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    Brutal Legend Review
    Forward Notes:

    I rented this game amongst all the hype, and ended up keeping it for two weeks. I played the game considerably, and at this moment in time it is one of my “best games” on TA. Therefore I feel I have a relatively strong understanding of the game – that doesn’t translate to me being that good at the game however smile

    Single Player:

    It’s best to start out with an explanation of this game’s storylilne. It is incredibly strong and is one of the focal points of this game, and therefore deserves significant attention. You’re a roadie (a person that does the behind the scenes works for music gigs), and you’re quickly shown to be in a time of tweenie boppers and pop music, devoid of the days of rock. Through a freak accident you are transferred to a different age, a different world even, where war is ravaging the country (or world, it’s never really truly that clear). When you quickly befriend some local humans you realize that the place is full of monsters, demons, and uncertainty. With your allies you mount an uprising, using rock and roll as a weapon to energize the masses, and take on the evil leader.

    Now of course there is more to the game than that, but I wont do you the injustice of ruining the game’s storyline in totality for you. It can get a little confusing, but overall it is a focal point of the game, and extremely strong. The world is relatively open-ended, allowing you to choose to follow the main mission of the game (a total of about five hours or so) or participate in some of the side missions (a total around seventy of them or so). Doing these side missions are actually relevant – netting you points which you can spend with the legend of rock himself, Ozzie. You can use choose to use these upgrades on your character himself, an axe wielding fighter for rock, or on your vehicle, a dragster of destruction. There are other things to purchase as well, certain unlockables, but those are less relevant.

    Your character clearly took a lot of time to develop. He is voiced by Jack Black, and the game make an effort to make sure you realize this. He looks relatively similar to him in real life (though adding a much more muscular physique) and they give him quite a few lines to say. They don’t half do this – they incorporate Jack deeply into the game, and with his death bringing axe, you get to have quite a lot of fun doing damage with him.

    Now although the first part of the game makes use mostly of your personal axe-wielding skills, slaying monsters, and using your car to run over bad guys, the game becomes much more deep later on, which actually turned quite a few people off – but also got the attention of quite a few others. The game adds an RTS element to it – you have Stage Battles in which you build up your base, mining resources (which in this case is obtaining fans), and purchasing units in an attempt to destroy the opponent’s base, which is a stage. You can use your character, Jack, to help fight, but it’s impossible to ever win solely by yourself. The game has around four of these stage battles scattered through it, and it’s pretty difficult to get used to initially. I myself, am an avid Starcraft player, a relatively well known RTS, yet I still had to retry a couple of the stage battles. However, I got to watch some cool death scenes that other people might not ever see, which made it somewhat worth it.

    The controls are relatively complex but make logical sense. When in a stage battle you have to use the D-Pad to choose what troops you want, and the bumpers to send units to certain areas. Your character is also equipped with special “song” abilities – such as Face Melter – which if used around enemies, literally melts their faces off. Successful use of these abilities is crucial to winning stage matches, as well as progressing through the regular gameplay. Each one has a recharge time and some require prerequisites and to be unlocked accordingly.

    The world is open-ended, as I said before, and is divided into basically five main areas. The quickest way to get around is in your dragster which you unlock almost immediately after the beginning of the game. You can call it in at any time by playing a rock tune (Similar to the songs in Zelda: Ocarina of Time), which makes transportation around the world relatively easy. You can always bring up a mini-map with your pause button, and set yourself a marker, which will cause a burst of light to emanate from the sky on the place you want to go. I thought this could have been improved a little more by allowing you to place your market wherever you wanted – the game only allows you to place it on top of things it deems important (Main quest and side quest missions starts). This makes it much harder to do the extra parts of the game that I’ll get to later.

    Now that you understand a bit, let me get into some more nitty-gritty. Although the main storyline was very innovative and fun, it was a bit predictable at times, while other times it was very confusing. There are a lot of plot twists that, I f you’re not paying attention to, you may get lost on the subtleties of. There is also a large unlockable back story that is only told to you if you find all the secret areas of the game. Only after hearing the final one, which I did way after I completed the main storyline, did I truly understand what was going on. Now to some people that might be nice – not being bombarded with tons of information and backstory, and having some metagaming to do – while to others it may appear as annoying and upsetting, since less than half the people will bother finding all the information. It’s a personal opinion.

