2. Buku Sudoku General hints and tips

There are 2 in-game "cheats" that do not void achievements you can use. If you go to the help and options menu, you will see a category called "Helpers". Here, you will be able to turn on "Autopencil" and "Show Errors". If you turn on Autopencil, the game will highlight all possible numbers in an empty square while greying out all numbers that are mathematically eliminated. This eliminates the need to do any math yourself and speeds the game up quite a bit. If you turn on Show Errors to its max, the game will play a chime when you get a number right and a buzz when you select one wrong. This means you can guess all you want and still finish every puzzle no problem. You can change your entry as many times as you want to get the correct number and then move on.

Also, if you REALY want to cheat, you can look up the many online Sudoku solvers that are all over the internet. One such page is:


With these, all you have to do is type in the given numbers and have the website solve the grid for you. Either way you do it, this game is super easy to 100%, and the only thing that will take any time is the 200 games played. Enjoy!

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