Bullet Soul

Xbox 360Backwards Compatible

Bullet Soul Achievements

Most Earned

Captain Phoenix20 (20)Destroyed the stage 1 boss
Captain Eagle5 (5)Destroyed the stage 1 mid-boss `A`
FA-98 STINGER5 (5)Played the game using Yun
Flying Ace21 (20)Shot down 1,000 and over units for one playing

Least Earned

Caravan bancho62 (25)Earned platinum medals at caravan mode
Stage 3 Bancho74 (30)Earned Platinum Medal at stage 3 of Bancho mode
Platinum bancho (0)Earned platinum medal at all stage of bancho mode
Stage 5 Bancho72 (30)Earned Platinum Medal at stage 5 of Bancho mode
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