    My other main gripe was some of the RTS elements being unleashed so late into the game. Not an hour, not two hours, but almost three hours into the game is the first time you’re really introduced to the element, and to me this was way too late to be doing a tutorial. I had already become comfortable with the game’s atmosphere and gameplay and almost felt like I was being thrown into a pool without being able to swim. Although I got the hang of it, I was genuinely disappointed about this quick turn of events. Now of course there are going to be those of you who love RTS elements and those that don’t – and I take neither side. As someone that has liked RTS in the past (Starcraft) and hated it (Tom Clancy type games), I can see both sides of the argument. Therefore I will not be giving a score that relates whatsoever to there being RTS elements inside this game, and I hope you don’t grade my review on how it might appear I feel.
    The side missions can become a bit redundant, but in redundancy comes understanding and skill.

    There seemed to be three main types – racing (against the same opponent), defending an area on foot, or defending an area with your car. Although all of them were relatively fun the first three times each, I ended up just going “okay, here we go again” towards the end. There is another side mission – hunting missions – which require you to kill X amount of X animal in an unlimited amount of time. This one is nice in that they put no time limit on it, and you’re free to do main mission or other side missions while you are working on this, which makes it much less tedious. Sadly, you must realize where to start the mission, and if you don’t talk to the guy until towards the end of the game, it might feel like more of a chore. So it goes.

    You can always go and have a stage battle against the computer as well in a free play stage battle mode if you find the desire to practice. You can put the computer on whatever difficulty you want. I’ll get more into this in the multiplayer section.

    In the end I thought the storyline was strong, character development was great, and the on-foot fighting system was fun. I refuse to comment on whether I liked the RTS elements since I’m torn. It can be a little confusing, but an overall fun game, and humorous to say the least.

    Single Player Score: 9/10

    The game has a solid online multiplayer system, in that you are competing in stage battles. After completing the game you’ll realize that there are three “races”, similar to a lot of RTS style games, each with their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose whatever one you want to be and take on a friend in a custom match or join a ranked game. The game is still relatively new and popular, which means a thriving online community. There are a substantial amount of multiplayer achievements related to the game, and quite a few achievements that almost require you to “set up the scenario” with a friend, which means a deep need for a boosting partner.

    I’m not without complaints however. Quite a few times I was kicked out of the game due to network issues, and my friends report a lot of the same things. At times I would wait upwards of five minutes to find someone in searches, even though I was well aware that a couple of my friends were searching as well.
    The game has a couple of multiplayer maps to choose from, and they are all slightly different in the amount of resources you can gather / length of the map / width of the map, etc. If you have more than one friend you can play with multiple online as well. A solid multiplayer experience except for the lag/connection issues that you might encounter.

    Multiplayer Score: 8/10


    The sound in this game is quite easily the highlight. While curising around in your car in this relatively large open world, you’ll be able to put on the tunes of rock greats. My favorite was Mr. Crowley by the great Ozzie, but there are around twenty or so to choose from. You can choose what song you want to listen to by hitting the D-Pad while driving, and if you never touch it you will just go in sequence every time you get in and out of the car. In all honesty, it was this very reason, the music that played, that encouraged me to do the metagame of Brutal Legend, and I’ve talked to a few other people who had the same rationale. The music is brilliant, and a focal point of the game. They did not skimp out, and the cutscenes are good at incorporating them too.

    The graphics are solid – not revolutionary, but in the top tier nonetheless. The cutscenes are extremely well done and relatively long, and considering there is one before each of the side-missions that means that they programmed around a hundred cutscenes. That being said, you’ll see a couple repeats during the side-missions that might get a little repetitive. Even with that though, the physics engine and graphics are indeed, very solid, and at the top of the 360’s game.
    They just released relatively new DLC for this game that increases not only the amount of achievements, but also hands out quite a few new maps and weapons/abilities. Although it does come with a price tag, if you’re heavily into the RTS battle multiplayer style, and aren’t experiencing the lag/connection issues I previously commented on, it might be worth your Microsoft points.

