Briquid Mini (WP) Reviews

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    21 Aug 2017
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    Briquid mini is one of Gamious' awesome mobile phone games. The concept is simple. You've got a certain amount of water, and an area to get it to. You can add bricks, remove bricks, and change the direction of the gravity to get the water from the starting area to the designated area. This youtube trailer gives you a decent idea of what to expect:

    Briquid is the 2nd game in the series, after the original briquid. It costs 2,99 Euro/dollar or the regional equivalent. You can get all achievements in the game in about 3-5 hours, if you follow the walkthrough for this game.

    Briquid Mini (WP) Walkthrough

    The game itself/ gameplay:
    This is one of my favourite windows phone games. The puzzles are fun and challenging. The difficulty is gradually increasing, and thus also fun for players who have never played the game before. It is often relatively easy to solve the puzzle, by the real challenge comes when you are tasked with completing the the puzzles in as few moves as possible. The game consists of a total of 100 puzzles, which can be replayed over and over to get to the best solution. If you are just after a quick completion (which is is), you can look at the puzzle solutions in the walkthrough, which should blast you through the levels. It's hard to explain the actual fun of replaying the puzzles to find a better solution (which I encountered). Maybe give it a shot yourself?


    The achievements are a bit basic. Complete 10 levels, 20 levels, complete the game, etc. There are a few achievements for completing specific levels within an x amount of moves. Then there is the Briquid boss achievement, which is probably the toughest one to get without using guides. You have to finish all 100 levels in the game with a cumulative amount of 1564 moves to spare. There are also 3 achievements which you probably need to grind (destroy and build 10,000 bricks, and moves x liters of water). One achievement which I did think was original is the deliberate failure achievement (Save 99% water in a level without solving it.). Overall, the achievements are the worst part about this game. They're not specifically hard or grindy, but just a bit basic.


    -Easy to understand game
    -Fun puzzles
    -Walkthrough available to assist where needed
    - Relatively easy and quick to complete

    -The game does not feature any extra game modes or so
    -The levels remain more or less the same. No new additions added in later levels.
    - Basic achievement list.

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