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Paul Wesley 91
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Posted on 03 August 12 at 00:33
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So, here we have Disney/Pixar's Brave: The Video Game. Pixar's 2012 film Brave may have received some jeers from both critics and audiences but even if this were Pixar's worst, their worst is better than many studio's best. But anyway on to the game itself.

This game is based on the movie, obviously, but it is not necessary to see the movie to understand this game, as the game's story is very, very, different from the film's. It's likely a good thing the developers took this creative liberty because the game probably would not be nearly as exciting.
In this game, antagonist Mor'du now controls massive armies and is sending all of them at you, and it is your job to "cleanse" various areas of the game world. Why? The game doesn't really explain this too well, but I don't think the developers really cared and it's unlikely the player will care either as the play will have most likely seen the movie already. The "story" put in place is merely to allow the developers to make the kind of game they wanted to make.

In this game, you play as the main character, Merida, as she travels the land fighting enemies, "cleansing" areas, and, well, fighting more enemies. You have a sword, but you will be most often be using your bow, Merida's signature weapon. The controls are fluid and work well, you can press a button to shoot arrows, or you can point the right stick in any direction to shoot in that direction, reminiscent of some older arcade games like Robotron or Smash TV.
You can collect extra swords and bows as well as tapestries to give your character various bonuses. You can also purchase other bonuses in stores that appear throughout the game. You also have 4 different charms to power up your arrows and sword strikes: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Ice. You can use these to your advantage, exploiting weaknesses in your enemies (ice charm against fire enemies and vice versa).
In addition to fighting as Merida, you also solve puzzles as Merida's triplet brothers, and on occasion you will have the opportunity to play as Merida's mother as a bear for a short time.
There is also a co-op option available, where a second player can jump in as a wisp. The wisp has all of Merida's moves and has a separate set of upgrades. It isn't necessary for any achievements, but it is nice if you have someone who would like to play along.

This game isn't too hard. In order to obtain all the achievements, you will have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty (Brave) by starting on Brave and never changing it. The Brave difficulty will provide a significant challenge, or at least it did for me, especially during the various boss fights, however the checkpoints in the game are generous and finishing the game isn't too hard as long as you can persevere. After beating the game you may have to replay a few levels in order to find the rest of the bonus items (outfits, tapestries, bows, and swords) and you will likely need to grind out some gold to buy the rest of the upgrades. Overall, this isn't too difficult to complete, and it should only take you 10-15 hours to do it.

As you probably know by the game's boxart, this game has kinect capabilities. You will be happy to know that there are no achievements that require the use of it, and it is exactly what you think it is: Target practice with your bow in first-person. It's fun but nothing to noteworthy.

To Conclude
All in all, this is a fun, short kids' game that can be enjoyed by all. If you were a fan of the movie or even if you weren't, you will have a good time with this game.

QUICK TIP: Want an extra bow? Go to the extras menu and input the code: A,A,X,A. This code comes from the game's official site. You're welcome.

Thanks for reading my review. Be sure to comment if you see something you don't like. Thanks.
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