    The intangibles of this game helped cement the game in my mind as something they spent a lot of time on. There are subtitltes that are very easy to activate, and a difficulty selection before you start the storyline of the game. When you finish the main storyline you are allowed to explore the world as you see fit, and all the side missions are available to you. They throw collectibles into the game, but they have a direct impact on the game’s upgrade system, which doesn’t make them useless and tedious like the Assassins’ Creed flags might have been viewed as. The game doesn’t force you to do any particular task in much of any order at all, which really lends well to the free play atmosphere, while not allowing you to accidently fight a boss you aren’t ready for yet. A solid experience overall.

    The ability to play the computer in mock stage battles only increases the value of the game. It means that even once the online community does go dead, if it does, you still have the potential to challenge yourself. Being able to put it on a difficulty that matches your mood and personal skill only highlights this feature. There is also much credit needed for any game that uses RTS features in finding a balance between races and units – not making one overpowered or underpowered. Although I by no means consider myself a master of any of the races, I could see the potential advantages and disadvantages of each, and could act approrpriately.

    Graphics/DLC/Sound/Intangibles Score – 10/10


    I applaud this game’s achievements to an extent. They do well in putting an achievement in for each part of the storyline you complete, and one for completing the game on the difficulty you select (plus stacking), which means you can finish the game with around 375 points or so, doing nothing extra but playing the main storyline. Then the game throws in achievements for completing all of the side missions, hunter missions, and finding all the collectibles in the game, which total a significant amount.

    Then you’ll see your generic online achievements – X amount of online games. And lastly you’ll see your kill X units in X ways. Now while some of these are very easy (killing guys with your axe or roadster), others are virtually impossible in game. Sure, you COULD encircle all those guys with the fire barons double team in the game, but you’d have to have the foresight for that exact moment in time, and a bit of luck. This means that you’ll most likely have to get these achievements with a boosting partner online, with one of the players setting up the scenario.

    Although it’s nice that they allow you to get these certain achievements online, it also makes me feel that they realized how unlikely you would be to get these achievements in main storyline play. I don’t get any extra joy from boosting a game, or having to set up a boosting session, and that detracted from the experience a bit. However, overall excellent achievements in encouraging you to explore every facet of the game.

    Achievements Score: 9/10

    Total Score: 36/40 = 9/10 = 4.5/5

    Final Thoughts:

    Please remember that my score was intended to not comment on the RTS elements of the game at all – I neither loved it nor hated it, due to my personal preference, so please don’t read my review trying to find my “subtle clues” on how exactly I felt. The game is incredibly strong in DLC, Achievements, Sound, and Graphics, as well as the Intangibles, which, when included with a strong storyline, makes this game a must play if you don’t mind those RTS elements I constantly mention.

    If you disagree with my opinion, or feel I misrepresented something, I ask of you to please leave a comment instead of negative feedback. I’m interested in improving my reviews at all time, and I take a significant amount of time on each one. If you feel I didn’t improve it within a day, then your negative feedback is deserved.
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    COSMIC SAMURAInice review, i liked how you hit all the good things about the game and how you just squeezed the DLC part right into the review, +1 Thumps up
    Posted by COSMIC SAMURAI on 21 Jun 10 at 20:22
    Selkirk16Nice one. Finally going to start this game soon before Viral Month is over!
    Posted by Selkirk16 on 24 Feb 11 at 04:02
    HelixNebula xGreat Review, just thought I'd point out though, where you said about the music the game actually had 120 or so songs rather than just 20, but other than that a solid review, +1 thumbs up!
    Posted by HelixNebula x on 22 Feb 13 at 22:12
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    Brutal Legend has a very good story. Not a great story, but definitely above average. It keeps your attention, and is really interesting in how it incorporates all the rock things from the future in the game. It can get a little predictable at times, but that’s okay, because it is funny and usually keeps you laughing. The only down side is the main story is really short. Also there is not much variety in the side missions. There or only about 5 types of secondary missions.

    There are three aspects of this game. First is the normal combat. Second is the Driving. And Third is the stage battles.

    Fighting is broken up into the basic range attack and melee attack. Your range(X button) is a magic lightning bolt from the sky, sent from your guitar, and your melee is just your ax(real ax, not a guitar) by using the A button. These two moves can be combined to do combos. A unique part of this game are the solo’s. You hold right trigger and a fret board shows up at the top with a line of buttons(A, Y, or X) you press the button as the line goes across that button and you perform special moves. You can also upgrade you ax or guitar, buy new combos, and also buy new solos.

