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Posted on 09 July 09 at 15:45, Edited on 10 July 09 at 08:13
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Where you always top of the class at school? Are YOU the annoying kid with glasses who was always 1st to solve maths equations? Do you have a high IQ and enjoy IQ tests? Are you a nerd?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then Brain Challenge may be the game for you. I really enjoyed this which puts me in the nerd category I guess but it's quick, casual, testing fun with a range of subjects. You'll be tested on your logic skills, maths, focus, vision and memory with 6 tests in each category.

Ported from the DS. It covers all ability levels and the task in the main game is to get 100% brain challenge. The tests start at a level a 5 year old would cope with but in order to get 100% brain challenge your going to need to perform very well indeed and will stretch even the most academic of players. It's not trivia and a lot of the test are similar to the standard IQ tests you have, every answer can be worked out or calculated. So if you do well at IQ tests and enjoy them (I'm one sad man who always has) then I would say this is a must buy for you.

Gameplay 6/10

Audio 5/10 - A bit annoying to be honest with too many high pitch beeps and repetitive sound track. Also hated the woman shouting "Brain Challenge!" everytime I loaded it up but to be fair, it's not an integral part of the game and doesn't really distract from it.

The achievements are well balanced, a few easy ones progressing to tough ones for 100% and the ridiculously hard A+ in all events. There are also online achievements, 10 in a row and 100 wins which carries a 7+ TA ratio and really isn't hard as the games are quick. I was good enough online to achieve both fairly quickly but sure easy to boost if not.

I have seen people achieve it, one achiever said you need to go into a zen like trance to achieve A+ in all categories which I quite understand, though I can for some, I was never quick enough in my weaker subjects. (credit to globalizer for this!).

Acheasement rating 6/10

I really enjoyed the simple 2-4 player multiplayer, maybe as its the only game I regulary won at but it's a simple card game and you get points for the speed you answer.You have a 'joker' card which can effect the outcome but most of it is turn based. Good range of difficulty for all player to get involved with.

Replayability 7/10

I have a friend who plays nothing but this game online so some will get the bug. Even so I got a good 20 hours out of this as liked the online mode. I would say a good buy when it was deal of the weak (400ms) and I was not disappointed when I paid 800 ms.

Overall, good enjoyable family fun that will get you thinking. 7/10
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