5. Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent's Curse Episode 2 - Part 1Update notes

You are now in Spain at Castell Dels Sants, in search of the Tabula Veritatis. As you arrive, you start being shot at from the Castell and take cover.

  • Pick up the Helmet on the ground, combine it with the Mop in your inventory

Image 30

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  • Now use the Mop with Helmet on the Crumbled Wall above your head

At this point here, you need to start the set-up for another achievement. So just in case, make a hard save to reload, as the Goat can take an item from you if you mess up.

  • You'll be in control of George again, interact with the Apple Tree
  • Interact with the Apple Tree again, then move the cursor to George's lower left and click Dodge
  • Pick up the Apples, now to begin the set-up
  • First use the Apples from your inventory on the Goat
  • Next, use the Provenance on it, then Marqués' Scribbled Photograph
  • Finally, use the Piece of Rich Tea Biscuit
  • Now that the set-up is done, use the Apples on the Bottles

Image 31

  • Quickly click on the Tyre
  • Take the Side Mirror from the car, then use it on the Sun in the upper middle part of the screen

After doing picking up the Side Mirror, you'll get an achievement:

  • Speak to the Old Man and select Friend, then select Marqués
  • Now select Eva, then Marqués
  • Finally, click on 'La Maledicció'
  • Once inside, open your inventory and examine the Marqués' Family Photograph to enter a close up
  • Examine the Statue that is on top of the fireplace, then exit the close up
  • Examine the Mantelpiece to enter a close up, then examine the Plinths and exit the close up
  • Speak to Marqués, then select Painting twice, then Castell Dels Sants
  • Next, select Tabula Veritatis twice, then select Medallion and finally, Hobbs' Sketch
  • After this, exit the conversation and walk to the left, then pick up the Green Statue

Image 32

  • Go through the Door near you, then pick up the Broken Green Statue

Image 33

  • Go back to the Great Hall, then go through the front Door to go back to the garden
  • Pick up the Blue Statue near the bushes on the right, and the Broken Blue Staue on the fountain
  • Next, examine the Sundial on the left, then go back inside
  • Speak to Nico, then examine Simeon's Papers from your inventory
  • Examine the First Passage then exit the close up
  • Use the Marqués' Family Photograph on the Mantelpiece
  • Place the Broken Green Statue on the left plinth, then interact with the plinth 6 times
  • Next, place the Blue Statue on the right plinth, then interact with that plinth 6 times too

Image 34

  • You'll be in control on Nico after this and speak to Ramon, select Wolfram
  • Next, choose Xavier, then Gehnen twice, then Castell Dels Sants
  • Finally, ask about Ramon and the Library
  • After this, speak to Ramon again and ask about the Library
  • Exit out of the conversation and exit out of the front Door

If you approach the goat from earlier and interact with it, it will talk to you, and you will get an achievement:

  • Interact with the Car Door, then use the Press Card with Chewing Gum on the Radio

Doing this will get you another achievement:

  • Now interact with the Pillow, then take the Book
  • Then examine the Tin Can Keys in the middle of the car
  • Exit the close up and go back to the fountain, then examine the Wind-chime to enter a close up

Image 35

  • Examine the Tin Can, then take the Key
  • Go back through the front Door and go through the Door to the small hallway
  • Use the Castell Library Key on the Library door
  • Examine the Trunk in the corner and you'll enter a close up
  • Take the Map
  • You'll be in control of George again, speak to Marqués
  • Select Fresco, after this exit out of the conversation
  • Examine one of the Statue's in the room
  • Now examine the Glass lens in Jehovah's hand, examine it a second time to enter a close up
  • Remove the Leather Cover, exit the close up and do the same with the lens Lucifer is holding
  • Now examine the Fresco
  • We now need to get blue, green and red light shining onto the Fresco
  • Examine the Glass lens in Jehovah's hand and change it to Green
  • Do the same with Lucifer's lens, except make it Blue
  • Use your Safety Matches on the Candelabrum, then use the Medallion on it

Image 36

After doing this, you'll get another achievement:

  • After this examine the shield in the upper left corner, if it's the right one, it will read "Berga"
  • Take the Painting from the mantel
  • Go through the Door then into the Library
  • Examine the Trunk in the corner, pick up the Hat, then the Shirt to move them aside
  • After, take the Folded Note, then examine the Telegram in your inventory
  • You will now have a puzzle where you must work out what it's saying
  • The full phrase is: "The Tabula Veritatis was smuggled out of Montsegur to Catalonia by a group of Cathar survivors stop I have confirmed this from confessions extracted by the Dominican Inquisitor Eymerich of Giron stop Wolfram stop"

Image 37

  • Exit the close up and examine the Map
  • You must place the orbs in 4 locations which we now know what they are, the first is Berga
  • The next is Montsegur, then Girona
  • Finally there is Sant Ramon

Image 38

You'll now get another achievement:

  • Examine the Bullet Hole in the wall, then interact with it

We'll carry on with this in Part 2, when the group has travelled to Montserrat.

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