Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough



Grab the cart with both brothers and move it down the path (use both cn_LS and cn_RS). At one point you'll come across a lever that you need to pull. Before doing so, detour towards the bottom/right of the screen to find a path past a bush of flowers. Follow the stone steps down to reach the beach and then go all the way left to find a bunch of rocks by the shore. Interact with these rocks to unlock:

Take a Break in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Take a break from adventuring.
  • Unlocked by 13,722 tracked gamers (89% - TA Ratio = 1.05) 15,426

Go back up and pull the lever with Big Brother to cross the gap (keep it pulled until you are on the other side). On the other side, grab the cart again and push it on another wooden platform nearby, on the left. After "parking" it there, go right to find a broken ladder up some stones. Here you want to co-op with the two Brothers to boost Little Brother up: hold cn_LT near the broken ladder to let Big Brother prepare to boost Little Brother up, and then approach him with Little Brother and press cn_RT to be pushed up.

Untie the nearby rope with Little Brother to let Big Brother go up too (climb the rope with him), and then operate the two-handle crank (hold cn_LT and cn_RT, then rotate cn_LS and cn_RS in either direction) to lift up the cart with the sick man. When it's done, grab the cart once again and push it a few meters onwards to trigger some scenes.

After the scenes, exit the house and follow the only possible way (down and to the right; the bridge is blocked by a crazy guy) to reach a river. A short scene will hint that Little Brother can't swim, and the game will suggest that you press and hold cn_RT to let him hang onto his Big Brother to float. Do so and then navigate through the river until you reach a shore again.

Continue and climb up some vines (hold cn_LT/cn_RT to grab them as you climb up). Now you are on the other side of the previous bridge (the one blocked by the crazy guy), and you can climb further up some rocks in front of you. To do so, use the usual cn_LT/cn_RT to grab the rock, then push cn_LSu/cn_RSu to have each Brother lean upwards; now release cn_LT/cn_RT to make them jump, and be ready to press cn_LT/cn_RT again to grab the rocks further up and continue climbing.

Proceed on the only possible way, sliding on some wooden edges to move on (notice the two colorful birds on your way as you go?) After that, the game will tell you about camera controls; test them a bit to continue. Then jump up the big barrels on the right, interact with the scarecrow in the garden if you wish (just some optional scenes), and then climb up a sort of net to advance.

After sliding down some roofs, a crazy guy will block your main path again. Use Little Brother to squeeze through some bars, and then rotate a crank with him to set a dog free, thus clearing the path for Big Brother in some way. Now you can continue with both Brother -- mock the crazy guy (interact with the fence where he's trapped) if you want and then go left to continue.

As you go up you'll find a cat you can play with, if you want. Either way, proceed past him and have Little Brother "interact" with the man snorting before a lifted bridge to wake him up; then have Big Brother talk with the man to have the bridge lowered. Finally, cross the bridge to reach the end of this Prologue.

Chapter 1 - The Village


You can interact with the granny on the left at the beginning if you want; Big Brother will ask for info, whereas Little Brother will play with her a little.

After that, you'll see a kid playing with a ball. Steal the ball from her and take it with you; go back and right and you'll see a well. Throw the ball (release cn_LT/cn_RT) in the well (position yourself close to the well) to unlock:

Wishing Well in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Throw someone's ball down a well.
  • Unlocked by 14,055 tracked gamers (91% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 15,426

Now continue down the path; if you want you can play the little rascal again by "interacting" with the man cutting the bushes of roses with Little Brother. Either way, push a fence past this man with either/both Brothers to continue.

Shortly ahead there will be a fork; if you want you can detour on the right (downwards) to reach a man playing the harp, and then try to play it yourself -- Little Brother will perform quite well, although his older brother is... not quite as talented.

Keep going, and speak with the drunken man on the bench on your way if you want to see some other optional interactions (in particular with Little Brother); then move down the path to reach an area with an angry dog.

In order to continue you'll need to distract the dog with one Brother and let the other Brother go forward while the dog is distracted. Make sure to keep both Brothers out of the dog's reach (let them climb up the hay-bales/rocks to be safe), or else you will experience a little game over (there's a checkpoint just before this area, don't worry). You can press and hold cn_LT/cn_RT to catch the dog's attention with the respective Brother.