    The driving is used a lot. It is easier to get from place to place while driving. You can upgrade your car(called deuce) with weapons, speed, and boost. The driving at times can be a bit wonky. Sometimes you will be driving hit a bump and it will send you flying in a different direction. Other times nothing will happen. The handling in the car is OK. It is somewhat difficult to get turned around though.

    Stage battles can be annoying(especially the last stage battle) and very fun at the same time. A stage battle is where the action of the game is combined with an RTS type of element. You take over geysers that contain fans. You use fans to “recruit” new allies and use them to attack enemy geysers or attack the enemies base(usually another stage). You have a Population cap of 40 and each “recruit” costs fans.

    The graphics are above average and the design is quite good for the game.

    The Sound and Music is where this game shines. The dialogue is hilariously written, and well executed. The music is fantastic. This is one of the very few games that I listen to the games music and don’t listen to my own music. It is focused on metal and rock songs, so if you are a fan of those genres then you will not be disappointed. If you were expecting country or rap, then you really need to hope they make a country or rap game like this game, because this game is awesome.

    If it’s awesomeness and hilarity per dollar then this game has a high value. Unfortunately if it is time spent playing game per dollar then it is only moderate. The campaign is fairly short, and the online is nothing spectacular. It is okay, but stage battles can get boring after a while.

    This game is an easy 200-300 points. The rest can get tedious and boring, but are not difficult. The achievements have a wide variety, unfortunately most of the variety are the bad kinds of achievements. It has a lot of collectable achievement(including the secondary missions as collectible). It also has a lot of online achievements. The good thing is the difficulties are stackable and you can play on the hardest difficulty right away.

    Leave a comment if you like or dislike and why. Or if anything need to be changed.
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    This review is based on a rounded playthrough as well as completionist standpoint. This review is also lengthy so as to go to great detail.


    Eddie Riggs is the world's greatest roadie. He can fix anything, build anything and put on the greatest rock shows and stages. During an accident on stage during a set for the band Kabbage Boy part of the stage falls on Eddie causing extensive injury. His blood flows into his belt buckle which is actually an artefact from an ancient realm of heavy metal, which awakens the great fire beast Ormagoden. Ormagoden transports Eddie to the world of metal and during his stay he endeavours to form an army to combat the evil demonic forces of Emperor Doviculus and free humanity from oppression.


    To help you onward to heavy metal glory you get an arsenal of cool and spectacular moves. First off you'll have the ancient axe known as 'The Seperator' which is your basic melee weapon which can later on be upgraded, and given new moves. Secondly you have Clementine, Eddie's reliable electric guitar which is amplified by the world around him with deadly results. Using various notes and chords Eddie can electrocute and burn his enemies, use power chords which shake the earth around him and send his enemies flying. Arguably the best part of Clementine's abilities is the solo's which you'll unlock during the game. These solo's do a variety of tasks such as rallying your army, raising relics buried in the earth, summon a flaming zeppelin from the sky and the ever so awesome/cruel facemelter.

    You also get a cool ride to get you around the vast open world and plough through the enemies on the way, aptly named the Druid Plough or for short the Deuce. Over time you will be able to upgrade it with new paint jobs, armour, extra nitro tanks and even machine guns, rocket launchers and land mines.
    Finally comes the RTS gameplay where you and an opposing player (or bot if you so choose) will compete to destroy each other's stage. You use fans as a resource using fan gisers which you claim using the fan tribute guitar solo. Then you can create a variety of units and upgrades so that you can create a better army than your opponent and use it to crush their stage.


    I've never played a Tim Schafer game before but I have heard lots of praise from his works (such as Grim Fandango, Psychonaughts etc) and I must say that this game has been one of the most enjoyable from this year. This may be due to the fact that I love heavy metal music and ideology but even from things I've heard from friends who lets say couldn't tell the difference between Black Metal and Nu metal have all agreed that it's a great blend of fun gameplay, brilliant ideas, varied tasks, awesome music and good storytelling. Whilst some of the gameplay may be a little repetitive I still found the combat very fun. It's always satisfying when you use the facemelter solo on nearby enemies and watch their jaws fall off into little blobs of gooey flesh, or using the axe/pyro combo to watch the targeted enemy burn to cinders amongst a spire of fire.

