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  • RateD DemoNicRateD DemoNic936,235
    19 Jan 2013
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    Gamerscore is attainable....... If your willing to pay for it!!!!!

    After finishing this game yesterday i tried to be as objective as i possibly could about this game. From a gaming experience its one of those games that i would take the disc and snap in half never to see again, but it did not start out that way.

    You are Brave a shaman sent on a quest to protect his village from an evil threatening to wipe out your tribe unless you can stop it. Along your way you will meet a couple of spirits to help you on your journey each with their own power and skill. For the purpose of the review i wont say who or what due to spoilers but it does make a difference and each spirit does set in very well with each level.

    The game does have a very colourful if dated look about it while being big enough to house 7 different parts of the world ranging from a fiery volcano to an ice wilderness. Story does beat along at a rather comfortable rhythm if your not after the gamerscore {more on that to come),.

    Lets get the biggest problem of this game out the way,

    It is without doubt the most infuriatingly buggy, non responsive, hair pulling game i have ever had the unfourtunate pleasure to play.!!!!!

    During the early parts of the game you dont realise just how infuriating the jump part of this game is, not to mention the ridiculous camera angle that the creators must have thought yeah turn 75% and we cant be arsed with the other 25. When jumping across certain parts of the game a 100% rotating camera would have helped massively if only to help with the fact that Brave just does not want to jump the direction you want him toowarning

    I am quite confident in my platforming ability but this game seemed to take enjoyment in my reloading of certain parts and then laughed as i failed a simple jump yet again. Many of you would have read posts on our sister site x360a stating about the final level and as a reviewer of this game i simply say " if you have enough spare pads, please go right ahead".

    I could go on about it but its boring and i would sound incoherent but in closing on gameplay please avoid with all manner of haste as it is just too buggy and frustrating, which does ruin a decent story with a good final boss.

    Game review 3/10, due to the buggy jumping and camera angle ruining a decent story.

    So we move onto the important part, that very appealing 500G for one acheivement which i promise you is like the forbidden fruit (look but dont touch). If you can get past all the games glitches and idiotic jumping parts then you will attain this just for completion, however for the completionists amongst us there is a severe issue with collecting 48 totems during the game.

    There is a great guide to this on x360a which is only spoiled by a lack of narrative or pop up message explaining certain methods of the collection, i myself had to replay a level 3 times to finally get the gist of how to collect totems on level 6 Northern Lands. angry This may be your first pad breakage. Add to that the insane glitch which prevents you from quitting the game during level 3 due to Level 4 not loading and you have to start the entire game again so please tread carefully. For most you will attain 970/1000 and literally not care about the annoying totem #40 but if you do persevere then pat yourself on the back for completing a very challenging item collection.

    Acheivement Review 5/10, due to the video guide and frustation of collecting totem #40 and then playing the very final level without breaking down.facepalm
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    RatpoizenJust got this for free with GwG, only done the first level and is so easy lol. You are saying it gets buggy later and cameras issues are a prob later in the game?
    Posted by Ratpoizen on 02 Mar 18 at 23:37
    RateD DemoNicHey Bud

    That is another game entirely my friend, even if this game I have wrote about was free I would advise you not play smile
    Posted by RateD DemoNic on 03 Mar 18 at 00:53
    JM0ney JustinI like the story but lord i wish i had read the review. This game was a pain to complete.
    Posted by JM0ney Justin on 12 Oct 18 at 03:16
  • PlayfulDalekPlayfulDalek33,240
    29 Jan 2012
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    I picked this game up, because I saw it on a list of games for "Easy 1000GS".

    This list claimed that I could complete the game in 5-10 hours.

    While you can use the walkthrough for the PS2 game, Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer, to complete most of the game, the most frustrating part for me, were the last 2 achievements, which together are worth 530GS.

    The problem with this, is that on the additional content that has been added, the camera angles are so bad, that in a lot of places (especially searching for the snake totem), you are effectively jumping blind. When you have to jump onto a location which is moving, this can get really old, really quickly.

    Perseverance is the key to completing this game, but the amount of deaths/restarting of a particular section that I had to go through, for HALF the GS for the game, outweighed any fun I had during the rest of the game.
  • Cool DazCool Daz269,861
    30 Sep 2009
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    hatefull hatefull hatefull

    nothing more to say except oh yeah hatefull.


    terrible camera

    awful controls

    hatefull hatefull hatefull hatefull

    and since I have to make up 100 words I guess I will just keep ranting. The game is terrible it makes PS1 games look good. It is really bad and then they put bugs in the damn thing so after 2 hours of getting the camera angle right so when you jump onto a ledge you actually hit it the game crashes or sticks you in the middle of a wall which you then have to reset the whole thing and start again.

    The developers should be ashamed of them selves. Or dragged out into the street and shot

    or both

    and lets not forget