Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hi and welcome to the Brothers - A Tales of Two Sons walkthrough. The 1000G in this game is very easy to accomplish. Even though none of the 12 achievements is story related, all of them can be obtained with just a few minutes of work by performing a specific action in a specific Chapter of the game. Moreover, none of them are missable thanks to the Chapter Select menu that allows you to replay any of the nine Chapters at any time after clearing them once. The game is also very short on its own, making its completion fast, other than easy.

The puzzles you need to solve to get through the game are also very easy and intuitive -- except for a few less-obvious situations; following a complete guide to clear this game will probably end up wasting you more time than it would take to simply progress on your own. Therefore my advice is to just read the following summary (in chronological order) about the achievements and, when you reach the specified area, use this summary to know which particular task you'll have to fulfill to unlock them. Alternatively, you can also skim through the Story Walkthrough page and focus your attention only where you read that an achievement is mentioned. Either way, beware that the game won't tell you when you start a new Chapter as you play (the only clue is a fade-off and fade-in black screen when a Chapter ends and another one starts); for this reason I've added a "Chapter picture" and an arbitrary "name" to each Chapter, which should help you recognize a new Chapter when you access it for the first time.

- Take a Break: before pulling the very first lever with Big Brother, detour down a path (towards the "bottom" of the screen) to reach a beach. When you're there, interact with some rocks.

Chapter 1 - The Village:
- Wishing Well: early on you'll come across a kid playing with a ball. Catch the ball with either Brother, and throw it in the well (there is one on the right, just before the kid with the ball, and another down the hill)
- Love Birds - Part 1/2: at one point you'll reach an area where you have to "use" a sheep to continue. Before crossing the bridge to reach the sheep, check near the fence on the right to find a bird cage with a bird in it. Interact with it with Little Brother to set the bird free. This two-part achievement can be obtained via Chapter Selection; see General hints and tips for more info.
- Black Sheep: when you have to use a sheep to continue (same area as the previous achievement), use Big Brother to "pick up" a sheep and take it with you to the optional area on the left (before crossing the bridge where the sheep is), which is an area with some black bunnies. Drop the sheep in the extinguished fire-camp to "paint it black" with the ashes.
- Bunny Buddies: precisely where the previous achievement takes place, you will also find a white bunny. Do the same to "paint" him black too; this time you'll have to pick him up with Little Brother though.

Chapter 2 - The Cave:
- No achievements.

Chapter 3 - The Woods:
- Falling Star: after going through the first section with a torch, immediately as you throw the torch away, detour on the right instead of going through the graveyard on the left. You'll find a statue; interact with it with Little Brother.

Chapter 4 - The Mountains:
- A Sad Tune: shortly after you start you will see a man trying to hang himself on a side path on the right. Help him out (pull him up with Big Brother and un-tie the rope with Little Brother) first; then follow the hidden path behind and to the right of the big tree (which he was using to hang himself) to find a music box; pick it up, and give it to the man
- Windpipe: after helping the "scientist" reach his final location, before using the hang-glider to continue, go up some stairs in the scientist's "house" to find a crank and some music machinery of some sort. Use Big Brother to push a pole next the machinery to move the "bell" in correspondence with the third (counting clockwise) couple of tone-holes, and then blow air in it with Little Brother (use the crank.)
- Love Birds - Part 2/2: in the same area as the previous achievement, but down some stairs (on your way to the hang-glider), you'll find a telescope. Interact with it and search the bottom-right area to find a colorful bird on a tree branch, among some red roses. Zoom in with LS_Up; if you set the bird free earlier in Chapter 1, a second bird will appear along with the achievement notification (in case you missed the bird in Chapter 1, you can obtain this achievement quickly via Chapter Selection. See General hints and tips for more info.)

Chapter 5 - The Land of the Giants:
- Call of the Giants: at one point you have to use a crossbow up a hill to clear the path to continue. Detour towards a side path on the right of the path that leads up the hill with the crossbow, and you'll find a giant horn; blow in it with Big Brother.

Chapter 6 - The Iceland:
- Behind the Curtain: at the beginning you will sail a boat on a river. Detour towards and behind the "red" waterfall on the right at the very beginning.
- Turtle Soup: as you progress (after the boat section) you will see a big turtle on your way. Detour up the path on the right to find three smaller turtles, and push them all down in the water (one is up a rock and can be reached by Little Brother; the other two can be picked up and thrown in the water from the ground level.)
- Whale Song: at one point you'll have to get a tree-cutting saw. When you find it, detour up the hill nearby (on the left) and sit on the bench with both Brothers

Chapter 7 - Sorrow:
- No achievements.

- No achievements.

In case you get stuck with the game at any point, or for any other reason you want a more complete guide, please check the Story Walkthrough page, where the progression and puzzles-solving will be detailed step by step (there won't be spoilers, don't worry).

Prefer a video? Head over to the Video Walkthrough page.

This walkthrough is a direct port from the Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons (Xbox 360) Walkthrough. Credit to Starlight126 for providing the full text walkthrough.

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