Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (JP) Achievements

Full list of all 43 Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (JP) achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Basic Training

    Unlocked when you issue Fall-in, Move, and Attack orders for the first time

  • Assault!

    Unlocked when you've ordered any of your fireteams to assault the enemy 5 times

  • Suppressive Fire

    Unlocked when you've maxed the suppression icon of an enemy for the first time

  • The Four F's

    Unlocked when your squad has found, fixed, flanked, and finished 10 fireteams

  • Squad Kills

    Unlocked when your squad has killed 20 germans

  • Bunker Buster

    Unlocked when you order your bazooka team to destroy sandbags

  • Enemy Arms

    Unlocked when the player picks up and fires the German MG42

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  • Tons of Fun

    Unlocked when the player kills 5 enemies by hitting them with the tank

  • Anti-Tank

    Unlocked when you destroy an enemy tank

  • Dig In!

    Unlocked when you kill 25 enemies while dug in