    The side missions are varied and challenging, but seeing as I played Brutal difficulty straight away the experience will probably be somewhat easier depending on what difficulty is chosen, but on the other hand when you've done the 20th Ironheade sneak attack mission you do get a little tired of it. The map is very extensive and filled with goodies, and if you look hard enough you'll find a lot of collectibles and cool unlockables.

    I have heard a lot of complaint about the stage battles over a lot of discussion with other players and it does have certain flaws. Some units are extremely overpowered, whilst others can be produced so quickly and in bulk that you can easily use rush tactics whilst the other team is still preparing. Though from my own experience I have done farily well with my multiplayer games I found that Ironheade is probably the most favoured faction, but despite these problems the multiplayer is a fresh new perspective at the RTS genre and is quirky/fun enough to keep you playing when you get the hand of it.


    This game is simply beautiful from the landscape to the character animation, to the colour palette to everything else visual. One minute you're on in a temple on massive corpse pile of old bones and skulls, then racing across a collapsing bridge with a dark night sky filled with lightning and clouds, then you're on a wide expansive meadow of grass with giant swords, engines and bones sticking out of the landscape. You'll also find a lot of varied environments, from gloomy/dark forests, to icy snow covered mountains, to dreary gothic graveyards, to sandy and barren wastelands.

    The characters adopt a somewhat cartoonish look, and one of the pettiest criticisms I've heard about the game is "The graphics are terrible! The characters look like they're from a comic!". The art style is actually top notch and the characters expressions, animations, lip synchs and movements are all very fluid and life like. The voice acting is also excellent, with a cast consisting of Jack Black, Lemmy Kilmister, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, Lita Ford and Tim Curry, and all the characters have emotion and depth to their voice work.

    The Soundtrack is simply amazing as it is so varied and interestingly assorted, even when it fits into the story and cuts cenes you always have the right song for the right moment. For example during a bridge collapse sequence you can heard Motorhead's Back at the Funny Farm which helps to give you a great adrenaline rush whilst playing, you have Dragonforce's Through the Fire and the Flames during an epic escape/bombardment scene, and an amazing coupling of The Scorpions' Holiday and Mirrorthrone's So Frail to create a calm nostalgic opening, to an all out rage and fury transition.


    There's a nice balance with these achievements, you have 3 campaign completion oriented achievements, 9 story progression achievements, 9 collectable achievements, a 100% completion achievement, 3 multiplayer victory achievements, some side mission achievements and a few challenge achievements. Some are quite easy, some can be challenging but manageable. There are one or two grinding achievements which only completionists will probably bother with, a few boostable multiplayer achievements and the rest is up to your own desire for achievement.

    I think you could easily get a fair share of points during a few days of casual play, if you for example played a few multiplayer matches, played normal mode on the campaign and did a few side missions you could easily get about 400 GS. I managed to get about 800 on two days of playing and whilst writing this guide I only need 1 last achievement which I'll get to when my xbox has had a cool down. So all in all not too tricky but requires a bit of effort and time.


    Brutal Legend is my opinion a masterpiece although a short one at that. If you love heavy metal, you'll love it. If you love Tim Schafer you'll love it. If you like a varied assortment of game modes and types you'll have fun. The story whilst not exactly the best story of a video game ever is interesting, well paced and clever. The characters are emotional and relatable. The environment is well made and beautiful to look at.

    This game in my opinion is one of the best I've ever played not because it masters a certain aspect of gaming like its control system, graphics or combat efficiency, but because it's so well put together and accessible that most people will love it unless of course you despise heavy metal.
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    Brutal Legend might be one of the best games I have ever played. The visuals are beautiful, the sound is awesome, and the gameplay is fun and addicting.

    Lets break this game down:

    The story in the game is short but incredible. It features lovable characters and unexpected plot twists.

    The story follows Eddie Riggs(voiced by Jack Black) a roadie who gets sent back in time to a heavy metal themed fantasy world. You will meet lots of characters on your adventure who will help you defeat Doviculus, the Emperor of the Demons.