After crossing the field with both Brothers, continue and cross a small river (you can refresh yourself in it by pressing cn_LT/cn_RT if you wish). Then follow the only possible way, jumping on some rocks and climbing up some other rocks to reach the next areas.

After climbing up a few rocks you'll reach an area where three achievements (well, more like "two and a half") take place. First of all, locate the bird cage immediately on the right. You want to reach and interact with it with Little Brother: go forward from where you were after climbing and then turn right to reach the cage. Interacting with it with Little Brother will make him open the cage, thus freeing the bird. This is the first step for the achievement Love Bird (second step will be in Chapter 4).

Move on and you will see a "wheel" that you can "spin" from the inside (like a sort of hamster wheel); do so with Little Brother (note that he will continue to run automatically also if you release cn_RS after you set it in motion the first time), and a bridge will lower, allowing you to reach a small flock of sheep. Have Big Brother go and grab one of the sheep with cn_LT (keep it held to hold the sheep), and now go back to where you came from (out of curiosity, Little Brother will pet the sheep if you interact with it with him). On the left you will see an area with a bunch of black bunnies hopping around; reach them, and you will also notice a black fire camp in the middle of where they are. You want to drop the sheep (release cn_LT) just on the extinguished fire camp so it turns black in its turn (you'll have to drop the sheep before a tall step first, since Big Brother can't go down that step while carrying the sheep; then grab and release it again on the fire-camp ashes). Doing this will unlock:

Black Sheep in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Black Sheep107 (100)
Every family's got one.
  • Unlocked by 13,396 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 15,426

Use Little Brother to grab the only white bunny in the area and drop this bunny on the same fire-camp to unlock:

Bunny Buddies in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Make the bunnies play nice.
  • Unlocked by 14,048 tracked gamers (91% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 15,426

There's one last optional thing you can do here (not related to any achievement) if you want: climb up the barrel/roof of the house on the left of the "wheel" and mess around with the guy working at its top (as usual, it's Little Brother that will be naughty, while Big Brother will just ask for directions).

When you're ready to go, grab a[nother] sheep past the bridge, and put it inside the usual "wheel" to make it spin: now both Brothers can cross the bridge (lowered by the sheep in the wheel) to continue. Follow the only possible path until you get a scene with a troll.

After the scene, follow the troll around; he'll help you cross gaps and he will boost you up, allowing you to reach areas you wouldn't be able to access without his help. There's really only one way to go, so simply wait for him to catch up with you and he'll help you progress (be ready to use cn_LT/cn_RT to grab ledges when he boosts you up to reach them). At one point you'll have to proceed up some vines; after climbing all the way up them you'll need to jump upwards to grab a hardly-visible ledge to continue.

Once this section is done, you'll find yourself down a pit, next to a small lake. Carry Little Brother on Big Brother's back to cross the lake and then go through a small tunnel -- this is the end of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 - The Cave


Use Little Brother to go through some bars and operate a crank past the bars to open the way for Big Brother. Then "ride" a giant wheel (interact with it to hang on to it, then release cn_LT/cn_RT to let go or just wait to the end of the ride) to continue.

Continue and you will see some gears in the middle of the room; you need to block these gears in order to stop the rotating machinery on the left (which you will then use as a bridge to cross to the other side of the room). In order to do so you'll have to drop a big pole on the gears; the pole is found up some stairs just north of the gears themselves. After grabbing the pole with both Brothers, you need to make your way through some objects in order to take it where the gears are. Due to the size of the pole, you'll need to follow a specific way to get through; it's nothing complicated, but here is a scheme in case you need it.

After this section, cross to the other side of the room and continue. You'll have to co-op activate a machinery of some sort to proceed; once again, it's nothing complicated, and you'll just have to push the "lever" with both Brothers towards the two "switches" (push it towards each switch; first activate either one, and then the other one). In case you find it tricky to steer the lever left/right, move cn_LS and cn_RS in opposite directions (cn_LSu and cn_RSd, or cn_LSd and cn_RSu). When both switches have been activated, two halves of a bridge will spawn, allowing you to continue.

Make your way to another giant spinning wheel. This one rotates in the wrong direction, but you can stop its movement by grabbing a chain hanging from the ceiling. This rope is located on the upper floor: boost Little Brother up to reach it, then jump and hang from this chain with Little Brother. Once the wheel is idle, climb on it with Big Brother to reach the upper level.

