8. Braid World 1Update notes

World 1.

There are no puzzle pieces in any of the levels in World 1.

World 1-4.

Note that everything in World 1, apart from you, is reversed. Stand where the Monstars are coming up through the ground. They will now be walking on the ground, so bounce on one to get up to the door to finish the level.

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World 1-3.

Stomp on the Monstar as it comes out of the ground, then climb up the ladder and wait for an enemy to come up to you. As with the last level, bounce off the Monstar when it is on the same platform as you to get to the door.

World 1-2.

From the start, bounce on the Monstar to get rid of him. When you see that a Monstar to go upwards, bounce on his head, which will bring you up to the platform above you. It may take a few times to do this, so just keep trying. Continue to ride up the Monstar's head, landing on the platform on the left, where a cannon is. Now wait from a second Monstar to start reversing up towards the top, and bounce on it (when it's near the platform you're on) in order to reach the door.

Now you're ready for the last level in the game.

World 1-1: Braid.

When you start the level, you'll see your nemesis with the Princess you've been after for entire game. She'll scream for help. Then your nemesis will knock down a platform letting you head right. You'll see a fire wall follow you, and you need to keep ahead of this. The Princess will pull switches above you to help you, letting you continue along.

Keep going and you'll come to a Claw, if you can't get past it straight away, rewind and try to be faster. Waiting will not serve any purpose on this level.

Next up there will be a wall blocking your path. Don't fret as the Princess will lower the wall in time, so just be prepared to run as the fire wall will be right behind you.

Jump into the spike pit when the fire gets close and the Princess will raise a platform for you.

You'll come to a fireball cannon, so jump over the fireballs, then climb the ladder and pull the time-proof lever. Now rewind to just before the cannon. Dodge the first fireball, then climb down and head right. Don't worry about the fireballs anymore, as the cannon shouldn't be firing them anymore.

Quickly cross the lattice - note that you may find it easier to press cn_A on the descent sections. Now jump over the spike pit to your right and you want to get to the first Monstar you see before it get up to the ledge. You need to use this Monstar to jump up onto the ledge. If it doesn't work out, rewind and try again.

Use the Monstars up here to bounce on them to get onto the ledge with the time-proof lever and activate it. Then rewind to when you first used a Monstar to jump up onto the ledge. Now ignore the lever, and jump over the Monstars without touching them.

Soon you'll get to a Claw, and the idea is to get to the Claw fast enough so you can jump over it. Once you are able to get past if, you'll be able to get past the second one faster.

Continue to the right and you'll get the ending to the game. You'll end up having to rewind back to the beginning to get to the red door you saw at the beginning of the level.

Congratulations! You've now completed the story. You'll reach the Epilogue which has all the books for the story. You'll get back to Tim's house. From here you can go into the Main Menu (cn_start) to start your speed run when you're ready!

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