    This isnt your typical kind of game. Brutal Legend combines many different genres and fits them together almost perfectly. There are elements from the RTS, Hack and Slash, Driving, and Adventure genres. Its an RTS in the way that for Stage Battles you need to spawn troops, capture objectives, and destroy the enemy base. Its a Hack and Slash in the way that while commanding your army, you can join in and slice things with your axe. There is a car that Eddie makes called the "Druid Plow" or the "Duece". This is where the driving element comes from. And the game all takes place in an open world environment, which is where the adventure part comes from.

    While playing single player you will do missions. These missions include escort missions, boss battles, stage battles and a few more,

    Stage battles are the main part of the game. The objective of a stage battle is to spawn troops and capture the Fan Geysers in order to gain enough fans to spawn more troops. Then you go to destroy the objective. Some missions it will be an actual stage. Some others it will be a wall or structure. They are fairly simple, however they get pretty difficult later in the game.

    Escort missions are where you follow the tour bus and protect it from attackers while it heads to its destination. The first escort mission is actually the hardest. After that, the escort missions arent very difficult.

    This game is very beautiful to look at(and I dont just mean Ophelia). The overall art style of this game is reminiscent of Psychonauts, except upgraded. The character design is brilliant. The world is very detailed and extremely cool to look at. With guitar statues, trees with eyes, and loads of other landmarks.

    The character voices are brilliant. With voices done by famous rock legends Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, Lemmy, and more, the voices will keep you entertained. Not to mention Eddie is voiced by Jack Black. Jack also won the award for best character voice at the 2009 VGAs.

    The soundtrack is THE BEST soundtrack ever featured in a video game. It is loaded with pretty much every kind of metal you could think of. From hair metal to doom metal, its got it all.

    Multiplayer: 8/10
    In multiplayer you play stage battles with up to 4 people on each team. These can be very fun if you are winning, but quite frustrating if you are losing. The online community isnt very active for this game anymore, and if you do manage to find a game with someone they usually quit out or are extremely good at the game. Another thing is that this game takes A LONG time to find any matches. You can play as any of the 3 factions of the story. A little warning though, I wouldnt play the multiplayer before you finish the game. One of the factions contains some spoilers of the story if you havent gotten very far.

    Achievements: 7/10
    The achievements in this game are heavily based on collectables. You will most likely be needing a guide next to you while doing these achievements. The other achievements are mostly story related and multiplayer. There are a few random ones as well.

    Gameplay: 9/10
    Graphics/Visuals: 10/10
    Sound: 10/10
    Multiplayer: 8/10
    Achievements: 7/10
    Overall: 44/50

    Final Thoughts:
    This game is an awesome game. You can find it new for about 20 bucks CDN. If you havent already, go ahead and do yourself a favour and buy this game.
  • Madknight 64Madknight 64477,840
    11 Sep 2018 12 Sep 2018
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    Brutal Legend is basically "Metal: The Video Game featuring Jack Black". The game is a fun romp through and open world where everything has been influenced by the musical genre of Metal. Brutal Legend has a couple of different game play styles and can be quite difficult at times. Mostly if you play this game, enjoy some pretty awesome environments and enjoy an awesome Metal soundtrack.

    You play as Eddie, the Jack Black look alike roadie who works his way through a world straight out of a Metal album cover. The story revolves around trying to free humanity from the tyranny of demons while your character is helping from the back ground doing what he knows best, helping out to make an awesome show. The voice acting and characters in this game are all great, and some of the jokes that are made are pretty good. The big thing about this game is not to take it too seriously, you're just having in fun in a place built around Metal.

    Game Play
    There are a two styles of game play that happen during Brutal Legend, open world exploration/combat and RTS style events. During the open world sections, you'll just drive around, do side quests and do standard fighting combat that goes with action games. Though you can play some guitar solos that can make the fighting more eventful such as the face melter, which literally melts the faces of your opponents. There are tons of things to find and collect, and the more you do, the stronger your character gets, but a lot of it is optional. So don't feel like you are forced to do everything in order to proceed.

    The RTS style events can be some of the more frustrating/difficult parts of the game. During these events/missions you will be building units, collection resources, and aiding your units in combat to achieve victory. With an Xbox controller, this can be quite difficult (as RTS's can be on consoles). At times it will feel like you have achieved victory, but then the computer will just spawn units that you aren't prepared for, and that the computer shouldn't have the resources for based off of the field of the game. This can be the biggest issue, because it feels like the computer is cheating, or throwing unnecessarily obstacles at you. It may take a time or two to get through it, just remember to take it slow and you should be able to get through them eventually.