To continue in the next areas you'll have to activate a few switches with both/either Brother, and "ride" some moving chains around. It's very simple and intuitive, so just make your way through in the only possible way. Just make sure that, when you have to rotate cranks with Little Brother, you keep rotating them with cn_RS to keep Big Brother's path clear (if you stop operating the cranks, the obstacles on his way will come back).

The sections after this one are also straight-forward; just climb the ledges and walls on the only possible way until you eventually reach an area with a trapped "trollette". In order to set her free you must first get the golden key from the back of the "troll guard" located behind some bars, then use the key to unlock her door, and then finally pull a big lever to open the door of the cage.

The first two tasks can be done by Little Brother: sneak through the bars and steal the key (press cn_RT, as usual) from the guard; make sure not to step on the bones on the ground, or else you will alert him and he will kill you. Then take the key back to the cage (keep holding cn_RT to carry it with you), and unlock the door. When this is done, use Big Brother to pull the lever and let the trollette free.

The troll-guard will notice your actions now, and will start chasing after you. Keep Big Brother near the lever, and let him keep it pulled so that the door of the cage (now empty) remains open. Then control Little Brother, and lure the troll-guard into the cage with him. After luring the troll in the cage, escape from the cage by exiting through its bars (exit through those on the side opposite the door of the cage), and release cn_LT to let go of the lever with Big Brother, thus trapping the troll-guard in the cage once and for all.

Trollette will bring you a metallic chain to proceed; follow her, and help her continue through the cave. You'll need to use another of those big "push-levers" on the ground to move the platform where trollette is standing; push the lever up and right first, so trollette can cross a gap. Then push the same lever up and left, so that the Brothers can then use the platform to cross the gap themselves.

After continuing and seeing some more scenes, you'll have to defeat another troll harassing you. This time you'll need to use Little Brother to lure the troll towards the four (three actually, since one is already done during a cutscene) torches/chains in the corners of the room, so he will smash his head against them, breaking the chains. Once all the chains are broken, you can pull a lever with Big Brother to open the hole/trap-door in the ground. While it's open, simply lure the troll down the hole by placing Little Brother so that the hole is between him and the troll. The troll isn't defeated yet though: after falling down the hole you'll need to give him one last push down by interacting with his hands (use both Brothers at once) to make him ultimately fall down to his death (or anywhere where he can't bother you, anyway).

Now that it's all done, interact with the hands of the friendly troll on the right to be taken up, and out of this dungeon. Walk down the path to trigger some scenes and complete this Chapter.

Chapter 3 - The Woods


As the Chapter starts you'll find yourself out in the open, surrounded by wolves. Big Brother can carry a torch (Little Brother can't), and he can use it with cn_LT to "wave" the torch and push the wolves away. Make your way through the dark path (go right at the beginning), waving the torch whenever a wolf is close by, until you will eventually reach a graveyard.

At this point Big Brother will throw the torch away automatically. As soon as this happens, go right before continuing down in the graveyard to reach a statue. Interact with this statue with Little Brother, and you will trigger a short scene; keep cn_RT held down until falling stars appears in the sky, thus also unlocking:

Falling Star in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Make a wish.
  • Unlocked by 12,626 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.10) 15,426

Go through the graveyard until you find a gate on the right. On the left there is a small house; you can either knock at the door, or ring the bell on its left. Either action will cause a keeper to wake up and reach you. Speak with her with Big Brother (Little Brother will just try to grab her lantern), and she will open the gate for you.

Proceed past the gate to trigger a short scene. At the end of it, you'll be in the water; make sure to let Little Brother hang on to his older brother, and then swim down the river until you reach a big rock that you can use to get out of the water.

Walk on a fallen tree to proceed, and then follow the only possible way to continue. At one point you'll need to jump up a tree branch and go left of it; do so, and you will inevitably fall in the water below. Let the water take the Brothers to their next stop.

Once you get control of the Brothers again, you'll need to move a tree branch with Big Brother to help Little Brother avoid some evil "possessed" trees. Little Brother will hang from the tree branch the whole time, climbing up or down depending on whether the evil trees are closer to the bottom or to the top of the tree branch itself. Remember that your goal here is to move the two Brothers to the left, and not to let Little Brother climb the branch up to reunite with Big Brother (well, that would be the ideal solution in theory, but it's simply not possible because of the evil trees). Keep going as far left as you can, until another scene will trigger, taking both Brothers elsewhere. When that happens, use Big Brother to "catch" Little Brother, and take him out of the water.

