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Posted on 08 October 17 at 10:45, Edited on 08 October 17 at 10:46
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Bulb Boy Review
Developer: Bulbware
Publisher: Bulbware
Release Date: 6th October 2017
Price: £7.19

I love a good horror game. Whether that be all out scares, disturbing imagery or on a psychological level. If executed correctly, then you end up with a game that will be talked about by fans of the genre. This time around, Bulb Software have provided me with Bulb Boy.

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One notable observation upon starting up Bulb Boy, is the visuals for the game. Everything is covered in various shades of green throughout, unless of course you die in which case that becomes several shades of red. Something you will see at least once during your playthrough.

Bulb Boy isn't full of outright scares, and veers towards a series of disturbing imagery that look as though they've been taken from your nightmares with macabre sights and enemies that lie before you. Not that you will face many adversaries along the way, as Bulb Boy is a game that's light on content throughout with puzzles that don't require a great amount of thought to solve. Which is a shame, as there is great potential here, but on the flip side presents an easy game for achievement hunters to breeze through in under 2 hours.

The protagonist Bulb about is aptly named, due to being a boy and having a light bulb for a head. An unusual idea for sure. But once that shows a cuter side to a game steeped in bizarre and creepy images. Not only that but your flying dog as a pet is a mix of these.

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The story is about saving your grandfather from a nightmare, battling 3 bosses along the way, that are beaten via puzzle solving. Nothing is too difficult and the various levels are diverse with a mixture of unsettling levels and a type of dream world in which you're all together in happier times.

There is a generous amount of pop culture references within BulbBoy, of which I found a fair few. Super Mario being a notable one due to a related achievement. But as with other games that do this, it can deter from the fact that this can have a detrimental impact on the game itself. Easter eggs is all well and good, but when it can become a bigger feature than the actual game itself it can leave a feeling of emptiness with regards to content which Bulb Boy does suffer.

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One highlight of Bulb Boy is the audio, which matches the eerie feel to everything you see within the world and compliments it almost perfectly. The gameplay is simple to get to grips with, as you have to pick up objects and use them in the correct places to advance further. Nothing to hard to figure out alone, and if you do get stuck, them a ? in the pause menu will have Bulb Boy give you a hint with a thought bubble for your next move.

Overall, it's a game that you'll only play once and if you're a regular on this website, it's going to be for the achievements. The full 1000g is not difficult and in under 2 hours it will be yours. Even completing the Faces of Death achievement isn't too tough, and Inwas able to unlock it before dying in every way possible. Worth a punt should you be on the lookout for an easy game to complete, or if you want to experience a rather bizarre looking game.

Grahpics: 7
Audio: 8
Gameplay: 6
Longevity: 3
Value for Money: 5

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