then activate the switch. Then rewind back to when the Monstar was alive so you can jump on his head to get to the left platform where the lattice work is. Your shadow will pull the switch, letting you get through to climb up the lattice in order to grab the second puzzle piece.

World 5-3: Unnamed.

2 puzzle pieces.

Go up the lattice and head to the right, then drop down and grab the key. The jump over the spike pit on the left, aiming to go as far over as you can. You will die, but that's not a problem. Then rewind to the other side of the spike pit, at the bottom of the lattice work. You'll notice that your shadow will then grab the key and make the same jump you did. Now stand as close to the edge as possible to grab the key.


Then climb up the lattice and open the door, gaining the first puzzle piece.

Head to the right. Don't jump on the Monstar, but wait on the right side of the platform for a bit, then head back to the left and drop down the gap. Allow the Mimic to attack you, then rewind yourself back to the platform above. From here, drop down on the right side on this structure, and the Mimic's attention will be on the shadow, allowing you to climb up the ladder and get the second puzzle piece.

Now rewind yourself back to the platform above and jump across the platforms to exit the level.

World 5-4: Crossing the Gap.

3 Puzzle Pieces

Make your way up to the lever and activate it. Now jump down and kill the Monstar. Then immediately afterwards, rewind back up to the lever. Your shadow will kill the Monstar for you. Make sure you've made your way over to the left, where the cannon is, as the shadow will get a new Monstar to be fired out, allowing you to jump on it to get to the platform above. You can now jump over and grab the first puzzle piece.

The idea here is to get a Monstar onto the same platform as the switch, so once you've made sure the platform is on the left, near the cannon, jump down and eliminate any Monstar wondering around (it will most probably be on the section covered in rugs). Once the Monstar is gone, immediately rewind yourself back to the switch. Your shadow will go and kill the Monstar for you. So wait until a new Monstar is fired out the cannon. The second that happens, activate the lever. This should create a bridge to get the Monstar across. If that fails, just rewind and try again.

Once it's across, use it to jump on to get up to the second puzzle piece.

Go back to the lever and make sure the platform is back on the left side, and get a Monstar to be fired from the cannon. Now, quickly, run to the right and stand on the ledge for a second or two. You'll now need to drop down and stand just in front of the ledge, like so


The Monstar will fall down and follow you, which is what you want to happen. Then you want to rewind so you end up on the ledge like so:

5-4 no 2

Wait for the Monstar to kill your shadow, and you'll see that it bounces upwards. At this moment you want to jump on it, which will allow you to get onto the platform to retrieve the third puzzle piece. If you miss, remember you can use your rewind to try again. Once you're done, you can finish the level.

World 5-5: Window of Opportunity.

2 Puzzle Pieces

At the start of this level, climb up the ladder and head to the right. Jump over the gap and kill the Monstar with the key. Collect the key then drop back down and stand in front of the non-purple door for a few seconds. Now go and open the purple door. Rewind back to when you were standing in front of the non-purple door. You'll notice you have the key, and you can use it to open the non-purple door. Quickly go through the regular door and jump over the purple door before your shadow gets to it. Climb up the ladder and activate the lever. By this point your shadow should have opened the purple door and you can return to the start of the level, to collect the first puzzle piece that was blocked by the platform.

Climb back up the ladder and head right, jumping over a couple of gaps until you see the second puzzle piece. Start off by standing next to the upper lever for a couple of seconds, then jump on the platform to your right. Then rewind yourself back to just before pulling the lever. Now quickly get down the ladder and over onto the long platform before it starts rising. You'll want to wait here for about 5 seconds, then pull the lever. After this, rewind so you're back next to the upper switch. Your shadow should now go down onto the lower platform, so pull the lever for it when it is on the platform.

Now get onto the right-side platform, and when it has gotten to the top, jump over and collect the second puzzle piece.

World 5-6: Lair.

1 Puzzle Piece

As for defeating the Boss this time, it is similar to before, but this time the damage undoes itself if you rewind too far. So from the start jump over the spike pits, to get to the Boss to activate him. Climb up the lattice, to the chandeliers and drop one on the boss' head. Rewind so the chandelier is back in place. You'll see that after you've done this, your shadow will drop the chandelier on the boss' head again. Continue to do so until you've killed the boss and it drops a key.

Collect the key and go back to the left, where you should have seen a locked door at the top of some lattice. Open the door, go over to the lever and wait for about 10 seconds. Pull the lever and rewind yourself back to being near the boss, make sure you don't too far as you could bring the Boss back to life. Open the locked door on the right, and go to the movable wall on the right and wait for it to open. If everything goes according to plan, your shadow should open the wall, letting you grab the puzzle piece. You can now leave the level.

World 5-7: Fragile Companion.

1 Puzzle Piece

First thing, you want to do is to get the key from the Monstar. Now jump down towards the door, and just before you unlock it, rewind. What should happen is your shadow will then unlock the first door, which will allow you to pass through the second door and collect the puzzle piece on this level. Continue along the level and you've completed World 5!

Here's what the puzzle in the house needs to look like for the next achievement:

World 5 puzzle

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