The last area of this Chapter is linear. After a scene with a certain "giant", have Little Brother interact with the giant's right hand first (under which a man is trapped), and then interact with the giant's head. This will make the giant raise the hand up, allowing you to finally interact with the man -- do so to end this Chapter.

Chapter 4 - The Mountains


Go forward and at the first fork go right, towards a big tree and a guy trying to hang himself. Quickly reach him with Big Brother, and hold cn_LT to keep him suspended and alive (if you fail, simply press cn_start and Restart checkpoint to try again). After doing this, have Little Brother climb up the tree and untie the rope the man was using to hang himself; this will keep him safe for good. Before moving on, have both Brothers go right and behind the big tree to follow a hidden path to a wooden ledge. If you paid attention, the man was actually pointing towards this ledge previously. The object he was indicating is a small music box, located at the end of the wooden ledge. Pick it up with either Brother, then take it back to the man (note that you can simply jump down the wooden platforms to reach the man right away instead of going back the way you came from). Doing this will unlock:

A Sad Tune in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
A Sad Tune55 (50)
Make someone feel better.
  • Unlocked by 12,780 tracked gamers (83% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 15,426

After the rescue mission, get back on track to continue with the story. You'll need to solve a co-op puzzle to continue -- have Little Brother go through some bars, then up some stairs, and then jump on two windmills to reach the other side of a gap (jump from the first windmill to the second one when Little Brother is "at 3 o'clock" on the first windmill, so he jumps on the second one "at 9 o'clock"). On the other side, go next to a crank that you can use to make the second part of a bridge appear. While standing near the crank with Little Brother, use Big Brother to pull a lever on the first side of the gap (where you came from) to raise the first half of the bridge. Now operate the crank with Little Brother, and then let go of the lever with Big Brother to let the first part of the bridge descend and "cross" with the second half, thus creating a stable bridge for Big Brother to cross the gap.

Follow the only possible path to continue, and a short scene will trigger on the way. After the scene there will be a fork; either left (currently a dead end), or right towards a fenced area with some goats. Go right first, and "ride" a goat with each Brother; then use the goats to climb all the way up the mountain path (there will be apparent forks every now and then; just proceed either way with either Brother, since they take to the same destination anyway).

After the ride you will reach a sort of wooden building, and you will make acquaintance with a scientist. He will throw a gear at you; grab it with either Brother, and carry it with you as you go left. You'll need to cross two gaps, but you can't jump with the gear in your hands. To solve the problem (cross the gap and carry the gear with you), simply throw the gear (release cn_LT/cn_RT) across the gaps, jump without it, and then pick it up again when you are on the other side of the gap. Note that you can also catch the gear in the air with the second Brother (if he's on the other side of the gap) if you want, instead of picking it up off the floor after letting it fall down; either way works.

Take the gear to its position (next to a couple of handle-cranks), then rotate the cranks to lift the scientist upwards and also create a way to continue with the two Brothers.

If you want you can go talk with the scientist for some optional scenes (Big Brother will ask for directions as usual; Little Brother will play Rock-Paper-Scissor with him). Regardless of that, go up the stairs on the left to reach a big music machine of some sort. This machine has a crank before it, which you can use to blow air into the bell of the machine, and a lever at the bottom of the bell, which you can use to change the tune-holes of the machine. You want to push the bell with Big Brother until it's in correspondence with the third couple of holes (counting clockwise), and then blow air into the machine with the crank, operated by Little Brother. Doing this will unlock:

Windpipe in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Windpipe110 (100)
Make the inventor dance.
  • Unlocked by 12,815 tracked gamers (83% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 15,426

Now proceed to the right of the scientist, but not too far yet: on your way there will be a telescope. Interact with it with either Brother, and use it to look down and to the right of the big tower in front of you. You will eventually be able to spot a bunch of red roses with a tree branch in the middle of them; on the branch there is also a bird. Zoom in on the bird with cn_LSu; if you set free the bird earlier in Chapter 1 a second bird will join the first one, and you will unlock:

Love Birds in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Love Birds168 (150)
Re-unite the two love birds.
  • Unlocked by 12,354 tracked gamers (80% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 15,426

Then finally reach the hang-glider further down the stairs, and ride it with both Brothers to continue. You'll have to keep cn_LT/cn_RT held down during the flight, or else the Brothers will fall down. The glider's height is automatically controlled, but you can steer left/right by moving the two Brothers on it (do so to avoid obstacles, where necessary). Enjoy the flight and reach your next destination.

