Bright Memory: Infinite Reviews

  • GeorgezinoGeorgezino262,212
    19 Sep 2022
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    An unfinished game. It can be considered another demo like Bright Memory, released earlier.

    The game lasts approximately 2 hours. If you go to all the achievements can take 4-5 hours.

    Negative points:

    - Short game

    - Ridiculously easy enemies, even on the hardest difficulties

    - Textures that load late, even on Series X

    - Glaring difference in textures, in the same scenario

    - Sloppy narrative with no depth

    - Many bugs with achievements and the tracker doesn't work


    - Fun weapons

    - Some backgrounds are really beautiful

    - Well-detailed characters

    - Simplified menu -> removed the many options from the menu. In Bright Memory they put options that even caused crash.