    Last Thoughts
    If you are fan of the Metal musical genre, ridiculous stories, or Jack Black's comedic style, this is definitely a game for you. It has a lot to offer, and there are lots of creative things in the game, from the environments to the creatures themselves. This game know's it's out there, and creates a really fun environment to play in. This game at times can feel like it's just a long musical video for some of the music in it (and has some pretty unique cameos).

    This review is my own opinion of the game and mine alone, and doesn't reflect the opinions of my employer.
  • EvieLeafEvieLeaf1,659,806
    21 Nov 2021
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    A new old review for Brütal Legend

    Brütal Legend released way back in 2009 I didn't start it until a friend gifted it to me, as a massive metal fan and a lover of open world games I couldn't say why I didn't pick this up sooner. I started this back in 2011 and I thoroughly enjoyed it then and revisiting it now in 2021 for the TA playlist I enjoyed it just as much.

    Since 2011 I've played more of Double Fine's offerings and they keep producing excellent games so I was excited to revisit my first foray into Tim Schafer's mad creations. The story sets you free in this wild metal land and you're tasked with saving it. You'll find yourself in love with the environment and the characters and you'll do whatever you can to save them.

    Each new area unlocked, you'll meet quirky enemies with original themed attacks. All factions will have their own theme and everything with each faction is so well thoughtout for each genre of metal they're mimicking, including their soundtracks. Not only are the enemies themed but as are the environments and the various animals roaming around everywhere. The team that developed these environments poured love and care into all corners of these maps. If you're anything like me and grew up gazing in wonder at your parents/siblings metal LP's(Iron Maiden was my favourite) you'll appreciate many of the fantastic landmarks dotted around. Everything is worth exploring because there are hidden gems everywhere.

    The voice acting is impeccable throughout the game and there's a lot of familiar voices that make the experience so much richer. I didn't remember the characters too well after 10 years so it was joy to come back to this weird and wonderful cast. Obviously you play as basically Jack Black and he fills this role perfectly, I can't really imagine anyone else doing this role. Tim Curry filling the role of the big bad is fantastic from start to finish, he does the wild bad guy so well. I can't quite ever forget his performance in C&C Red Alert 3("Space") and I always appreciate his appearance in games. Then to have some of gods of metal in the actual game was brilliant, Ozzy telling me to go f**king crazy will frankly never get old, whether it's in Brütal Legend or at a concert.

    Now we can hardly mention Ozzy without going over just how brilliant the soundtrack is to this game. I will say that about 85% of the time I spend listening to music is metal so I'm going to be unapologetically biased. We have classics from Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Motörhead to modern stompers from Rob Zombie, Mastodon and Cradle of Filth. I use the term modern loosely as Superbeast released in 1998. This offers the perfect soundtrack while you're free roaming and the soundtrack is used brilliantly during the story's missions and fights.

    Gameplay is the one area this game falls down for me. The exploring and the combat as you're walking around is great albeit a little clunky at times. The car can be a little tricky to handle from time to time. Now the RTS battles are something else, there is a fun element to these but the tricky controls and difficulty you'll have controlling your troops easily really hinders the experience. The biggest battles of the game are done with the RTS fights and they often feel unnecessarily hard because of these issues. Once you have some tactics under your belt you'll get on ok, but having this RTS element in an open world hack and slash feels jarring and if there is one thing I would change about this game, it would be that. This ultimately pushed me away from ever really playing the multiplayer because it's the least enjoyable aspect of this game.

    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Brütal Legend, revisiting all these years later was still rewarding and the game still holds up fairly well. Brütal Legend gets 4 stars from me, if the RTS was different or wasn't there altogether then this would easily have been a 5 star game. Anyone who enjoys open world games and metal should definitely give this chance!

    I know there's been no mention of a sequel but Psychonauts got one, a fantastic one I might add. So why not Brütal Legend? I'd certainly love to see one.
  • RedDeulistRedDeulist55,950
    09 Oct 2020
    1 1 1
    Check out the whole article over at:

    Brütal Legend is an action-adventure game brought out in 2009 by Double Fine Productions.
    The game is available via gamepass on the Xbox One but was originally released to the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the game is available on Steam for PC and Mac.
    Double Fine Productions, Inc. is an American first-party video game developer of Xbox Game Studios based in San Francisco, California. Founded in July 2000 by Tim Schafer shortly after his departure from LucasArts, Double Fine's first two games – Psychonauts and Brütal Legend – underperformed publishers' expectations despite critical praise.

