1. Buku Sudoku Walkthrough overview

Buku Sudoku is an extremely easy 200 gamerscore. There are in-game "cheats" that help you pretty much the entire way, and no achievement is difficult thanks to these in-game helpers. you will be doing the following:

  • 1 achievement for completing the games tutorial
  • 2 achievements for completing timed games
  • 3 achievements for completing multiplayer games
  • 2 achievements for reaching a cumulative score
  • 4 achievements for completing normal games

You will need a boosting partner for this game as the online servers are a ghost town. With a boosting partner, the multiplayer portion goes extremely fast. The only achievements that take any time are the one for completing 200 puzzles and the two score based achievements, but they are both cumulative across every game you play in all modes combined, so they are not as difficult as they may sound. Enjoy!!

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