After landing (so to speak) the Brothers will tie each other up with a rope. Thanks to this rope you can "swing" with one of the two Brothers if the other one is hanging from a rock/ledge in the air (you can gain more momentum by swinging with cn_LS/cn_RS). Use this new tool to swing from rock to rock to go around the mountain/rocks ahead, and climb up on safe ledges whenever possible. There is just one way to go, so you shouldn't have any problem making your way through.

Keep going until the two Brothers decide to untie the rope and enter a tower. Inside the giant-sized tower, climb up the bed (interact with it to mess around a bit if you feel like it), and then go clockwise around the room to reach a desk on which there is a bird trapped in a cage. Your goal here is to set the bird free, and to do so you need to pull a lever hanging from the ceiling on the left of the cage with both Brothers. Leave Big Brother below the lever for now, and send Little Brother to the right. Go through the bars of an empty cage with Little Brother, and climb up some rocks/ledges on the wall to make your way to the lever itself. Once you're hanging from the lever with Little Brother (the cage will lift a bit now, but not enough to free the bird) (keep cn_RT held down, of course!), press cn_LT to have Big Brother jump and grab Little's legs: this way both Brothers will be pulling the lever at once, pulling the lever with enough strength/weight to completely lift the cage. The bird is now free -- you can pet him with Little Brother, and fly him to the next Chapter (the Chapter actually ends a few meters ahead of where the bird will take you, after crossing a wooden bridge) by interacting with him with Big Brother.

Chapter 5 - The Land of the Giants


Go down the path to continue. If you want, you can stop and enjoy the fragrance of the giant's feet (...maybe another time). Ugh. Anyway, push an arrow on the way with both Brothers to clear the path, and then continue on the only possible way to go on.

After crossing a short river (help Little Brother floating with Big Brother, as usual), boost Little Brother up a rock. Then go left with him (Little) to hang from a tree branch. Follow this branch all the way left, thus lowering it with Little's weight; when it's low enough, jump on it with Big Brother too, and then cross it back to the right with both Brothers.

The path to go right is blocked by another giant. You can move this one away by jumping on the arrow suspended behind him; in order to reach the arrow you'll need to jump off the rocks on its left.

After this, continue until the path will be blocked by more giants. At this point you want to jump up the rocks on the right side, and follow them to reach another arrow that you can push with both Brothers -- do so, and an "axe" will help you clear the path.

Once again, there will be only one way to go: follow it to reach the next giant blocking the way. Cross the gap to the left with a fallen tree. After crossing the gap there will be a fork: either left, up a hill to reach a giant crossbow, or to the right, towards a giant horn. Go right first, and have Big Brother blow in the horn to unlock:

Call of the Giants in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Sound the giant horn.
  • Unlocked by 12,923 tracked gamers (84% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 15,426

Then use both Brothers to charge a dart with the crossbow, and unleash it with the lever (located on the bottom side of the crossbow itself) with Big Brother, thus clearing the path once again. When it's all done, keep going on to eventually reach an area with a few hostile characters and a woman.

In order to free the woman you'll need to approach the group of enemies pretending to be the God they worship (which you can see carved and painted next to a couple of "fountains" South of where they are). First, "paint" the Brothers by letting them take a shower in the red fountains. Then press cn_LT in the middle of the fountains to make Big Brother get ready to take Little Brother on his shoulders, and finally press cn_RT to do so. Walk in this condition (both characters "painted", and Little Brother on Big Brother's shoulders) (you only need to keep cn_LT held down as you walk; cn_RT is not necessary) towards the group of enemies, and they'll let you reach the woman -- untie her (cn_RT), and make a run for the exit, following her to the right, past a door and to the next Chapter.

Chapter 6 - The Iceland


Jump on the boat and start sailing. Remember that to steer you need to move cn_LS and cn_RS in opposite directions; to move forward simply push both Sticks up.