    The vivid and wildly creative world of Brütal Legend is brought to life through a spate of chrome, leather, rocker babes, epic music, fire-breathing/stud-wearing beasts, mountains made of guitar amps, and more. Follow Eddie as he embarks on a tour of epic destruction with an axe, a guitar, and his minions as he commands the power of rock in epic band battles. It’s lighter-flicking awesomeness that will melt your face clean off.

    Brütal Legend’s combat is a combination of classic action slasher and real-time strategy mechanics. Melee and ranged combat come from your double-sided broadaxe and demon-slaying, pyrotechnic-creating guitar. Add that 1-2 punch to a guitar solo mechanic that can summon objects, buff your teammates, or cripple your opponents, and you have a deep, gratifying core gameplay combat loop that is fun for the hardcore and accessible for the casual. On top of that, players will journey from Roadie to Rock God by commanding legions of metalheads into Brütal Victory and sending troops charging into battle.
    Brütal Legend gives you the freedom to walk, drive, or fly anywhere in a fully streaming open world whose art style is inspired by some of the most iconic and hilariously rad metal albums covers ever created. Every vista in the beautiful universe of Brütal Legend looks like it was pulled from a Frank Frazetta painting.

    Brütal Legend is full of cameos from gods of metal like Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, Lita Ford, and many, many others. It has a MASSIVE metal soundtrack from every era of metal music: 1970’s classic metal to 1980’s hair metal to the scarier cousins of 1990’s metal. And of course, Jack Black pays the ultimate homage to metal as Eddie the Roadie, continuing the theme from the work of his band, Tenacious D, and his previous films like School of Rock and High Fidelity.

    For accessibility settings, there is not a lot possible on the console version, for the Steam version there might be some more settings available.
    It is possible to increase or decrease the camera speed, which could help a bit to fight dizziness.
    You won’t need a colorblind option in this black metal world covered in white bones to rock on!

    To watch the trailer check the video below
  • LessrOf2WeevilsLessrOf2Weevils87,138
    17 Oct 2010
    4 6 0
    After the brilliant Psychonauts, I had very high hopes for Tim Schafer's next outing, the recently released Brütal Legend. It's not like it's a bad game (I played the whole thing through, afterall, and plan on trying to complete it on the brutal difficulty setting), but after everything that was in Psychonauts, this one felt a little shallow.

    You can still see it's a Schafer game. It's got his humour and quirky characters all over it. It also does the same thing as Psychonauts by disguising itself as one thing but delivering something else - I'm not sure how clever that is from the marketing perspective. Psychonauts appears a generic platformer that was actually a witting and engaging game. Brütal Legend disguises itself as a fairly mindless hack-and-slash that suddenly morphs itself into a real-time strategy game.

    It's going to be interesting how this gets received. Fans attracted to a heavy metal themed hack-and-slash staring Jack Black may react rather negatively when they find themselves having to construct and organize siege weapons to attack the enemy stronghold. By the same token, RTS fans will likely be put off by the games shallow exterior, and depth of the RTS mode certainly doesn't compare to the more popular games out there in the genre anyway. There is a multiplayer mode that is just one-on-one RTS battles. I really can't see who will be playing this on-line a few months from now ... hard core Jack Black fans?

    For myself, I'm not a hard core RTSer (the last RTS I played right through was StarCraft years ago) but I did enjoy the battles in this game. I certainly enjoyed it more than grinding through the repetitive side missions this game provides. That said, I know there isn't enough there to keep me interested for too long.

    But perhaps I'm getting too down on it. It's fun, funny, and original - more than can be said for most games. The characters are well voiced and animated - even Ozzy Osborne as the "Guardian of Metal" whom you get to buy your upgrades from. The heavy metal themed world and creature design are certainly inspired, and there is enough depth in the RTS battles to keep me engaged without being overwhelmed. Overall, a fun time.

    Story: 4
    Interface: 3
    Game Play: 3
    Challenge: 4
    Fun: 4

    Overall: 8.0/10
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