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Posted on 13 May 18 at 16:07
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This game is impossibly difficult and there are several achievements that nobody has ever obtained due to this difficulty level. That said, it is a like any other brick game, the original being Breakout. The levels are creative and the game would actually be fun if the difficulty weren't so ridiculous, as I've been a big fan of this type of game since the 80's.

This is the fault of bad game design and it would have been easily avoidable by allowing the player more than 5 balls per level, or even increasing the amount of power-up bricks and/or putting them in places where they are easier to access.

That said, there is are no option screen that gives the player a chance to customize the game to his or her preference, which is almost unforgivable in this day and age.

To close my review I am going to quote some of the forum comments which will give you an idea of just how much this game has irked some of our community:

Bomb Jack DK
This game surely is a candidate for poorest game and level design ever.
I've played level 77 for about 6 hours in total with no luck. Close once but that's it.

Game shows a huge lack of play testing. This dev is on my do-not-buy list. I swear the game cheats. When it wants you to lose a ball... you will lose that ball. I also challenged the dev on facebook to prove that they can beat survival mode. Such a lazy ass dev. Couldn't bother to do a real mode so why not just have the player repeat the same levels with no continues.. brilliant!

Level design in this game makes no sense whatsoever.

I think this final comment sums it up best:

It's as they threw it together at the last minute and said let's not answer anything after. I have repeatedly tried to contact them and was very blunt but respectful. I heard not one thing back. The fact that this type of game was perfected in the early 2000s and they have come up with this is mind blowing.
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