Sail forward a bit; as soon as you see a red waterfall on your right, turn right and go past it (there's a passage on the left of the waterfall) to reach a hidden cave. A small scene will trigger here, and you will unlock:

Behind the Curtain in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Find the secret.
  • Unlocked by 12,436 tracked gamers (81% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 15,426

Back on the main path, sail down the river and pay attention to some whales: if you see or hear any of them, try to avoid them with the boat (stop it/change direction); should they hit you, it's game over right away. Keep sailing until the Brothers automatically stop doing so on a shore (you'll be able to get off the boat only after you're completely out of the water).

Follow the woman until you see a giant turtle. At this point you want to detour on the right side to reach an optional area where you will find three smaller turtles: one on the ground, another also on the ground (the second one will "land" here after a few instants), and a third one on a ledge that you can reach by boosting Little Brother up with Big Brother. Start by reaching the one on the ledge, and push it down with Little Brother. Then grab a turtle with each Brother, and carry them towards the slope further on the right -- let go of them at the top of the slope, so they can slide back to their mommy in the water. Do so also with the third and last turtle, and you will unlock:

Turtle Soup in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Turtle Soup165 (150)
Help the turtles to the sea.
  • Unlocked by 12,708 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.10) 15,426

Go back on track and follow the woman; climb up some rocks when necessary. After catching up with her again, she'll stand still next to a tree that you need to saw to create a bridge to cross a large gap. Go left to find the saw that you need stuck in another tree; saw this other tree to "free" and gain access to the saw itself.

Before proceeding to saw the tree to continue, continue further left, up the hill, and you'll find a bench. Sit on this bench with both characters to unlock the last achievement of the game:

Whale Song in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Whale Song56 (50)
Practise singing.
  • Unlocked by 12,487 tracked gamers (81% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 15,426

Congratulations on your 1000G!

The rest of the game is purely for the pleasure of it, since there aren't any more achievements to unlock in the last Chapters left.

Pick up the saw and carry it with both Brothers to the tree you have to cut down to continue; saw it down, and cross the gap.

After doing so, keep following the woman to reach an area full of snowmen. In order to continue you'll need to push a catapult, located on the right side of the area, forward. Once it's pushed, pull its lever with Big Brother, and "shoot" the woman and Little Brother past the walls of the fortress on the other side of a gap (you have to press cn_RT with Little Brother to "ride" the catapult; the woman will get on it on her own). Then use Little Brother to operate a crank; the woman will operate a second crank, thus lowering a bridge for Big Brother to reunite with them.

Proceed as it comes natural. The game will introduce an invisible yeti enemy of some sort, but at first you won't have to worry about him. After crossing a gap with Big Brother (to reach Little Brother again), let the woman open a door for you to continue. After going past the open door, the invisible yeti will show up (well, sort of) again -- take cover by hiding behind some snowmen (press cn_LT/cn_RT behind them), like the woman does, so he doesn't see you. Once the woman leaves her "cover" position, you know that the way is clear: follow her, and do the obvious actions to make your way through the ghost village and to the end of this Chapter.

Chapter 7 - Sorrow


Proceed through the tunnels opened by the woman to trigger a fight against a giant spider. First of all you'll need to break free of its net: swing left and right with both characters until the "ball" falls.

At this point the fight will go on, alternating two phases depending on whether or not the spider is attacking Big Brother. If that's the case (spider standing on Big Brother), control Little Brother, and "ram" with him into the spider's face. If you do this right, you'll knock down the spider; otherwise it will use its legs to push you back.

After knocking down the spider, Big Brother will be free to act, and the spider will also expose one of its legs: reach the only one that is "extended" (the others are all contracted towards the body), and pull it off with Big Brother. After doing so, the spider will get back on its [remaining] legs. Then it will jump on the ceiling, and it eventually jump back on Big Brother, thus restarting the cycle (after the first two legs you can actually ram the spider again as soon as it gets up, without waiting for it to reach the ceiling again). Beware that if the spider falls right on the head of Big Brother, he will instantly die, causing an obvious game over; avoid this by running in circles with him.

Keep repeating this process (ram, pull a leg, run around to avoid getting stomped) until you pull all the legs of the spider, thus ending the fight.

After some scenes you'll have to climb up a big tree; do so (there's really just one way to go), and follow the events to the end of this other Chapter.



Not much to do, aside from enjoying the last bits of this short but intense fairy tale. In case you don't know what to do to continue (to swim, pull a lever and climb up a tall rock), simply use cn_LT (to climb up the rock, hold it and then release it).

Thanks for reading!

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